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Mary Tyler Moore horror stories.

Since it's generally accepted that MTM was much more Beth Jarrett than Mary Richards or Laura Petrie, there must be some dirt out there on what a cold, sterile bitch she is. Spill.

by Buckreply 18310/19/2013

Mary and Betty White had a threesome with Bea Arthur. Mary hogged Bea's cock and wouldn't even let Betty get near it. Greedy pig.

by Buckreply 109/05/2013

Mary and her fucking camel toe....

by Buckreply 209/05/2013

She is actually a lovely fragile woman, who is very kind but distant.

by Buckreply 309/06/2013

I remember when Don Rickles was on Kathy Griffin. He basically said, "She ain't very nice."

by Buckreply 409/06/2013

Other than the 80's Mary Show I haven't heard any horror stories. She even admits that she battled with producers because she hated the mean spirited tone of the show. And even on then, she helped get Katey Sagal into rehab for her drug problem. Katey Sagal credits Mary for helping turn her around. I think the Beth comparisons aren't as big as people make them out to be.

Now Cloris Leachman on the other hand....

by Buckreply 509/06/2013

MTM is a Libertarian who supported Sarah Palin

by Buckreply 609/06/2013

I once had to tell Mary: "You know what, you've got spunk!"

Mary wiped her face and we never spoke of it again.

by Buckreply 709/06/2013

What's the deal with Cloris? She was great, sometimes brilliant, on MTM. I gather that she and Valerie have remained close. Why the hell did she ever agree to join Facts of Life? Was she that desperate for cash? Her son Morgan Englund is/was a a real looker.

by Buckreply 809/06/2013

I would have taken Lou's spunk.

by Buckreply 909/06/2013

The most brilliant 2 minutes of entertainment you will ever experience in your whole life. Edgy. Clever. Passionate. Amazing.

by Buckreply 1009/06/2013

I've liked Cloris Leachman in everything - except "Facts." She looked like Lady Elaine Fairchild on that with her short spiky hair.

by Buckreply 1109/06/2013

that was cheese-tastic r10!

by Buckreply 1209/06/2013

And there's David Letterman...singing. Thanks R10!

by Buckreply 1309/06/2013

R11 LadyElaine was every bit as slutty as Cloris.

by Buckreply 1409/06/2013

R10, that video is ASTOUNDING.

by Buckreply 1509/06/2013

[quote] I think the Beth comparisons aren't as big as people make them out to be.

I'd agree with that, if she hadn't revealed that she's an avid Fox News (and Bill O'Reilly specifically) viewer. She's definitely a chilly bitch, her political leaning prove it.

by Buckreply 1609/06/2013

[quote]Why the hell did she ever agree to join Facts of Life? Was she that desperate for cash?

You think she's had a career of $20 million dollar pay checks? She was a working actress.

by Buckreply 1709/06/2013

Who's the other woman in the video with Mary and Swoosie ?

by Buckreply 1809/06/2013

Ed Asner said she's changed.

God love him, he's as left as they come.

by Buckreply 1909/06/2013

When is the MTM reunion on "Hot in Cleveland?"

by Buckreply 2009/06/2013

It was Wednesday.

by Buckreply 2109/06/2013

Yeah, Cloris took FOL for the paycheck -- she hadn't worked much for years before that. She was actually pretty funny on that show. Of course, she's a huge pain in the ass to work with, but she always gives you more than what's on the page (and when you're dealing with FOL scripts, that's an incredibly important quality).

by Buckreply 2209/06/2013

[quote]MTM is a Libertarian who supported Sarah Palin

Ouch. Our Mary is a tea bagger cunt? That's terrible.

Redford said that Beth was a version of his father and MTM's mother.

by Buckreply 2309/06/2013

Goddamn funniest thing going...

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary singing "One for My Baby"

by Buckreply 2409/06/2013

Every day after Rob would leave for work, she would push an ottoman in front of the front door where he would trip over it when he came home.

by Buckreply 2509/06/2013

Love that clip, R24.

by Buckreply 2609/06/2013

r22, Cloris wasn't funny on FOL. She's won more Emmys than any other actor, but even comic geniuses can be miscast. The chemistry just wasn't right for her on that show, something was way off.

by Buckreply 2709/06/2013

My variety show was fucking fabulous and you bitches didn't even watch it!

by Buckreply 2809/06/2013

Worked with her several times. Completely professional, courteous, no attitude, friendly and social but a little private, which is not a crime in my book.

by Buckreply 2909/06/2013

Mary (1969) was soooo fucking embarrassing.

by Buckreply 3009/06/2013

She married the uncle of a girl I went to elementary school with. The girl had good things to say about her - she was a nice, regular aunt. She came to our elementary school graduation and was perfectly nice. Some of the parents got excited and while she was polite, she did not seem to want to draw undue attention to herself.

by Buckreply 3109/06/2013

The guy with the #42 shirt at R10's link is a pretty recognizable character actor. Of course, I have no idea what his name is.

by Buckreply 3209/06/2013

R32 I think that's Dick Shawn.

