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Michael St. Gerard, that hottie who was Rickie Lake's boyfriend, in the original "Hairspray", now a youth pastor, in Harlem

I was in love with the guy, after seeing that movie - those lips, those eyes, that ass. He was so cool. Now works at Harlem Square Church, counciling kids

by Mink Stolereply 4111/28/2014

Youth Pastor = another unemployed black man in the city

by Mink Stolereply 109/17/2013

R1, Michael St. Gerard is white.

by Mink Stolereply 209/17/2013

White, or black, he was hot . Played Elvis once in TV movie.

by Mink Stolereply 309/17/2013

Played Elvis in a well reviewed tv series. One of the few actors who never did nudity. .

by Mink Stolereply 409/17/2013

Why do I feel he weighs 250-275 by now. Was such a handsome guy. Beautiful lips.

by Mink Stolereply 510/05/2013

I have heard he won't talk about his "Hairspray" experience, and that he is embarrassed by its tone and content.

by Mink Stolereply 610/05/2013

Did he age well?

by Mink Stolereply 710/05/2013

According to iMDb, he played Elvis at least 4 times! Hasn't acted since the mid 1990s.

by Mink Stolereply 810/05/2013

Harlem Square Church is so tiny it hasn't filed any of the usual docs with the ratings agencies.

by Mink Stolereply 910/05/2013

Recent pics, please!

by Mink Stolereply 1010/05/2013

"Hairspray" is a movie about a fat girl who doesn't let her weight hold her back and about racial equality.

It's not like he was in "Desperate Living," for Christ's sakes.

by Mink Stolereply 1110/05/2013

R9 it is a Mission of the Times Square Church the parent organization has all the papers.

by Mink Stolereply 1210/06/2013

It is sad that he became religious. What a loser he must be.

by Mink Stolereply 1310/06/2013

Closet case?

by Mink Stolereply 1410/06/2013


by Mink Stolereply 1510/06/2013

Yes, imagine giving up the glamor and stability of remaining another aging C-lister for a life of service to the less fortunate in an urban community.

What a total loser he must be.

by Mink Stolereply 1610/06/2013

Darlin', he's...not a whore

by Mink Stolereply 1710/06/2013

Is this who were talking about?

by Mink Stolereply 1810/06/2013

Times Square Church is an evangelical/Pentecostal church, which means by extension that it's anti-gay.

by Mink Stolereply 1910/06/2013

R18 Ah, not exactly

by Mink Stolereply 2010/06/2013

[quote]Now works at Harlem Square Church, counciling kids

I hope he can teach them how to spell.

by Mink Stolereply 2110/06/2013

R13 ) So he's a loser for choosing god right but if anything he's still rich by having god in his life having a close connection with god praising him but he's a loser . To be honest 13 your the loser cause obviously your not close to god and honey you could use a prayer or two in your life . Just saying! !!!!!! :-)

by Mink Stolereply 2212/05/2013

R21 ) People really need to stop downgrading when people don't even know what goes on in his life and i bet people don't even got room to talk ! Talking about ignorant !!!!!!! :-)

by Mink Stolereply 2312/05/2013

[quote]To be honest 13 your the loser

Oh, dear.

by Mink Stolereply 2412/05/2013

[quote]he's still rich by having god in his life

Talk to an invisible man and call him God and you are praised. Talk to an invisible man and call him George and you are committed.

by Mink Stolereply 2512/05/2013

R24 ) People just get on my nerves always quick to judge . I speak my mind and tell it like it is . Lol

by Mink Stolereply 2612/05/2013

Just watched Hairspray. What a mouth on this guy! Those lips and that tongue!

by Mink Stolereply 2711/24/2014

Awesome to hear that this dude is a believer who is dedicated to living for Jesus!

by Mink Stolereply 2811/25/2014

He and Matt Keeslar (who is now a male nurse) and Matt Schoeffling (who is now a carpenter) should all get together and make a movie.

by Mink Stolereply 2911/25/2014

Michael Schoeffling, that is.

by Mink Stolereply 3011/25/2014

Christ R26 get off this board, it's not for you.

Check out Dan Savage's 'Youth Pastor Watch' section on his website. Basically 'youth pastor' is code for 'child molester'

by Mink Stolereply 3111/25/2014

Why would anyone be embarrassed for being in that movie???

He's an actor playing a role, not the character himself.

by Mink Stolereply 3211/25/2014

R26 could profit from learning, you know, English.

by Mink Stolereply 3311/25/2014

r29, it could be a reality show on Bravo: "From Movie Hunk To Average Joe"

by Mink Stolereply 3411/25/2014

[quote]He and Matt Keeslar (who is now a male nurse)

Glad to know he didn't have a sex change. I think the "male" was superfluous. Can't we just say he's a nurse? (It's no longer 1965.)

by Mink Stolereply 3511/25/2014

We need a current pic, someone please go to church.

by Mink Stolereply 3611/25/2014

[quote]I have heard he won't talk about his "Hairspray" experience, and that he is embarrassed by its tone and content.

But no so embarrassed that he refuses the residuals.

by Mink Stolereply 3711/25/2014

What tone and content...anti racism?

by Mink Stolereply 3811/25/2014

Corny Collins got incredibly ugly and fat.

by Mink Stolereply 3911/25/2014

I volunteered at Michael's church about 14 years ago. He looked really familiar to me and I knew I had seen him on TV/film, but I couldn't place him & didn't know his name so I asked him if he was an actor. He told me that he was, but that he no longer does it anymore. He was perfectly nice about it & didn't seem annoyed that I asked, but it was very clear that acting/Hollywood was of no interest to him anymore whatsoever. He still had his good looks at the time, but I haven't been back to that church in 14 years so I have no idea what he looks like now. Nice guy though.

by Mink Stolereply 4011/26/2014

He looked more like Elvis than Dale Midkiff and certainly Kurt Russell, both of whom had also played Elvis before.

by Mink Stolereply 4111/28/2014
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