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Crawford sings!

The lost sessions.

by 'tinareply 2309/12/2013

I love it. Beautiful!

by 'tinareply 109/05/2013

If only her range was as wide as her vagina.

by 'tinareply 209/05/2013

During the recording process, Joan sounds - and this is a word i never thought applied to her - "vulnerable". She is trying to sing but realizes she is just not good enough to escape being dubbed.

Today it wouldn't matter. The director would just pull a "Le Miz", have Joan sing live on film, and say he was looking for dramatic honesty. Joan is at least as good as Russell and Hugh.

by 'tinareply 309/05/2013

r3 Joan was actually a very insecure woman, in spite of her hard-as-nails public persona. That's a big reason why she drank so much.

by 'tinareply 409/05/2013

She actually sounds fine. She has a nice warm sound, is unforced ad although she doesn't have a "big" sound, she has very good pitch. It was silly to dub her in this awful trashtastic film "Torch Song".

The movie is so bad it's AWFUL! I've seen it three times!

Best line: Joan walks into a theater district restaurant for lunch and without looking at the menu barks, "I'll have Lobster Newburgh...and COFFEE!"

by 'tinareply 509/05/2013

So now the fat lady finally sings.

by 'tinareply 609/05/2013

I thought she sounded absolutely fine, too. Bizarre that India Adam's (the singer who dubbed her) voice is not discernibly ANY better than Joan's, really.

by 'tinareply 709/05/2013

The lower notes sound pretty good. There, I've said my nice thing for the day.

by 'tinareply 809/05/2013

Here it is used in the film-

by 'tinareply 909/06/2013

I honestly think she's sounds great.

by 'tinareply 1009/07/2013

She has sung in her own voice in numerous films in 30's and 40's. She sounds fine. This was one she did just 4 years before OP's clip (12 seconds in).

by 'tinareply 1109/07/2013

Imagine Joan Crawford in GYPSY.

by 'tinareply 1209/07/2013

Indeed, she wasn't that different from India Adams in this song. But Crawford could never have pulled off Two-faced Woman, and they already had the India Adams recording around, so it was sort of natural to have Adams sing Follow Me also.

by 'tinareply 1309/07/2013

"But Crawford could never have pulled off Two-faced Woman"

Why couldn't she have? Aren't up-tempos generally easier to sing than ballads with long sustained notes?

by 'tinareply 1409/07/2013

They just re-shot Two Faced Woman using the same Adams dub from Cyd Charisse's canned version from The Bandwagon. And since they were using the India Adams dub, they might simply have wanted to match her voice for consistency. But I bet it was not because Joan's was bad. It wasn't.

by 'tinareply 1509/07/2013

R11, Crawford is playing a "floozie" in Flamingo Road. It doesn't matter if her singing is a little rough. it merely adds to the character.

by 'tinareply 1609/07/2013

Flamingo Road is a camp hoot. Crawford was more than a decade too old for the part, and she just didn't give a shit.

by 'tinareply 1709/07/2013

She didn't give a shit? She kind of realized she was too old for the part (for all the parts she was playing in her late 40s films). That's why she soaked her face in ice in the morning to tighten her face. That's why she knocked back a bottle of vodka every night to ease her fears. One step forward, two steps back.

by 'tinareply 1809/07/2013

I think Joan is excellent in the very entertaining "Flamingo Road". ure her "Hootchie Girl" at the beginning is a hoot, but she's fine after that part ends.

by 'tinareply 1909/11/2013

In "Flamingo Road", Joan is 45, playing a "waitress" in an ill-disguised house of ill-repute. She is old enough to be "the madam", not one of the "working girls".

by 'tinareply 2009/11/2013

In the tent scene between she and Zachary Scott I've always found her downright sexy and attractive. FR is one of my favorite JC films.

by 'tinareply 2109/12/2013

"Flamingo Road" makes me realize how much cosmetic surgery has improved since the late 40's.

by 'tinareply 2209/12/2013

I sang the shit outta that song.

by 'tinareply 2309/12/2013
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