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Sex Scandal Threatens Midwestern Church

Our sources tell us there is a video of a mobster's daughter sexing it up with a local Catholic priest. Will it ever see the light of day?

by The Spectatorreply 16412/15/2013

It will end up on Youtube.

by The Spectatorreply 109/09/2013

I want to see how the writers can possibly get away with JJ *NOT* doing any jail time.

by The Spectatorreply 209/09/2013

I'm baaacckk!

by The Spectatorreply 309/09/2013

women usually get fucked

by The Spectatorreply 409/09/2013


by The Spectatorreply 509/10/2013


by The Spectatorreply 609/10/2013

A straight priest paired with a mobster's anal virgin daughter?


by The Spectatorreply 709/10/2013

[quote]A straight priest paired with a mobster's anal virgin daughter?

Huh? Kristen is hardy a virgin. let alone an anal virgin!

Kristen might look like a man in drag, but she's one horny female. She's a whore, darling!

All Kristen and Brady do is fuck. I've yet to hear those two idiots have a normal conversation about something which doesn't have to do with their deep "love" for each other.

Father Eric doesn't want that skank Kristen, she drugged him and raped him!

Speaking of anal, J.J. must be getting pounded right about now. In both orifices.

Oh yes, R6, go fuck yourself!

by The Spectatorreply 809/10/2013

I wonder if Eileen is shaved down there.

by The Spectatorreply 909/10/2013

TPTB are really missing an opportunity here. They should have JJ spend more time with Will and Sonny. Those two need a project to make them more interesting, and watching Will try to save JJ while he inevitably corrupts naive Will and confuses oh-so-perfect Sonny would be fun to watch. Particularly if you threw Chad into the mix.

by The Spectatorreply 1009/10/2013

JJ is such a smarmy creep, he annoys me to no end. I also cannot stand the actor who portrays him.

Perhaps if JJ was a charming criminal like EJ, a more sophisticated type of person, I would have been interested in his character. JJ is simply an obnoxious bitch-faced bad boy brat with nothing redeeming about him. He's a tiresome stereotype.

I would have enjoyed seeing Theresa and JJ run amok in Salem. It's unfortunate, they are both all about themselves, it wouldn't have taken very long before one of them ratted the other out.

Theresa is one mean self absorbed grifter bitch and so is JJ!

Didn't Theresa give JJ most of Vargas' money, the cash she took from Vargas' apartment? She wanted JJ to buy coke with the cash.

The rest of that money wasn't found by Jennifer? IIRC, the amount was over either $13,000 or $30,000. This was the cash Vargas gave to Nick to invest, it did very well, it surely must have been over $13,000.

by The Spectatorreply 1109/10/2013

[quote]All Kristen and Brady do is fuck. I've yet to hear those two idiots have a normal conversation about something which doesn't have to do with their deep "love" for each other.

Aren't all soap couples like that, though?

by The Spectatorreply 1209/10/2013

Brady should be shirtless in every scene. I loves me some father eric, hottie. Would have loved if JJ called her holiness horton a bitch whore slut (jen used to be my fav character 20 years ago --One Stormy Night ago). Blah blah sami misses her kids. Why is abigail latina esque? She should be a lopez fitzgerald. When was the last time rafe got out of that hospital bed, like june? The sands are running out of my hour glass. #GH is better.

by The Spectatorreply 1309/11/2013

Brady's good boobs now.

by The Spectatorreply 1409/11/2013

Let's have more talk about bringing Eve back and what potential story lines she could have in order to fuck with Jennifer's life.

by The Spectatorreply 1509/11/2013

R13 I liked Pete and Melissa too BUT Pete looked 125% Mexican and he wasn't playing one on the show. It was fun to see Melissa come back a few years back. She looked OK. Kate Mansi's(Abigail) ethnicity is Irish and Italian she doesn't really look Hispanic.

I would have to disagree with you on GH. Right now GH is a mess. One of the major problems is the resurgence of Sonny and the mob angle. That plot element seems to be the biggest complaint of most viewers throughout the years. Sonny became more of a back ground character and now he's front burning again. The reintroduced OLTL actors haven't really gelled in their new roles either.Days is not at it's best right now either but GH is not working on several different levels either.

by The Spectatorreply 1609/11/2013


Wait wait wait. Pete wasn't playing someone hispanic?

Can we also bring April but not Emilio back?

by The Spectatorreply 1709/11/2013

Pete's last name was Jannings. Michael Leon was Hispanic but his last name was so Waspy on the show. His sister Tess Jannings was played by a non Hispanic actress actress(Melonie Mazman Hayden). In addition his dad's name was Barney Jannings. I never caught the fact that his mom might have been Mexican on the show though.

by The Spectatorreply 1809/11/2013

[[quote]The reintroduced OLTL actors haven't really gelled in their new roles either.Days is not at it's best right now either but GH is not working on several different levels either.

