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Garage Worker Plunges Down 5 Flights In Elevator Shaft While Still In Car.

You are invited to write the second sentence of this current news report detailing a car garage attendant driving an Audi into the open garage elevator and plunging 5 floors head first.

'A Manhattan garage attendant parking an Audi plunged several floors down an elevator shaft in the car Thursday afternoon, landing upside down, authorities say.'

by YellowJournalistreply 1109/08/2013

"That's the wrong car dammit," the customer was overheard saying, "I had the blue Audi."

by YellowJournalistreply 109/06/2013

Obviously, "Shaft" was on his iPod.

by YellowJournalistreply 209/06/2013

He was blowing the horn and cursing at the traffic all the way down, like a true New Yorker.

by YellowJournalistreply 309/06/2013

Some New Yorkers will do just about anything to get their name in a paper.

by YellowJournalistreply 409/08/2013

It's a shame it wasn't a piece of shit car like a BMW….

by YellowJournalistreply 509/08/2013

Audi-os muchacho.

by YellowJournalistreply 609/08/2013

Lucky guy to survive. I wonder if he was wearing his seatbelt...

by YellowJournalistreply 709/08/2013

What was being piped over the elevator Muzak speaker?

by YellowJournalistreply 809/08/2013

Has this place been taken over by 12 year old boys? It amazes me that any man over that age would consider writing this kind of shit.

by YellowJournalistreply 909/08/2013

I'm confused. If the car landed upside down, how did he exit via the moonroof?

by YellowJournalistreply 1009/08/2013

Uhhhh R9, you must be new around DL.

by YellowJournalistreply 1109/08/2013
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