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Anne Hathaway: "I am TOO BIG A STAR to live in Manhattan"

Ever since my Oscar(R)-winning performance in "Les Miserables," I have simply TOO HIGH A PROFILE to deal with the hordes of fans I encounter during every public moment in the borough of Manhattan. Surely someone somewhere out there shares my agony of being ADORED TOO MUCH!!

"Actress Anne Hathaway dreamed a dream of life on the Brooklyn waterfront, and made that dream a realty when she rented in Dumbo's Clocktower Building last March. This January, she purchased another Clocktower unit, a 3BR on the ninth floor, for $4.1 million. Then the tigers came at night. According to the Post, she never moved in and just used the apartment as a 2,592-square-foot walk-in closet. Instead, she remained with husband Adam Shulman in a different apartment in the building, presumably the one they were initially renting together, but really, who knows. "Insiders" and "spies" told the Post that Hathaway thought the unit was too big and made her "too visible," and also that "she doesn't want to be recognized and believes that she has too high a profile to be able to live in [Manhattan]," both completely reasonable sentiments that, at the same time, definitely sound like Things Anne Hathaway Would Say. Anyway, she just put the apartment back on the market for $4.5 million."

by AnnEreply 4909/08/2013

Fame's a bitch, but she has the $$$ to buy her way out of it.

by AnnEreply 109/07/2013


by AnnEreply 209/07/2013

None of this makes sense. She lives in the Clock Tower building in Brooklyn. She was renting but bought an apartment in the same building. A three bedroom unit on the ninth floor would make her more "visible" than the one she rents. How so? She's too high profile for Manhattan but really wanted to live in Brooklyn. Again, how is this an issue if she is "living" in Brooklyn and not in Manhattan? I don't think there are many celebrity stalkers in Brooklyn. We just don't roll that way. We prefer that they stay in Manhattan. Seriously.

by AnnEreply 309/07/2013

I've known stars like her who go out into the big, bad world, sometimes with children in tow, attempting to make eye contact with everyone in the area so that others realize that a 'star is in their presence' and then shoots everyone dirty looks for daring to look at them.

by AnnEreply 409/07/2013

Wtf is up with the NYPost? Article says she'll lose $4.5 million on the flip - when in fact she'll make $400k if she gets asking price. Don't they have editors or proofers there anymore? Sloppy reporting.

Sounds as if she planned to move into the larger unit she bought but her plans changed. So she'll keep renting. Doesn't she spend the majority of her time off-set in LA anyway? She's always papped there.

by AnnEreply 509/07/2013

[quote]I don't think there are many celebrity stalkers in Brooklyn. We just don't roll that way.

We don't roll that way in Manhattan either, hon. That's the whole *point* of this thread, that Anne is being fucking ridiculous thinking she's "too big a star" for Manhattan when stars VASTLY bigger than her have lived here for decades and are rarely disturbed by the public. (Anyone who's lived in Manhattan for a reasonable amount of time has mastered the art of nonchalant celebrity gawking, which involves discreetly looking at a celeb without ever *acknowledging* or *looking* like you're observing them.)

by AnnEreply 609/07/2013

R5, she is papped a ton in Brooklyn, and in Manhattan too.

There are often photos of her and husband taken in Brooklyn and Manhattan at and (Daily Mail).

by AnnEreply 709/07/2013

[quote]and also that "she doesn't want to be recognized and believes that she has too high a profile to be able to live in [Manhattan]," both completely reasonable sentiments that, at the same time, definitely sound like Things Anne Hathaway Would Say.

LOL! That's hilarious!

by AnnEreply 809/07/2013

Get a WHIFF of r6!


by AnnEreply 909/07/2013

Perhaps many tourists in Manhattan bother Anne and try to talk to her and ask for her autograph or act intrusively.

by AnnEreply 1009/07/2013

Nobody in Manhattan gives a shit about Anne Hathaway.

by AnnEreply 1109/07/2013

r10 see r6; think of how many mega-famous people live in Manhatten, far more famous than Anne (Madonna springs first to mind) who choose to live there primarily because they DON'T usually get hassled and can pretty much get about accosted.

Don't want to go off topic here but its fair to note that she (or her pr people) likely call the paps in advance to take her picture.

by AnnEreply 1209/07/2013

I wonder how Heath would be dealing with it all if he was still alive. Personally I think the Joker reception would have sent him over the edge.

by AnnEreply 1309/07/2013

Let's all raise a glass to the "Best Supporting Actress Curse" in the hope that it will take down AnnE Hathaway in the foreseeable future.

by AnnEreply 1409/07/2013

"she doesn't want to be recognized and believes that she has too high a profile"

That makes sense. The AnnE haters are scary!

by AnnEreply 1509/07/2013

She bores me. Pretentious twit

by AnnEreply 1609/07/2013

Is this bitch for real?

by AnnEreply 1709/07/2013

Would Anne Hathaway consent to getting fucked with no condom by Matt Damon in his new porn movie?

by AnnEreply 1809/07/2013

Only in my ass, R18.

by AnnEreply 1909/07/2013

R15 Pleeeeeease.

by AnnEreply 2009/07/2013

I don’t believe half the stuff attributed to “insiders” about Anne anymore. She’s obviously no saint but most of the stuff that’s been said about her since the awards is bizarre.

