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Here Comes Liberace! Lavish Bio-Musical All That Glitters Heading to Broadway in 2014 Starring Richard Kline

The race to bring fabulous music icon Liberace to Broadway is on! Although there are plans to adapt the Emmy-winning HBO film Behind the Candelabra for the stage, the lavish bio-musical All That Glitters is looking to get there first. Producers have announced plans to bring the show, which features Three’s Company star Richard Kline as one of three actors portraying the flamboyant piano man, to Broadway in December 2014 following a Toronto premiere.

All That Glitters is the brainchild of Broadway dancer-turned-impressario Alexander DeJong, who wrote the music and lyrics for the show (additional music is by Tom Nelson), as well as co-wrote the book (with James A. Walsh) and will direct and choreograph. The musical will also feature a top-notch design team, with Tony-winning set designer John Arnone (The Who’s Tommy) and Tony-winning lighting designer Howell Binkley (Jersey Boys) joined by legendary costume designer Bob Mackie, who actually designed many of Liberace’s opulent stage costumes. Jack Lee will provide the show’s musical and vocal supervision.

According to press materials, All That Glitters will be “as dramatic as Liberace’s life, every bit as funny as he was and even more spectacular than any of the man’s own shows ever were.” The musical will follow the star (whose full name was Wladziu Valentino Liberace) starting with his childhood in Milwaukee, through his rise to fame as one of the greatest showmen of the 20th Century and ending with the controversial final chapter of his life, when the very-closeted star was diagnosed with AIDS. Kline will play Liberace in his later years, with two yet-uncast actors taking on the younger roles.

Kline got his start on Broadway in the early 1970s, appearing in classic plays including Mary Stuart, Twelfth Night and The Crucible. He is best known for playing Larry Dallas, the ultimate ladies’ man, on 116 episodes of the classic sitcom Three’s Company. Other notable theater credits include City of Angels on Broadway, the national tour of Wicked, the American premiere of By Jeeves at Goodspeed Opera and the Kennedy Center, It Shoulda Been You at the George Street Playhouse and his acclaimed one-man show Boychik. He previously headlined the 2012 workshop of All That Glitters at the Baryshnikov Arts Center.

No theater has been named for the musical’s pre-Broadway run in Toronto in Fall 2014.

by Miareply 1209/21/2013

Richard Kline?! He's been even more MIA than I have!

by Miareply 109/18/2013

Will Jenilee Harrison and Priscilla Barnes have cameos?

by Miareply 209/18/2013

it's been done

by Miareply 309/18/2013

Hey, Larry... Honk! Honk!

by Miareply 409/18/2013

the most jaw dropping press release in recent memory--who wrote this??

by Miareply 509/19/2013

sorry heres the link

by Miareply 609/19/2013

I was a fag child growing up when Liberace was popular. I lived in Iowa. I also played the piano very badly. My parents and several of their friends went every year to Chicago and stayed at the Palmer house.

My mother told me that their friend the bank president didn't like men like that, is how she put it. But after seeing him perform in Chicago, he became a fan because he actually was a compelling entertainer. More like Lady Ga Ga than you would admit.

The veiled message was, even though I was a little fag, I might make a life for myself if I could entertain others. My personality is what would be important.

I did find out in life that it doesn't take much personality to suck dick. It does take a tad to round up the dick, unless, your are at a glory hole. We old fags had those also.

by Miareply 709/19/2013

This has LOSER with a capital L written all over it. Sorry to be a downer, but it does.

by Miareply 809/19/2013

Richard Kline? I hope we can still get tickets!

by Miareply 909/19/2013

I'd rather see this than another version of "Cabaret" or whatever else they're going to bring back.

by Miareply 1009/21/2013

Betty Buckley would be perfect as Liberace's Mother!

by Miareply 1109/21/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Miareply 1209/21/2013
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