Since this thread has immediately gone off topic within the first few posts, I have a question re GH, has McBain from OLTL become a DOCTOR on GH? WTF?

I was switching channels one day, I saw McPain in a doctor's jacket at the hospital. Is he now a detective/doctor? Ha!

Is he even the same character? Star was also walking around with a towel, is she now being pushed as a sexy character? Seriously? No amount of blond hair and makeup will make her sexy!

Star's kid and the baby's father are dead? Are the OLTL cast members, who are now on GH, upset that OLTL is back, online, and they are stuck on GH?

I stopped watching GH when it became "The Sonny Soprano Show", Bernard is horrible actor, he mumbles most of his dialog. The storylines became even more ridiculous than usual, it was time to stop.

by The Spectatorreply 1909/11/2013

Prospect Park licensed Todd,McBain and Starr from ABC. When PP started the shows again GH couldn't use those characters anymore.The catch is that ABC had the three actors under contract. So Ron Cartooni brought back RH as Franco, KA as Kiki and ME(McBain) as a doctor, brother of Stephen Clay. The one that was the vampire from Port Charles. They actually had a storyline bringing back the vamp storyline from PC.

BTW it stopped being the Sonny Soprano show for awhile BUT it's slowly becoming that yet again.

by The Spectatorreply 2009/11/2013

RH is sexy. Not caught up with days yet this week.

by The Spectatorreply 2109/12/2013

GH thread is here

by The Spectatorreply 2209/12/2013

Eve should come back to Salem with her teen daughter (fathered by Frankie) who befriends JJ. JJ takes a liking to Eve and looks to her as a mother figure, which Eve gladly uses to piss Jen off. A little time goes by and her husband is about to come to town. Eve's extremely excited about this and plans some sort of big homecoming party for him.

At the party, it's revealed that her husband is (once again) Jack, whom she rescued during an ISA mission. JJ takes them on as his new family unit, sending Jennifer completely over the edge.

by The Spectatorreply 2309/12/2013

Send it to Corday!Kim and Shane being on is not enough.I wonder if it's the ISA vs Stefano after Kristen "dies".

by The Spectatorreply 2409/12/2013

I said, I'm BACK!

by The Spectatorreply 2509/12/2013

[quote]JJ takes them on as his new family unit, sending Jennifer completely over the edge.

To be honest, Jennifer isn't exactly winning any mother of the year awards, I don't think she'd care too much.

While I don't agree with most of the rabid Daniel haters on the DOOL forums, Jennifer does seem to be more focused on her relationship with Daniel than with JJ.

Jen's big mistake was not taking JJ's drug dealing seriously. The dealing started back in the English boarding school. The argument that so many viewers seem to miss at the forums is JJ going on and on whining about his behavior being due to Jack's death and Jen dating Daniel, yet they conveniently forget JJ was dealing drugs back in England!

Jen knew this, when JJ arrived in Salem, he should have gone immediately into therapy.

Jennifer doesn't appear to know JJ very well, that's why he continued to manipulate her and continue with the drug dealing, he knew how to scam his mother.

Hope he stays in jail awhile, the character is poorly written and boring. It's been great not seeing him and his annoying smirk for a few days, though I do miss his two sidekicks, Rory and the chick. Rory seems to have better lines than JJ!

by The Spectatorreply 2609/12/2013

Maybe JJ can accidentally shoot and kill Daniel and Jennifer, ever the devoted mother, can take the fall for him, go to jail, and never be heard from again.

I know, not gonna happen... unless Jason Brooks comes back on the show... and on her face.

by The Spectatorreply 2709/12/2013

I don't remember much about Jason Brooks. Must have been the many years ago, when I taped the show on and off, when I was going to school and working. He looked familiar from a link on the original Horton Donut thread.

Daniel isn't going anywhere, despite the rabid haters. People can rant all they want.

I'm not even a fan of Jennifer and Daniel, actually I can't stand most of the new power couples on DOOL. I miss the days of Bo and Hope and even Doug and Julie!

Jennifer and Daniel I can ignore, it's the absurd JJ storyline I find ultra annoying. The constant repetition and whining, the same old reasons for him acting out, Jennifer whining as much as JJ, give me a break. It's very poorly written.

I cannot stand Kristen and Brady, their coupling was nothing more than a plot device to break up John and Marlena and to drive Marlena crazy. The father Eric rape is also silly. Kristen is nuts and not in an interesting way.

I don't care how old the actress is, Kristen looks much older than Brady. Anyone with good eyesight can see a soft focus filter is used on most of the scenes the actress is in.

