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Drug bust in Horton Square

Jack Deveraux Jr, known as JJ, son of hospital worker(what does she actually do?)Jennifer Horton-Deveraux, was arrested in a drug bust. I hope his smug face disappears in jail... Bubba will love him!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 60009/09/2013

FUck those Horton donuts up their asses!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 108/31/2013

Horton hears a who.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 208/31/2013

OP, you probably should have been a little more stealth in your follow up description.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 308/31/2013

JJ is the Sami of the 21st century.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 408/31/2013

Days has got to ditch the HD. It ruins the quality of the storytelling and it probably costs much more. The old format of shooting a soap was much more flattering to the actors, physically.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 508/31/2013

LMAO at the Mark Valley troll. Yeah he's had prime time work, because he's admittedly HOT. It certainly isn't for his acting prowess. Certainly not on Days. His "I have to prove to Jennifer that Peter is a bad guy" followed by a blank stare didn't do much to impress. Sorry.

Whatever. You can be the greatest actor in the world and still be all wrong for the part. Meryl Streep could try to be Marlena Evans, but I doubt it would work.

And ego? LMAO. Ok right. Whatever floats your boat of delusion. I don't know what kind of ego MA has, but I know Days is FULL of egos. GMAB. We all know the reason MA was fired was because JERk was a shallow fuck who didn't see MA as his "typical leading man". That is to say, he wasn't a dumbass model who did what he was told and had no real personality.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 608/31/2013

Meryl would be a good Kate recast after Deborah Adair left, had they not found the Koz.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 708/31/2013

Also, the ratings went UP in that time period because of the Marlena possesion, Sami scheming,Kristen, and most importantly the return of Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell.

It certainl wasn't the Jenn/Jack/Peter/Laura Snorefest.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 808/31/2013

Or Laura....

by Anne, hospital HRreply 908/31/2013

[quote]MA was fired was because JERk was a shallow fuck who didn't see MA as his "typical leading man".

That is just not true R6.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 1008/31/2013

Yes it is true. I actually read it in soap opera digest once. The asshole pretty much said it. He wanted Jack to be a "Real match for Peter." Fuck him.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 1108/31/2013

[quote]This is what SSH wrote in her autobiography about Charlotte Ross (though she didn't name Ross): "The little blond ingenue the Fates gave me to work with next was playing a sassy bitch, but the writing never matched her talent for being hateful. After an unforgettable run she left Days to do more of the same on nighttime TV. At her farewell party the cake had a picture of her face on it. I remember nobody took a slice of her mouth."

Sounds like SSH really did just have a problem with any woman she had to work with. I've never heard anyone say anything of the sort about Charlotte. Did SSH name her other co-stars when talking (negatively) about them?

SSH probably just didn't like that she was having to play second fiddle to someone younger, more attractive, and more talented than she was. She probably thought that she would at least over shadow her on screen, didn't, and got upset about it.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 1208/31/2013

The Matt Ashford lunatics are never going to be convinced of anything, so let's move on to a new topic.

But first let's cleanse our palate, with this picture.

Will getting DPed by EJ and Chad while he blows Cameron.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 1308/31/2013

Yeah ok . Pissed off fans are always "Lunatics" aren't they? But yeah, move on because you are obviously 1) A Schill for the show or 2) one of those annoying DL posters who don't know shit, but pretend to in order to stir up crap.


by Anne, hospital HRreply 1408/31/2013

When this thread gets deleted can we get "Fuck Those Hortons and Their Donuts, Pt 2?"

by Anne, hospital HRreply 1508/31/2013

[13] For a second I thought you actually HAD a picture. And was thinking "Where the fuck is the link to is?"

by Anne, hospital HRreply 1608/31/2013

R15, it should be something like 'Drug use on the rise among Midwestern Teens'.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 1708/31/2013

Have they ever established which state Salem is supposed to be in?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 1808/31/2013

Char's tweet was interesting. Days can make it happen. They need her more than they need MArk Valley right now!;)

About Mark Valley, I think that MA was the better Jack but he has been less politically correct in his career to say the least. MV is good looking but he's been far more diplomatic. God knows who he blew on the gay casting coach as well.

About HD, it's here to stay. Wait til they shoot in both 4K or 8k(4 times and 8 times regular HD).You think Jennifer Horton looks bad now, just wait until we see her glorious face in HD.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 1908/31/2013

They keep on talking about The Cubs....they haven't been precise about where it is in the Midwest but they have intimated that it's in Illinois.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 2008/31/2013

Ah, okay. I could have sworn back in the 80's/90's they used to hint that it was in Oregon.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 2108/31/2013

[quote]I love the character and SSH is Julie, but even she has admitted that she was a cunt on that set.

She writes in her book that Thaao Penghliss called her that one day and reduced her to tears. Their personalities clashed, she said, because they both had to have the last word on everything. They went on to become great friends.

I suspect the SSH-Ross problem was much like the Susan Lucci-Sarah Michelle Gellar problem on AMC.

I've always been amazed by the intensity of Matthew Ashford's fan base.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 2208/31/2013

[quote]I've always been amazed by the intensity of Matthew Ashford's fan base.

And they've done him no favors. The louder they squawk, the more it pisses off TPTB.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 2308/31/2013

I like Matt Ashford and I prefer his Jack. However, I DO NOT like Matt Ashford fans. They are some of the worst of the fan bases except for maybe the slightly less crazy EJami fans.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 2408/31/2013

They need to stop with this "*gasp* POT!" Pot is shocking anymore. They need him to be selling crack. (insert joke)

by Anne, hospital HRreply 2508/31/2013

[quote] About Mark Valley, I think that MA was the better Jack but he has been less politically correct in his career to say the least.

what has he said and done?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 2608/31/2013

[quote]Biggest cuntfest ever!That's how. Kristen would make mincemeat out of Eve. Though Eve's become older and probably wiser at this point.

Oh, I wouldn't be so fast to think that Kristen would win the battle of the cunts. Eve was a special kind of cunt... unlike Kristen, Eve wasn't a conniving, manipulating, schemer because she was crazy. Eve was just naturally a bitch. The one who cunts with a rational mind can always get the upper hand over one who's crazy. They make less mistakes.

Besides, being cunted always hurts more when it comes from a sweet, angelic face that you don't expect it from.

Bonus, Eve's character would totally straight up say to Kristen, "Aren't you a little OLD to be having a baby? You're 60, are you a medical miracle?"

by Anne, hospital HRreply 2708/31/2013

Also on the Eve vs. Kristen battle, just think about what a ruthless bitch Eve was... and she was just a teen. Imagine how much nastier she could be with 20 additional years under her belt.

