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antidepressant with fewest side effects

hey fucked up queens!

what are your experiences with side effects for various anti-depressants? i am considering trying one out again, but last time had problems with super high blood pressure from effexor and wellbutrin, and the sexual side effects from prozac and zoloft are not so hot for a sexually active gay man.

spill it! that is if you aren't so depressed that you are curled up in a fetal position, unable to type.

by excuse me miss...reply 809/10/2013


by excuse me miss...reply 109/10/2013

If you're worried about your blood pressure, you're not depressed.

by excuse me miss...reply 209/10/2013

I've been on Wellbutrin and celexa for a while. I needed something else and my doctor added abilify which helped. No side effects for me.

by excuse me miss...reply 309/10/2013

I've had side effects from every antidepressant I've taken, OP, and I've pretty much taken them all. I do best on Effexor/Pristiq, but I get MAJOR head rushes when I stand up quickly. I'm willing to tolerate that for a more effective result, though.

by excuse me miss...reply 409/10/2013

Wellbutrin was not right for me. Fucked up side effects.

I like, and am trying to go back on (when I get insurance/job/etc) Klonipin. For anxiety. Had no side effects.

by excuse me miss...reply 509/10/2013

First of all, you can't take just any kind of anti-depressant. Do you need an SSRI? Or an SNRI? Or maybe a Tricyclic? There are different groups of meds depending on your symptoms and needs. One size does not fit all.

That said, I take Cymbalta. No side effects at all, other than difficulty sleeping for the very first week, but then I guess my body adapted.

by excuse me miss...reply 609/10/2013

Stay away from lexapro. I gained 50 lbs and the side effects from withdrawal, even when tapering off, were brutal.

by excuse me miss...reply 709/10/2013

There is no AD without side effects. Whether it affects you or how much depends on each individual.

by excuse me miss...reply 809/10/2013
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