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What's happened to Mary J. Blige ?

Seems like everything's on hold. I know she got hit with a huge tax lien, but is she keeping a low profile for $ reasons ?

by Missy Elliottreply 2612/18/2013

Have the search parties returned from looking for her sense of pitch?

by Missy Elliottreply 109/02/2013

Soon we will see her on "R&B Divas", snatching Kelly Price's and Nicci Gilbert's weaves like they need to be snatched.

by Missy Elliottreply 209/02/2013

Maybe all of this new drama will lead to more of the "to hell and back" songs Mary is famous for.

by Missy Elliottreply 309/02/2013

Her financial life is a mess - don't know about her private life.

Had a $3.4 mil. Tax lien put on her from IRS. In NJ alone owes more than $574,000 for 2009, more than $2.2 mil. for 2010, and $647,000, for 2011. she is also being sued for defaulting on a $2.2 mil. bank loan, and her charity is facing a lawsuit that claims she took out $250,000, and never paid It back. I loves me some Miss Mary, but she in danger, guurl !

Joins a long list , R.Kelly, Dionne Warwick, Redd Foxx, Wesley Snipes, Lauren Hill, among them , who earn fortunes - but decide to just not pay taxes. C'mon , the rest of us have to. Hard to feel sorry for anyone in this situation, when most of us have no write -offs, or any way to dodge it.

by Missy Elliottreply 409/02/2013

I heard she became fur and some animal is wearing her right now.

by Missy Elliottreply 509/02/2013

[quote]Soon we will see her on "R&B Divas"

No you won't bitch!

by Missy Elliottreply 609/02/2013

Sorry, this is not related to this thread but could someone start a thread about the Australian PM's answer to a pastor about gay marriage on TV last night. I searched and could not find anything here already and it was a pretty great answer! Unfortunately, we're looking like losing him in the election this Saturday. TIA

by Missy Elliottreply 709/02/2013

I dont understand, even with all the debt r4 listed, how Mary J Blige is struggling for anything. She is one of the very few R&B acts that remained very popular through the 00s, and the woman works constantly to stay on the charts. She has had an album out pretty much every other year for the last 15 years, and she stays on the road. Mary headlined that mega tour with JayZ a couple of years ago. She must be rich people broke, not poor people broke.

by Missy Elliottreply 809/02/2013

R 7 Get the fuck off my thread - this is about My DRAMA !!!

by Missy Elliottreply 909/02/2013

And she wrote almost all her songs.......unlike me

by Missy Elliottreply 1009/02/2013

R3, let's hope so. She's been boring ever since she got sober and happy.

by Missy Elliottreply 1109/02/2013

I loved Got2BReal and how they would call Mary out for her flat notes.

Mary vs Toni Broketon - I mean, Braxton - was especially funny.

by Missy Elliottreply 1209/02/2013

Every time I read her name I read it as Mary J. Bilge. I am not dyslexic.

by Missy Elliottreply 1309/02/2013

Scary J Blige!

by Missy Elliottreply 1409/02/2013

OP, she is quiet now but in about 3 moths will be EVERYWHERE.

Her forthcoming cd is entitled MARY CHRISTMAS.


So expect her on every morning and late night talk show, the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting, the Christmas In Washington special, etc.

by Missy Elliottreply 1509/02/2013

R15 I about peed myself laughing at your post.


by Missy Elliottreply 1609/02/2013

"OP, she is quiet now but in about 3 months she will be EVERYWHERE."

by Missy Elliottreply 1709/02/2013

here it is

by Missy Elliottreply 1809/02/2013

[quote]Every time I read her name I read it as Mary J. Bilge. I am not dyslexic.

I LOVE Mary J. Bilge!

by Missy Elliottreply 1909/03/2013

Please don't take this wrong, but why are 99% of the entertainers who end up owing the IRS huge tax bills, black ? Does it have anything to do with reparations , and feeling , because of history, they are owed money themselves, so they'll just withhold paying ? It always comes back to bite them in the end.

by Missy Elliottreply 2009/06/2013

And I am once again reminded of why I only come here every once in a while, This thread had witty and clever responses until someone had to bring race into it.

Reparations, NO! They don't pay their taxes just like white celebrities. It is 2013 move on.

by Missy Elliottreply 2109/06/2013

And as I predited she is back and her new CD


is beyond fabulous!!!! Elegant and warm and wonderful.

She even duets with BARBRA STREISAND!!

by Missy Elliottreply 2212/04/2013

R20 Exactly ! Why do any of us, of color, have to pay taxes ???

by Missy Elliottreply 2312/18/2013

I've heard a few of her christmas album songs and they're nice.

by Missy Elliottreply 2412/18/2013

[R12] I keep watching these hilarious videos. Thank you.

by Missy Elliottreply 2512/18/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Missy Elliottreply 2612/18/2013
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