The possibilities are endless, but she could particularly come back and make Jen's life a living hell by going after her. The storyline could revolve around her coming back to Salem with Frankie's kid in tow. Child could be male or female, in their 20's and be just as nasty as Eve, inciting trouble with the other kids.

Eve could go after Jen with some storyline that she's pissed Frankie left her in Africa, came back and was going to marry Jen a few years back and she's now out for revenge.

Maybe she'll come back and be a Madam... maybe she'd get some dirt on Kristen and force her to be one of her "girls," ha.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 2808/31/2013

I liked both Mark Valley and Matt Ashford. I think both were good in their own ways.

No need to troll for one or the other.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 2908/31/2013

Eve would certainly be perplexed why a woman as unhinged as Kristen would be best friends with Jennifer Horton. Then again....

by Anne, hospital HRreply 3008/31/2013

Isn't he about 3 years old? How much have they aged him? This kind of shit is a big part of why I can't watch this show anymore. Sami was born in 1984, yet she is already a grandmother.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 3108/31/2013

Thanks to HD, DOOL viewers got a good look at Eric Martsolf's dirty fingernails when he presented the diamond ring to Kristen.

Last week, we got to see two bright red pimples on his back when he rolled over in the sack toward Kristen.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 3208/31/2013

r32 - true. And HD also makes the sets look fake.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 3308/31/2013

What's this telling Days to stop doing HD? I don't get it. What's the problem?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 3408/31/2013

Matthew Ashford is Jack, case closed.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 3508/31/2013

We already explained r34. It is not flattering to the actors, it makes the lighting even more horrendous and is prevents the show from having a physical aesthetic by virtue of it seeming 'real'. To that effect, any outlandish storyline the show then comes up with is even more ludicrous when presented in HD. The show is going to hell because it LOOKS and SOUNDS like SHIT. You couldn't do a storyline such as the Princess Gina mystery in HD on Days 2013 because the show's look is now just too stark, unremarkable and too detailed to capture the enigma and the mystique required:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 3608/31/2013

R36 They aren't going back to SD no matter how shitty the paper mache's sets look like! Unfortunately for Days it shows all the warts and all of the soap's low budget.

R31 Days soarsed EJ and Brady so there is no way they would be this old in real life.

R28 Kristen has Stefano, Peter Blake,EJ and possibly Tondre and the rest of the DiMeras behind her. Kristen would kick her ass on a one on one then Eve would just disappear.Being a crazy cunt and a bitch,it's a deadly combination. Ask any guy who's been involved with one! Even though ED looks good for her age, I would still fuck the shit out of CR. Charlotte is so fucking seductive even at that age. What a gorgeous woman she is.Oh and the bitchy remark about Kristen's age...Eve is no spring chicken anymore either for that matter.She's not as old as Kristen BUT knowing TPTB she'll at least end up with grandkids now as well.....

by Anne, hospital HRreply 3708/31/2013

“... some poor little person who’s shaking with fear that he’ll blow in the pool! He has no way to steer! I’ll just have to save him. Because, after all, a person’s a person, no matter how small.”

by Anne, hospital HRreply 3808/31/2013

Shawn Douglas is older than Brady. Brady and Abigail are the same age. Belle is a year younger than Brady and Abigail. Phillip is a year younger than Belle. Will is a year younger than Phillip. EJ is a year younger than Phillip.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 3908/31/2013

They need to get Charlotte Ross back to fill the void left by Eileen. It's as simple as that.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 4008/31/2013

I miss the campy ways of old Days - Princess Gina marrying Bo and getting irritated by his son, forcing Shawn D at gunpoint to jump off the building ledge at the wedding reception & make it look like a suicide. Who wanted Hope to come back after this? NO ONE!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 4108/31/2013

"Days" did Princess Gina in 2010 when the show was already in HD. I don't see what HD has to do with anything. The sets look the way they do because they have no budget. No camera technique would change that fact.

I don't see a recent 'realness' look to the show? I mean, the only way I can see a difference is if I go back and watch the episodes from the 1990s. Everything was so gauze-y. That was the time of Jim Reilly, which sounds like what you long for, since you're talking Princess Gina.

HD is better for humans, believe it or not. The widescreen has been found to work better on the human brain, better than a scope-like presentation. You know, they could always change the look of the camera with the flip of a switch. It's all digital now. It doesn't take any time at all. You have to also remember lighting. That makes a show look different as well. "The View" is shot in HD, and they use lighting and other techniques to still give it a soft-feel. They could do that with "Days." They don't need to go back to SD to do it.

I have no problem with the look of the show. I wouldn't want it to go back to the look of the 90s. HD is not going anywhere. That's the standard. They have no choice.

For someone as vain as Eric Martsolf, I can't believe he does that show with those dents in his forehead.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 4208/31/2013

[quote]I miss the campy ways of old Days

The late Jim Reilly, which the majority of fans don't want. His ridiculous stories almost ended the show when NBC forced him back onto the soap in the mid-00s. The ratings went down the toilet.

Sorry, but viewers don't want that sort of camp anymore.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 4308/31/2013

This is totally something JJ would do.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 4408/31/2013

Just shut r43. Just shut the fuck up.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 4508/31/2013

[quote]Just shut [R43].

Oh, dear.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 4608/31/2013

It's the truth, though. JER's ridiculous storytelling (along with that of his emulators) destroyed DAYS. Most of it is laughable to watch now.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 4708/31/2013

Fun music video with Kristen, Sheila Carter & Annie Dutton:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 4808/31/2013

From 93 to 97 was the best the Days had ever been since Bill Bell was writing. It was fun, campy, romantic, over the top at times, and gothic and one of the most talked about periods of any soap, ever. It was a good time and entertaining. The people who didn't like it just didn't get it and were out of touch with everything.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 4908/31/2013

r47 that because you took it literally. JER's original run on Days was steeped in esoteric mysticism - of course a lot of it was disguised as Catholicim but you get the point with Marlena's possession. It was all about Depth Psychology. Stefano visiting Marlena as his Queen of the Night, exposing her to the unconscious and making her vulnerable to herself. The Secret Room with Kristen too was symbolic for psychological repression - keeping things stored away and trying to be someone else (Susan Banks represents the Id, or all that is unrefined and crass and animal in us, just another variation of the demon possessing Marlena). If you want a more modern reference point than the ancient fables of civilization (all of which JER continued in the tradition of), look no further than AIDS. The Queen of the Night storyline was Marlena being exposed to the 'delights' of the night and being promised Stefano's opulent heaven of culture and knowledge (all that New York was in the 70s) - the very source she was exposed to the terrible thing that consumed and killed her before she rose again.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 5008/31/2013

I love and adore you R50.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 5108/31/2013

[quote]over the top at times

Surely, you jest.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 5208/31/2013

r51, sorry for my atrocious spelling - when I wrote that, I too was possessed.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 5308/31/2013

There have been a few moments in the last decade when Days has triumphed in recapturing that mystical ambiance - but usually, it has been fleeting. Here was the final time:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 5408/31/2013

"Disguised" as Catholicism?

