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Are you there, God? It's me, Tim Tebow

Why did you let the Patriots cut me, God?

Why have you forsaken me?

Now I'll never get to shower with Tom Brady again!

by Timmy T.reply 22109/16/2013

So where is he playing?

by Timmy T.reply 108/31/2013

Sorry to see you go, Timmy. You've got a nice tight ass.

by Timmy T.reply 208/31/2013

Sure you will, Tim. Call me.

by Timmy T.reply 308/31/2013

Once they had passed him around, they were ready for fresh ass.

by Timmy T.reply 408/31/2013

Really? This is good news.

by Timmy T.reply 508/31/2013

Here, Tim, let me dry your tears with my hair.

by Timmy T.reply 608/31/2013

So this is why he made those "pray to god" tweets today?

by Timmy T.reply 708/31/2013

You know, I've rarely know someone who is such an ass who also HAD such a sweet ass as Tebow.

by Timmy T.reply 808/31/2013

He played well in the last preseason game, so I thought he might make it.

He deserves a spot somewhere in the NFL but he's not really good enough to play for an A-List team.

by Timmy T.reply 908/31/2013

Yet further proof that prayer is NOT the answer.

God doesn't hear your prayers, you religious nuts.

by Timmy T.reply 1008/31/2013

There's always the CFL.

by Timmy T.reply 1108/31/2013

R10 Sometimes God says "no". Or at least that's what my mother used to tell me when I was a child and prayed to be pretty.

by Timmy T.reply 1208/31/2013

Homegurl got sacked 4 times in 1 game. Not good. Bye boo. Overrated Jesusfreak. He belongs on a heartland team anyway. The northeast is too tough for him.

by Timmy T.reply 1308/31/2013

Didn't Doug Flutie graduate to the NFL from the CFL?

by Timmy T.reply 1408/31/2013

He's simply not an NFL caliber QB (or CFL for that matter). He should have swallowed his pride and agreed to train as a TE or fullback.

by Timmy T.reply 1508/31/2013

He'll never have his own cereal.

by Timmy T.reply 1608/31/2013

Tim Tebow's religious upbringing would never allow him to be "trained as a tight end", R15.

by Timmy T.reply 1708/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 1808/31/2013

He will be on Rentboy before the year is over.

by Timmy T.reply 1908/31/2013

I recommend the Hamilton Tigercats.

by Timmy T.reply 2008/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 2108/31/2013

The big difference is that Flutie was a cutie.

by Timmy T.reply 2208/31/2013

Was must be the right word. Can't tell from that pic, that's for sure.

by Timmy T.reply 2308/31/2013

Because that fake-looking 'Tebowing' thing was really beginning to chap my hide.

by Timmy T.reply 2408/31/2013

And God? Will you please tell Gaga her 15 minutes of fame was over a really long time ago? Even her get-ups are boring and lame.

by Timmy T.reply 2508/31/2013

Send her to hell in her egg.

Leak Tebow naked pics.

by Timmy T.reply 2608/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 2708/31/2013

Maybe one of these days, these bible bangers will learn how to keep their religion in private, where it belongs...not on a goddamn football field.

by Timmy T.reply 2808/31/2013

[quote]He deserves a spot somewhere in the NFL

Maybe he could be a cheerleader. They don't have to throw footballs.

by Timmy T.reply 2908/31/2013

His mother goes around claiming she was told to abort him (because she would die in childbirth because of the poor medical care they had IN THE PHILIPPINES where about 40% of the USA's nurses come from). What a fucking bitch desperate to control him.

by Timmy T.reply 3008/31/2013

W&W for R29

by Timmy T.reply 3108/31/2013

I was reading some of those comments and I get so irritated with people who act like, gay is no problem and no one thinks it's important.

When we are young our sexuality is the about the most important thing we've got going.