Brady seems gay, which is another factor against their head-over-heels love, as a couple Kristen and Brady are downright laughable.

by The Spectatorreply 2809/12/2013

Maybe they should try a primetime special like in the 90s.

by The Spectatorreply 2909/13/2013

Right after biggest lose so the whole night could be about sami.

by The Spectatorreply 3009/13/2013

Well, thanks. After many pages of fighting, the WM deleted the last thread--ironically the only one to ever make W&W.

by The Spectatorreply 3109/13/2013

I couldn't find it, R31. What was it called? I thought this was the continuation with slowed chatter.

by The Spectatorreply 3209/13/2013

The one where someone said something libelous about Chandler taking bareback loads?

Gee, wonder why that was deleted.

by The Spectatorreply 3309/13/2013

R32 It was called Freddie Smith: "Chandler who?"

R33 Oddly, that's what made W&W (accidentally?). I suspect it had more to do with it degenerating into fighting between the FS and the CM camps.

by The Spectatorreply 3409/13/2013

R32 Days has had two concurrent threads. This thread was actually the continuation of another thread not the WilSon one. There had been two Days threads going on for sometime,it seems that some of the Days posters had no idea about the WilSon thread and vice versa.

by The Spectatorreply 3509/13/2013

Guy Wilson seems to be making a good impression with the WilSon fans. He's been chatting on Twitter for the past hour or so and has been very humble and gracious about replacing Chandler.

by The Spectatorreply 3609/13/2013

Don't know if this is trus because I've only seen it on Twitter but word is going around that Chandler was on set this week to wish Guy well. If that's true, the drama surrounding his leaving must not have been as bad as was first reported.

by The Spectatorreply 3709/13/2013

Ugh, that new Will is fug.

by The Spectatorreply 3809/13/2013

Once again, a DOOL thread has disintegrated into talking about an actor, this time the new guy replacing Chandler Massey. Who the hell cares, the guy isn't even on screen yet! You guys are worse than One Direction fans!

The topic started as the Father Eric rape by the lunatic Kristen. In no time, it became about certain cast members and veered from the actual DOOL plots.

No wonder these threads are banned or deleted, they never stay on topic. Posters love to obsess about the personal lives and finances of the cast members, writers and behind-the-scenes crap.

by The Spectatorreply 3909/14/2013

It looks like Eric is going to falsely believe Nicole, and not Kristen, seduced him. This could be interesting.

Who will notice the accidental flash drive swap first: Kristen or Marlena? Or will someone else discover it, such as Victor's gadget guru at Titan?

by The Spectatorreply 4009/14/2013

It's called gossip r39.

by The Spectatorreply 4109/14/2013

R39 You're new here, aren't you?

by The Spectatorreply 4209/14/2013

Actually, R42, I'm not new at all, I've been on DL since around 1998. I'm not clenching anything, you tedious old queen! Can't think of better responses than "new here?", "unclench" and 'Mary"?

When a topic veers waaaaay off the original posts and continues to veer off up to the 600th post, posters get bored and the thread is no longer fun. What about that can't you comprehend?

Some DOOL fans actually want to discuss the actual story lines NOT the tedious behind-the-scenes bullshit you guys seem to constantly salivate over. Not one soap thread even stays on topic.

The other gossip here usually does stay on thread subjects, unfortunately the gossip re DOOL's writers, producers etc is frankly boring. I persoanlly could give a shit about these people.

Many DOOL viewers, unless they are overly obsessed fungurls/fanbois, do not care.

by The Spectatorreply 4309/14/2013

R43s unpleasantness will get these threads shut down The big fat boy from dot has no power here

by The Spectatorreply 4409/14/2013

R44, WTF are you obsessed soap queens going on about? What the fuck is "dot"?

There are MANY DOOL posters who want to discuss STORY LINES not tedious bullshit re the backstage antics.

Fat? Hardly, more bitter invectives from some idiot, which has NOTHING to do with anything.

If you can't have a normal dialog, it's idiots like YOU who come here to argue and get soaps threads shut down!

I barely read the Massey/Smith thread but the few arguments I read there were the real reason it was deleted, NOT the fact it was a soap thread. Tat thread BARELY discussed the Donny/Will story line!

Blame yourself for getting these threads deleted, they get deleted because they ALWAYS veer off topic into inane arguments re nonsense.

by The Spectatorreply 4509/14/2013

Oh great. Another cunt who wants to tell everyone what to post.

by The Spectatorreply 4609/14/2013

R45? Normal dialogue?


Tell us which online fat boy you are, r45. that way we'll know whether to send you a few chocolate eclairs or a few cheeseburgers.

We'd all know by the smell if this was in person.

by The Spectatorreply 4709/14/2013

Here's hoping yet ANOTHER soap thread gets deleted due to the pathetic argumentative obsessive basement dwellers in this thread.

