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Primetime Emmy Awards 'In Memoriam' Expanded To Honor Gandolfini, Monteith, Stapleton, Winters & Gary Goldberg

Make sure you’ve got a full box of Kleenex for Sunday’s 2013 Emmy Awards: The telecast will feature expanded “In Memoriam” tributes to five industry powerhouses — James Gandolfini, Cory Monteith, Jean Stapleton, Gary David Goldberg and Jonathan Winters — complete with personal tributes from close friends or coworkers.

Gandolfini, Monteith and Stapleton will be remembered by Edie Falco, Jane Lynch and Rob Reiner, their respective costars from The Sopranos, Glee and All in the Family. Michael J. Fox will pay tribute to Family Ties producer Goldberg. And Robin Williams will speak about his friend and mentor Winters, with whom he worked on Mork & Mindy.

“The ‘In Memoriam’ is a very emotional and evocative segment for the Emmys, or any annual awards program,” said Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich, in a statement. “These five individuals brought us such great entertainment and joy, so having their close friends share personal remembrances is something that will be very meaningful for television audiences across the country and across the generations. And our traditional ‘In Memoriam’ segment will be presented in a unique new format that will give added importance to an already much anticipated segment of the Emmy show.”

The Emmys air this Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

by Miareply 4409/22/2013

Monteith was not an "industry powerhouse" - he benefited from dying young while on a show still that is still on top.

To compare him to Gandolfini, Stepleton or Winters is absurd.

by Miareply 109/16/2013

[quote]And Robin Williams will speak about his friend and mentor Winters, with whom he worked on Mork & Mindy.

...and plug his new P.O.S. show.

by Miareply 209/16/2013

Exactly, R1.

by Miareply 309/16/2013

Cue the comments from posters who feel THEIR personal dead celeb is being slighted ...

by Miareply 409/16/2013

Here you go, r4: What the fuck about LARRY HAGMAN?

by Miareply 509/16/2013

I'm so upset Debby Boone is not being included.

by Miareply 609/16/2013

This is ridiculous. The producer of Family Ties and Corey Monteith don't deserve it, and the ones who do deserve it don't need it. They should treat it like any other year.

by Miareply 709/16/2013

Michael J. Fox lost the Emmy guest star award yesterday, people are sick of the twitchy stuff I guess. He need a new gimmick.

by Miareply 809/16/2013

Corey who???

by Miareply 909/16/2013

Monteith r9....

by Miareply 1009/16/2013

Monteith what?

by Miareply 1109/16/2013

Emmy's are trying to skew to a younger audience, gotta give it to Leah

by Miareply 1209/16/2013

, Corey

by Miareply 1309/16/2013

Lea r12 not LeaH

by Miareply 1409/16/2013

[quote]Michael J. Fox lost the Emmy guest star award yesterday

...and this award PISSES me off! Bob Newhart FINALLY wins his FIRST Emmy, and it is not presented as part of the main ceremony???

WTF is THAT about?

by Miareply 1509/16/2013

unions r15.

Writers, directors etc. demand equal time (or at least some time) with the actors.

by Miareply 1609/16/2013


His Emmy win will be acknowledged at the primetime Emmys when he presents along with Melissa Leo, who won Best Guest Actress in a Comedy.

by Miareply 1709/16/2013

Jane Lynch did not love MyCory like I did.

by Miareply 1809/17/2013

Does Cory Monteith Deserve A Special Emmy Memorial? (Opinion):

by Miareply 1909/17/2013

Lea Michele will be in high drama mode.

by Miareply 2009/17/2013

What a tasteless and stupid precedent to set.

It is an awards show, not a memorial service. Viewers know who the greats are and they don't deserve the insult of 90 second tributes. It is tasteless to publicly say one person or talent is more important than another.

When Betty White, MTM, Carol Burnett, Carl Reiner, Valerie Harper, Dick van Dyke, Bob Newhart, Angela Lansbury and Joan van Ark all die the same year, what will the Emmy's do?

by Miareply 2109/17/2013

R21. Stop. I can't bear the thought of Mary Tyler Moore no longer with us.

Mary deserves a state funeral with world leaders attending.

by Miareply 2209/17/2013

[quote] To compare him to Gandolfini, Stepleton or Winters is absurd.

He doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as those people. Honestly

by Miareply 2309/17/2013

No disrespect to Cory Monteith but I do agree it's fucked up that he's getting this special tribute for having a 4-year career in television while Larry Hagman is being left in the background despite a 50-year career in TV.

by Miareply 2409/17/2013


by Miareply 2509/17/2013

Monteith's tribute, like Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, is more for what he might have achieved someday in the future rather than for what he did.

by Miareply 2609/17/2013

The problem with Larry Hagman for the Emmy producers is that there isn't anyone still famous or in a current show who knew him well enough to eulogize him meaningfully. Barbara Eden? Patrick Duffy? Linda Gray? They've all come and gone. I would have thought that even Rob Reiner is a little obscure for audiences today. But I guess since he's enough of a figure to be mocked by South Park, he's acceptable, though his celebrity now rests on his activism/political dilettantism rather than his work in show business..

by Miareply 2709/17/2013

I don't believe that Cory Monteith had much acting talent and as a singer he was mediocre at best. He does not deserve to be honored at an Emmy Awards show for OD'ing. Had he died in a circumstance which was NOT in his control, like a car accident or a plane crash, I might have more sympathy but he knew what he was doing when he combined heroin, coke, booze and prescription drugs; all a lethal combo.

by Miareply 2809/17/2013

I realize that Dallas has returned to TV, so I suppose one of Hagman's recent costars could talk about him. But nobody on it is anyone the public knows by name, let alone cares about.

by Miareply 2909/17/2013

R29 I don't know about the demographics of the Emmys but if even half the audience is over 35 then I'm guessing most would know Patrick Duffy, even if from Step by Step rather than Dallas?

When Aaron Spelling died, the 3 original Charlie's Angels came on. Farrah would have got some recognition but the other two hadn't had a high profile series in a long time but they were the most appropriate people to do it.

Cory being described as an "Industry Powerhouse" is funnier than anything Cory ever said or did on Glee.

by Miareply 3009/18/2013

I thought Shelly Winters died a while ago.

by Miareply 3109/18/2013

If they invited Rob, then Sally should be there. It's insulting that Struthers isn't there.

Victoria Principal could have done Hagmans tribute with Duffy. She is still very identifiable among people.

by Miareply 3209/18/2013

How lovely. I always appreciate when they rank the dead.

And the nominees for the best original corpse are....

by Miareply 3309/18/2013

I should get an Emmy for living this fucking long!

by Miareply 3409/18/2013

[quote]Victoria Principal could have done Hagmans tribute with Duffy. She is still very identifiable among people.

You're kidding, right?

by Miareply 3509/18/2013

Jack Klugman's Son Blasts TV Academy Over Dad's Tribute Omission: "It's Criminal":

by Miareply 3609/21/2013

Sorry, didn't see the Klugman story has already been posted in its own thread.

by Miareply 3709/21/2013

It wouldn't even have to be someone who worked with Larry Hagman to give a eulogy, just someone who admired him and is respected in the industry. Leaving out someone with an extraordinary career to make room for a newcomer, no matter how cute, is cynical in the extreme. It is a blatant move to grab advertising revenue.

by Miareply 3809/21/2013

Yes, it's a tragedy to lose someone to drugs. No, Corey Monteith was not a world class actor on the level of Streep, et al.

IMO he was competent and fine as Finn Hudson but there was no sign of greatness to come from him as an actor for the ages. (He had the 'earnest boy next door' persona down and did it well but he was definitely a 'tier 2' member of the ensemble.)

This is the Emmy's way of pandering to the youth demographic and young global fans of hit show.

We live in a world now that values fame over depth. Mediocrity gets overlooked if fame is involved. (Yea, Mary!)

by Miareply 3909/21/2013

Probably doing it this way, and honoring Monteith, to bring in viewers. Used to be that other shows would air reruns on awards nights, but Sunday will be the finale of Dexter and Breaking Bad is airing a new episode.

BTW, has anybody started the new thread for Dexter? The last one is full.

by Miareply 4009/21/2013

r40, yes they did with supposed spoilers too.

by Miareply 4109/21/2013

Larry Hagman was not well liked. He was a pain in the ass. He didn't deserve a new liver.

by Miareply 4209/21/2013

Thanks R41. I found the thread, but can't seem to open it. Strange.

by Miareply 4309/21/2013

Still can't open the new Dexter thread. What got posted that broke it?

by Miareply 4409/22/2013
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