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E-books Antitrust Lawsuit Settlement Question

I received an email today saying I’m eligible for a payment from settlements reached by State Attorneys General and Class Plaintiffs with E-book publishers in antitrust lawsuits about the price of e-books.

There wasn’t much more information than that, and no website given so I could find out more information, so I’m hoping someone here knows about this e-book settlement.

Will the payment be the same lump sum amount for everyone? Or will it be based on the number of e-books bought? If the payment is based on the number of e-books bought, will it be the same amount for every book bought or will the amount be higher for some books? I seem to remember hearing that they were trying to get more money in the settlement for books that were on the best sellers list, but that was some time ago.

Thanks for any help or information you can give me

by Bookwormreply 209/05/2013

I got the same email. I also got an email months ago telling me when the settlement was reached. The current email describes that I'll get a credit to my Amazon and iTunes account for every e-book I purchased between I believe May 2010 and September 2012, and the credits will be applied to my accounts both places. No amounts were given, nor any breakdown in the amounts per book. I bought an ENORMOUS number of ebooks in 2011...seriously, a record number, so whatever I get I'll be happy with. Also: it's limited to the four to five publishers listed in the email, which you should know.

I'm not going to go look through my collection on my iPad to see how many I bought from these publishers, since I don't know the amounts per book...but it's an unexpected thing, so I'm just happy to be getting a credit. Honestly not expecting it to be a lot of money.

by Bookwormreply 109/05/2013


by Bookwormreply 209/05/2013
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