You guys must realize how many posts you've already wasted arguing with me? Bloody idiotic fangurls.

You sad, pathetic bloated, carb-faced morons!

by The Spectatorreply 4809/14/2013

We'll ignore the demented micropenised thing at R48 and continue.


Is there anything more boring than Father Eric? What a waste of a hot actor and connected character

Eric was far more exciting when he first was on - is that the actor or the dumb idea someone had to make him a minister?

by The Spectatorreply 4909/15/2013

I don't have the problem with the concept of Eric as a priest. But the show has really dropped the ball on what I think was intended to be a Thornbirds-type story with he and Nicole. Though it doesn't help that Greg Vaughan, while an extremely attractive man, is not exactly a firebrand has an actor.

by The Spectatorreply 5009/15/2013

[quote]Tat thread BARELY discussed the Donny/Will story line!

Who's Donny?

by The Spectatorreply 5109/15/2013

R49 They have made him boring. He wasn't that great on the other soaps he was on and he wasn't that bad either. He's a good looking guy that's why he got the job as father Eric. Most Days fans would like him to defrock and strip along with Cameron and Co in Chicago!

R48 Please stop. We can talk about current storylines, old storylines, Charlotte Ross returning, Tondre coming back and a gazillion other things. Until recently there were two Days threads. One for the soap itself and the other just dedicated to WilSon. We don't need someone with an imperious attitude telling people what to post about. How would you like it if someone said that we are just talking about ED's sex change or other such gossip to the total exclusion of talking about a current storyline.You happen to be the odd man out here since you are trying to dictate what we are talking about. Please talk about the current storylines if you like BUT you are becoming the reason these threads are shut down not other folks.

by The Spectatorreply 5209/15/2013

You can tell this is a soap thread. On what planet does a member of the clergy have a scandal with the opposite sex??

by The Spectatorreply 5309/15/2013

R53 I can't stop laughing.

by The Spectatorreply 5409/15/2013

R53 Ha! Everyone is Roman Catholic on this show so you'd think it would be a much different story right?

by The Spectatorreply 5509/15/2013

ww for R53

by The Spectatorreply 5609/15/2013

I see another Chandler thread got deleted. What happened this time?

by The Spectatorreply 5709/16/2013

any chance that now JJ has left home that he'll start hustling for money and a place to staty?

by The Spectatorreply 5809/16/2013

I wonder if nuWill will put out for EJ.

by The Spectatorreply 5909/16/2013

I have it on good authority, R59, that the very first scene for nuWill involves him bending over to take EJ's cock, who has left Sami. EJ has finally decided he prefers Will's ass to Sami's vagina so EJ finally gives Will the deep dicking he deserves. Tune in January 2nd for the deflowering.

by The Spectatorreply 6009/17/2013

nuWill better get a big dildo for practice then, since EJ's 13.5 x 8.5 will demand to sink fully into Will's ass.

by The Spectatorreply 6109/17/2013

Roger Octopus' Official Soap Opera thread at ZetaLounge: The Place For People Too Cool for DataLounge

by The Spectatorreply 6209/17/2013

Oh good grief, I thought Regina Ovary had been banned.

by The Spectatorreply 6309/18/2013

EJ explores his submissive side...

He's bawling, on his knees, begging Stefano for forgiveness, cowering like a whipped dog.

by The Spectatorreply 6409/18/2013

"Would you like two big cocks in that ass, William? My big uncut cock? Or perhaps your other former stepfather? Rafe has a nice big brown pole. Perhaps we can take turns, William."

by The Spectatorreply 6509/18/2013

nuWill. Sad. I wouldn't have cared if he was hot.

by The Spectatorreply 6609/18/2013

R65 An honest to goodness DP unh? Days might go there. They need anything they can get to bolster the ratings.

by The Spectatorreply 6709/18/2013

Poor Will. Now you've got him fucking both his mother's and his grandmother's lovers simultaneously.

Why not just go all the way and fix him up with his uncle, Eric?

by The Spectatorreply 6809/18/2013

Eric can join the other two for a Will bukakke.

by The Spectatorreply 6909/18/2013

Let's have Days rip stories from the headlines and integrate them into storylines for the show.

I say we take some of Missy's personal life experiences and make up some new plots for Jen. Shall we start with Missy's troubles with loving huge cocks and loads?

Let's hear how you would weave her cock tragedy into something exciting for Jen.

Ready. Set. Go!

by The Spectatorreply 7009/18/2013

Bring Peter Blake back with a different actor. He can have a huge cock as well. He'll break up Dannifer. It will be the first BJ scene in daytime history. Or did Kristen blow Brady that first time they fucked?

Or maybe Stefano can doggy style his Asian flower. I mean the age difference is bigger than even Soon Yi and Woody Allen!