JER was a huge Catholic. He got out his fetishes and deep, dark needs in his writing. He took all of that shit very seriously. And he was nuts.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 5508/31/2013

When there was nobody to oversee JER, he could get a little carried away.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 5608/31/2013

All great writers are a little nuts, r55. I teach a Writing for Television class r50, I rarely talk about soaps, but would love to include your post in a description of Days 93-97.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 5708/31/2013

[quote]They need to stop with this "*gasp* POT!" Pot is shocking anymore. They need him to be selling crack. (insert joke)

Isn't J.J. going to get busted for dealing coke, not pot?! He is always doing coke with and selling coke to that tramp Theresa.

That little turd J.J. has been dealing coke in a park near Horton Square. He's been so smug and arrogant, he thought he was untouchable.

The funniest scenario would be to see J.J. OD, then have Daniel on call in the ER to treat him!

Perhaps if some viewers actually paid attention to the show rather than the behind-the-scenes drama of the cast, perhaps you'd know what's going on?

90% of these posts are about the personal lives of the cast, the writers and their money situations, does all that info help some of you enjoy the show better?

Who cares.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 5808/31/2013

See them down in Horton Square, dropping "H"s everywhere! Speaking English anyway they like!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 5908/31/2013

MA has BDF

by Anne, hospital HRreply 6008/31/2013

"Passions" and "Days" were different--I would go so far as to say opposites, in fact. The moment at the end of the musical number where Theresa, back in character, says, "I'm losing my mind!" showed the audience that the viewer is supposed to separate the craziness from the real plot. Because the OOT elements weren't meant to be taken seriously (Tabitha/Timmy being an exception, because the audience connected to poor Timmy and the actor who played him), I don't think "Passions" was camp as much as it was an elaborate and unbounded send-up of the soap genre and narrative cliches in general.

"Days" never telegraphed a divide between the serious and the silly the way "Passions" did. Everything was taken incredibly seriously--that's not a criticism, as a lot of the '90s stories really worked. But because they were taken seriously, but were crazy, they were camp.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 6108/31/2013

Interesting, salient points r61. I would say that Sunset Beach was the original soap parody and the prototype for what Passions became.

Funnily enough, one of Sunset's best performers, Priscilla Garita, was a Theresa recast for a few days when Lindsay was absent and I thought she was terrific. Wouldn't have minded if she had stayed. Sunset Beach was a huge hit in Europe by the way. They *got* it.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 6208/31/2013

[quote]Oh and the bitchy remark about Kristen's age...Eve is no spring chicken anymore either for that matter.

Eve would be in her 40s and it'd still be possible for her to have a baby. Not only that, but Charlotte LOOKS like she could still have a baby, Kristen/Eileen, not so much...

Either way, it's still a remark that Eve would not be afraid to make to Kristen.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 6308/31/2013

Abby is very sexy. I think she might lez out with Theresa. They'd be a very sex-ellent lezzie couple.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 6408/31/2013

I love how a Charlotte Ross troll(s) have invaded this board suddenly.

Eve is a character who hasn't even been referenced in 20 years.

Charlotte Ross is doing well in Hollywood. Don't hold your breath on her coming back to the show.

Thaoo Penghlis is more likely to return to GH as Victor Cassadine than Charlotte is to return to Days as Eve.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 6508/31/2013

Most of the fraus who watch Days would love to see Cameron's sizemeat enter Abby's body.They'll probably keep their gayness masculine on Days. However Theresa could make a move on her,one never knows....

by Anne, hospital HRreply 6608/31/2013

So what if some Charlotte Ross fans are in the threat? It's a testament to her brilliance as Eve that she is still held in high regard 20 years later.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 6708/31/2013

[quote]I love how a Charlotte Ross troll(s) have invaded this board suddenly. Eve is a character who hasn't even been referenced in 20 years. Charlotte Ross is doing well in Hollywood. Don't hold your breath on her coming back to the show.

So what? What's your problem with it? Yeah, it's been 20 years, and yet it's obvious that people still remember the character and wouldn't mind her coming back. I don't think that Charlotte might come back (although it's obvious she'd be open to it) but the character of Eve was great and could add a lot to the show.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 6808/31/2013

R61 I never saw Passions as poignantly as you do. I just saw it as taking Days most absurd and magical/mystical elements and vulgarizing them even further. A vanilla straight friend of mine who loved Night Gallery loved Passion because of Juliet Mills her hijinks and the outlandish storylines. In addition, Robin Strasser better known as Dorian Lord did duty there as a "real witch" not a pretend one.She seemed to play Hecuba in rather camp fashion making her portrayal of Dorian seem Oscar worthy comparison!At times, it felt like Reilly would wink to the audience quite often. I didn't see it as satire but rather the distillation of some of the more insane ideas that worked on Days. When I mean worked, I'm referring to the parlor tricks that propelled it to number 2 in the ratings when JER reigned supreme there.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 6908/31/2013

So R65 would you like to just tell us who we are allowed to talk about?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 7008/31/2013

The Eve door was opened by Charlotte herself on twitter. Don't be surprised if Corday and Company ask her back now.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 7108/31/2013

Eve knew Jenn's game right away didn't she? Fantastic performance from Charlotte!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 7208/31/2013

And I like the idea of Eve coming back and fucking with Jen's life. The battles between the two were one of the few things that ever made any of the Jen story lines interesting to me.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 7308/31/2013

This petty, attack-each-other bullshit is what gets these threads shut down.

Gossip about the show. Gossip about the actors. Take your fanbase wars to some other website.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 7408/31/2013

Eve vs Sami would be more interesting.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 7508/31/2013

Charlotte mentions Days on her twitter feed with great fondness and interacts with all the fans. It's very exciting that she would entertain a return. Since Shane and Kimberly are coming back and Kristen's leaving a big hole in the show behind, it just feels like the stars of aligning for Eve Donovan's return to Salem!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 7608/31/2013

[quote]Eve is a character who hasn't even been referenced in 20 years.

