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Cell phone help

I recently lost my ancient flip phone and am terribly confused as I look for a new phone. I'm pretty ignorant about tech stuff (only used my cell phone when I absolutely had to), but I would like a phone that offers good sound quality, texting, internet, camera and the ability to download a couple reference guides for work. I would be very grateful for any advice. My old cell phone bill was about $40 a month; I wouldn't want to pay more than double that for the new phone--is that realistic?


by ludditereply 2010/25/2013

You sound old. Get a Jitterbug.

by ludditereply 109/10/2013

Just get an iPhone.

by ludditereply 209/10/2013

OP, just about any smartphone will perform the functions you desire. You'll have to research the carriers to find out what they charge for a contract or monthly fee based on the services you want.

Or, you can go to Best Buy and purchase another flip phone for under $20 and pay about $50/month for unlimited text, phone, etc. (no contract). But I think you are ready to make the leap to a smartphone.

by ludditereply 309/10/2013

Where do you live? What is your current cell carrier? And do you work for a company that offers any discounts?

Any smart phone will do what you're looking for. People who have never had smart phones like iPhones because it's pretty simple to use and intuitive. I prefer a Droid myself.

If you're looking for a subsidized phone, Sprint will be about $80/month for unlimited most everything. There are also others like Walmart who offer less expensive plans (Around $50/month) without a contract, but you have to pay full price for your phone (basically evens out though).

by ludditereply 409/10/2013

Do what I did...

Go to Google Play online and buy the unlocked Nexus 4 phone. It is on sale now for $325. It is a very good phone that's unlocked.

Then go online to T-mobile and get the $30 pre-paid plan. You have 100 voice minutes and unlimited text and data per month.

Pop in your new sim card and you are good to go. $30 per month for a high powered phone is a very good deal.

by ludditereply 509/10/2013

[quote]But I think you are ready to make the leap to a smartphone.

What the hell gave you that idea? I'm with R1.

by ludditereply 609/10/2013

They still sell old style phones for people who don't want or need smartphones, actually they're free if you want to go on a contract.

by ludditereply 709/10/2013

Go to Tracfone's website and look around. They offer very cheap plans and low priced phones that fit your bill. I've also had really good luck with their customer service the few times I've had to use it.

by ludditereply 809/10/2013


Like you I'm good for about 10 minutes and a dozen texts per month. I paid $80 for a reconditioned Samsung smartphone with QWERTY keyboard; my monthly bill, all-in, is $16

NB: their carrier is Sprint.

by ludditereply 909/11/2013

OP, get another flip phone and pay as you go.

by ludditereply 1009/11/2013

OP, do you use Netscape or Altavista, Compuserve or AOL?

by ludditereply 1109/11/2013

I appreciate the helpful messages. Yes, I guess I'm old at 42 and prefer not to live with a phone glued to my ear. I think I'm going to go with the Motorola's affordable and offers the access to information which is what I need. I'll continue to use my land line (horrors!) for catching up with friends. Jeer on.

by ludditereply 1209/11/2013

There are fewer and fewer flip phones for sale. The one my mother has is horrible. I got it from AT&T so I could put her in my family plan for $10/month. AT&T only offers two or three flip phones and they're all horrible. She's been using flip phones for years, so it's not like she doesn't know how.

When she was visiting recently, I took her phone because I was exasperated with her complaints. I tried to program a ringtone she liked and sure enough, like she said, there was no list of ringtones to choose from. I couldn't believe it. Plus, it took forever to even find the ringtone. Old style flip phones were Menu - Settings - Sounds - Ringtones. Then a list of ringtones you could listen to and choose one. You could go online and buy one from the phone company website. Easy as pie.

Her phone's ringtone changes by itself. The phone sometimes rings and sometimes doesn't when there's a call. Sometimes she can access her messages and sometimes she can't.

I wish I could give her my old LG flip phone but AT&T won't allow it.

by ludditereply 1309/11/2013

What carrier are you on? AT&T? T-Mobile? Verizon? Sprint?

Look at a Nokia 520 or 620... pretty much free on contract, and you can get pretty cheap data plans, depending on your needs.

They're easy to use, easy to read, not fragile, have good cameras, and industry standard connectors and drag-and-drop syncing.

For the same price as an iPhone 5c (the cheap one), you can get the Nokia 920 or better yet 925... big screen, higher res than iPhone, usable with gloves on, better camera, better keyboard, better email app, better browser...

Or for the same price as an iPhone 5s, you can get a Nokia 1020, which has the best camera available on any phone anywhere, with amazing ability to zoom and great low-light images.

by ludditereply 1409/11/2013

[quote]Yes, I guess I'm old at 42 and prefer not to live with a phone glued to my ear.

Come on now.

Smartphones are basically pocket-sized computers. At "42," you should know that by now.

by ludditereply 1509/11/2013

"Jeer on"

I jeered, but I think you sound cute, OP.

by ludditereply 1609/11/2013

Thanks, R9. I just ditched my 10 year old razr and replaced it with an LG Optimus Elite. The Ting plan is amazing and I hope, now that I've signed up, they don't sell out. I love that when I call, I get someone who is in America. Nice to know that my money isn't going to some third world country when so many jobs are needed here at home.

by ludditereply 1709/22/2013

I just bought the iPhone 5c yesterday. It's fast and I like it.

by ludditereply 1809/22/2013

Just got my first Ting bill. $16. Thanks again, R9

by ludditereply 1910/25/2013

Virgin Mobile - 35 a month 300 mins unlimited txt and data.

by ludditereply 2010/25/2013
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