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Anyone in LA remember POP - Pacific Ocean Park, in Santa Monica ?

It was kind of our Coney Island - but super cool, looking back on it now. The entrance looked a bit like a smaller LAX/ Theme bldg., had that bubble skyway, that took you out, over the water, the 'diving bell', etc. Share your memories.

by The one armed manreply 1409/13/2013

I remember it! When I was little, we used to go there all the time. Loved POP!

by The one armed manreply 109/05/2013

If you click on the links in this map, it has pictures of it.

by The one armed manreply 209/05/2013

Remember it fondly. Grew up in the midwest and my family went to visit family in LA.

My father was assigned the task of taking 9 kids to POP for the day. A veteran of Iwo Jima in WWII, I never saw my poor father so weary and dejected after spending the day with a bunch of bratty kids.

by The one armed manreply 309/05/2013

I remember it also although not as clearly as Disneyland. POP was easily accessible...Disneyland took forever to get to in the car (for a kid). The POP roller coaster was big and wooden and scary as I recall.

by The one armed manreply 409/05/2013

There was always a rumor, about POP , that one of those bubble/skyway cars fell into the ocean, killing a family. Turns out it was all urban legend. The real story is a worker's uniform caught on a bubble car door handle, and carried him out, over the water, till he couldn't hold on any longer. He dropped 80 feet, into the sea - but lived, and swam to shore.

by The one armed manreply 509/06/2013

Besides the famous last episode of "The Fugitive", several other movies / TV shows were shot there. One of my favorites is "The Chapman Report". In the scene, the ultra hunky Ty Harden (who appears later in the movie, posing in tiny green trunks, with a huge bulge) works loading people into the bubble cars Skyway, when Glynis Johns shows up to ask him to pose for her . The 2 get in a bubble, as it floats out over the ocean. It all looked very cool.

by The one armed manreply 609/06/2013

Loved it, however the diving bell plunger got stuck half way out of the water requiring the roof hatch, instead of actual door, to be used as an exit. I clearly remember being hoisted up & out of the hatch & laughing the entire time, while my mom watched in terror and cried .

by The one armed manreply 709/06/2013

I remember the Diving Bell - so silly, looking back now. You'd have to wait in line, get in it, it would go , like 10 feet down slowly, and then pop up - all that for that 5 second rush, of shooting out of the water .

by The one armed manreply 809/06/2013

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is still there, and doing just fine. Are there any other seaside amusement parks left on the west coast?

by The one armed manreply 909/06/2013

There are smaller ones like the ones on Santa Monica Pier and in San Diego.

by The one armed manreply 1009/06/2013

Yes - Santa Monica Pier has a roller coaster, and other rides - it was reworked in the 80's , and is not a great amusement area, but OK. I'm amazed to realize that POP lasted less than 10 years. I remember it as a kid.

by The one armed manreply 1109/06/2013

It's fucked that they got rid of it. It was awesome. It had BANDS, cool ones!

Any other LA denizens here remember how POP went into legendary status when you were growing up?

by The one armed manreply 1209/13/2013

I was also rode the ponies in LA too.

by The one armed manreply 1309/13/2013

[quote]I was also rode the ponies in LA too.

Beverly Park?

by The one armed manreply 1409/13/2013
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