So were Anna and Calliope and they came back 20 years later now didn't they?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 7708/31/2013

Eve Donovan was also very much a precursor for Kendall Hart and Carly Roberts. A whole character 'type' was invented around her and it has produced some of the most successful soap opera characters of the last 20 years.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 7808/31/2013

I could see Charlotte doing a very short term return and play out Eve being an inspiration for her younger half sister!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 7908/31/2013


I don't even remember the Adam Character. What was his story?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 8008/31/2013

Dee Dee Halls' new Internet vanity project.

It is dreadful.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 8108/31/2013

r80, Adam Scott was Kim's dorky assistant.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 8208/31/2013

R81 - Dee's internet show has surprisingly tight editing and pretty high production values. Color me impressed. Her "daughter" looks more like her sister, though.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 8308/31/2013

Speaking of camp and Dee Hall, I think this definitely qualifies:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 8408/31/2013

Andrea is definitely the hotter twin, but I'm not sure if she kept up with Dee Dee on the plastic surgery front. Deidre's face though, is VERY aesthetically pleasing and nice to look at on TV.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 8508/31/2013

Only person who has a problem with discussion on Charlotte is R65. R65 must be SSH.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 8608/31/2013

Deidre could have played in a television movie about Garbo at one time. She's the only one who could really capture that Nordic allure.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 8708/31/2013

Did "Deidre Hall: A Video Biography" come before or after "Welcome to My Home"?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 8808/31/2013

Dee Dee also was mom to a young Shannen Doherty.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 8908/31/2013

Tell me about it r86. When does the opportunity come up to talk about and enjoy memories of Charlotte Ross on Days? It's lovely to see people remembering her with such clarity about what her character was to the show. So many characters are just *there* but she really popped off the screen through what she withheld from the viewers. That is why she is remembered.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 9008/31/2013

I know that Charlotte says she'd be open to coming back, but with the way they shoot now, I don't know that she would. I'm not sure she'd want to subject herself to one-take shooting.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 9108/31/2013

Charlotte Ross is arguably one of (if not the) most successful actors to come off of Days. I can't even remember another actor from the show that has had much of a career after leaving. Maybe Jensen Ackles.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 9208/31/2013

That's why Eileen left. Because the show is like doing factory work now. I don't think the form, or what it has BECOME, allows an actor to really mine a character & discover all that can be discovered. Eileen is doing phenomenal work primarily because she refuses to just coast as the episode pace would allow her. She resists that tide of 'go, go, go' - it shows in every single performance as Kristen. She's trying to give that character a turmoil, a humanity and it's paying off beautifully. She needs the Emmy next year, not for the storyline she has been given but because she has dared to give the viewers much more than another standard soap bitch. Maybe if the soaps were 2 or 3 episodes a week and actors could enjoy more rehearsals, a vitality would be restored in how a show is put together. Eileen leaving the show is really a wake up call that they need to start tidying up their product at Days. This relentless pace will destroy the show.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 9308/31/2013

r75, unfortunately Sami has lost her edge since stepping out of her sister's shadow. I would have been more interested in seeing the 90s Sami pitted against Eve. I wonder how Reilly would have used Charlotte Ross in the 90s. Frankly, I don't see Eve and Kristen co-existing as characters that easily. Perhaps Kristen would not even have been created if Eve had remained on the show.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 9408/31/2013

Sami can still be devious when she wants to be.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 9508/31/2013

Ari Zuker's first scene as Nicole in 1998:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 9608/31/2013


I still think Kristen would have come along due to the Dimera connection

by Anne, hospital HRreply 9708/31/2013

Then again Kristen was a very dignified & self respecting woman when she came on the show, so I suppose she was more of a replacement for Carly Manning as opposed to Eve Donovan!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 9808/31/2013

anyone know if Kristen was always going to be a Dimera when she came on or was that added after? Also anyone know what JER wanted John's backstory to be(besides the priest)?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 9908/31/2013

Okay, here’s my story idea, that would make Days a solid #2 again.

Eve Donovan returns. She’s older and wiser, seemingly nice and very philanthropic. Maybe she returns to town to donate money to the hospital. She even moves into the old Donovan mansion. She brings with her a teen daughter who is the anti-Eve. This girl is sweet and naïve and she falls for bad boy JJ. For whatever reason, the girl gravitates towards Jennifer and of course, it pisses Eve off. So Eve starts fucking JJ and they have a crazy, wild affair. Non-stop sweaty sex. The affair is revealed at some big party. It destroys her daughter and scandalizes the entire town, Jennifer goes after Eve and humiliates her in front of Salem.

Meanwhile, in one of Donovan Mansion’s secret rooms, there is a comatose patient. The audience is lead to believe that this patient is Eve’s husband and her daughter’s father. We see the daughter visiting the patient and reading to the patient. Months go by and it is revealed that the patient is Jack, who Eve saved with the help of the ISA’s Experimental Medical Division.

Jack wakes up and doesn’t realize who he is and believes that he is Eve’s husband and her daughter’s father. There’s your 2 year storyline.

It is multi-generational, brings in history, has a young story and young romance element, has a 40something element, has hot sex, scandal, outrageousness, and a little camp.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 10008/31/2013

r100, I really like that apart from the Jack having amnesia and being in Eve's thrall part - that kind of twist will only make Jenn look like more an insipid heroine in the story. I think Eve and JJ would be an inspired pairing, as long as it turned into genuine love! And especially if it compromises Dannifer somehow.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 10108/31/2013

Elaine Princi originated the role of Kate on Days of our Lives

by Anne, hospital HRreply 10208/31/2013

L.Kos is a great Kate. She'll never be replaced and she's never been fired from the show. She usually gets a good storyline every few months.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 10308/31/2013

What are the odds of Ciara getting SORASed to JJ's age in order to give Hope a story?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 10408/31/2013

R100 Interesting premise. Eve was a lot of things, but she never struck me as someone that would screw over someone she loved. At least, thinking about her character doesn't make me feel like she'd sleep with her daughter's boyfriend.

I like the idea of Eve's kid being a mini-Eve. Just as ruthless and malicious as she was. Maybe they'd scheme together to take Jen down.