PS to those interested: The Hot in Cleveland episode is repeating Sunday morning, apparently.

by Buckreply 3309/06/2013

I never had an opinion regarding MTM, but if she has become libertarian, I'm now in LOVE!!!!

by Buckreply 3409/06/2013

Really r34? How embarrassing to LOVE someone who worships Bill O'Reilly.

by Buckreply 3509/06/2013

Mary surprises Oprah. I would have died.

Mary is my all-tome favorite. Even more than Lucy.

by Buckreply 3609/06/2013

R35 thanks but I'm not asking or expecting you to love her. My choice.

by Buckreply 3709/06/2013

I was just pointing out what an incredible moron you are, dear.

by Buckreply 3809/06/2013

That was sweet, R36.

I am not a big Oprah fan but I do believe her when she says how much that all (the show and Mary) meant to her.

I actually like O here, because she doesn't have that imperial wall up. This is old, relatable Oprah and that's the reason she became so well liked.

by Buckreply 3909/06/2013

R38 = Beth Jarrett

by Buckreply 4009/06/2013

Dick Shawn is the guy with the white hair. (I had to look up the name) I meant the other guy with the light brown hair.

Speaking of Shawn, what a way to go:

[quote]On April 17, 1987, while performing on stage at UC San Diego's Mandeville Hall, Shawn began a comedy bit about himself and the audience surviving nuclear war. At one point in the act, Shawn portrayed a politician reciting campaign clichés, including: "If elected, I will not lay down on the job"; later, when he collapsed face down on the stage, the audience thought it was part of the act, unaware that he had actually suffered a massive heart attack.

[quote]After some time had gone by, there were catcalls. Finally, someone appeared on stage, knelt down to examine Shawn, stood up and asked: "Is there a doctor in the house?" Another person came on stage, turned him over and began administering CPR. The audience was told to go home, but almost no one left since it appeared to be part of Shawn's act. When paramedics arrived, bewildered audience members began leaving, still unsure of what they had witnessed. A notice in the following day's San Diego Union newspaper clarified that Shawn had indeed died during the performance.[3] Dick Shawn was 63. He is laid to rest in Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery, a Jewish cemetery, in Culver City, California.

by Buckreply 4109/06/2013

I heard that she wouldn't flush the goddamn toilet.

by Buckreply 4209/06/2013

R36. I felt the same way about Mary as Oprah did. I watched MTM every Saturday night at 9 o'clock and wouldn't go out until Mary was over. It's my favorite show ever. Loved Mary. Still do.

by Buckreply 4309/06/2013

I had friends who worked on FOL. They always said it was a very happy set - Cloris years too.

by Buckreply 4409/06/2013

R44 - Are you the poster who has said before that FOL was filmed next to One Day at a Time which had an incredibly dysfunctional and conflicted set?

by Buckreply 4509/06/2013

No - but I believe it.

by Buckreply 4609/06/2013

"Mary Tyler Moore Horror Stories" and NOBODY has mentioned her facelift?

by Buckreply 4709/06/2013

Another one:

by Buckreply 4809/06/2013

Irony since isn't she married to a plastic surgeon?

by Buckreply 4909/06/2013

R45 I'm scared, David.

by Buckreply 5009/06/2013

There are no horror stories about MTM. As Robert Redford once said, "Mary is shit-free."

by Buckreply 5109/06/2013

[quote] Irony since isn't she married to a plastic surgeon?

Her husband s not a plastic surgeon. They met when her mother was his patient. One of the more endearing stories about Mary - and I, too, fell in love with her Mary Richards character - involved their meeting. When she accompanied her mother on a medical appointment, her future husband told her she could contact him if she had an emergency. Mary asked if acute loneliness constituted an emergency. Her future husband assured her that it did.

by Buckreply 5209/06/2013

Thanks R38. Fucking asshole

by Buckreply 5309/06/2013

Her husband is Robert Levine, a cardiologist.

by Buckreply 5409/06/2013

Why was Mary the only person on that lame 'Hot In Cleveland' reunion show not to be shown standing/walking? She was seated in the same chair throughout. Everyone else including ancient Betty White walked around a lot which made it even weirder that Mary was planted in that chair the whole show. And her face has been horribly disfigured by bad plastic surgery.

