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"Let's Scare Jessica to Death" (1971)

I watched this on youtube last night, thinking it would be a cheesy slasher movie and instead thought it was a wonderfully creepy indie horror film. The lead actress was great.

by Any other fans?reply 3209/04/2013

Yes!!! Love it!!!

by Any other fans?reply 109/02/2013

That's some skuury shit! If you haven't already, check out "The Other".

by Any other fans?reply 209/02/2013

Is that the Nicole Kidman movie, R2, or another film with a similar title?

"Jessica" is so restrained, but the atmosphere is incredible. That the actors all look like ordinary people off the street just adds to the impact.

by Any other fans?reply 309/02/2013

Nicole Kidman's was "The OtherS"

I think r2 is talking about "The Other" another creepy film from the same era as "Jessica"

by Any other fans?reply 409/02/2013

Who should be in the remake?

by Any other fans?reply 509/02/2013

Vastly underrated little creeper - if you have friends who want to watch something scary witthout all the gore, this si the one to she them

by Any other fans?reply 609/02/2013

This movie scared the shit out of me. Agree with r3 - it's very atmospheric

by Any other fans?reply 709/02/2013

Thanks, [R4]! Yes, I meant the other "The Other". I caught it a few years ago (maybe TCM) and wow. OP, it's from the seventies too, like "Let's Scare...". Moody and dark as hell.

by Any other fans?reply 809/02/2013

Thanks, R4 and R8 - will definitely seek "The Other" out.

"Jessica" reminded me a little of "Carnival of Souls", which I also love. The scene where Emily comes out of the water....brrrr.

by Any other fans?reply 909/02/2013

Now watch this, OP

by Any other fans?reply 1009/02/2013

It had an incredible hippie, freaky New England 70s vibe to it.

by Any other fans?reply 1109/02/2013

This movie is absolutely incredible. If you can, watch it with headphones or on a good sound system. I reckon the sound mix is stereo, but I remember it sounding soooo creepy and well-done, just like everything in the movie.

Is the lead actress a total natural, or is it just me? Great voice, great delivery.

Anyone else recognize her husband as one of the doctors in The Exorcist?

by Any other fans?reply 1209/02/2013

OP -- just one small correction. This is not an "indie film". It was produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures. However, it is from a time when small films could still be made with relatively little "corporate" interference/accountability within the major studios. It also represents a time when even films rated GP (this film's original rating, the forerunner of the PG rating) were not automatically dumbed down to target the kid market. Sad that those days are long gone.

by Any other fans?reply 1309/02/2013

That was filmed in our summer town of Saybrook CT.!

by Any other fans?reply 1409/02/2013

If you think this is scary, try viewing it in a drive-in movie, in Winter, during a snowstorm. Brrrrrrr....... in more ways than one.

by Any other fans?reply 1509/03/2013

Zohra Lampert is Jessica. One of my fave 70s actresses. She's also on a really good Alfred Hitchcock with Robert Redford.

by Any other fans?reply 1609/03/2013

Zohra Lampert, who most people thought was a lesbian, ended up marrying NYC radio host Jonathan Schwartz in 2010. She's a year older than him.

by Any other fans?reply 1709/03/2013

Wasn't Zorah the old lady in Exorcist III?

by Any other fans?reply 1809/03/2013

Like the movie, but I always found it a little unfinished.

by Any other fans?reply 1909/03/2013

Zorah was the wife in Exorcist III. Barbara Baxley was the grandmother.

by Any other fans?reply 2009/03/2013

Is the house from the film still standing? Please don't tell me they tore it down for split levels and raised ranches.

by Any other fans?reply 2109/03/2013

Saw it on late-nite Creature Feature TV in 1985 and it blew my mind. I'll never forget the scene where they decide to have a seance and Jessica calls out to the spirits and they're like, "we hear you, Jessica.." SO CREEPY!!!

Also, what is up with those weird sandwiches they ate after they swam in the lake? What was that pink shit?

by Any other fans?reply 2209/03/2013

The locations remain eerily unchanged after 42 years.

by Any other fans?reply 2309/03/2013

R21 here. I saw the video from R23 (and thank you for that.) That house is just abandoned. How annoying. Why?

by Any other fans?reply 2409/03/2013

R21 house still there just off exit 67 on 95 old saybrook ct

Supposedly people still lived in it a few years ago -

by Any other fans?reply 2509/03/2013

Yes! I still remember it.

Silent Scream stayed with me.

April Fool's Day is another good one.

by Any other fans?reply 2609/03/2013

April Fool's Day is a good one that I used to rent back in the 80s and early 90s when I was a pre-adolescent. Never saw Silent Scream. Neither of them have anything to do with Let's Scare Jessica To Death.

Meant to say in my post that the sound mix is probably not in stereo, but you should still watch it with headphones!

And since when are drive-in theaters open during snowstorms? That's bonkers!

by Any other fans?reply 2709/03/2013

"Blood, Jessica, blood!"

by Any other fans?reply 2809/04/2013

I like how they have the sound of the wind in so many scenes- even when it's clearly not windy.

Love the opening scene in the cemetery with the woman watching her.

by Any other fans?reply 2909/04/2013

One of my very favorite scary oldies.

by Any other fans?reply 3009/04/2013

How the hell has this not had a fuked up re-make with glossy photography, Dolby digital surround sound and Kristen Stewart?

by Any other fans?reply 3109/04/2013

Fun fact: the guy that played Jessica's husband was Regan's doctor in "The Exorcist"

I remember watching this movie on TV as a kid and thinking that this what comes of driving around the country in a hearse, not having a proper job and inviting random people in to your house.

by Any other fans?reply 3209/04/2013
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