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Oscar Wilde & Walt Whitman: Almost Certainly Had Sex

They, like, totally DID IT. Or so this writer says.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 2209/23/2013

This thread is useless without woodcuts.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 109/17/2013

Wilde and Bradley Cooper have something in common....a thing for daddies.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 209/17/2013

Haha R1

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 309/17/2013

The article is moronic. Two gay men who were both alive in 1882, therefore they HAD to have had sex. When I was a kid we used the same logic to conclude that Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors, the only two rumored homosexuals in the world, had to be boyfriends. When I discovered Truman Capote, I didn't know what to think about that (very) odd man out.

THEN the article goes on about the word "calamite." It's catamite, a term that is still in use, however infrequently.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 409/17/2013

This is obscene! The ghost of Oscar Wilde will avenge his sentence and your despicable post.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 509/17/2013

They obviously had photography in those days. I can't believe R1 got a WW for that.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 609/19/2013

Walt was into hyper-masculine men; Oscar was fey - this pairing makes no sense to me. Oscar was into twinks - certainly not a mature bearded guy like Whitman.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 709/19/2013

Walt Whitman? Aaaaaaaah! Damn you, Walt Whitman! I. Hate. You. Walt. Freaking. Whitman.

"Leaves of Grass", my ass!

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 809/19/2013

There is only one thing worse than being deemed insufficient by Walt Whitman's sexual standards and that is being deemed sufficient by Walt Whitman's sexual standards.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 909/19/2013

"Yes, yes..he vas my boyfriend!"

Walt with his BF Peter Doyle who was a conductor on a railroad horsecar. (A trolley pulled by horses.) Rough trade.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 1009/19/2013

R4, "calamite" is a term for gay man adapted from Whitman's "Calamus" poems. "Catamite," derived from a Latin (ultimately Etruscan) name for the mythological figure Ganymede, means specifically a younger male lover of an older man, usually a sort of concubine.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 1109/19/2013

What R7 said. This doesn't jibe with anything we know about either man. Oscar liked chicken and Walt, who was 35 years his senior, liked trade.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 1209/19/2013

When literary giants meet, I would expect them to either bitch about their publishers, or form an instantaneous jealous hatred.

I can't imagine they did the nasty, it wouldn't do anything for either of their egoes.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 1309/19/2013

OW was gay but married with many children, and writing all the time. Most of his alleged adventures were bs.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 1409/19/2013

The chick who wrote that blog post about OW & WW seems to be in the same league with sad-sack straight fraus who love to write fanfic about gay male couples. Her main "evidence" for her theory is that the idea titillates her, so why not assume it's true?

One reader (probably the only one who's an actual gay man and not some vapid straight woman who lives vicariously through the sex lives of gay guys) pointed out that the blogger offers no real evidence to support her theory and of course the best response anyone could muster was something like, "Gee, you don't sound like much fun."

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 1509/19/2013

I don't get this thread. Do these two guys have a new series on TV or something like that?

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 1609/19/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 1709/19/2013

r4, get a sense of humor, and if you actually read the link, you'd also realize that the argument that they got it on isn't based merely on them being gay and alive at the same time, but rather on the fact that they met and how they responded to each other when they did.

Of course it may not be true but it's hardly a baseless idea.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 1809/20/2013

"Many children" = 2, R14.

Your account of Wilde's life reads like the biog of one of those Hollywood actors who is "too busy with my career to date". And we all know about them.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 1909/20/2013

Wilde had photographic potraits done of himself so is no need for woodcuts of any kind.....

Oscar was into a subwtink vibe. He was intobrentboys that would land him into jail today for being underage.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 2009/21/2013

Wait, who are these people?

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 2109/23/2013

Meet Oscar Wilde's grandson Merlin! Interesting article.

by Shirtless Hunk #3reply 2209/23/2013
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