by Buckreply 5509/06/2013

As has been noted, Mary is largely, if not completely, blind as a result of her diabetes.

by Buckreply 5609/06/2013

You might have been thinking of Harry Glassman who was married to Victoria Principal. He's a plastic surgeon.

by Buckreply 5709/06/2013

She used to rub Ed Asner's face into her used maxi-pads when he'd mess with her during her period. You didn't mess with Mary when she was on the rag.

by Buckreply 5809/06/2013

R58=Mary Richards' Aunt Flo

by Buckreply 5909/06/2013

Mary didn't show up this summer at her and Bernadette's annual Broadway Barks in Shubert Alley. That was not a good sign. I believe, as a long-time diabetic she also has trouble walking, which ay have been why she was always sitting on Hot in Cleveland. Hope she gets better.

by Buckreply 6009/06/2013

Mary's diabetes has taken a toll on her health.

by Buckreply 6109/06/2013

I do know that she hates Gavin MacLeod.

by Buckreply 6209/06/2013

Who doesn't, R62?

by Buckreply 6309/06/2013

She once put her gnarly hand down my panties and said, "Call me when you get some bush".

by Buckreply 6409/06/2013

R64 I think you are confusing her with Cloris....ahem

by Buckreply 6509/06/2013

I read that she used to like to come back from the bathroom with dirty hands after a good long shit and playfully rub Gavin's bald head.

by Buckreply 6609/06/2013

r62 - He was an alcoholic who became an evangelical christian. What's to like?

by Buckreply 6709/06/2013

She was the Devil!

by Buckreply 6809/06/2013

She blew Richard Speck!

by Buckreply 6909/06/2013

It's easy to kick someone when they're down, isn't it?

MTM made TV history. Her show broke new ground for women in show biz. Valerie Harper (who is a goddess, and a genuinely nice c woman) has said that she owes her education and longevity in the industry to MTM, who was generous enough to share the stage with other talented women.

I don't care about her politics or her health issues. Her legacy speaks for itself.

by Buckreply 7009/06/2013

How dare you blaspheme the good and righteous MTM. There is a special place in Hell for folks like you and I guarantee it is NOT FUNNY.

by Buckreply 7109/06/2013

She's the cuntiest cunt who ever cunted.

by Buckreply 7209/06/2013

Ask Carol Burnett. The two women feuded for decades, and to this day have never truly reconciled. Why do you think Carol never had MTM on her show back in the day? MTM was one of the biggest TV stars in the 70s and both shows were on CBS.

by Buckreply 7309/06/2013

I never cared for any of you.

by Buckreply 7409/06/2013

What caused Carol and Mary's feud, r73? I always thought Carol Burnett was one of those people who got along with everybody in show biz.

by Buckreply 7509/06/2013

Cloris took the Facts of Life job after he son died of an overdose. The work kept her from losing her mind.

by Buckreply 7609/06/2013

Let's see: Cloris's son od'd; Mary's son shot himself (her sister od'd); Carol's daughter was a drug addict, then died of lung cancer. Valerie Harper has brain cancer. Gavin MacLeod was an alcoholic...

How'd they ever get an episode finished?

by Buckreply 7709/06/2013

There was a story out there involving Barbara Colby, who people remember playing a prostitute in two episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore Show and Cloris Leachman's boss in Phyllis for three episodes before her murder.

Cloris and the others who had worked with BC were devastated by her murder. Mary Tyler Moore, on the other hand, treated the tragedy with indifference, saying it was sad she had been murdered but she wasn't going to get upset about it.

by Buckreply 7809/06/2013

They made them 40 years ago before all that stuff happened.

by Buckreply 7909/06/2013

I think it's terrible that two actresses would carry on such a lengthy feud.

by Buckreply 8009/07/2013

M, stay out of this. Not every thread has to be about you!

by Buckreply 8109/07/2013

Did she fuck Bernadette Peters?

by Buckreply 8209/07/2013

I've never heard of any feud between Carol and Mary. They have tons of Hollywood bffs in common (Betty White, Dick Van Dyke, Carl Reiner, Julie Andrews, etc.). So Carol never had Mary on her show. So what? The only person I ever heard about having a problem with Mary was Rose Marie, and that was out of jealousy over Mary slowly becoming the lead female over her on the DVD Show.

by Buckreply 8309/07/2013

Carol and Mary first born children both had tragic deaths.

by Buckreply 8409/07/2013

"Valerie Harper...has said that she owes her education and longevity in the industry to MTM"

MTM the TV show, not Mary Tyler Moore. Are you not aware that Mary was not the driving force behind the scenes? She didn't write, she didn't produce, she was the lead actress.

by Buckreply 8509/07/2013

The fact that this thread asks for horror stories and is still mostly conjecture and jokes points to a life pretty well lived. I loved her show. Kind of gave me an example of making your own way in the world, which she appears to have done on screen and off.

