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Question about insomnia

I know there has to be at least few insomniacs here tonight.

Someone at work said that it's better not to fight insomnia and instead take a few long naps (2-3 hours). He said to take one right after work and then another late at night, timing it to wake at your normal time for getting up in the morning. Or get ready for work a couple hours early, do everything except getting dressed, then taking a nap until 30 minutes before leaving for work. He said as long as you get two hours of sleep you'll be ok because it takes two hours to cycle thru

Has anyone tried this?

I've had pretty bad insomnia since I was in my early teens and it's gotten worse as I've got older (38 now) and I'm so over fighting for sleep. I've tried all the OTC sleep aids, and I do all of things they say to do but nothing works. I'm tired of being tired.

by Next stop Ambianreply 1809/29/2013


by Next stop Ambianreply 109/19/2013

When I had terriblte insomnia while working 9-5 I fixed it by going to bed right after work and waking up around 1-2 am. Also gave me the best hours of my day and "them" the leftovers.

Worked fine for me.

The other approach I took was going to bed at 2am and getting five hours. Then I just stopped punching a time clock.

by Next stop Ambianreply 209/19/2013

It's good that you are trying to work this out without going the big pharma way, they have yet to make a decent sleeping pill.

I haven't tried your suggested way of beating insomnia, but it sounds like it might work.As long as you're getting enough sleep it doesn't matter when you're getting it. Once you are getting enough sleep you can work on changing when you are getting it. Just don't try to change time you are sleeping by more than 15 minutes every week, you could throw yourself back into the insomnia cycle.

Also your friend is right about the 2 hour sleep cycle, some people can cycle thru it in less time find what works best for you

by Next stop Ambianreply 309/19/2013

I have it too, OP and it sucks

by Next stop Ambianreply 409/19/2013

Thanks for the input. I'll try the nap cure. I'll let you know if it works. I REALLY don't want to start taking prescription meds. I had some addiction issues when I was in high school and I worry that I'll get dependent or I'll like them too much.

by Next stop Ambianreply 509/19/2013

If you do want to explore prescription drugs, this one should be the first one you try.

by Next stop Ambianreply 609/19/2013

What KIND of insomnia do you have? Trouble getting to sleep? Trouble getting to sleep only at a certain hour? Staying asleep? You could have a sleep disorder. It could be Delayed Sleep Phase, sleep apnea, etc.

Don't just try to force yourself to sleep; try doing a little research on the subject or you could end up doing yourself harm.

by Next stop Ambianreply 709/19/2013

I always have Ambien on tap just in case but honestly I think Benadryl works better for staying asleep all night. Ambien is better at getting you to sleep. Only problem w/Benadryl is it takes longer to wake up in the morning.

by Next stop Ambianreply 809/19/2013

I have a friend who drove himself nearly crazy when he was taking Ambien.  He didn't technically abuse them but he did a COLOSSALLY stupid thing. He said he liked the way he felt when he took them so he'd stay awake just reading, fussing around the house, or on his laptop for as long as he could, getting 1-2 hrs of sleep and a lot of nights even less.

He started falling asleep sitting at his desk and falling out of his desk chair onto the floor. Thankfully it wasn't at work or he would have lost his job. He fell asleep in the kitchen sitting on a chair while he was re-arranging his pantry. This time he fell forward and hit his forehead on a shelf.The night before all this stupidity ended he fell asleep sitting on the crapper, fell off and tore up his shoulder and smacked his face against the countertop giving himself a bruise that cover almost half of his face.

He was sleep deprived and started acting squirrely. whatever it is that lets us sleep was totally out of balance and he couldn't sleep no matter what he tried. We were worried he would take too many sleeping pills and accidentally OD and die. We pretty much had to kidnap him to get him to the hospital after his house-mate called his best friend to tell him that he started growling like a dog. At first they'd thought he'd had psychotic break but then between the doctors and his friends we figured out that he had no sleep at all for about a week and had been running on very little sleep for six weeks.He had to be kept at the hospital for 8 days while they sorted him out. After it was all over I found out that thru this all he'd never taken more than ONE pill a night.

So ya, you really don't want to risk going thru something like that.

by Next stop Ambianreply 909/19/2013

Anyone who thinks an insomniac can take naps whenever he wants doesn't understand insomnia.

As for sleep aids, for fuck's sake don't take Ambien, it's dangerous! I know several people who've done crazy things after taking it, and I don't know that many people. Personally, I find that Tylenol PM (acetaminophen and Benadryl) works better than plain Benadryl, even half a pill can send me to sleep. Also, try L-Tryptophan or Valerian Root, they're available at health food stores.

by Next stop Ambianreply 1009/19/2013

Fly on the wings of Lunesta

by Next stop Ambianreply 1109/19/2013

I take very small doses of klonopin -- .125 to .25 mg a night. Works like a charm, and I've never had to increase the dose. Ambien was a nightmare, hated Lunesta. Find the right drug and you'll be happy.

by Next stop Ambianreply 1209/19/2013

Klonopin is the shit. You can get hooked easy though, and it's a bitch to kick the habit if you do.

by Next stop Ambianreply 1309/19/2013

OP, I have struggled with insomnia like crazy my whole life. I've tried Ambien and it "works" but you also get used to it psychologically.

This year (knock on wood) has been much better for me.

My tips are going to sound stupid, and I don't know if they simply correlate with a change in my sleep or they helped cause it, but here it goes...

1) I got a memory foam pillow designed to fit people who sleep on their side. It is miraculous how it molds with me and lets me put my arm under it without cutting off circulation.

2) I started semi-cuddling with a 2nd pillow (yes I am single)

3) I got a third pillow, and put it over my face, while leaving my mouth open to breathe cold air as I sleep.

Also, make a concerted effort to go to sleep with a clear mind, and not to play out arguments or debates in your head as you are in bed.

Hope this helps. I know it's not easy and most people don't understand.

by Next stop Ambianreply 1409/19/2013

Is there an actual insomnia diagnosis?

Anyways I go through bouts of trouble sleeping. Both getting to sleep and staying asleep.

I've never mentioned it to my doctor - probably because the insomnia has never coincided with an illness that lands me in the doctor's office.

For what it's worth I read an article 25 years ago written by someone dealing with chronic insomnia.

She mentioned two things which worked for her and then worked for me;

1) Only sleep in your bed. No sex, no watching TV no reading. Just sleep in your bed, and no where else. 2) If you don't fall asleep within 15 minutes get out of bed and perform a task that you can complete in less than an 30 - 60 minutes.. Then go back to bed. Repeat.

Examples - read one chapter of a book. Wash the kitchen floor. Clean the bathroom.

It much better than staying in bed and thinking about how you can't get to sleep.

When I have problems sleeping I can't nap. I know people who have totally screwed up their sleep patterns with naps. But they didn't have insomnia.

by Next stop Ambianreply 1509/19/2013

I take Trazadone R6 and I regularly get 4-6 hours of sleep; I haven't gotten 8 hours of sleep since I was a child.

by Next stop Ambianreply 1609/19/2013

I just bought a bottle of dream water. Has anyone ever tried it?

by Next stop Ambianreply 1709/29/2013

I only get insomnia when I drink red wine that night.

by Next stop Ambianreply 1809/29/2013
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