It is important.

by Timmy T.reply 3208/31/2013

Please let me not die a virgin!

by Timmy T.reply 3308/31/2013

time for some career reassessment.

by Timmy T.reply 3408/31/2013

He's always welcome

by Timmy T.reply 3508/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 3608/31/2013

I do feel bad for him with the hype that came along when he was first signed. It's hard I was the it girl for changing around this little store for a company I work for. They loved me until my sales started to decrease. After four years they moved me to another location. I was labeled a loser, it's hard to pull yourself out from under that rug you've been shoved under and try to make a name for yourself. It hurts

by Timmy T.reply 3708/31/2013

Why make fun of Tim Tebow, and kick him while he's down? Assholes, you're not so great yourselves.

by Timmy T.reply 3808/31/2013

I eat shit.

by Timmy T.reply 3908/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 4008/31/2013

Grow up, r39...stupid bitch.

by Timmy T.reply 4108/31/2013

Heading for the exit ramp.

by Timmy T.reply 4208/31/2013

I bet he comes out now. Everyone in the NFL knows he's gay.

by Timmy T.reply 4308/31/2013

R21, love GaGa's new innovative look there.

by Timmy T.reply 4408/31/2013

Why do so many Heisman quarterbacks tank in the big show?

by Timmy T.reply 4508/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 4608/31/2013

He needs to come out and shake it!

by Timmy T.reply 4708/31/2013

What is with the Lady Gaga and Madonna comments here? Did I miss something?

by Timmy T.reply 4808/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 4908/31/2013

I think he's adorable and sexy. It's too bad the religiously abusive upbringing has made him a bit of a freak, but he'll grow out of it.

by Timmy T.reply 5008/31/2013

Indeed, he's still young.

by Timmy T.reply 5108/31/2013

All you Tebow haters can go to HELL!

by Timmy T.reply 5208/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 5308/31/2013

He's fat and has a flat ass.

by Timmy T.reply 5408/31/2013

Timmy needs to be paddled with a ping pong paddle (preferably in his football pants or maybe some tight jeans with him also wearing a cowboy hat) then fucked slowly in his anal pore with frequent hard thrusts squashing those ample buttcheeks. And Tim if you're reading this...MMMMWAH!!! LUV YA! Just as I love football all to pieces..........

by Timmy T.reply 5508/31/2013

fat? You call that FAT???

by Timmy T.reply 5608/31/2013

R53 I think you just want to suck Tebow's dick.

by Timmy T.reply 5708/31/2013

He was nice and trim when he was in college. Now he's got love handles and a gut.

by Timmy T.reply 5808/31/2013

Yes, R56. I agree with, R58. He might have once been muscular but now he is lumpen with an unfortunate flat ass.

by Timmy T.reply 5908/31/2013

Get him drunk and convince him he's back on the team if he lets you haze him.

by Timmy T.reply 6008/31/2013

Tim Tebow is hot on the outside, but his true beauty is on the inside.

He's such a humble soul; not a mean bone in his body...

Unless one of you bitches happens to be fucking him.

by Timmy T.reply 6108/31/2013

Congressman Tebow

by Timmy T.reply 6208/31/2013

His former fuckbud is in prison and now he gets cut from the Patriots...this asshole can't catch a break, can he?

by Timmy T.reply 6308/31/2013

Leave him alone!

by Timmy T.reply 6408/31/2013

[quote]Bitch, shut your fucking pie hole. Tim Tebow is an overrated, fat loser. No one cares about that talentless self entitled piece of shit.

Stop calling him FAT, he obviously is NOT!

by Timmy T.reply 6508/31/2013

[quote]He was nice and trim when he was in college. Now he's got love handles and a gut.

No, he does not.

by Timmy T.reply 6608/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 6708/31/2013

He's gay fat

by Timmy T.reply 6808/31/2013

I want him to hold me and stroke my head while I suck his nipples and squeeze his asscheeks.

by Timmy T.reply 6908/31/2013

I wonder if Tim will renounce religion after being humiliated like this.

He must be wondering why God hates him so.