Speaking of Stefano he was smoking a cigar today. It was very apropos of him. I thought that was banned in workplaces in California. Not that I give a shit but I was glad to see Stefano make EJ his bitch and blow smoke in his face.

by The Spectatorreply 7109/18/2013


Instead of doughnuts, Jennifer starts being obsessed with eclairs. Every shot begins with her with an oversized eclair stuck in her mouth.

One day, Daniel walks into the room right when one is exploding in her mouth. Creme from inside is pouring out of the sides of her mouth. He runs out of the room in disgust.

by The Spectatorreply 7209/18/2013

Will needs an EJ/Rafe/Chad/Cameron/Eric bukkake.

by The Spectatorreply 7309/18/2013

Jennifer should take a whipped cream can and start by spraying it right into her mouth, but then it starts going all over her face.

by The Spectatorreply 7409/18/2013

Jennifer should play in traffic. Hate her.

by The Spectatorreply 7509/18/2013

Old Will should go missing and then Nick should dominate Sonny.

by The Spectatorreply 7609/18/2013

Here's a recent pic of some cast members, including DL fave Freddie Smith.

by The Spectatorreply 7709/19/2013

See? They been starvin' him. He thin again. Y'all happy now? He do look better tho'. Fo' reals.

by The Spectatorreply 7809/19/2013

We need more Ann Milbauer on this show, they should make her a contact regular

I was watching some of the JER episodes from the mid '90's on YouTube and I was reminded how many more sets, nicer clothes and better production values the show had back then.

Also I was reminded how JER would drag ass with major stories and he would only move story during sweeps period and summertime, the rest was all filler

I remember watching Days as a teen in 1996 after the Paris summer eps, and no lie Laura Horton literally spent 3 weeks at daughter Jennifer's house telling her that she thinks Jack is innocent of Peter Blake's "murder"

It was the same damn scene stretched out for weeks complete with flashbacks which aired only days before of the same scene!

I also loved how he would always have characters talk to themselves about what they're gonna do and then it would take months, and sometimes years for those plans to come to fruition.

Also major storylines would revolve around one big misunderstanding, like a character overhearing something and taking it the wrong way or not hearing the FULL conversation

It was like the Three's Company of soap operas mixed with Dark Shadows style Gothic drama.

My mom used to call Days I'm the mid 90s/JER era "Days of Our Dark Shadows".

by The Spectatorreply 7909/19/2013

Is it just me, or does Freddie ping louder than usual in that picture? Guy mentioned that he and Freddie have hung out off the set, which I know Freddie almost never does with the rest of the cast. Does anyone know the latest Days gossip

by The Spectatorreply 8009/20/2013

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, Sami is free at last!

by The Spectatorreply 8109/20/2013

William, I'm feeling a bit randy this morning. I need a tight, tight set of lips around my cock. Why don't you crawl under my desk and take out your favorite plaything. I've got a nice big creamy load for you William. You do want my load, don't you?

by The Spectatorreply 8209/21/2013

Here's a photo taken earlier today of Freddie along with Shawn Christian, Molly Burnett and that skank Freddie is dating.

by The Spectatorreply 8309/21/2013

Video featuring Freddie and his girlfriend. I assume the singer is a friend of theirs.

Guy just tweeted that he and Freddie are "tight" already and that they're having a barbecue tomorrow. I really would love to know what went wrong between Freddie & Chandler. It does sound like they had some sort of a falling out.

by The Spectatorreply 8409/21/2013

Miss Massey got a little too full of herself.

She'll be back in podunksville selling bath salts at the Bath & Body Works in a few years.

by The Spectatorreply 8509/21/2013

Leave Chandler Alone!!!

by The Spectatorreply 8609/21/2013

[82] Even more than his chemistry with Sonny, I'm interested in seeing nuWill's chemistry with EJ. That subtext never really went away even after the story line progressed. And it wqas mucg more interesting than WilSon

by The Spectatorreply 8709/21/2013

I feel a need to fuck a nice, tight ass. And if William isn't around, his boyfriend, young Jackson Kiriakis, will do nicely. I do like a plump round ass to fuck....

by The Spectatorreply 8809/21/2013

New Will and EJ will not have chemistry like Chandler and he did. It's sad.

by The Spectatorreply 8909/21/2013

Will wants me all hot and slim. And now EJ wants a plump ass to fuck. Will you people make up your fucking minds already? I have a club to run and a life to lead. I can't be watching everything I eat all goddamned day.

by The Spectatorreply 9009/21/2013

So funny today. JJ and friends are partying at Daniel's apartment while he's out of town. JJ's phone rings.

JJ: It's my sister.

Rory: She knows you're here!!!

JJ: Idiot, it's my phone, not Daniel's.

