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Breakfast at Bergdorf's

What experience have you with this venerable department store?

by Fifireply 609/06/2013

Love shopping there. Whenever I have a special gift to give, Bergdorf is where I go.

by Fifireply 109/04/2013

I hate what's happened to the gift and home accessories departments. The views of the park made it all so much more enticing, now I might as well be on-line.

by Fifireply 209/04/2013

Where can I watch that documentary?

by Fifireply 309/04/2013


by Fifireply 409/06/2013

It's very expensive

by Fifireply 509/06/2013

Rent on Amazon.

Where does that big city gay ( bored but insistent ) voice come from? Lots of it in OP's link. Are men born with it, or is it a badge of honor in the fashion industry?

by Fifireply 609/06/2013
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