In fact, it seems everyone hates him and is laughing at him. I do feel bad for him.

by Timmy T.reply 7008/31/2013

People like him never give up on their religion. He'll probably double-down on the cross and start Tim Tebow Sports Ministry or some such bullshit tax dodge.

by Timmy T.reply 7108/31/2013

I doubt that "everyone hates him and everyone is laughing at him". Whether you want to face it or not the fact is that plenty of people really like Tim Tebow.

by Timmy T.reply 7208/31/2013

I don't necessarily hate him r70, I do want to go to bed with him; it's football and all its cachet with straight male breeders that I dislike and he's part of it. I guess alot of the ribbing and joking about him stems from his religious fanaticism. I don't give a shit about religion providing one doesn't become obnoxious about it. As for his physical appearance, I think he looks fine, in fact, better than he did several years ago--he looks the way a man should look at his age, the thing is, football players generally don't age well at all. Being tackled, falling down all the time, having hundreds of pounds of men on top of you when tackled (and not in a good way) among other things football players do begins to tell on them loudly at an early age and it is probably worse if they are into drugs, steroids and booze. No, I don't hate Tim Tebow and I don't think God does either but then none of us can speak for God although there are many who think they can.

by Timmy T.reply 7308/31/2013

Leave him alone, you pussys

by Timmy T.reply 7408/31/2013

He gonna do just fine. Like the boy said, he gonna double down on his Jesus. Everyone knows selling Jesus is where the money's at! You also don't end up with a Cream of Wheat brain out of the deal! Tebow not so smart, but he can get the ghost writer for the sermons and such. Shit, they give Ryan Lochte a show, and a mute speak better than that boy!

by Timmy T.reply 7508/31/2013

R68, That's good. I like a little bit of meat on the guy who I'm gonna fuck senseless.

by Timmy T.reply 7608/31/2013

Please. He'll claim that god, who was apparently formerly interested in him winning a bunch of football games, now has instead called him to either the ministry or politics. Look for Senator Tebow in a few short years.

by Timmy T.reply 7708/31/2013

From your lips to God's ears R77!

by Timmy T.reply 7808/31/2013

Senator from where r77? I could believe Kentucky or West Virginia, but from the civilized states?? I sometimes think that instead of patriotism being the last refuge of a scoundrel the ministry often is.

by Timmy T.reply 7908/31/2013

I think Tim Tebow is a good person. You guys bullying him is so High School. The man just got kicked out of the Patriots, hasn't he been humiliated enough already?

by Timmy T.reply 8008/31/2013

What r80 said.

by Timmy T.reply 8108/31/2013

Virginia would do it. Our Governor is a crook. Both Republican nominee spots on the ticket for the next Governor's race are insane by most other people's standards. Hell, he'd be a step up. Probably just for a congressional spot. Statewide he'd need to take northern Virginia, which as a suburb of DC is full of educated people. The rest of the state hates us.

by Timmy T.reply 8208/31/2013

Don't worry about him. Christian is good business.

by Timmy T.reply 8308/31/2013

What fraus r80 and 81 doing up? Don't they have church in the morning?

by Timmy T.reply 8408/31/2013

Grow up, r84.

by Timmy T.reply 8508/31/2013

Get out, R85.

by Timmy T.reply 8608/31/2013

Girls, girls - you're both pretty.

by Timmy T.reply 8709/01/2013

Tim Tebow just wasn't cut out for pro football. He should just follow the path of previous Heisman Trophy winners and become a high school gym teacher, open a car dealership, or get married and murder his wife.

by Timmy T.reply 8809/01/2013

r38, why wouldn't we kick him when he's down? He hates us. He made a commercial supporting Focus on the Family. He's not an ally to our community and he gave televised support to people who work against us. I hope he's miserable.

by Timmy T.reply 8909/01/2013

Karma is a biatch, Timmy.

by Timmy T.reply 9009/01/2013

He got dream oppourtunitie and he wasted them.

by Timmy T.reply 9109/01/2013

[quote]He got dream oppourtunitie(sic) and he wasted them.

He didn't waste anything. He simply didn't have the talent to play pro football. Saying he wasted dream opportunities is like saying Kelly Ripa wasted the chance to sing at the Metropolitan Opera. She doesn't have the talent to do it.

