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It's sad watching baby boomers age

They remind me of people drowning and clutching for a buoy.

They thought they'd be young and sexy forever.

by b. 1970reply 7804/11/2015

Report back to us in the year 2025 and let us know how you're doing.

by b. 1970reply 109/04/2013

OP, being born in 1970 doesn't qualify you as a baby boomer.

by b. 1970reply 309/04/2013

Hey I am a gen x person and I was never a greedy wasteful douche. A depressed slacker barista, yes. But not entitled and hypocritical and whatever else is shitty about the baby boomers.

by b. 1970reply 509/04/2013

I wish I were in the tattoo removal business because the ink on aging boomers and gen Xers is really starting to look like shit.

by b. 1970reply 909/04/2013

OP. ask not for whom the bell tolls.

by b. 1970reply 1009/04/2013

Dave Barry described the baby boomers best, with one simple phrase:

"We STILL think we're cool!"

by b. 1970reply 1109/04/2013

[bold][italic]It's sad watching baby boomers age[/italic][/bold]

I agree, OP.

My great grandmother, who I call 'M,' was apparently born in 1949.

She looks like she has been around since [italic]18[/italic]49.

by b. 1970reply 1209/04/2013

Dave Barry is correct. And nursing homes across the country are going to be full of cool people for a long time to come.

by b. 1970reply 1309/04/2013

I may be an aging baby boomer.

But here is what I know - there hasn't been a single plan put forth regarding social security and medicare that will impact me. My pension plan is sound.

So OP - it will probably be you clutching for a buoy as you chow down on cat food when you retire.

My aging sagging ass will have spent all of your money.

by b. 1970reply 1409/04/2013

R12 how old are you? Having a 64 year old great-grandmother is quite unusual. Were your great-grandparents, grandparents and parents all teen parents? Trashy.

by b. 1970reply 1509/04/2013

That was truly tepid, R14.

by b. 1970reply 1709/04/2013

[quote]What saddens me about baby boomers is how they pissed it all away. Free love and accepting everyone, and they became just a rigid and uptight as "the man" that they were supposedly fighting against in the 60s. What a letdown. GenXers will hopefully save this country.

I totally agree. I was born in 1957 so I was too young to join in the fun during the 1960s, but I watched with great admiration for their rebel ways.

I remember thinking how great things would be going forward because the young people in the 1960s would some day be leading this country. Holy shit, look what happened.

by b. 1970reply 2109/04/2013

"It does seem depressing whenever a beautiful woman or man gets old and lets him/herself go. Raquel Welch and Jane Fonda are doing it right"

WTF, you think that spending an unholy fortune on plastic surgery is doing something RIGHT?

Rethink your values, dude.

by b. 1970reply 2209/04/2013

I'm an aging BB loving my life. I had a career of enormous achievement and now I give myself permission to do nothing, if that's what I want. The key is acceptance.

by b. 1970reply 2509/04/2013

Because we were the generation who most hated anyone older. It was pretty much a crime to be over 30. Karma is a bitch.

We also were the first generation to have it so easy. Everything was affordable. Most of us had families that had health insurance. Mommy and Daddy paid for so much, but then many colleges were free.

We also were the generation that had the first real taste of freedom, birth control, legal abortion, sex anyway, anywhere we wanted, calling cops pigs to their face. We were able to have friends of all races and religions and for the most part no one stopped it. We could much more easily be gay and women learned they could live life the way they wanted and didn't have to ask men permission for anything.

We thought it would never end. We thought we would be young and healthy and have our families forever. We thought no matter what kind of shit we did to our bodies they would always be strong.

Like I said, Karma is a bitch.

The only consolation I have for those who were once hippies who turned into pro Reagan neocons is that now or soon they will be sick and dying too. They used to say the only thing we can't get away with is not paying taxes and death. Well the rich have found a way to get away without paying taxes but thank goodness death still finds them.

by b. 1970reply 2609/04/2013

R20, most of us didn't drink much.

R21, most of us didn't want to lead anything.

R26, I don't remember you being around (thank goodness).

R23, what kind of mask does a potato wear?

by b. 1970reply 2709/04/2013

"My aging sagging ass will have spent all of your money."