Rory: Oh. She doesn't know you're here!!!

by The Spectatorreply 9109/24/2013

I loved that scene, R91 especially Rory's facial expressions. I am SO waiting for both JJ and Theresa to get their comeuppances. Now Theresa is making veiled threats against Jennifer because she got fired. (Not that I particularly care for Jennifer but I wonder how much a bad girl the show is going to make out of Theresa.) I'm also not liking the idea that Nicole may be blamed for the incident with Eric at the hotel.

by The Spectatorreply 9209/24/2013

There's been a sex scandal at every church I've gone to long term. From the "hole in the wall" type, to medium sized, to mega church. Every last one. Fortunately, only one involved allegations with a minor..granted, that was the one with more than one of note, so, you know, odds.(yes, the mega church)

So only the outside, so on the inside.

by The Spectatorreply 9309/24/2013

JJ and Rory were running around the apartment shirtless yesterday. I just don't see quite where the girl fits into the picture.

She doesn't appear, as far as I've seen, to be particularly involved with either one. Do they share her or is she just a partying friend?

by The Spectatorreply 9409/26/2013

There hasn't been any Charlotte Ross/Eve chatter on here in awhile so thought I'd mention that it looks like she would be at least interested in entertaining the thought of going back to Days. She retweeted some poll that asked which Days character people most wanted to see come back. Eve was one of the ones mentioned.

by The Spectatorreply 9509/27/2013

R95 You should start a "bring back Eve campaign".To be honest, it's a distinct possibility and Theresa is no big bad like Kristen is. She might be a baby bitch version of Susan Seaforth Hayes but that's about it.

by The Spectatorreply 9609/28/2013


I'm not that invested in it. I don't even watch the show. I just caught part of the last thread where it was mentioned. I liked the character back when I did watch it though, so was interested in the discussions that went on.

It does sound like she'd be interested in coming back and her gig on the show she was doing is over, so she's free and looking for work.

One of the tweets to the poll said that Eve needed to come back so big sis could teach Theresa a thing or two. It sounds like the show could use someone like Eve to stir things up.

Eve's bitch was the kind of bitch that people disliked but at the same time, rooted and even cared for. Like I said, I don't watch the show any more, so I have to ask, was Kristen's bitch that way or was she just a looney bitch?

by The Spectatorreply 9709/28/2013

Unless there's hot gay fucking, I'm not tuning in.

by The Spectatorreply 9809/28/2013

On his twitter feed about a week or so ago, Matthew Ashford posted something like "see you in November". Could have been related to the show (Jack returning as a ghost or as a memory, esp to help JJ) or something else entirely.

by The Spectatorreply 9909/28/2013

I should add that if Eve came back to the show I'd probably tune back in (but only if played by Ross).

I'd enjoy a storyline where she came back coupled with Jack, just to piss Jennifer off.

I'd enjoy a storyline even more if Eve came back coupled with Peter Blake (obviously they'd have to get someone else to play him), but they should have them have two sons named, Jason and Brooks, and Eve should always be talking to them in Jennifer's presence by saying, "Jason, Brooks..." just to piss Missy off.

by The Spectatorreply 10009/28/2013

You bitches have gotten yet another thread deleted. How much longer will this one live?

by The Spectatorreply 10110/05/2013

So, are we to assume that Anne from HR is Jewish, considering her frequent Yiddish-isms over the past couple of appearances?

by The Spectatorreply 10210/05/2013

Am I still alive? Maybe I should straighten out my grandchildren.

by The Spectatorreply 10310/06/2013

JJ in bondage!!!

JJ is behind bars but he's not being a very good boy, trashing his cell. I think a good, old-fashioned spanking is in order.

by The Spectatorreply 10410/09/2013

Just for the record: a bare mention of Chandler Massey's name in this thread and I'll ban it. From now on WilSon consists only of Freddie Smith and Guy Wilson. UNDERSTOOD?

by The Spectatorreply 10510/09/2013

Freddie and Chandler FOREVER!!

by The Spectatorreply 10610/09/2013

[quote] Maybe they should try a primetime special like in the 90s.

I miss those primetime specials. The last DAYS one I remember was one back in the early 90s and I remember it involved something with Isabella having to be rescued and Vivian almost undergoing a lobotomy.

by The Spectatorreply 10710/09/2013

Can I volunteer to be JJ's cellmate? I will gladly help him work through his anger issues.

by The Spectatorreply 10810/09/2013

R106 you've been warned.

by The Spectatorreply 10910/09/2013

[bold]Please don't feed the trolls![/bold]

I know it's tempting, but that's giving them what they want. Like a child having a temper tantrum, they're best ignored.

The anti-Chandler loons and Guy fanboys/amateur PR team have gotten every recent thread closed. They'll be less successful if we simply give them no attention.