Tebow tried but failed on three teams. Those teams wasted the money and time they invested into a football "personality" instead of putting their focus on getting a good football player.

There are 1,692 pro football players who are better than Tubby Tebow. That's why he's out of a job.

by Timmy T.reply 9209/01/2013

even though he annoys me, I do find him hot enough to sex with.

by Timmy T.reply 9309/01/2013

He should go with Weight Watchers and lose 20 lbs. of flab. He could end up being a WW spokesperson.

by Timmy T.reply 9409/01/2013

I don't understand why he insists that he MUST be a QB. I've read a number of stories that say he could play several other positions, but that he can't read defenses and can't run with the ball as a QB.

by Timmy T.reply 9509/01/2013

LOL - give any of these queens a shot at standing between Brady and Tebow in the showers and see how much shit they talk.

Between the sight of lather flowing over Tom's ass, caressing each cheek with little bubble kisses, sliding into his cleft, and the suds flowing on sheets down Tebow's chest, then the vision of water streaming off of Brady's cock on the left and Tebow's on the right, as Tom absentmindedly rolls his balls, and Tom runs his fingers thru his pubes.

Tom, naked, back, left profile, then right, then front, head under the jets, and there's Tim, in profile, his fat balls hanging heavy, his dick jutting out, inches from you.


by Timmy T.reply 9609/01/2013

Where's the hate for Ryan Leaf?

by Timmy T.reply 9709/01/2013

Is Tim still claiming to be a virgin?

by Timmy T.reply 9809/01/2013

I wanna' know what he did to piss of God?

by Timmy T.reply 9909/01/2013

Is this man the BIGGEST closet case in sports, or what?

He should just go and start a church somewhere and become a pastor for a living.

by Timmy T.reply 10009/01/2013

Tim takes it up the ass, so it doesn't count

by Timmy T.reply 10109/01/2013

Who is his down low boyfriend?

by Timmy T.reply 10209/01/2013

They say rain is the piss of God r99. Maybe timmy played in it--mommy told him to come in when it got too thunderous and much lightening.

by Timmy T.reply 10309/01/2013

Fuck, I miss locker rooms: handsome guys with great bodies shoving off their underwear, their dicks bobbing up and down, happy to be free; pale, round, firm asses; the hottest, sweetest guy I ever knew, naked and amazing, a few feet from naked me, me wanting to just gaze forever, but too nervous to even so close, and yet so far ..

by Timmy T.reply 10409/01/2013

Oh R104...

'Tale as old as time... True as it can be...'

by Timmy T.reply 10509/01/2013

If you watched his Denver games, you saw him miss wide-open receivers repeatedly. You saw him throw the ball to invisible people. You saw him get fucking lucky and scramble around and beat defenses to the end zone. Of course that was effective. Just like the Wildcat offense, where the center snaps the ball directly to the halfback, was effective for one season. It took one season for NFL defenses to adapt to that. It took them one season to figure out how to sack Tim Tebow. He cannot read defenses. He cannot throw the ball well.

Josh McDaniels and Skip Bayless caused this Tebow worship mess. Two men shaped the entire story about this crappy football player. The power of the media amazes me sometimes.

Now, maybe we can forget this guy.

by Timmy T.reply 10609/01/2013

"Josh McDaniels and Skip Bayless caused this Tebow worship mess. Two men shaped the entire story about this crappy football player. The power of the media amazes me sometimes."

How will ESPN and TebowCenter survive with Tebow no longer in the NFL?

by Timmy T.reply 10709/01/2013

Time for Timmy to hit his knees and open his mouth for prayer.

by Timmy T.reply 10809/01/2013

I don't know if Tim is gay or not, but each interview shows that he's in tune with his feminine side. I would not be surprised if he came out, if he doesn't find a career in sports. However, I wouldn't be surprised if he got married right away to avoid the rumors. Regardless, I think he's a nice guy. It's hard to dislike the man.

by Timmy T.reply 10909/01/2013

True dat. Bet he marry up real quick now.

by Timmy T.reply 11009/01/2013

But if you ever talked to one of his fans and said that perhaps we should wait until he's had a worthwhile career before we anoint him a deity they would have gone ballistic.

by Timmy T.reply 11109/01/2013

[quote]If you watched his Denver games, you saw him miss wide-open receivers repeatedly. You saw him throw the ball to invisible people.