She came to see a show I was in. She couldn't have been more generous or lovely afterward. Very encouraging. She has shown a lot of grace under trying circumstances - divorces, health issues, a child's death. God bless her.

by Buckreply 8609/07/2013

Wasn't there friction with Georgia Engel?

by Buckreply 8709/07/2013

R85. Valerie Harper is crazy about Mary Tyler Moore. You cannot rewrite history of undermine their long and enduring friendship.

by Buckreply 8809/07/2013

I worked with Mary in the mid-1980s. She was definitely on the cold and distant side but thoroughly professional and not unpleasant.

I think the rumors of her bitchiness are there because she is definitely not Mary Richards. Or Laura Petrie. So when she played a role like Beth Jarrett in Ordinary People, it was easy for everyone to say that was the real MTM.

by Buckreply 8909/07/2013

"I've never heard of any feud between Carol and Mary. They have tons of Hollywood bffs in common (Betty White, Dick Van Dyke, Carl Reiner, Julie Andrews, etc.)."

Mary and Julie Andrews are BFFs? I believe that in her autobiography, Mary says nice things about working with Julie in THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE, but that was almost fifty years ago; I don't remember seeing them photographed together or hearing anything about them remaining friends in the years since.

by Buckreply 9009/07/2013

She threw lousy parties.

by Buckreply 9109/07/2013

Oh Mr. Grant, Johnny Carson cam to my party. You just couldn't see him.

by Buckreply 9209/07/2013

Icy cold.

The successful ones usually are, though.

by Buckreply 9309/07/2013

She once sarcastically told Betty Ford that her name was Mary, Queen of Scots. What a rude bitch.

by Buckreply 9409/07/2013

Queen of Scots, or Queen of Scotch?

by Buckreply 9509/07/2013

Stupid cunt couldn't remember my brilliant dialogue.

I showed her sorry, diabetic ass.

by Buckreply 9609/07/2013

A friend of mine knew and worked with her in the late 50's early 60's. She mentioned that Moore was extremely ambitious and opportunistic. She basically dumped her first husband for Grant Tinker, causing a lot of grief for him and her young son.

by Buckreply 9709/07/2013

If Ms. Moore hates Gavin "Caftan" MacLoud, she gets a big kiss. That jambon has porked his way through bad scenes since the 50s.

by Buckreply 9809/07/2013

I actually thought Gavin was sorta hot back in the day.

A shame he became a fundie blowhard during Love Boat.

by Buckreply 9909/07/2013

[quote]I actually thought Gavin was sorta hot back in the day.


He was the real Mary! in Mary Tyler Moore.

by Buckreply 10009/08/2013

All she cared about was the blood in the tile grout

by Buckreply 10109/08/2013

Who's the ugly frau polluting this thread with apologist, sycophantic puke?

MTM is a conservative cunt. The end.

by Buckreply 10209/08/2013

Maybe this is how they sit around and talk at the hospital, but we're not at the hospital.

by Buckreply 10309/08/2013

It's really important to try and hurt me isn't it?

by Buckreply 10409/08/2013

There's an interesting juxtaposition between Lucy and Mary. Mary married Grant Tinker and when they did an interview, Tinker would never let Mary say anything. Similarly, after Lucy married Gary Morton, they also did interviews where Gary never said anything. Yet, they were both beside them in every interview.

by Buckreply 10509/08/2013

R41, that other guy is James Hampton.

by Buckreply 10609/08/2013

I never missed the MTM show when it was first run. Saw the Hot In Cleveland MTM Show reunion show this morning.