Or maybe her child comes to Salem first, no one knows who she/he is and the kid does his best to ruin Jen's life. Eve comes to town and it's revealed to be Frankie/Eve's kid who blames Jen for tearing their family apart.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 10508/31/2013

Lauren Koslow is fabulous. When Krista Allen played Billie, there was an incredible sense of them being mother/daughter. You can't always capture it but it was so believable with them. Something about Krista's Billie was like a younger Kate and it made Koslow give really poignant performances in their scenes together. When Rinna came back as Billie it just looked so wrong when they had scenes together.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 10608/31/2013

R104 - I never watched Days until the Will/Sonny storyline, so I'd love to see my first insane SORAS happen!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 10708/31/2013

I actually think Bo Brady's absence on the show is making his character much more interesting. I love this 'deadbeat dad' kind of Bo!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 10808/31/2013

R105 - R100's idea is to have Eve's daughter be an anti-Eve, not a mini Eve.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 10908/31/2013

Agree with R105. One of the things that made Eve such a great character was that she wasn't just a mean villain. She had a vulnerable side that made people care about her and sort of root for her. One of her traits was always her strong attachment to her family and I dont see the character jeopardizing her relationship with a kid by doing something like that. I can however see her helping her daughter find a way to scheme and trap JJ into being with her daughter.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 11008/31/2013

Oh yes before I forgot, this was a lovely gothic little scene in the Reilly tradition where Billie is delivered a crate containing the remains of her stillborn daughter with Bo (the one who turned up alive later by anyway, we didn't know that at the time!):

by Anne, hospital HRreply 11108/31/2013

Exactly. If Eve returned merely to function as a 'villainess', they'd have her moustache twirling in some plot driven mess and Charlotte would probably walk after a couple of weeks. If they do win her back, whoever is writing has really got to do their homework on that character because she's too special to desecrate.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 11208/31/2013

R109 I know. I said I like the idea of Eve managing a younger version of herself. I think it would be more interesting. We don't need two Jennifer Horton's running around Salem (as Jennifer was the antithesis of Eve back then).

by Anne, hospital HRreply 11308/31/2013

I'll say that I also like the idea of Eve somehow being involved in the ISA.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 11408/31/2013

Posted this Eve/Jennifer clip in the other thread but every Days fan should watch it. Wickedly funny!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 11508/31/2013


That's a good example of what someone said earlier. Eve was a bitch, but she played it off where you enjoyed it. You could always sort of see her side of things and you liked watching her. I remember rooting for her to take down Jennifer. Although, that could also be a testament to just how annoying the Jennifer character is.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 11608/31/2013

R65 This is what you said verbatim:Thaoo Penghlis is more likely to return to GH as Victor Cassadine than Charlotte is to return to Days as Eve.

Charlotte has been very open on Twitter about being open to a Days return. IN addition , her soap opera parents are coming back to the show. The absence of Kristen will leave a villianess void on the show. Who better to fill it?

Thaao has expressed interest in doing a return to GH as well. However I think that his return is doubtful at this point as Victor. The Cassadines have been shuffled to the side in favor of the Jeromes amongst other silly characters.If Thaao were to play Victor it would have been perfect for the 5oth anniversary. So far we've seen Faison and Jerry Jax come back along with the brief return of Stavros.Ron Carlivati claimed that it was a possibility for him to return.

Of the two actors, Charlotte is more likely to end up back on Days than Thaao will on GH.

R112 I would like to see CR do a story arc, getting in and getting out. For a few months of course. If ED returns she will basically do a story arc here and a story there. I think she might actually play Susan if she returns to Days next year.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 11708/31/2013

R84 The real Dee Dee Halls video can be found here!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 11808/31/2013

He's been doin' some rapin' too...

by Anne, hospital HRreply 11908/31/2013

R119 Whaaaa?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 12008/31/2013

Those Dee videos are like a compliment to that campfest that Ms Brenda Dickson put out. The new overdubbing in the video posted in R118 is somewhat amusing. I remember what someone said about Dee Dee who was in the fashion industry...she was like a shark! Then agin I've talked to people who have said that Dee Dee was quite nice.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 12108/31/2013

Jesus, give it up about Thaao.

No one believed your BS that he would return on GH. No one believed your fan fiction that Roger Howarth would play "Alexander Cassadine", son of Tony and Alexandria.


by Anne, hospital HRreply 12208/31/2013

Apparently Charlotte isn't returning to her series Hit the Floor next Season which opens up the door for her to return to Days. Maybe that's why she tweeted that she'd be open to it.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 12308/31/2013

[quote]When Krista Allen played Billie,

Wasn't there a third actress who played Billie Reed? She had the same sort of haircut as Lisa Rinna.

Is J.J. being sent to the same prison as Vargas, wonder what that could lead to!

Or is the little punk going to get a slap on wrist and mommy Jennifer will continue to deal with him?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 12408/31/2013

Tom Horton's funeral showed that JER could do be a traditionalist when he wanted to be:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 12509/01/2013

Here's a recent interview with Charlotte - she cites Bette Davis as an inspiration:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 12609/01/2013

R122 Queen Cuntbag, first things first. I never said Thaao would return to GH. I never even said that Howarth would play anyone, I don't like Roger Howarth! You're a liar, a troll and a cum guzzling bore. OH and a cuntess as well.

People do give give a shit about Thaao(the guy was on and off this soap from 1981 to 2009 BTW), Charlotte and other characters that are part of this soap's history. Even Marie Cheatham showed up a few years ago and she was a nearly forgotten actress on the show!

One last thing, soap threads get deleted because of little shits like you. There have been some great posts in this thread and I must say that yours is the nadir.Since you don't know what a nadir is(because you are a brain addled worm living in mommy's basement), it's the low point.


by Anne, hospital HRreply 12709/01/2013

R124 Julie Pinson was the third actress to play Billie.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 12809/01/2013

I second R122. No one except for the mental patient out of her Wellbutrin at R127 cares about Thaao.

Someone at Soap Digest must have been reading here since they have a comparison photo that says Theresa is a young Julie, too.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 12909/01/2013

R129 Wrong sir you are insane. And plenty of Days fans care about Thaao and the DiMeras. They have been on since 1981. You are not the webmaster and much like the anti-Charlotte Ross trolls you can go away!Strangely enough you seem to be in the pro-Charlotte contingent as well. You don't dictate terms to people who post here,especially when you continually troll. You deserve to be banned for that.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 13009/01/2013

I think if EJ DiMera encountered Eve Donovan, he would kick Sami's butt to the curb in no time ad make Eve a DiMera.

What do we think for a supercouple name people? EveJ? LOL

"Isn't it wonderful Jenn? I don't even have to change my initials!"

by Anne, hospital HRreply 13109/01/2013

There was a funny line a few months ago when Kristen taunted Sami about EJ throwing her out of the mansion "on her fanny".

