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Obama should meet with Putin, now more than ever.

I'm glad our President objects to Russia's anti-gay laws. I'm glad he's meeting with pro-equality groups there. But it shouldn't seem like a stick in Putin's eye (we gays being the stick).

And Snowden was the official reason for President Obama not meeting with Putin, but does anyone even care about that right now? Hero or traitor, that too can be worked out later.

But hey, we're on the verge of military action against one of Russia's close allies. A war literally no one but the war profiteers wants.

Shouldn't we be able to put the Snowden and the gays on the shelf and make a last ditch effort to TALK, to try to avoid destabilizing military strikes (at best) and all out war (at worst)?

by Is it just me? reply 209/05/2013

He should not meet with Putin.


by Is it just me? reply 109/05/2013

[quote]Is it just me?

Whatever you say, it's just you. You're very, very special.

by Is it just me? reply 209/05/2013
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