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How to make a butch lesbian angry?

Smile at her.. I mean seriously.. I have seen so many butch lesbians look so offended and angry that someone would smile at them. I see this at the bars all the time

by lipstick lesreply 2709/04/2013


by lipstick lesreply 109/02/2013

If it's Christine Quinn, all you have to do is simply exist and cross her at the wrong moment.

by lipstick lesreply 209/02/2013

Maybe it's just you that offends them, OP. How many threads about this are you going to start?

by lipstick lesreply 309/02/2013

Refuse to let her rent a UHaul?

by lipstick lesreply 409/02/2013

I once simultaneously breathed whilst having long hair.

That seemed enough to incite rage in a whole herd of them once. I was also told I would not be welcome in the lesbian bar. Or my girlfriend by virtue of her associating with a long-haired person.

It was our fault. We had no business living our lives as gay women if we wanted to wear nail varnish as well.

Herd? What is the collective noun for for our butch friends?

A militancy? A Melodrama? An Impromptu Protest? A Shoulder Chip?

by lipstick lesreply 509/02/2013

As a white male, I know exactly what gets a bull dyke smoked. All I have to do is make any type of innocent non-sexual comversation with the bull's girlfriend and look out. Really, it's fucking hilarious because the bull starts puffing like she just climbed off a horse (elbos pointed put with their best impression of a manly walk).

by lipstick lesreply 609/02/2013

ditto r6

by lipstick lesreply 709/02/2013

How many more threads trashing lesbians? OP is male and pining for an easy target like Mitchfest.

Cheer up, queens. Before you know it your favorite festival will be here again. I'm sure you mark it on your calendars. Right next to your blood pressure,cholesterol, and arthritis meds information.

by lipstick lesreply 809/02/2013

bulldykes suck

by lipstick lesreply 909/02/2013

r8, I am not trashing lesbians, just bulldaggers

by lipstick lesreply 1009/03/2013

Order a Lite beer in front of her.

by lipstick lesreply 1109/03/2013

Lipstick lez is making up drama where none exists.

by lipstick lesreply 1209/03/2013

OP is not a gay male, R8. But she's been around for awhile making these threads.

by lipstick lesreply 1309/03/2013

Butch lesbians are gross

by lipstick lesreply 1409/03/2013


Here's a great idea. Gather a thousand bull dykes and tell them that men hit on their girlfriends. Fill the streets of SF with men and then set the bulls loose. To make it more of a watchable event, require that the bulls are naked as they are released. Nothing like watching those big fat flabby tits go twisting in the air as they make an effort to run.

by lipstick lesreply 1509/03/2013

Truth be told, my experiences with butcher, more masculine women have always been positive. Most are pretty laidback and practical and fun to have over for a BBQ and a drink. They got along just swell with my gay (masculine or bear) friends, and it is commendable that they are out and proud in a society that reviles them for their appearance. None of them were not man-haters. On the contrary, they get along just fine with men, maybe even better than they do with girly women.

I certainly respect them more than these faux-bisexual bar-skanks that have popped up in the last few years.

by lipstick lesreply 1609/03/2013

*None of them were man-haters.

by lipstick lesreply 1709/03/2013

r16 Well, I've never met a bull that didn't put off the strong vibe that he/she/it absolutely hated men. And I know, for certain, I'm not alone. Maybe bulls act differently around swishy gays... that's not me.

by lipstick lesreply 1809/03/2013

r18, they act like that to feminine women too. It's like they hate their gender

by lipstick lesreply 1909/03/2013

I think some of you must have met only the very worst, most stereotypical butches you possibly ever could.

Of course, if you're hanging out at a place full of thuggish ex-cons just out of the women's prison, you're not likely to meet the nicest, most open-minded or cultured people anyway.

I might of course be biased. I mean, during high school as an out gay boy, the only real friend I had was a butch. She was the only one who really had my back in those years.

by lipstick lesreply 2009/04/2013

lipstick les, you seriously need to get some help. I can not imagine living with such contempt over something that shouldn't impact me.

by lipstick lesreply 2109/04/2013

What none of us "get" is how you can be a bull and not put on the character that everyone is familiar with. Bulls are 100lbs over weight, wear flat-top hair cuts, drink beer, fart and smash beer cans on their heads. If they don't do any of that then they are NOT bull dykes.

by lipstick lesreply 2209/04/2013

I might of course be biased. I mean, during high school as an out gay boy, the only real friend I had was a butch. She was the only one who really had my back in those years."

Gay men and lesbians need each other

by lipstick lesreply 2309/04/2013

[quote]Gay men and lesbians need each other

I believe you speak the truth. Combined we make up less than 10% of the population.

At this point in my life though I don't care if someone is straight or gay. Most of my partner and my friends are straight. I don't really feel a part of the gay community. We just live our lives as two people in a committed relationship. We live in a very liberal part of the country (Portland), I am sure I would feel differently if I lived in a red state.

by lipstick lesreply 2409/04/2013

I work with a woman who is obviously a butch lesbian and she can be very friendly if she thinks you are her friend, but she has this "you are with me or against me" type attitude. I've spoken with her a few times and I guess she thinks we're cool now, but she can be very defensive and was outright rude to me before we became friendly.

I don't care whether or not she's a butch lesbian and I suspect most of co-workers don't either (honestly, I've got my own problems at work), so I'm perplexed by her ultra defensive attitude.

by lipstick lesreply 2509/04/2013

It's simply their nature that bull-dykes hate men. Never fight nature. Roll with it.

Think of the world-wide ESPN coverage we could get for an annual "Running of the Bulls" in San Francisco. Corral a thousand naked bulls with real bull horns strapped to their heads. Each bull will also be given the option of strapping on a phallic. Before the bulls are released, men will pull their pants down and taunt them with their REAL SET OF COCK & BALLS! This will make the bulls furious. Then you set the bulls loose through the streets of S.F. What a fucking show!

by lipstick lesreply 2609/04/2013

It's really stupid to claim that all butch lesbians are this or that - caveat offered - I certainly know how to piss off Gaia Systyrwymyn on her way to the land.

Offer to give her your seat on the bus. Then watch as she steps off, of reality, not the bus. I did this once, and got poked repeatedly as she vomited up the screed about "patriarchy" and "penis oppression" and where did I get off insulting perfect strangers. You get the picture.

Truth be told I only offered because she was short, like hobbit short, and I didn't think she'd be able to reach the straps.

Which she couldn't, while we all got to see her fully bushed pits (she was wearing a beater of course) out there and proud as she bounced her way down the street.

Yeah, real victory for equality there.

by lipstick lesreply 2709/04/2013
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