The very end of poignant.

by Buckreply 10709/08/2013

Won't it be interesting when Valerie Harper outlives Mary and is photographed walking out of the chapel with a black pantsuit and a black scarf over her head? And a smile?

by Buckreply 10809/08/2013

Was Murray gay? (The character).

by Buckreply 10909/08/2013

She can still turn the world on with her smile. She can still take a nothing day and suddenly make everything seem worthwhile.

by Buckreply 11009/08/2013

I mean, "make it all seem worthwhile"

by Buckreply 11109/08/2013

what was the poignant ending of the episode?

by Buckreply 11209/08/2013

Anybody see her recently on Hot In Cleveland? They had a reunion of Valerie, Mary, Cloris with Betty White on that show a couple of weeks back. Mary looked like she should be in a casket. Just horrible.

by Buckreply 11309/08/2013

R113. Mary's diabetes has taken its toll. But it was great to see her smiling face with all of her co-stars. Those women were the absolute best.

by Buckreply 11409/08/2013

It's amazing that all of the major MTM players except for Ted are still around. God bless them.

by Buckreply 11509/08/2013

No one who has ever worked with Mary has ever said one unkind word about her. Have you ever seen her on Letterman? David, who makes fun of just about everyone, obviously adores her. R102, to judge someone's worth solely because they don't agree with you politically is pretty immature. I hope you get fired from your job soon because the boss doesn't like your politics.

by Buckreply 11609/08/2013

Amen, R116. Only boors make everything political.

by Buckreply 11709/08/2013

" judge someone's worth solely because they don't agree with you politically is pretty immature."

I lived in America for five years and found that this is just a common trait every American people, especially those who call themselves so-called Democrats. Hated living in America.

by Buckreply 11809/08/2013

Mary used to be a hard-core liberal. She's another one who was so freaked out over 2011 that her blood began to curdle with Republican poison. There was a magazine interview with Asner where he addressed this by saying, "sadly," that he had talked to Mary recently and "she's really changed."

by Buckreply 11909/08/2013

I have a Mary Tyler Moore story, circa 1983 or 84. I was working at a place in VA near Monticello, called Michie Tavern. MTM had just been touring Monticello that morning, and word quickly reached us that she'd been hateful and demanding to the staff there. She then turned up at the Tavern for lunch. When she found out that she wasn't allowed to smoke inside, she pitched a hissy fit-- with cussing and lots of "who do you think your are" rhetoric-- in front of everyone, including bewildered hungry tourists waiting in line. It wasn't our fault. The building was incredibly old and historic, and our insurance prohibited anyone from smoking inside. This was explained to her very politely, and she stormed off in a huff. We were shocked because we knew her primarily as the perky Mary character from TV.

Not meant as an excuse, but I think this was during her drinking days.

by Buckreply 12009/08/2013

Oh, dear God.

Just saw the Hot in Cleveland.

The poor dear looks to be near death.

by Buckreply 12109/08/2013

OMG. That ending.



by Buckreply 12209/08/2013

[quote]It's amazing that all of the major MTM players except for Ted are still around. God bless them.

It's even more amazing that most of the Dick Van Dyke cast is still around -- even Carl Reiner and Rose Marie. Only Morey, Jerry Paris and Richard Deacon are gone.

by Buckreply 12309/08/2013

R112, the last moment of the show, the camera panned to an orange kitten who'd appeared...and meowed the MTM meow.

by Buckreply 12409/08/2013

Me too R124.

Bawled for like 5 minutes after.

by Buckreply 12509/08/2013

I love the movie where she playe Shante Kimes....

by Buckreply 12609/08/2013

Phyllis killed me.

by Buckreply 12709/08/2013

More a MARY! Mary story than a Mary horror story, but does anyone else, while shopping for meat, look at the price and then toss it into the basket with a "What the hell" expression? (Every time...)

I have yet to hold a microphone while someone is interviewing a troop of Boy Scouts, but I'm quite sure I'd be tempted to balance on one knee and slip a little. And I'm quite sure I could never wash a Volkswagen without wearing an old Minnesota Vikings jersey.

by Buckreply 12809/08/2013

Yeah, the ending of the MTM Show is a sad one. When they're in the group hug and shuffle over for the box of tissues, it's a killer moment - you want to laugh and cry all at once.

Pitch perfect.

by Buckreply 12909/08/2013

I'm still a wreck after watching the last few minutes of Hot in Cleveland.

It was a piffle of a storyline, but they snuck those lines in.

"On Saturday nights, all eyes were on us."

"Here's to our championship seasons."

And then the kitty....then I FELL OUT and lost it.

by Buckreply 13009/09/2013

Don't forget the Valerie-Lucy connection.

