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GOLDIGGER ALERT ! Lance Bass engaged to actor / model

Hope the guy signs a pre-nup

by Jane Lynchreply 1509/06/2013

We were already informed on the Boy-toy thread. Yours is old news.

by Jane Lynchreply 109/01/2013

should there not be gold to dig? more like Silver digger.

by Jane Lynchreply 209/01/2013

Surely there ain't much gold in them coffers.

by Jane Lynchreply 309/01/2013

New hubby will go through the last of the $, dump Lance, and hit up another over the hill boy-bander. That's how GD's work.

by Jane Lynchreply 409/01/2013

Golddigger? Poor thing will have to settle for bronze(r).

by Jane Lynchreply 509/01/2013

Why can't you just be happy for him?

Congratulations, guys.

by Jane Lynchreply 609/01/2013


by Jane Lynchreply 709/01/2013

She's kinda hot.

by Jane Lynchreply 809/01/2013

It's true love, you cynical bitch.

by Jane Lynchreply 909/01/2013

The guy is good-looking.

by Jane Lynchreply 1009/03/2013

But his looks don't match mine - & I had 2 TV shows, and slept with a gorgeous, hunky Brazillian, named Rodiney. He couldn't pronounce a word of english, but he was hung like a horse. I also make appearances on 'private' cams, when not taking my law classes. And I fly planes. And act off-off Broadway.

by Jane Lynchreply 1109/03/2013

I remember when I traded Reichen in for a younger model.

Smart move, Lance.

by Jane Lynchreply 1209/03/2013

I predict 2 years, till divorce. Not trying to be negative - just realistic. The gay 'actor/model' aspect is never a good place to start. The temptation, of being around handsome guys, with beautiful bodies, all the time, as a profession, usually does not bode well for long term relationship success.

by Jane Lynchreply 1309/06/2013


Yeah right.

by Jane Lynchreply 1409/06/2013

I hate to be pessimistic, but I don't think this will end well. Getting married to an "aspiring actor/model" doesn't seem wise.

by Jane Lynchreply 1509/06/2013
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