Oh, and R108, I'm going now to speak with Roman about your request.

by The Spectatorreply 11010/09/2013


by The Spectatorreply 11110/09/2013

Jesus Christ! Massey was bored as fuck during his scenes today. It's no wonder they fired his ass.

by The Spectatorreply 11210/11/2013

Did they explain why almost none of Sami's family didn't go to her party? Where was Kayla, Roman, Theresa, Hope et al?

by The Spectatorreply 11310/12/2013

[quote]Did they explain why almost none of Sami's family didn't go to her party? Where was Kayla, Roman, Theresa, Hope et al?

Perhaps because they all hate the DiMeras?

by The Spectatorreply 11410/12/2013 LOL

by The Spectatorreply 11510/15/2013

R115 is apparently one of the pathetic pieces of shit who tried to blackmail CM.

by The Spectatorreply 11610/15/2013

R102 That and she looks like almost every Italian and/or Jewish girl in Brooklyn!

by The Spectatorreply 11710/15/2013

No, R116 I just thought it was hilarious.

by The Spectatorreply 11810/16/2013

Here is a current pic of the new Will.

by The Spectatorreply 11910/17/2013

Why has no one mentioned me lately?

by The Spectatorreply 12010/18/2013

Missy Reeves and her new fundie buddy Jen Lilley didn't wear purple. Not surprising.

by The Spectatorreply 12110/18/2013

Just heard that Nathan Owens was fired. TPTB evidently don't care if they fuck the show up.

by The Spectatorreply 12210/20/2013

Something is going on at DAYS. Some weird decisions made.

by The Spectatorreply 12310/21/2013

This video of a kid being put on the spot about growing marijuana reminds me of JJ.

by The Spectatorreply 12410/21/2013

Poor Nicole, crying over her love of Eric... and then Eric saying she can't be forgiven because his misunderstanding. Surprised more people haven't slapped both Theresa and JJ.

by The Spectatorreply 12510/22/2013

I was glad to see Abigail stand up to her cunt mother.

by The Spectatorreply 12610/22/2013

I am NOT a cunt! I am a God-fearing, Chick-fil-a eating Christian woman! Only the sweetest things come out of my mouth...or go into them!

by The Spectatorreply 12710/23/2013

Ugh, I just tuned in and JJ is about to take GHB and fuck Theresa. At least we get to see him with his shirt off.

by The Spectatorreply 12810/24/2013

Yay! Theresa's dead (or possibly in a coma or at least will be unconscious for the next few appearances).

by The Spectatorreply 12910/24/2013

The guy who plays JJ is 19 or 20 right? I feel like a pedo during his scenes. He is hot and has a great ass.

by The Spectatorreply 13010/24/2013

Casey Diedrick confirmed on his twitter feed that Wednesday will be his last episode as Chad DiMera

by The Spectatorreply 13110/29/2013

ATWT Hunk Joins DAYS!

Mark Collier (Mike, AS THE WORLD TURNS) has been cast on DAYS OF OUR LIVES in a newly-created role! He's already been on set taping, and is scheduled to air beginning in late December. We don't have any information on his character yet, except that it's new to the canvas. But he'll have something in common with at least one of his co-stars... Shawn Christian (Daniel) originated the role of ATWT's Mike back in 1994. He played the part until 1997, and Collier took over when the soap decided to bring the character back in 2002!

by The Spectatorreply 13210/30/2013

I'm sixty six years OLD today bitches!

by The Spectatorreply 13310/31/2013

[quote] Only the sweetest things come out of my mouth...or go into them!

Like my enormous, cum-filled python of a cock, baby!

by The Spectatorreply 13410/31/2013

God, JJ looked so hot today. He also has a tan. Odd for Salem on November 1 but these scenes may have been filmed in July.

by The Spectatorreply 13511/01/2013

Anyone attending today's wedding? Marlena is just... all over the place. That said, I'm liking her way more than I have since the 80s. I also love Kristen, that's what makes their whole thing so entertaining.

by The Spectatorreply 13611/08/2013

R136 Marlena's machinations are very Kristen like,no? Dee Dee is really good as a nut she gives ED a run for her money.

by The Spectatorreply 13711/08/2013

I missed most of yesterday's show. How did she end up showing the video but not knowing Eric was in it?

by The Spectatorreply 13811/08/2013

I think Victor pulled a fast one on Marlena (plus they were in a hurry) and only told her that it was Kristen in the video. Also, I think Marlena thought it was Daniel.

