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Flames...Red flames.....

How "Clue" went from a flop movie to a cult hit.....

by Mrs. Whitereply 709/06/2013

Love it

by Mrs. Whitereply 109/05/2013

One plus two plus one plus one.

by Mrs. Whitereply 209/05/2013

And DL fave Jane "I'm Selling Everything In My House" Wiedlin as the singing telegram girl!

by Mrs. Whitereply 309/05/2013

I love this movie, but Perkins and Sondheim writing a Clue movie could have been amazing.

by Mrs. Whitereply 409/05/2013

Our lives ARE IN DANGER, you beatnick!

by Mrs. Whitereply 509/05/2013

I've never seen "Clue," but I really enjoyed the story, OP. It's nice to see Buzzfeed is investing, at least a little bit, in longer-form writing.

by Mrs. Whitereply 609/05/2013

Madeline Kahn. Enough said.

by Mrs. Whitereply 709/06/2013
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