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Chantix (the anti-smoking drug) changed my brain chemistry forever.

Maybe I'm the first person to sound the alarm, someone has to.

35 year smoker and yes, it stopped me smoking within 8 weeks which is far short of the 36 week program.

I gained 20 lbs, no problem--I've lost 15 lbs of those giving up sugar and bread and pasta.

But I can't sleep, I can't sleep at all. I take RX drugs, anything I can find and take, but can't fall asleep when it is dark and I should sleep.

It is 7:37 Central American time, been up for nearly 24 hours. I'll mow the lawn now or vacuum the big house, anything but sleep. Can anyone help me find a doctor who can give me Ambien?

by Anonymousreply 109/09/2013
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