It was Jesus shouting, "I'm open, Tim! I'm open!" Unfortunately, Jesus does not catch well with those nail holes.

by Timmy T.reply 11209/01/2013

On the other hand, you seem to do quite well for yourself with your gaping anal hole, R112.

by Timmy T.reply 11309/01/2013

NICE asses

by Timmy T.reply 11409/01/2013

R89,you mean as miserable as you are in your gay life?

by Timmy T.reply 11509/01/2013

And I'm sure you could make a field goal from 70 yards shooting the ball from your gaping cunt, R113.

by Timmy T.reply 11609/01/2013

And I'm sure you'd be right there to catch it with your gaping anal hole.

by Timmy T.reply 11709/01/2013

Ladies, ladies! You're all worthless!

by Timmy T.reply 11809/01/2013

Girls, girls - you're both pretty.

by Timmy T.reply 11909/01/2013

Tim Tebow isn't gay because he fucks his mom.

by Timmy T.reply 12009/01/2013

r120. False. Tim Tebow isn't gay because he doesn't burst into flames when he goes to church.

by Timmy T.reply 12109/01/2013

Why is it that we only hear about Mama Tebow but not a word about his father.

Oh, wait. Nevermind. . . .

by Timmy T.reply 12209/01/2013

He only bursts into flames when he's interviewed.

by Timmy T.reply 12309/01/2013

Mama Tebow homeschooled him for 12 years. When he went to the U. of Fla., she bought a home near the football players' dorm. When he played for Denver, she bought a home in Denver. She sold that and moved to New York and recently sold that and moved to Boston. She's the only female on the planet who moves more than a lesbian.

He'll never come out while she's still supervising him.

by Timmy T.reply 12409/01/2013

That exchange between gaping anal hole and gaping cunt was fucking hilarious! The visual of footballs popping through the air from one to the other is too much. Can't breathe!

by Timmy T.reply 12509/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 12609/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 12709/01/2013

It sounds like part of Mister Timmy's problems stem from his ultra-dominant mother and seemingly absent father--kind of the classic Freudian crap for "what causes" homosexuality. At age 26 or whatever he is, he needs to sever the apron strings. Next, he should take a good, hard look at the religious bullshit and figure out what he truly wants to do with it. Someone suggested he become a high school gym teacher and that isn't a bad suggestion; it's probably all he's fit to do unless he goes the route of other ex-football/baseball players and becomes an announcer or does commercials although not muscling in on Joe Theismann and his prostate med gig. In some ways he's a little pathetic but I can't say that I feel sorry for him.

by Timmy T.reply 12809/01/2013

I agree, R128. Is anything known about Tebow's father? We continuously hear about her influence, but the man doesn't seem to exist.

by Timmy T.reply 12909/01/2013

Smoking hot . . .

by Timmy T.reply 13009/01/2013

I heard it was National Security. They are afraid the supply of helium will run out and having seen Tebow's press conferences, they think he's been depleting the world supply and want to ensure there is enough to blow up balloons for George H.W. Bush's 100th birthday.

by Timmy T.reply 13109/01/2013

If Tim comes out and start a gay Christian ministry, would he have any followers?

There don't seem to be any gay Christians. Most gays are atheists and I think that's why gays hate Tebow.

by Timmy T.reply 13209/01/2013

Tons of southern gays with evangelical backgrounds

by Timmy T.reply 13309/01/2013

[quote]Tim Tebow isn't gay because he fucks his mom.

Stop it! Don't be so ignorant.

by Timmy T.reply 13409/01/2013

I can't hate this guy; if he never gets what he wants then people can say, 'Well, Tim, God didn't want you to be a NFL QB.' Or they can say, 'God had another plan for you.'