Val was in the chorus of Wildcat on Broadway.

by Buckreply 13109/09/2013

Me too, R130. Saturday nights? All eyes WERE on them. They were. They really were. And Mary just looked SO bad that THAT made me cry, too. Bless all of them for the joy they gave, the laughter and the love. It's all around them, you bet!

by Buckreply 13209/09/2013

More MARY[!], please!!

by Buckreply 13309/09/2013

Mary's husband, the good (Jewish) doctor, is about about 10-15 years younger than Mare.

by Buckreply 13409/09/2013

The Mary Tyler Moore Show..."Love is All Around:" The absolute best television opening theme song ever! Unforgettable.

by Buckreply 13509/09/2013

I'll never forget watching Alan Cumming being interviewed on some chat show and he was talking about working with Mary and how afterwards everyone came up to him and said how wonderful it must have been working with Mary and didn't she look great?. He replied, "NO! she doesn't look great. Have you seen what she did to her face?"

by Buckreply 13609/09/2013

R136. Alan Cumming is no oil painting himself, and that was an uncharitable comment on his part. He looks like a horror show now. Let's see what he looks like when he's 76.

by Buckreply 13709/09/2013

Love is all around.

by Buckreply 13809/09/2013

Mary DOES look like shit.

by Buckreply 13909/17/2013

She may look like hell, but she probably looks 10 times better than anyone posting here, including me.

by Buckreply 14009/17/2013

Do we know the name of the fit-fat long haired blond guy who was always walking around the newsroom? I don't think they ever gave him one line to utter in all the time he was there. I don't even remember getting a good look at his face during all that time. But, it looked like he had a nice humpy body.

Sort of like that woman in almost every "I Love Lucy" show who mostly stayed in the background, but got to kick up her heels in the episode with the old showgirls with Barbara Pepper.

by Buckreply 14109/17/2013

Mary Tyler Moore and John McCain look like they are from the same gene pool.

by Buckreply 14209/17/2013

[quote] and that was an uncharitable comment on his part.

What is uncharitable is supporting Sarah Palin for Vice-President in 2008

by Buckreply 14309/17/2013

R137 Alan Cumming is fighting to get same-sex marriage accepted.

MTM supported a candidate that opposes same-sex marriage.

Nothing wrong with his comment.

by Buckreply 14409/17/2013

When Barbra Streisand through a frail and elderly Lillian Gish through a plate lass window at her Malibu estate, it was Mary who was there to pour salt on Lillian's wounds.

by Buckreply 14509/17/2013


Oh, dear.

by Buckreply 14609/17/2013

The cute blond in the newsroom was John Chulay. He was a cutie. I think they tossed him a few lines here and there in the final seasons. He has a long listing of TV editing credits, so he did pretty well for himself. His father was an asst director on the MTM Show.

by Buckreply 14709/17/2013

A very young MTM was on one of this morning's "Bachelor Father" episodes on Antenna TV.

by Buckreply 14809/17/2013

I loved Mary when I was growing up. It's a pity she's turned out to be a dumb, right wing, Palin supporting cunt.

I'll be able to watch and like Mary again after she's dead. It's a lot like being able to enjoy Michael Jackson again after he died.

by Buckreply 14909/17/2013

Mary's behavior at funerals leaves a lot to be desired!

by Buckreply 15009/17/2013

[quote] I'll be able to watch and like Mary again after she's dead.

That's as ignorant and, frankly, boorish as all the wingnuts who cannot enjoy the talents of the vast majority in the entertainment world because they espouse liberal politics.

by Buckreply 15109/18/2013

[quote] That's as ignorant and, frankly, boorish as all the wingnuts who cannot enjoy the talents of the vast majority in the entertainment world because they espouse liberal politics.

So it is okay to slam Country Music Stars who are Republican, but not actors who are right-wing like MTM?

So who is being the hypocrite?

by Buckreply 15209/18/2013

R152, my point was that it's ignorant & boorish to be unable to separate one's artistry from one's politics to the point that the previous poster could not enjoy MTM's work while she was still alive. I never argued that MTM's views - or anyone's views - were not subject to ridicule.

by Buckreply 15309/18/2013

R151 so where are you defending country music stars when we discuss them supporting right-wing policies?

So do you agree that it is

"ignorant & boorish to be unable to separate one's artistry from one's politics to the point that cannot not enjoy COUNTRY MUSIC STAR's work while they are still alive?"

Do you agree with that statement?

by Buckreply 15409/18/2013

The principle I espoused applies whether we're talking about MTM, a country music star (I'm not a country music fan, btw), or a liberal actor.

by Buckreply 15509/18/2013

R151 I look forward to you defending Country Music stars in the next thread criticizing them for supporting right-wing policies.

Like Trace Adkins who is against same-sex marriage.

So would you agree with your statement?

it's ignorant & boorish to be unable to separate one's artistry from one's politics (not supporting same-sex marriage) to the point that the previous poster could not enjoy Trace Adkin's work

So would you also agree with that statement?

by Buckreply 15609/18/2013

It only goes to 2002, so unless there has been a big change she largely supported Democrats according to the link.

by Buckreply 15709/18/2013

R157 MTM confirmed she is a Libertarian who supported McCain (who in turn has Palin as VP)

Is Mary Tyler Moore a right-winger? “Maybe more of a libertarian centrist. If McCain had asked me to campaign for him, I would have.”

