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Why do jewish mothers expect everyone to get married?

it seems to bother them if you don't

by Brendareply 1209/09/2013

They want everyone else to be as miserable as they are.

by Brendareply 109/07/2013


by Brendareply 209/07/2013

My mother nearly drove me insane with that crap. Every where I went, she'd ask, were they any nice single Jewish men there? Ugh. No let up, ever.

by Brendareply 309/07/2013

Ma, you won't believe it! He asked me to marry him! Yes, the orthodontist. Brandeis. Reformed. Ashkenazi. Haven't seen the car. I know, isn't it great! We did it, Ma! We finally did it!

by Brendareply 409/07/2013


It's "Reform", not "Reformed".

Jewish mothers do this because they come from a "family oriented" culture. The Chinese and Indians do the same thing.

by Brendareply 509/07/2013

OP, because they think a woman is defined majorly by who they marry and they view a woman without a man as having less worth because worth in their eyes is viewed basically only by being married and having a man in your life.

by Brendareply 609/07/2013

OP, it's "Jewish."

If you're going to pretend to generalize, at least use appropriate English for your presumption.

by Brendareply 709/07/2013

Oy, R5, you're such a nudge. No wonder you're not married.

by Brendareply 809/07/2013

yes r7 spell check pointed that out but I didn't want to show any respect to organized religion


by Brendareply 909/07/2013

r7 is a Jewish mother.

by Brendareply 1009/07/2013

But, OP/R9, the only religion for whom you demonstrated disrespect was the Jews. Haven't the Jews suffered enough? Do realize that if indeed there is no god, Judaism is probably the cruelest joke ever played on a group of people.

R6, the concern that OP attributed to Jewish mothers is not limited to the marital status of women.

by Brendareply 1109/09/2013

they are only happy if you bring home another jew

if you bring home a shiksa

oy vey

ww 3 bitches

by Brendareply 1209/09/2013
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