Amen to that. OP, we're going to use it while we have it. You, unfortunately, will probably be harvested for your organs.

by b. 1970reply 2809/04/2013

W&W for r14!

by b. 1970reply 2909/04/2013

[quote]They thought they'd be young and sexy forever.

Anyone who actually thinks that, is a fool.

Also, for those of us who enjoyed our youth and are now enjoying getting older (I'm 58) - we know that only a shallow cunt would equate losing one's looks to "drowning and clutching for a buoy" .. One thing we have going for us is that we were not raised in the plastic Kardashian/Facebook era. We had real men and women, real music, real connections with people, etc. Your post shows your age, immaturity and the shallow generation you're from.

You can have your youth. I had mine, loved it and am happily and comfortably living in the present. I wouldn't be in my 20's now if you paid me.

by b. 1970reply 3009/04/2013

R28 hahaha, another bb here who is enjoying my well earned retirement.

OP is just pissed off about it.

by b. 1970reply 3409/04/2013

Another BB here. Looking forward to kicking back in my retirement and laughing my ass off at assholes like OP and other whiny bitches struggling their asses off. Good luck suckers!

by b. 1970reply 3609/04/2013

R14 -- Oh for God's sake, just DIE!

by b. 1970reply 3709/04/2013


What "bullshit 60s notions"? Ecology? Gender Equality? Holistic health? Do you really think these are "bullshit notions"?

I guess you think living your life in your i-phone and worshiping Steve Jobs is going to create utopia... seems to me more like a dystopia (look it up).

Technology does not create social revolutions. It takes vision, brains, and creativity for that, something that your age group seems to have none of.

If the Boomers were bad, the millenials or Gen Y or whatever they are called are absolutely horrid.

by b. 1970reply 3809/05/2013

And what are you "Proud Millenials" doing except continuing what we Boomers did? You're not hackers. [quote]Who do you think is hard at work on the social technologies attempting to restore the connections that your union-busting and suburban isolation have demolished?

Oh please. Don't. Just...don't. You can't see beyond the latest iWhatever or Android gadget.

If we Boomers were pigs at the trough, you Millenials and the like are following behind eating our shit.

Keep staring into that mirror and telling yourself how "unique" you are. You are mommy's special little boy. You can do whatever you want. You just can't do it very well.

by b. 1970reply 4109/05/2013

Seems like a lot of right wing propaganda masquerading as generational hate. That you accept the version of 60s history that Reagan, et. al., re-wrote so as to prevent it from happening again just shows how stupid you are.

The Wall Street protestors decided they didn't want to do it 60s style so they had no leaders. And that lead nowhere (surprise!) Yes, some 60s counterculture leaders sold out. It happens. But it seems like the younger generation has plenty of magical thinking of their own.

And nobody in the 60's believed "rolling around in the mud" was going to change anything. I'd say you were insulting my intelligence except you're just revealing you have none.

by b. 1970reply 4309/05/2013

Rest your case? Why so modest? How about eternal rest. Now there's a thought...

by b. 1970reply 4609/05/2013

I'm a Baby Boomer and it's interesting to see how genetics plays out. I always took after my mother's side of the family. When I came down with arthritis, my mother told me that my paternal grandmother had pretty bad arthritis. So that's something I inherited.

I've also inherited the high blood pressure and high cholesterol on my mother's side of the family, even though I eat well and am not overweight.

My father's side of the family was pretty healthy and long-lived. Except for my father. He smoked 3 packs a day. Dead of lung cancer at 67.

When anyone complains about Baby Boomers, I'm just going to do what my grandparents did. Talk about my health problems and bore everyone so much that they forget what they were bitching about.

by b. 1970reply 5009/05/2013

"(I can just see all their quivering breasts as they type all their invective with just one finger.)"

Thank God I don't live my life face down in a plastic box endlessly twiddling away.

by b. 1970reply 5109/05/2013

But not whom you quote, R52.

by b. 1970reply 5309/05/2013

[quote]We had real men and women, real music, real connections with people, etc.


by b. 1970reply 5509/05/2013

I don't believe the majority of Baby Boomers believe in the majority of what their so-called generation preached, which is why they all because Reagan Republicans. Whatever was "in, they followed suit. It's the only explanation there is.

by b. 1970reply 5609/05/2013

[quote] They're also more excepting (especially on the gay front

What are they excepting the gays from?

by b. 1970reply 5709/05/2013

Boomers! Gen X'rs! Millenials! You're all assholes!

by b. 1970reply 5809/05/2013

R51's breasts were sweating profusely as he slowly tapped out that rejoinder.

by b. 1970reply 5909/05/2013

Baby Boomer Hate was started in the early 1990s on Bill O'Reilly's show. You know Bill O'Reilly, the blue collar son who grew up in good ole Levittown, Long Island. Except that he grew up in Westbury and went to private school paid for by his white collar, currency accountant father.