In England, fanny is slang for vagina.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 13209/01/2013

The DOOL writers are on a roll . . . in the past week, viewers have heard the words slut and faggot repeatedly.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 13309/01/2013

R132 Very cheeky indeed.They probably intended it in all innocence BUT someone behind the scenes could have had your interpretation!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 13409/01/2013

New Will should embrace his inner Sami and fight Momma for her man!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 13509/01/2013

Charlotte also tweeted that she's already in negotiations for another part on a show (since she's not returning to Hit the Floor next season). She didn't say what it was. Wonder if it could be a return to Days? Timing would be perfect with Shane coming back soon and her putting it out there a few months ago that she'd be open to returning.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 13609/01/2013

It's so cold in Horton Square

How da fuck we s'posed to sell drugs there?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 13709/01/2013

Horton Square is a shithole. What the hell happened to Salem Place, that's what I want to know?!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 13809/01/2013

Can someone explain to me how a 3-year old is selling drugs?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 13909/01/2013

r139 to be fair, he should be 9

by Anne, hospital HRreply 14009/01/2013

JJ is no worse than Sami or Julie were at his age. They were borderline psychotic.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 14109/01/2013

R125, though Reilly is often remember for his camp and outrageous plots, he did know how to weave in effective emotional payoffs. This is what Dena Higley and now Gary Tomlin don't understand. Their stories never amount to actual stories that have a beginning, middle, and end. Their stories never have any long lasting repercussions. And worst of all, their stories never amount to game changing payoffs. Dena Higley and Gary Tomlin just write a bunch of stuff that happens.

The link is one of my favorite Jim Reilly payoffs. After a year of wondering is Gina really Hope or just another Stefano impostor, proof is found in a highly satisfying and emotional payoff that was worth the build up.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 14209/01/2013

Wow R130. You managed to rage and yet not use the word "cunt," "cunted" or "cuntress" 426 times in your post.

I feel unloved.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 14309/01/2013

[quote] LMAO at the Mark Valley troll. Yeah he's had prime time work, because he's admittedly HOT.

If only Mark Valley could be naked on DAYS. That would boost a rating or two!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 14409/01/2013

Thanks for posting that R142. I've always suspected that Susan's acting abilities were always terrible. That just confirmed it.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 14509/01/2013

I still don't understand the love for Alison Sweeney. So much fuss over such a limited actress.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 14609/01/2013

R141 - I don't think I ever saw young Julie. She did seem a bit high strung, though I like the Marlo Thomas flip.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 14709/01/2013


No wonder why SSH hated Charlotte. Not only did Charlotte have better acting chops than Susan did when she was that age... at 20 Charlotte had better acting skills than Susan does at 70.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 14809/01/2013

R139 - The same way EJ can be the stepfather to Will.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 14909/01/2013

If DAYS needs a villianess they should bring on Cynthia Watros. She would be amazing.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 15009/01/2013

"I still don't understand the love for Alison Sweeney. So much fuss over such a limited actress"

It's her pig nose that I find distracting.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 15109/01/2013

Love and miss Cynthia Watros on the soaps! She definitely has that same inexplicable IT Factor that made Charlotte Ross so compelling.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 15209/01/2013

For me, R151, it's the washed-out thin hair and pasty skin.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 15309/01/2013

Alison's face and nose in particular look a lot better now than in her 20s.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 15409/01/2013

Cynthia Watros would be fun as the evil sister of Daniel's sainted dead wife (the one he always talks about), with a fixation on Daniel.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 15509/01/2013

I was really disappointed when they killed Cynthia W's character on Lost.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 15609/01/2013

I'd love to see Kristen Davis come to Days.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 15709/01/2013

Is it asking too much to have someone kidnap Daniel's simian-looking son?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 15809/01/2013

r156, it was such a waste. Especially when they showed her character in the looney bin. It felt like a continuation of Annie Dutton didn't it? Obviously the makers of Lost never saw Cynthia's virtuoso performance on The Guiding Light because if they had, they would have made her the bloody star of that show!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 15909/01/2013

Do you think Cynthia would be a good Phyllis recast on The Y and the R? Break out the bottle of red hair dye!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 16009/01/2013

And he also knew how to thread stories R142. The affair lead to Maison Blanche which lead to Queen of the Night which lead to The Possession which lead to Aremid which lead to Lady in a Cage which lead to Kristen/Susan and the Secret Room. And while all that was going on you had Sami scheming and Vivian causing trouble.

And if you go back and watch some of the clips, he dropped hints of shit that was coming in other stories.

Whether you liked the stories or not, the execution was flawless.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 16109/01/2013

The little boy is a cutie, R158. I'd rather have someone kidnap Daniel and Jennifer and let Brady and Kristin raise Parker.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 16209/01/2013

This is really funny. She knows where to find the laugh.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 16309/01/2013

R159 - Cynthia was busted for DUI while on Lost. I don't know if that factored into their decision to kill Libby, but there was so much they could have done with her - especially given that she was in an institution.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 16409/01/2013

Days tried to do their own version of Annie/Reva on the staircase with Jenn/Nicole and they failed BADLY! Nothing compares to this. It was shocking (but kind of funny in a gallow's humor way) at the time.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 16509/01/2013

Cynthia's DUI arrest really seems to have railroaded her career, and I don't know why....dozens of other actors have done the same with little impact.

I think Cynthia would make a great Phyllis on Y&R, or any new character on DAYS....I like the idea of her being Daniel's late wife's sister. She could also be some random Horton or Brady, I'm sure.

If Peter Reckell ever came back, she should be his new love interest. Cynthia is best as a villainess who can fight against the heroine. Bring Hope down a peg, girlfriend!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 16609/01/2013

R165 Agreed. The Reva/Annie story was the last really good Reva story GL ever had.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 16709/01/2013

Tell me about it r166. I mean Mark Whalberg blinded somebody once and he's a major movie star today. Robert Downey Jr is treated like a bloody hero for his illegal exploits. Cynthia has more talent than either of them but it seems like for women, it's a different story.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 16809/01/2013

R166 - Cynthia is still working (a lot). She was wonderful in an arc of House as Wilson's ex wife.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 16909/01/2013

Actually GL copied Days Vivian and Carly r166.

What's the entire thing, it is worth it.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 17009/01/2013

You know what we were saying upthread about Kristen and Eve probably not being able to co-exist on the same show because they draw from the same energy be they virtues or vices? I think the same could be said for Carly and Hope. You can only really have one of these characters on the show at a time or the balance of the universe/microcosm of the soap world is upset.

