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Street Numbers in London

We're working on the family tree.

Does anyone know how the street numbers run in Beak Street, (Soho/Westminster) London, England? And are there even numbers on one side and odd numbers on the other side?

(Today's Beak Street is a merger of old Beak Street and Silver Street. The numbers were re-done after the merger - possibly with the numbering reversed - i.e. high numbers becoming low numbers).


by Boring Old Dykereply 1609/07/2013

Dear Boring Old Dyke. Nothing, absolutely nothing, makes sense in London addresses. It's safe to say you can't count on even numbers on one side a street and odd on the other. It may occur,but chances are it won't. Sorry.

by Boring Old Dykereply 109/06/2013

Thanks Chas!

I should have expected you to chime in:

The Crown public house, which stood on the eastern corner of Beak Street and Upper James Street until 1921, was mentioned by Charles Dickens in Nicholas Nickleby. It was much frequented by Newman Noggs for, as a corner house, it had the advantage of 'a bar door both ways'.

by Boring Old Dykereply 209/06/2013

R1 is correct. You can find #1 at the north end of a street and #2 across the street, but at the southern end, half a mile away. And that's considered sensible!

by Boring Old Dykereply 309/06/2013

If you go to Beak St on Google map at street view, you can see the street numbers clearly. For some history see the link below. Otherwise, as someone else on DL has said, "Google is your best friend" and family history or genealogy sites are going to get you much better and faster replies than a gay gossip site.

by Boring Old Dykereply 409/06/2013

Thanks everyone!

[quote] family history or genealogy sites are going to get you much better and faster replies than a gay gossip site

Not necessarily!

by Boring Old Dykereply 509/06/2013

Just check that the street hasn't been renumbered at any time. eg Cleveland St where the famous boy brothel was - it was renumbered in the 1890s

by Boring Old Dykereply 609/06/2013

Thanks R6. Yes, it was re-numbered - so with DL's assistance, and a few hours spent on Find My Past, it now appears that the numbering scheme was reversed - so whereas the high street numbers used to be at the Regent St end, now the numbering begins at Regent St.

by Boring Old Dykereply 709/07/2013

It can be confusing for us as well, OP. I used to live in a building where the correct address was the flat number then the name of the building, e.g. 6 John House, Confusing St. But John House was actually up in the 70s. I didn't live at 6 Confusing St - I lived at 6 John House, Confusing St. It took forever to explain to visitors that I wasn't next door to number 5 but to look for John House in between 74 and 78.

I hope that helps.

by Boring Old Dykereply 809/07/2013

Hey OP,

Here's Beak Street 1799 with numbers.

by Boring Old Dykereply 909/07/2013

OP, street numbers in London (and most of the UK, Europe, world) do indeed run with odd numbers and one side and even on the other.

What is it you're looking for though? If you're working on the family tree and going back a century or two, the numbers probably won't be the same.

On the old map r9 links to the numbers start at the bottom corner of one side of the street, go up consecutively on that side to its top corner, then continue consecutively on the opposite side of the street, running down in order to the opposite side of the bottom corner from which the numbering started (like a big U shape).

by Boring Old Dykereply 1009/07/2013

Actually, OP, you might want to have a look at the site I pulled that map from.

The historical research on Sparrow Street dovetails with Bleak Street, and it might give you some leads as to surveys, parish registers, night watchman tax lists, etc. that would benefit your research.

by Boring Old Dykereply 1109/07/2013

Lovely Lesbian you are awesome!

Thank you all.

by Boring Old Dykereply 1209/07/2013

The site r11 has pointed to, but the layout is awful and makes it impossible to read: multi-coloured text on background, giant images taking up the whole window, no margins. I want to peruse it, but it's impossible!

OP, hey, your ancestors were neighbours with the Partletons!

by Boring Old Dykereply 1309/07/2013

BoD, glad to be helpful :)

R13, the layout is awful, but these people really did some fantastic research. The "Part I" is even better and draws from a lot of primary resources I've never even heard of.

And I love the Thackeray-like cartoons.

by Boring Old Dykereply 1409/07/2013

R11. BLEAK Street. That's a hoot.

by Boring Old Dykereply 1509/07/2013

R15, typos can be revealing :)

by Boring Old Dykereply 1609/07/2013
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