And the number of posts about her here is mind boggling, especially with bigger celeb targets like Jay-once and Goop around.

by AnnEreply 2109/07/2013

I managed. It wasn't always easy, and I did occasionally have to take steps, but who would be so ridiculous as to think that wonderful Manhattan wouldn't take anyone in stride? And heaven knows I did have children whose privacy was a major concern for me.

But then perhaps I wasn't a "celebrity" in the way that - who is this person? The one oddly named for Shakespeare's "second-best-bed" wife? - is. She must be very important.

by AnnEreply 2209/07/2013

[3] yeah you roll that way cuz you Brooklyn douchebag hipsters don't like celebs hoggin' your self directed spotlights.

by AnnEreply 2309/07/2013

Just move to Staten Island. I hear there are quite a few available properties on the waterfront.

by AnnEreply 2409/07/2013

So... this thread is about something that someone said about a celebrity?


by AnnEreply 2509/07/2013


by AnnEreply 2609/07/2013

R23, nitwit, if you're going to refer to previous posters, put an "R" in front of the number. Or are you too special when you're snarking to apply helpful DL protocols?

by AnnEreply 2709/07/2013

Cherry Jones lives in NYC

Meryl Street lives in NYC occasionally because she has more than one home

Sally Field is Bi Costal

Glen Close has a home in NYC

These four epic actresses can live, work, and function in NYC and Anne can't pull off living in Brooklyn? Sad. That's just sad.

by AnnEreply 2809/07/2013

She is full of shit.

by AnnEreply 2909/07/2013

If it's peace and quiet she wants, we'll take her.

by AnnEreply 3009/07/2013

When you shine your cunt between the moon and New York City

Girl you're crazy and a shrew.

by AnnEreply 3109/07/2013

The cuntiest cunt who ever cunted.

by AnnEreply 3209/07/2013

r28 = Cherry Jones

by AnnEreply 3309/07/2013

supporting actress has really gone downhill. They'll let anybody in nowadays (Monique, Leo, Spenser, Zellweger, CZJ, and now possibly that lesbian ham Oprah?)

Do you know my first supporting year had Maggie Smith and Maureen Stapleton in the category! Such talent and class is sadly lacking in the under category nowadays.

by AnnEreply 3409/07/2013

I encountered Meryl Streep, a much bigger star IMO than La Hathaway, in the Whole Foods on Houston St. near the buffet section and no one seemed to bother her at all. Of course people were glancing nonchalantly in her direction but no one was going fangurl and snapping pics and such.

Hathaway has a place in LA which is fangirl and paparazzi central so she really needs to cut the crap with the woe is me routine.

by AnnEreply 3509/07/2013

[quote]I encountered Meryl Streep, a much bigger star IMO than La Hathaway, in the Whole Foods on Houston St. near the buffet section

Sometimes the jokes write the buffet..."much bigger"

by AnnEreply 3609/07/2013

Move to a gated community in Westchester if you don't like being around other people, you pretentious twit.

by AnnEreply 3709/07/2013

CHERRY JONES lives in NYC and Annie has the gall to bitch and moan about how hard it is being a celebrity in New York? For gawd's sake! What a deluded imbecile she is! I bet she then proceeded to start telling tasteless jokes about how she "looked like her GAY brother" when she had her hair cut short.

by AnnEreply 3809/07/2013


by AnnEreply 3909/07/2013

Sorry haters I’m gonna call BS on this one. Not an AnnE fan but too many mistakes in the original NYP article to be believable: 1) she isn’t filming in Brooklyn, she finished months ago and has been in LA most of the summer. 2) given the other errors I have a feeling the “spies” in the Post were misquoted, I bet Anne is actually looking in Manhatten for a another place and actually said that she feels has too high a profile to live in BROOKLYN, not Manhatten. Which makes more sense and is probably true at this point.

Time will tell if I’m right.

by AnnEreply 4009/07/2013

What's the matter Glenn? Can't afford Whole Foods now that your cable access show is off the air? I'm certain you can get a guest shot on one of those CSI editions. You can play dead. Like your career.

by AnnEreply 4109/07/2013

Michelle Williams, among other stars, live in Brooklyn and aren't bothered.

Is AnnE too high profile for Brooklyn? No.

by AnnEreply 4209/07/2013

Mamie lives in Brooklyn

by AnnEreply 4309/07/2013

Op , stop. Stop stirring shit ! This stupid story sounds like total bullshit. If her troll neighbors are feeding shitty gossip like this about her & her husband ,I can defiantly see why she'd want to move.

Fuck Right Off ! FAIL!

by AnnEreply 4409/07/2013

Brooklyn? I've heard of it.

by AnnEreply 4509/07/2013

Where do people like R44 come from?

by AnnEreply 4609/07/2013

[quote]Where do people like [R44] come from?


by AnnEreply 4709/07/2013

Perhaps AnnE would feel more comfortable living elsewhere, like the moon

by AnnEreply 4809/08/2013

If I were a mega celebrity and wanted anonymity but still a city life, I'd move to Paris over NYC in a heartbeat.

by AnnEreply 4909/08/2013
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