By the way, here is a very good primetime special Days did called One Story Night. I especially like the Bo/Carly/Lawrence triangle. Lawrence appealed to Carly's sensibilities and intellect and Bo appealed to her body. My favorite line about Bo: "He's a simple man with simple needs. He'll never be able to make you happy!"

This marked the beginning of the JER era which will go down in soap history as the show's most famous:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 17109/01/2013

The pseudo-intellectualization in this thread of Jim Reilly, who could not distinguish between real actors and his characters, and whose tastes ranged from hardcore Catholicism to crass slapstick and hardcore perversion - like the He/She Killer raping every man on Passions and then giving birth to his/her dad's baby, all played for laughs - is really sad.

The man was a moral and intellectual midget.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 17209/01/2013

r172, how dare you accuse me of psuedo-intellectualism? You know what, I don't have any illusions that Reilly was CONSCIOUSLY evoking any of these timeless concepts. I offer you these patterns as indisputable proof that the conscious mind is not aware of half of what it processes and that the real story will always reveal itself - however lowbrow you perceive the particular form of soap opera to be. It is still a stage, like any other. A stage to play out the cosmic drama of the heavens. Now go away.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 17309/01/2013

I will not defend Passions or even his second stint on Days, but JER during the 90s was an incredibly fun ride that had moments of genius sprinkled in, intentional or not. You may not like his stories, but JER was a VERY effective storyteller and that something the show has been lacking since he left in 1997. He also brought in the best CONSISTENT ratings in the history of the show for a number of years. He is also responsible for too many now "classic" story lines to name.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 17409/01/2013

Do you really want to have that discussion R172?

Let's talk about Irna Phillips and her insanity.

Bill Bell's issues with older women.

Doug Marland's penchant for incest or pseudo incest and the tootsies of various actors.

Henry Slesar's sleeping with actresses and giving out story accordingly.

Claire Labine's eccentricities.

The Dobson's batshit craziness.

Agnes Nixon's temper tantrums behind the scenes.

The morals and intellect and psyches of soap writers, may not be a road that anyone really wants to travel down. They're all crazy as most creative people are. Jim Reilly was just part of a big club.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 17509/01/2013

Take me back to the GH of years ago . . .

Jessie, Steve, Audrey, Lucille, Diana, Phil, etc.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 17609/01/2013

R177 - Heather Webber!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 17709/01/2013

[quote]"Jerry Dobson has an abnormally eccentric mind, and that was especially useful. Our whimsical life and our phantasms are the beginning of the adventures of our heroes. Our characters realize what we cannot do for a reason or another. We thus carry on screen our sexual phantasms. It is a kind of therapy for us. It does not mean that our private life is boring," adds Bridget while laughing. "The departure of our adventure, it is Santa Barbara where we were living with a lot of other stars. It is a very smart place, very beautiful and exotic. Moreover, get mingled there tourists, rich families, Mexicains and poverty. A totally contrasted city. We get based on some real little scandals which have occurred in these rich families to give birth to the soap. Eccentricity and spirit of enterprise, some money, enough of it to have the time to ask questions to yourself and to find ideas, here is what was at the origin of our success. Add to it the desire to escape from the characters of my parents in General Hospital and the necessity to be independent, and you will understand why the impossible challenge had to be taken up: to start a new soap on an encumbered market."

by Anne, hospital HRreply 17809/01/2013

La Princi's Kate Winograd is NOT the same character as Katherine Roberts.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 17909/01/2013

[quote]He also brought in the best CONSISTENT ratings in the history of the show for a number of years.

In the 00s, his crap almost got the show cancelled. He had a good run in the 90s, but people were over it by the end of that decade. "Days" finally found its footing in the last two years. The 00s were the worst decade for the show, and much of it can be blamed on Reilly (and NBC who forced him on "Days" producers), who did so much damage, it took years to repair it. 'Melaswen' was the last straw for viewers.

"Days" still has moments of camp today, but nothing like the over-the-top nonsense he was doing back in the day. Viewers made it clear what they want, and they don't want "Jimmy".

by Anne, hospital HRreply 18009/01/2013

r180, I think you'll find the positives outweigh the negatives. Perhaps hubris did cause JER's artistic decline but his initial run on Days is up there with anything the Bronte sisters ever did.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 18109/01/2013

I'd actually really be enjoying Days right now if not for Jennifer (gag!). Daniel is OK when he's not mooning over her.

Too much Hope and Sammy can get on my nerves too.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 18209/01/2013

JER was also part of Nancy Curlee's Emmy winning writing team for Guiding Light in the early 90s, a period for that show considered by many in the know to be the greatest and most REALISTIC soap opera ever written for television. Here is JER on stage with his colleagues (there's also a Douglas Marland montage tribute in this clip):

by Anne, hospital HRreply 18309/01/2013

[quote]Perhaps hubris did cause JER's artistic decline but his initial run on Days is up there with anything the Bronte sisters ever did.


by Anne, hospital HRreply 18409/01/2013

Curlee was responsible for that work. Reilly was on her coattails.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 18509/01/2013

r184, if you don't want to see the correlation between Days in the 90s and Gothic Melodrama, that's your loss.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 18609/01/2013

R!81 JER had far more in common with Stan Lee, Ed Wood and William Castle than the Bronte Sisters! JER came from an alternate universe where people watched the weirdest Night Gallery episodes,Edge Of Night(The Absurdity of The Clown Puppet Murders) and read Marvel Comics circa 1975 as their primary inspiration! That reference to 1975 Marvel Comics is a special shout out to Voice Of The Night. VOTA where are you friend?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 18709/01/2013

What's your point r187? Just because he had certain influences does not mean he was synonymous with them. As I am implying in this statement, his true 'ilk' were those gothic writers. Even Carly's real name was Katerina for christ's sake, like Cathy from Wuthering Heights - you see now how his storytelling ancestors were speaking through him and he didn't even know it? I mean for god's sake, he was speaking in the tongues of an entirely different culture rooted somewhere else in another century. There was nothing of Americana in his Salem. He was an artist of the European tradition.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 18809/01/2013

r185 - right! Jim just turned up to the writers meeting and twiddled his thumbs. Give the man a bit of respect. Picasso did a lot of shit post 1940 - that doesn't take away from his pre war achievements does it?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 18909/01/2013

I'm tired of trying to defend JER in this thread. It's a good thing there's not a handy vase on this desk because I'm going out of my skin hoping time will be kind to this soap opera writer & it doesn't look like it judging from what I've read here today!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 19009/01/2013

JER only won ONE Emmy ever for writing, and those were the episodes when Maureen Bauer was killed off.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 19109/01/2013

Killing Maureen Bauer was a stroke of genius. Ellen Parker got to do some of the most exhilarating work of her career. I don't know why people still want to deny the power of that storyline. It worked and then some.