Also Ed Asner confirmed that MTM was a big Sarah Palin fan

by Buckreply 15809/18/2013

"During the 1960s and 1970s, Moore had a reputation as a liberal or moderate liberal. However, during a 2011 interview with former castmate Ed Asner on the O'Reilly Factor, Asner stated that Moore "has become much more conservative of late." Bill O'Reilly stated that Moore had been a major viewer of his show and described how her political views had leaned towards the right in recent years.

In a Parade article dated March 22, 2009, Moore identified herself as a "libertarian centrist", but does admit to frequently watching Fox News. "...when one looks at what's happened to television, there are so few shows that interest me. I do watch a lot of Fox News. I like Charles Krauthammer and Bill O'Reilly...If McCain had asked me to campaign for him, I would have."

In an interview for the 2013 PBS series Pioneers of Television, Moore states that she was "recruited" to join the feminist movement of the 1970s by Gloria Steinem but did not agree with Steinem's views. Moore said she believed that women have an important role in raising children and that she did not believe in Steinem's view that "women owe it [to themselves] to have a career."

by Buckreply 15909/18/2013

"She's changed," said Ed Asner, who was once president of SAG and received its lifetime achievement award in 2001. "She's a Republican." Asner was now in his "I hate spunk" mode. "Last time I saw her, she said Sarah Palin was a great lady."

by Buckreply 16009/18/2013

R159, thank you for that post, it really clarifies things. that last paragraph sums up why many women refuse to call themselves feminists, resent the hard-line feminists like Steinem, and feel out of place in society.

OF COURSE it is better for a mother to raise her own children. Why anyone would think that hiring a stranger to care for your little ones in their developing years is all too common but nuts. Most women would LOVE to stay home and raise their children but must work out of necessity. Feminists like Steinem never understood this basic female trait, and in fact shamed women for following their natural impulses (nesting).

Good for Mary Tyler Moore for rejecting that radical mentality that disregarded love. Mary's got a good head on her shoulders and is a wildwoman in her own right.

I know that she's been with women too, so that's why she's a libertarian as well, given that conservatives aren't big on gay affairs.

God speed, Mary Tyler Moore.

by Buckreply 16109/18/2013

Where is R151 who has defending enjoying someone's art, even though the person in question opposes same-sex marriage?

by Buckreply 16209/18/2013

I went to see Sweet Sue when Mary appeared in it on Broadway. I was in great seats about seventh or eighth row center, and it was at one of those small theaters like The Music Box so I was really close to the stage. Anyway, curtain call came and an older couple sitting just in front of me and my friend got up to leave just as the lights went out before the call. I guess they wanted to beat the rush out of the theater. When the lights came up Mary came down center, and when she saw the couple moving to leave she glared at them. She didn't bow or anything, just stood there and glared. Naturally the whole audience started looking at these two. Once they became aware of the situation, they "crept" back to their seats and sat down. As soon as they did she smiled that big MTM smile and curtseyed. Needless to say the audience went nuts that she challenged these two about leaving before she had taken her bow!

by Buckreply 16309/18/2013

Well no one ever thought MTM was all that bright. Talented, sure, but intelligent? Hardly. Besides all her illnesses have probably rotted her thinking process. Or maybe SP reminded her of a young MTM?

by Buckreply 16409/18/2013

I think as liberal people age they tend to become more conservative.

Not always, of course, but often enough.

by Buckreply 16509/18/2013

Do any of your guys bashing poor Mary actually believe she's against gay marriage and gay rights in general? Just because someone has SOME conservative leanings, doesn't mean they can't be progressive on other issues. Not everything is so black and white.

by Buckreply 16609/18/2013

Mary used to attend those high-end secret gay parties, so I doubt she's anti-gay anything.

by Buckreply 16709/18/2013

John Anniston is in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest. The Days of Our Lives star auditioned for the role of Ted Baxter and would have got it. Jennifer Anniston's father was deemed "too good looking " for the part. They wanted Ted to be a buffoon and felt that Anniston's Ted would have become a romantic interest for Mary.

by Buckreply 16809/18/2013

They should've had Mary date Gordy the Weatherman, which would've stretched her pussy all the way into St. Paul.

by Buckreply 16909/18/2013

R136 Apparently Alan Cumming's actual quote on Mary Tyler Moore was "You see someone like Mary Tyler Moore—everyone says, doesn't Mary look great? NO!" he squealed. "She looks like she's been in a fire!"

by Buckreply 17009/18/2013

R161, you're insane. Gloria Steinhem was extremely tame -- she was big 20 years before the "non-feminists" were born. Her issues are non-issues today, like protesting the NY Times for printing Help Wanted Male and Help Wanted Female. Her thing was equality and equal opportunity. Nothing radical by today's standards. You have no idea how many educated women couldn't work in the field they studied because of sexism. There was no demand by Steinhem for women to work. That's bullshit.

