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Hot Latino Papi of the day

From the "Big Cocks" thread. I wonder long it will take for his bush to grow back.

Comment and discuss.

by Ay!reply 2809/28/2013

I could possibly get past the gross foreskin if he didn't have a ridiculous pubic haircut.

by Ay!reply 109/09/2013

cutie pie

by Ay!reply 209/09/2013

Beautiful foreskin...but slide it forward even further and show all of your uncut glory.

by Ay!reply 309/09/2013

I wanna rest my head right against his meaty thigh and kiss dick! He is fine

by Ay!reply 409/09/2013

Aii, papi!

by Ay!reply 509/09/2013

Hmm, is that thing photoshopped?

by Ay!reply 609/09/2013

It's green!

by Ay!reply 709/09/2013

Sexy fucker

by Ay!reply 809/09/2013

I just threw up

by Ay!reply 909/09/2013

Once I got done sucking leche outta' his pinga, I'd switch to inhaling burritos out of what I'm sure is one magnificent culo.

by Ay!reply 1009/10/2013

Not big enough for me!

by Ay!reply 1109/10/2013

FAIL. Real papis dont shave their bush.

by Ay!reply 1209/10/2013

Please, please, PLEASE let him do porn! I promise I won't ask for anything else for Christmas!

by Ay!reply 1309/10/2013

Anybody know who he is? I wanna see him fuck a fem dude!

by Ay!reply 1409/10/2013

Just one of the many anonymous internet cocks.

by Ay!reply 1509/10/2013

The unphotoshopped set.

by Ay!reply 1609/10/2013

Thanks porn troll! That pinga is still so nice

by Ay!reply 1709/11/2013

He looks mixed, not really Latino.

by Ay!reply 1809/11/2013

Aren't latinos "mixed" to begin with? Well at least 80% of them...

by Ay!reply 1909/11/2013

Yeah, latino is not technically a race, but it's what people use to describe people that look like him. He is definitely mixed though.

by Ay!reply 2009/11/2013

I'd like to mix his jiz with my saliva.

by Ay!reply 2109/11/2013

OMG. So much trouble and so worth it.

by Ay!reply 2209/11/2013

He dances in NYC. Bi. He can be had for $300/hr. Will only top and receive oral, and both with a condom. Outcalls only.

by Ay!reply 2309/11/2013


by Ay!reply 2409/11/2013

The site that was taken from has one of the best cock pic collections on the internet.

by Ay!reply 2509/12/2013

I wonder how much this one would grow.

by Ay!reply 2609/12/2013

I would love to personally find out r26.

by Ay!reply 2709/28/2013

OMFG R25, what the fuck is wrong with you ?

Creepy naked clown pic alert, creepy naked clown pic alert.


by Ay!reply 2809/28/2013
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