Tim will rationalize it all in whatever way he needs in order to keep his faith.

Let him.

Maybe he'll get better and land on another team and lead that team to a Super Bowl win over the Patriots.

Not likely, though.

by Timmy T.reply 13509/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 13609/01/2013

Tim will use whatever popularity he has to be a TV Preacher or a motivational speaker. Some manager will find a way to make money off him.

I just can not stand celebrities who are constantly parading their religion out to the public.

by Timmy T.reply 13709/01/2013

[quote[All you Tebow haters can go to HELL!

Well, that's sort of the point he's trying to make with his God-stuff, isn't it?

by Timmy T.reply 13809/01/2013

[quote]Tim will use whatever popularity he has to be a TV Preacher or a motivational speaker.

He would need a total voice makeover. You have to have a commanding voice to be a motivational speaker or TV preacher.

by Timmy T.reply 13909/01/2013

To be a preacher, one has to have a following. Now that Tim Tebow is no longer a football player and being FIRED from 3 teams, he will no longer have any fans.

Just look at how people are laughing at him. He must be so humiliated.

He has a charity foundation, but look for it to close soon.

I just don't see how he can easily find another line of work.

by Timmy T.reply 14009/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 14109/01/2013

You have cursed yourself, R141. That will come back to you tenfold.

by Timmy T.reply 14209/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 14309/01/2013


Bitch you're no psychic so STFU!

Tebow is done! RIP his career.

by Timmy T.reply 14409/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 14509/01/2013

R144 No,142 is correct. You put things like that out, especially against an innocent, the Kindly Ones take notice.

Some of you clearly don't understand Christianity. If Tebow is facing tough times, be sure he'll have "Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani" on his mind. Where did you girls get this transactional view of that faith?

by Timmy T.reply 14609/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 14709/01/2013

May be a has-been but still hot.

by Timmy T.reply 14809/01/2013

So, will it be the Montreal Alouettes for TT? Not sure his god-boy virgin schtick will go over quite as big in Canader, but perhaps he could be a big fish in a small pond up here. Not that I follow football if I can help it.

by Timmy T.reply 14909/01/2013

Can someone find the link to that "gay sounding" interview Tim once gave?

by Timmy T.reply 15009/02/2013

Friends chatted with Megan in a Provincetown shop last week.

by Timmy T.reply 15109/02/2013

I wish there were magic words to recite 3 times and send these fraus back to Ivillage. Hmmm, let's try this one: Tuna, tuna, tuna. Hope it works.

by Timmy T.reply 15209/02/2013

I thought he was supposed to be a big deal in the NFL? Was it just the fundies that made a big deal about him?

by Timmy T.reply 15309/02/2013

Commentators are saying he should try the CFL. Ouch.

by Timmy T.reply 15409/02/2013


Did you just say innocent R146? 0~0

before I chew you like the clueless bitch you are... ___ please take a moment and check your kitchen because there's something liking there. I really feel like a pipe can burst, so make sure you check on that. ___

don't fucking come here and talk about the fable that's Christianity bitch. A lot of what was written was made by men that would now be consider woman-hating,rapist, pedophile, racist, and all around criminals bitch!!!

by Timmy T.reply 15509/02/2013

Sure you do R139

by Timmy T.reply 15609/02/2013

[quote]Tim Tebow is OVER! Good riddance. I can't stand that smug, self entitled piece of shit.

He is not self entitled, bitch.

by Timmy T.reply 15709/02/2013

R141 just cursed himself,

by Timmy T.reply 15809/02/2013

[quote]Commentators are saying he should try the CFL. Ouch.

Did they really say that?

by Timmy T.reply 15909/02/2013

"Can someone find the link to that 'gay sounding' interview Tim once gave?"