Mary Tyler Moore, like Betty Ford, could have been a visible spokesperson, but didn't want to do it. I could care less.

by Buckreply 17109/18/2013

[quote] Just because someone has SOME conservative leanings, doesn't mean they can't be progressive on other issues. Not everything is so black and white.

Are you prepared to have the same stance in the next Country Music thread on DL?

Because if not, you cannot have it both ways.

by Buckreply 17209/18/2013

[quote] Just because someone has SOME conservative leanings, doesn't mean they can't be progressive on other issues. Not everything is so black and white.

Are you prepared to write the same thing on the next Country Music thread on DL?

Because if not, you cannot have it both ways.

by Buckreply 17309/18/2013

R121 I just watched it too. I have never seen Hot In Cleveland before but wanted to see this. Is it always that bad? Seriously terrible. I dread to think what it's like without the goodwill feeling the guest stars bring. Poor Mary didn't look good but I admire her for doing the best she could. Cloris was easily the best of the guest stars. Wendie Malick is far too good for this, if this is indicative of the show. When I was googling Hot In Cleveland to find this episode a news article says they are filming 2014's season now even though it doesn't air until Spring 2014. Clearly getting as much out of Betty while they can.

Also, does anyone else think Georgia Engel has never been funny? That cloying, baby voice still really grates. She was very annoying in this episode.

by Buckreply 17409/18/2013

A couple of posters claim MTM has been with women or attended Gay parties. Care to share the details? How do you know this? One poster sounded very confident. Again, how do you know this?

by Buckreply 17509/18/2013

Gavin MacLeod rips Bette Davis in his new memoir . . .

“This is Your Captain Speaking,” with a cover photo of MacLeod as Capt. Merrill Stubing in his sparkling white “Love Boat” uniform and smile to match, is a candid look at his ups and downs in love and as an actor, including his unexpected jump from second banana to leading man.

But he is almost invariably kind to the many stars he worked with over the years in film and TV, including Cary Grant and Robert Redford, and the parade of previous-generation performers who came aboard “The Love Boat,” including Helen Hayes, Ethel Merman and Cab Calloway.

“The big stars are the best. I pinched myself every single day” heading to work on “Love Boat,” MacLeod said, anticipating who would be on set “and the experiences we would have working together.”

Then there’s Bette Davis. She wasn’t among those who boarded “Love Boat” during its 1977-87 cruise, but MacLeod’s social encounter with her provides a memorable anecdote.

A mutual friend asked MacLeod and his wife to invite Davis, then in her 70s, to dinner, because the star wanted to meet him. No effort or expense was spared (Davis’ drink of choice, Chivas Regal, and caviar were served), but the grande dame proceeded to quarrel with guests, insult her hosts and then pour salt on the wound with an interview in which she called the evening a “disaster.”

“She ripped us! I couldn’t believe it,” MacLeod says in the book (written with Mark Dagostino), which opens in a far different world.

by Buckreply 17610/18/2013

[quote] Do any of your guys bashing poor Mary actually believe she's against gay marriage and gay rights in general? Just because someone has SOME conservative leanings, doesn't mean they can't be progressive on other issues. Not everything is so black and white.

According to DL anyone ANYONE who is even part of the GOP is dead to them.

by Buckreply 17710/18/2013


by Buckreply 17810/18/2013

Why in the world would Bette Davis have wanted to meet Gavin MacLeod?

by Buckreply 17910/18/2013

R178 then go start defending them in the next Country Music thread.

by Buckreply 18010/18/2013

I feel the way I've always felt about you, R167.

by Buckreply 18110/18/2013

[quote]Why in the world would Bette Davis have wanted to meet Gavin MacLeod?

One hopes it was to beg for a guest spot on The Love Boat. Just imagine.

by Buckreply 18210/18/2013

Bette Davis and Aaron Spelling were friends.

I doubt she would have had to lobby for a guest appearance on The Love Boat.

He signed her to star in Hotel and she made the pilot, but her medical problems forced her to be replaced by Anne Baxter.

by Buckreply 18310/19/2013
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