And yeah, Dee Dee plays crazy very well. They've made Marlena enjoyable again. That woman has been insufferable ever since she got out of that secret room in 1997.

by The Spectatorreply 13911/09/2013

I'm hoping they'll go for the Victor vs. Marlena plot they've just set up. Would be a hoot to watch Mar go over the edge. They need to quickly repopulate the young set with Chad and Cameron both gone.

by The Spectatorreply 14011/09/2013

Enjoy Marlena while you can. Drake Hogestyn is coming back on contract and being around John will surely make her boring again.

by The Spectatorreply 14111/11/2013

Since the other Willson thread got closed for whatever mysterious reason, let's continue the discussion and gossiping here. Like some of the posters there I also happen to think Massey is a closet case. Apart from the videos showing him getting boners in the previous thread, let's not forget about how unconvincing he was in heterosexual scenes. Never have I ever seen a male actor who is so uncomfortable having sex scene with a woman and having angry, constipated face looking as he is about to cry or puke. Proof:

by The Spectatorreply 14211/17/2013

Oh look, two more soap threads were closed.

I'm so done with giving this site money.

by The Spectatorreply 14311/23/2013

There was previous talk on here about Charlotte Ross and her Eve character. Seemed like a lot of people wanted to see her come back, and a few who thought they'd never consider it since her character hasn't been mentioned in almost 20 years, however, apparently Charlotte just met with NBC to talk about the possibility of bringing her back. Charlotte's Twitter is full of talk about it.

by The Spectatorreply 14411/23/2013

The Charlotte Ross troll will be very happy!

by The Spectatorreply 14511/24/2013

The Charlotte Ross person is hardly a troll. Check out the GH threads for real trolls!;)It's an absolute no brainer really. Though it took Meng long enough to jump on the Eve bandwagon.Even if she starts in Dec her airtime will be in March! Who knows ED will be back as Susan/Penelope/or even Kristen by that time. Can you imagine the cat fights between those two?

by The Spectatorreply 14611/24/2013

[quote] Check out the GH threads for real trolls

Except Datalounge has once again deleted all soap threads...this one will be next.

by The Spectatorreply 14711/24/2013

James Scott @IAmJamesScott

Death Valley here I come! 12:59pm - 24 Nov 13

by The Spectatorreply 14811/24/2013

Nick (Blake Berris) looks HOT in a black leather jacket and black tee.

by The Spectatorreply 14911/25/2013

Nick is DEAD

by The Spectatorreply 15011/25/2013

[quote]Nick is DEAD

Don't be so sure.

by The Spectatorreply 15111/25/2013

Where did they get all of the pilgrim costumes for the Thanksgiving party at the club? And Daniel dressing his young son as a turkey -- can't that cause some psychological / emotional trauma? JJ looked hot as a pilgrim though.

by The Spectatorreply 15211/25/2013

R152 With the budget being what it is , Meng and Company stole the costumes from Sony sister soap, Young and The Restless!;)Or did they rent them from UCLA or even an LA local high school production instead?

by The Spectatorreply 15311/26/2013

Eve Donovan may be on her way home!

by The Spectatorreply 15411/26/2013

Eve and Nick, the hooker and the pimp! When DAYS had an edge. Nick Corelli was around long before anybody had ever heard of a Sonny Corinthos or a Todd Manning.

by The Spectatorreply 15511/26/2013

R153, I understand where the show's costume department obtained all of the Thanksgiving Day costumes but in a realistic sense, where would a small town like Salem have them all in stock? Does the town have a local store which sells holiday costumes and had a run on pilgrim outfits? It just seemed so weird.

by The Spectatorreply 15611/26/2013

Yesterday's scenes with Sami, Kate and Gabi moving Nick's "dead" body before he was resurrected were surprisingly entertaining. The campy fun of those scenes nicely balanced the melodrama elsewhere in the episode.

by The Spectatorreply 15711/27/2013

R156 You just have to suspend your disbelief with these things. Days hardly has the budget to show the outside of a costume shop(or the inside of one with a proprietor talking to the Days cast) in order to explain that fact.

From Kristen's departure to Eve's return, who will be the big bad? Stefano? Will Victor be exploring his villainous roots?

by The Spectatorreply 15811/30/2013

Loving Days recently!

by The Spectatorreply 15912/11/2013

Sonny was in the closet today!

by The Spectatorreply 16012/12/2013

And a shirtless Eric.

by The Spectatorreply 16112/12/2013

Boring without Kristen. And am waiting for Theresa to get her ass kicked.

by The Spectatorreply 16212/12/2013

R162 Meng and Company took their sweet ass time talking to Charlotte Ross.If and when she comes back there will be quite a deficit in excitement for months to come. Ed added so much excitement to the show, they should have planned Eve's comeback right after ED's departure.Optimally they will have ED AND CR on together at one point.

by The Spectatorreply 16312/12/2013

I think ED's departure was quite sudden.

by The Spectatorreply 16412/15/2013
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