R150, it's linked at R109.

by Timmy T.reply 16009/02/2013

He's the latest victim of the "Heisman curse"

by Timmy T.reply 16109/02/2013

This is Tebow's future. See link of fundie, former Olympian ice skater Chad Hedrick who now makes a living solely as a "Christian speaker" to groups of like minds. Compared to Tebow, Hedrick is a small fry. Tebow would be very popular on that circuit, and it could be quite lucrative for him. He would also have endorsements for various large "Christian" businesses.

The only other football player who is a Republican fundie of similar stature is Drew Brees who does interviews with Christian publications and speeches to such groups but who has a multi-million dollar contract and endorsements. Once he retires, he may do the same as Hedrick and, presumably, Tebow. Brees also has expressed support for anti-bullying and says he's a fan of Glee, so he may not be the "perfect" Christian role model that Tebow is.

by Timmy T.reply 16209/02/2013

Here's Hedrick's promotional video for "Executive Speakers Bureau". "To book Olympian and Christian Speaker Chad Hedrick, call Executive Speakers Bureau at 800-754-9404."

by Timmy T.reply 16309/02/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 16409/02/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 16509/02/2013

Thanks, r165...that's very interesting.

by Timmy T.reply 16609/02/2013

Chad Hedrick is another closetcase.

OMG! Tim's linked interview! 00

Millions of Purses falling out of his mouth.

by Timmy T.reply 16709/02/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 16809/02/2013

"Chad Hedrick is another closetcase."

Why do you think that? He's married (not that this is conclusive) and has a young daughter.

by Timmy T.reply 16909/02/2013

The title of this thread cracks me up. I think reality tv beckons.

by Timmy T.reply 17009/02/2013

Best tweet I've seen on this:

Jesus is like "Fuck Tim Tebow."

by Timmy T.reply 17109/02/2013

R164 would kill his own mother.

by Timmy T.reply 17209/02/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 17309/02/2013

Back at ya, fairy!!!R164

by Timmy T.reply 17409/02/2013

I don't think Tim Tebow ever said that he hated gays. So bizarre there is such extreme hate towards him by gays. Even if he is not a good football player, why such anger and hatred.

by Timmy T.reply 17509/02/2013

they are jealous that he's getting fucked by someone and it's not them.

by Timmy T.reply 17609/02/2013

R175, he did a Super Bowl ad for Focus on the Family, an anti-gay evangelical organization founded by James Dobson. Google them. Unless Tebow is truly a tard or just utterly ignorant, one cannot but know of their stance against gays.

by Timmy T.reply 17709/02/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 17809/02/2013

Gays hate him? I thought everyone hated him because of his constant Chritianity bullshit.

At least gays know he's gay.

by Timmy T.reply 17909/02/2013

"The only other football player who is a Republican fundie of similar stature is Drew Brees who does interviews with Christian publications and speeches to such groups but who has a multi-million dollar contract and endorsements"

Aaron Rodgers is a fundie but he's not as obnoxious about it as Tim

by Timmy T.reply 18009/02/2013

R13.R18,R53,R63,R89,R136,R143,R144,R155,R164,R173,R178 is turning out to be one of the most annoying and deranged trolls in recent (?) DL history. Please start getting some therapy ,so much hatred and madness can`t be good for you.

by Timmy T.reply 18109/02/2013

Really r181? With all the Tebow-loving fangurls that have flocked over to post in this thread, that's the least offensive poster. But then, you're r115. So what are you doing here?

by Timmy T.reply 18209/02/2013

R181 is also the "faggots faggots faggots" troll from the Tim Tebow thread, and probably the cross-sucker who started the "A Christian here," so who's really deranged one.

by Timmy T.reply 18309/02/2013

I think you're mistaken about R181 being a Christian. She's more likely a KKKristian.

by Timmy T.reply 18409/02/2013

Tat tvam asi.

by Timmy T.reply 18509/02/2013

R183,THIS is the Tim Tebow thread,there was not a single use of the `f....t` in it and WTF is cross-sucker? Man ,are you confused.

by Timmy T.reply 18609/02/2013

R175 It's like "Sodom and Gomorrah 2: Electric Boogaloo" here...

by Timmy T.reply 18709/02/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 18809/02/2013

'We gonna rock down to Fellatio Avenue'

by Timmy T.reply 18909/02/2013

R188,why do you ask him? You should know .

by Timmy T.reply 19009/02/2013

"Tim" is what R88 calls his reflection in the mirror...

by Timmy T.reply 19109/02/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 19209/02/2013

r187 - That joke goes over well at iVillage, hey? Now run along. You've certainly told us.

by Timmy T.reply 19309/02/2013

'Dammit, Tim! You're going to go down there, and face mom, and tell her you're gay!'