Good to see y'all swallowing our talking points whole and excreting them without digestion..

by b. 1970reply 6009/06/2013

Your remark about baby boomers is offensive and insulting. A person who speaks as you do most likely discriminates against others, such as fat people, sexual and racial orientation. It's a given the N-Word and the Faggot word are in your vocabulary. You are an ugly, cruel, shallow type of person who will most likely be unable to handle middle-age very well because of your nasty narcissism. It ain't gonna be pretty for you. I bet you are a loner type with little if any close friendships or relationships. An annoying, cynical type of person. Of course you'd never admit that, due to your narcissism.


by b. 1970reply 6109/06/2013


Now I know why nursing homes exist...

by b. 1970reply 6209/06/2013

You little fuckers always have a smart ass comment after being put in your place, don't you?

Oh yeah, you're ugly ass is gonna have a hard time when you hit middle age. You'll probably off yourself if you make it that far, cuz you're a coward. A typical cowardly troll hiding anonymously behind your fecal matter laden keyboard dishing out your self-hatred venom thinking you're oh-so-clever.

Dude, the only person you're hurting is yourself. Quit harassing the gays here and go get a job.

by b. 1970reply 6309/06/2013

"you're ugly ass", "cuz"

Embarrassing. Please learn English.

by b. 1970reply 6409/06/2013

Shut up grammar Nazi. GET A LIFE! Get off the damn computer and go socialize with real people you paranoid shut in.

by b. 1970reply 6509/06/2013

The worst fucking part is now for the next 30 fucking years we' ll see a huge increase in the number of old people and old people-related issues/problems in our commercials due to the size if the boomer population. It's really going to suck. I just don't care if a former hippie or business tycoon has fallen and can't get up in the way I cared when someone my grandmother's age from the previous generation did.

by b. 1970reply 6612/01/2014

Ignore them, it's just divide and conquer shit. Probably not young people saying this crap, it's probably the aids troll and all of the other creeps who stir shit because it's the only way they can get people to pay any attention to them.

by b. 1970reply 6712/01/2014

R66, spoken like a true Millennial .. (who bumped a 15 month old thread, interestingly enough)

by b. 1970reply 6812/01/2014

cheer up-maybe you'll die young and not have to experience aging

by b. 1970reply 6912/01/2014

Generational flamefest thread #6,347

by b. 1970reply 7012/01/2014

I disagree the baby boomers had stuff but still worked hard and were respectable. It was the Generation X'ers (after 1965 birthdate) that are spoiled rotten and focused on themselves.

by b. 1970reply 7112/01/2014

The typical DL thread: generalizations and random experiences presented as TRUTH.

by b. 1970reply 7212/01/2014

[quote]If we Boomers were pigs at the trough, you Millenials and the like are following behind eating our shit.

That's all you produced.

by b. 1970reply 7312/01/2014

Bill Cosby

by b. 1970reply 7412/01/2014

a lot of them just refuse to accept that they're old and try to dress, talk and act like young people. Example: Madonna. Bitch, it's not working. YOU STILL LOOK OLD.

by b. 1970reply 7504/11/2015

Yes, op, only you will remain young and sexy forever.

by b. 1970reply 7604/11/2015

OP, there is something seriously wrong with you.

by b. 1970reply 7704/11/2015

I have never understood why some people feel the need to stigmatize each other on account of what generation they belong to.

I'm a late GenX'er (b. 1974) and the term 'Generation X' means absolutely nothing to me. Moreover, I don't see any genuine difference between f.i. people who were in their 20s in the late 90s and now.

Unfortunately people are inclined to adopt a grossly simplified model of reality. This is the reason why religions and cults exists (and homophobia, racism, etc.) ... and why Machiavellian politicians manage to get elected over and over again by means of "Divide And Conquer".

by b. 1970reply 7804/11/2015
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