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Hey Jennifer get this!

Angelina Jolie, humanitarian, wife and mother!

by Jean Hersholt reply 1909/07/2013

and Oscar winner.. another thing Jen will never be

by Jean Hersholt reply 109/06/2013

Cocksucking homewrecker. Add that to the list.

by Jean Hersholt reply 209/06/2013

At least I still have my tits!

by Jean Hersholt reply 309/06/2013

True, but at least Jen isn't an Ayn Rand worshiping Libertarian.

by Jean Hersholt reply 409/06/2013

Gee how strange that Jen thinks cocksucker is an insult. Could be why she can't hold her men's interest.

by Jean Hersholt reply 509/06/2013

Please waddle on back to Celebitchy, frau.

by Jean Hersholt reply 609/06/2013

Don't forget heroin addict and recovering blood wearer/drinker, OP.

by Jean Hersholt reply 709/06/2013

you forgot Hepatitis c.

by Jean Hersholt reply 809/06/2013

She's a brother fucker, and don't forget that nasty old man she was married to before.

by Jean Hersholt reply 909/06/2013

And a cutter, including her ultimate cutting - taking off her tits.

by Jean Hersholt reply 1009/06/2013

She still has ovaries because she wants to bang out a couple more crotch fruit

by Jean Hersholt reply 1109/06/2013

2 oscars trump 2 saggy 40-something tit bags

by Jean Hersholt reply 1209/06/2013

1 Oscar was when she was in her early 20's for GI, and she was great in it, her best role since she was herself - bipolar drug addict.

This Oscar is an "honorary" one.

Neither is for her "acting" since bitch can't act.

by Jean Hersholt reply 1309/06/2013

I am beginning to believe in the Illuminati.

Angelina Jolie, a humanitarian? She jerks off to world atrocities and indulges her black widow whims. Super creepy and friendless. She lays eggs to have company. Brad Pitt is a cunt-struck moron, whom she will one day eat.

by Jean Hersholt reply 1409/07/2013

Why on earth would Jennifer be jealous of that sociopath? I'd rather have Jen's life anyday: gets a shitload of money to make shitty rom-coms, not married so she can easily dump a guy whenever she gets sick of him, doesn't have a traveling orphanage of kids screaming, whining, and making messes, and lastly, still has her real tits.

by Jean Hersholt reply 1509/07/2013

Nothing like an Angelina Jolie thread to bring out all the fraus!!!!

by Jean Hersholt reply 1609/07/2013

Like moths to flames R16, moths to flames.

by Jean Hersholt reply 1709/07/2013

but is a woman still a woman without a husband and kids?

by Jean Hersholt reply 1809/07/2013

She's not a wife. She's been a wife - twice, but currently is not.

And she snogged her brother - many many times.

by Jean Hersholt reply 1909/07/2013
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