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Studly Andy Karl Chosen As Lead In Broadway Version of "ROCKY"

Any stories on him?

by 1609/10/2013

He knows how to post a link.

by 109/10/2013

Do be snarky R1, you're an amateur. I would have posted about Karl too, he deserves it. He's terrific on stage. He was the UPS man in "Legally Blonde" opposite his wife Orfeh. Met them a few times at The Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS Flea Market.

by 209/10/2013

Andy Karl, a Broadway actor who has shown a knack for musical comedy (“The Mystery of Edwin Drood,” “Legally Blonde”) and romantic warmth (“9 to 5,” “Wicked”), will star as Rocky Balboa in the $15 million boxing musical “Rocky” that is set to begin performances at the Winter Garden Theater in February, the producers announced on Monday.

More at link:

by 309/10/2013

I thought this was going to be about a revival of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Instead it's about that ridiculous boxing movie.


by 409/10/2013

[quote]Instead it's about that ridiculous boxing movie.

Really? That's what you get out of "Rocky"? Too bad for you.

by 509/10/2013

Yeah, I said it: "Ree-dickaluss!"

by 609/10/2013

Are there only four book writers left for big broadway musicals? Look at Meehan's more recent credits - Elf, Chaplin, Cry Baby, Young Frankenstein, Death Takes a Holiday.

by 709/10/2013

Hot, nice and deserving.

by 809/10/2013

I don't think R1 was implying that the OP is Andy Karl himself. I think he meant, "Andy Karl would know how to properly add a link to a post," which OP does not.

by 909/10/2013

Never saw any of the films. Doubt turning this dreck into a musical will lure me into watching it.

by 1009/10/2013

R9 - Thank you.

by 1109/10/2013

Who are these assholes that think "Rocky" is dreck? It's based on the Oscar winning film. It was great movie that was an even better love story about two lonely people. Whatever the subsequent films were, they take nothing away from the greatness of the original.

by 1209/10/2013

[quote]Look at Meehan's more recent credits - Elf, Chaplin, Cry Baby, Young Frankenstein, Death Takes a Holiday.

The hits keep on coming!!!

by 1309/10/2013

R12, honey, 'Oscar winning' means nothing in many cases.

Love Story was nominated for seven Oscars, and it's a piece of shit.

by 1409/10/2013

Geez. Accidentally posted the link in the Author box and I get pounced on by the losers who can't cough up $18 to post their own threads.

But please enjoy the story about hunky Andy Karl.

You're welcome!

by 1509/10/2013

I never watched the original Rocky because it beat Network for best picture. I've never seen any of the Rocky or Rambo movies. Not a Stallone fan.

by 1609/10/2013
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