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Cancer survivors

What did you change in your life, after you were diagnosed ? How long since your diagnosis ?

by Val Harper reply 2609/24/2013

I asked the doctor who was mapping out this ridiculous treatment regimen if people go pretty fast at the awful end stage of this thing. He said yes.

So, I left and haven't been back. Went on with my life. Haven't told anybody. Screw it.

by Val Harper reply 109/16/2013

Surely there's more to this ….

by Val Harper reply 209/17/2013

I'm sure there is, but gosh it's hard to write something funny about cancer. The only people who seem able to do that, well, they just aren't that hilarious for long. Bummer.

by Val Harper reply 309/18/2013

What's the timeline of your prognosis?

by Val Harper reply 409/18/2013

I stopped teaching metaphysical poetry.

by Val Harper reply 509/18/2013

Best thing that ever happened to me.

by Val Harper reply 609/18/2013

Best thing that NEVER happened to me.

by Val Harper reply 709/18/2013

R4 I'm past it. And I'm not just whistling past the graveyard with this cancer thing. I expected to get it (past smoking and sunbathing,) and have already lived quite long and well. So, I'm cool. And not all that ill yet. I may change my tune and become a real asswhole, .. hope not :)

by Val Harper reply 809/18/2013

Had a persistent sore throat and went to an ENT who discovered Stage 2 squamous cell carcinoma in my tonsil. The tumor was as big as a grape. I had intense radiation (along with some chemo) and was glowing like Chernobyl after four weeks of it.

They got it all thankfully and I've been cancer free since 2001. But six years later had a massive heart attack. All this on top of being HIV positive since 1986.

Wondering why I'm still alive. Guess I'm a survivor, but I'm totally drained. Not really into living anymore.

by Val Harper reply 909/18/2013

I'm not a hang in there type, but somebody is seriously working to keep you around for some reason!

by Val Harper reply 1009/18/2013

I had my testicle cut out and that was that. I didn't change anything in my life. I think it's more important to maintain what's normal for you rather that let it affect you.

by Val Harper reply 1109/18/2013

Whenever I find myself in a deeply contemplative state I ask myself, what would Ava Gardner do?

Works like a charm every time.

by Val Harper reply 1209/18/2013

R9 I get you. I've been through a lot, physically, including recent surgery for cancer. But after going through it, and feeling weak still, I too feel drained. There is also that scary feeling of what comes next ? I've been given the best prognosis, but after going through so much , I feel like I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

by Val Harper reply 1309/19/2013

R12 has sex with matadors?

And why are rumors always described as being the size of food?

Mine wasn't. At least it wasn't the size of anything worth eating. A condiment, maybe. Anyway, I seem to be fine. Due for another annual test in a couple of weeks, seven years in. Do feel superstitious about making any assumptions.

by Val Harper reply 1409/19/2013


by Val Harper reply 1509/19/2013

Auto correct. Dreadfully sorry. TUMORS. I have contained lots of rumors, but only one (known) tumor.

Hmmmm... It didn't auto correct this time. Maybe it was just an old fashioned typo.

by Val Harper reply 1609/19/2013

typos are contagious

by Val Harper reply 1709/19/2013

If I got a cancer diagnosis, depending on what kind of cancer it is and my long-term prognosis, I may or may not accept a treatment plan.

by Val Harper reply 1809/19/2013

When I was diagnosed with cancer about three years ago, one thing that surprised me was how much I wanted to live. I'm sort of a sad sack, friendless loner with a job I don't much like--but by damn, I was really worried about losing all that!

by Val Harper reply 1909/19/2013

Didn't change anything. I should drink more wine.

by Val Harper reply 2009/19/2013

R13, the other shoe for me dropped today. Had to go to the hospital with excruciating pain in my ankle. Turns out I have clots in the arteries of both legs. Can't even feel my left foot. Hope I don't lose it. Having surgery tomorrow.

Everyone, don't take your good health for granted. It's so precious.

by Val Harper reply 2109/19/2013

R21, why did u have clots in your ankle?

Please take care and wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

by Val Harper reply 2209/19/2013

R21 Good luck - hoping everything will work out fine for you. I'm still recovering from recent surgery , and was very scared. All went well - wishing the same fore you !

by Val Harper reply 2309/19/2013

The thing is, sometimes you just feel so tired of it all, you figure, is it really worth the effort? If you live in the states and have no insurance, might as well ignore it and just go when you go.

by Val Harper reply 2409/24/2013

Once you go into remission, do you find you still enjoy wearing jogging suits?

by Val Harper reply 2509/24/2013

Stage 4 colon cancer at 32. Had surgery and a year of chemo and have been cancer free for the last 23 yrs. Excellent surgeon! Not a health nut by any means but I do have to watch what I eat/drink because some of it goes right through me. I do the colonoscopy thing more often than I want but if thats the price to pay I'll gladly go along with it.

The biggest change is that I do not stress about anything unless its bleeding or on fire.

by Val Harper reply 2609/24/2013
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