Talkin' to the man in the mirror...

by Timmy T.reply 19409/02/2013

R192- W T F ?

by Timmy T.reply 19509/02/2013

Chad is gay and closeted. Pray away the gay??

by Timmy T.reply 19609/02/2013

If Tebow is gay, he's shown that he doesn't have the courage to come out. He'll get married to a Christian idiot, drink on the sly which will help him produce two kids, and then make money from the religious idiots while making sure his dick gets serviced.

by Timmy T.reply 19709/02/2013

Would the Canadian Football League even want Tebow?

by Timmy T.reply 19809/02/2013

[quote]If Tebow is gay, he's shown that he doesn't have the courage to come out.

He needs more time to get away from his Fundie mother. After all, look at some of the high-profile gays who came out recently. Wentworth Miller is 41. Anderson Cooper was 45. Matt Bomer was 34. Tebow just turned 26.

by Timmy T.reply 19909/02/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 20009/02/2013

Mmmm. I wanna latch on to that beautiful tongue forever and ever.

by Timmy T.reply 20109/02/2013

You don`t give up,don`t you? Go away ,troll.

by Timmy T.reply 20209/02/2013

You're just JEALOUS, because you can't have him!

by Timmy T.reply 20309/02/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 20409/02/2013

Dear God, why did my obstetrician cut me?

by Timmy T.reply 20509/02/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Timmy T.reply 20609/02/2013

Belichick refuses to rule out Tebow comeback

by Timmy T.reply 20709/02/2013

He is one of the most beautiful men on the planet, not only on the outside, but even more rarely, on the inside.

I want Tim's giant T-bone. Thoroughly and frequently.

by Timmy T.reply 20809/02/2013

I think Tim is too gentle for such a rough sport. Maybe it is for the best that he is not going to be playing anymore.

Good luck to his new career.

by Timmy T.reply 20909/02/2013

The Patriots have two quarterbacks on the active roster. If starter Tom Brady or backup Ryan Mallett is injured, they would need another. Would they bring back Tebow or go with someone who can throw a football well enough to hit the target.

by Timmy T.reply 21009/02/2013

Tevo's repressed homosexuality is throwing his game off, he needs to ditch that bitch mother of his and come out !!!!

by Timmy T.reply 21109/02/2013

I seemed to have read that he is becoming more a man of his own. He is distancing himself from those hate mongering Christians that his mom's involved with.

by Timmy T.reply 21209/02/2013

I second r209's sentiment. Timmy seems a tad too gentle to be playing a sport like football. Unless he likes getting man-handled as such.

by Timmy T.reply 21309/02/2013

Two words, Timmy: GAY PORN

by Timmy T.reply 21409/03/2013

The Buffalo Bills are now desperate for a QB.

Replacement Matt Leinart lasted less than a week, now they've signed Brady Quinn.

If Quinn doesn't cut it . . .

by Timmy T.reply 21509/03/2013

Brady Quinn can hit the target when he throws a football.

by Timmy T.reply 21609/03/2013

Brady Quinn is hot hot hot

by Timmy T.reply 21709/03/2013

Can Timmy type? Maybe he can get a job at a temp agency.

by Timmy T.reply 21809/04/2013

Still job hunting. Momma in a panic. He's her meal ticket.

by Timmy T.reply 21909/06/2013

Jacksonville fans want the Jaguars to sign Tebow!

by Timmy T.reply 22009/16/2013

Fortunately for the Jags, the fans don't call the shots.

by Timmy T.reply 22109/16/2013
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