[quote]"You have reduced us to a ridiculous surburban joke & I will never forgive you for this!"

by Anne, hospital HRreply 19209/01/2013

So, gently, and using the greatest of care, the elephant stretched his great trunk through the air, and he lifted the dust speck and carried it over and placed it down, safe, on a very soft clover.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 19309/01/2013

Killing Maureen Bauer started the downfall for Guiding Light. Everyone and their mother has pointed out the correlation. Getting rid of the matriarch from the show ultimately destroyed it. I don't blame the writer for that, that death was all JFP.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 19409/01/2013

JFP even admits that it was a mistake.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 19509/01/2013

Actually r194, the death of Maureen paid homage to how important and how valuable that kind of character actually IS. Before she died, Mo was taken for granted. The shockwave that her demise sent through Springfield was absolutely primal. It was a masterpiece. Of course, the very guiding light went out but doesn't that give it a poetic quality since we are threatened with being ripped out of our mother's arms as children and left out in the dark night? This story was the ultimate! And I don't care what people say, the Light still had its truthtellers and touchstones like Holly, as neurotic as she may have been and eventually Nurse Annie Dutton who turned the show into kabuki theater and took all of us with her.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 19609/01/2013

One of my favorite scenes from Days is Hope's death scene from the Cruise of Deception.

I remember how upset fans were that they killed off the Hope character.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 19709/01/2013

What bothered me about Maureen's killing is that it was done to free up some money to bring on other characters (Buzz, I think).

Years later, the writers finally got around to bringing back Claire -- Michelle's birth mother.

In some nicely acted scenes, the actress playing Michelle told Claire she hoped every day after her mom died that she'd hear from Claire; the actress playing Claire said Ed called her about Maureen dying, but she didn't come to visit Michelle b/c she didn't think she was wanted.

But that never happened; it was one thing not to have back a single Reardon for Maureen's funeral (they were all over at the boarding house while other characters assembled at Ed's), it was ridiculous not to call the actress who played Claire and invited her back to the show immediately after Maureen was killed off.

The writing and continuity sucked; TPTB think viewers don't care about that stuff, but they do.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 19809/01/2013

Bo and Hope in the glory days (1986)

by Anne, hospital HRreply 19909/01/2013

We already mentioned either in this thread or the other that the Eve Donovan era of Days was its most naturalistic. I'm personally relieved that JER did not write for her because he would have missed the point.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 20009/01/2013

and the wedding (1984)

by Anne, hospital HRreply 20109/01/2013

Can the Guiding Light talk be taken to a different thread?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 20209/01/2013

R180, I am not a fan of JER's writing during the 2000 decade, but he actually got better ratings than Dena Higley, Hogan Sheffer, and Gary Tomlin. Days would kill to have JER 2.0 ratings again. Besides, if anyone is to blame for the 2000's, it's Dena Higley. Her writing almost single handedly tanked the show in 2003 during the brief few months she was head writer, which was what forced NBC to intervene and bring back JER. Then she was brought back after Ken Corday sabotaged Hogan Sheffer's attempt to fix the show, and she once again almost single handedly destroyed the show with her truly illogical, poorly thought out, and worst of all, BORING plots. Her second stint may well be the worst few years in the history of the show both crtically and ratings-wise. There was a lot of problems with JER 2.0, but he was hardly the main reason the show sucked during that decade. The show is better than it has been in years currently, but it is still a shadow of its former self and is no where near as good as it was in the 90's. Not even close.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 20309/01/2013

'It is a portent of EVIL...'

by Anne, hospital HRreply 20409/01/2013

I like the suggestion that they bring Eve back and she be part of the ISA. Both her parents were Agents so a story line where she had been recruited would make sense.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 20509/01/2013

As long as Eve and Jenn still despise one another, the show will have some mileage. Oh and have Eve take a profound dislike to Sami as well. But maybe she'll pal up with Nicole since they were both dragged up as children, so to speak.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 20609/01/2013

Eve doesn't seem the type to have any female friends. She's the Angelina Jolie of Salem.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 20709/01/2013

Eve needed to be loved, which drove her to make foolish choices. JER would of had a field day with her character. Eve could return to town married to Peter Blake. It wouldn't have to be Jason Brooks, but that would be a great story.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 20809/01/2013

I would love that r208! Both would have delicious motives to hate Saint Jennifer and the two together would drive her crazy.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 20909/01/2013

Yes, whinebag at R202, you got your wish.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 21009/01/2013

No r202.Keep the threads consolidated. It's best to keep them under the radar. Once they start to take over the board and other's start to complain, they will be deleted.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 21109/01/2013

“Humpf!” humpfted a voice. ‘Twas a sour kangaroo. And the you kangaroo in her pouch said “Humpf” too. “ Why, that speck is as small as the head of a pin. A person on that?... Why, there never has been!”

by Anne, hospital HRreply 21209/01/2013

Someone remind me what Peter Blake's story was? I can't remember what happened to his relationship with Jen and what his storylines were.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 21309/01/2013

Peter Blake had an exceptionally large penis.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 21409/01/2013

R208 If Eve comes back that might just happen including a Jason recast. ISA agent, Mrs Blake and possible thorn in Dannifer's side.

R214 Was he your trick for a night?;) A lot of guys would like to have that huge penis in his mouth!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 21509/01/2013

So what's all this talk about Jason Brooks having a big cock? How do we know and where do I get to see for myself?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 21609/01/2013

Missy Reeves was caught with her mouth stretched open, cum gushing out of the sides, and Jason's huge meat dangling inches from her face.

Her husband made her go to the fundie church to beg for forgiveness. I'm sure he wanted it for the thoughts he had about licking up the rest of that cum himself.....

by Anne, hospital HRreply 21709/01/2013

R208 - "Eve needed to be loved, which drove her to make foolish choices. " The same could be said for Sami.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 21809/01/2013

No R218. Sami saw her mother getting her pussy beat down by John Black's 9 fat inches on a conference table. That scene disillusioned her and everything since was a reaction to watching her Mother and John fucking and paying them back via hurting herself.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 21909/01/2013

Which is why Sami needs big cocks like Rafe's And Lucas and of course EJs 13 incher to satisfy her now.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 22009/01/2013

Don't forget Brandon and Franco r220.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 22109/01/2013

R219 - She wanted Austin. She could not have him. So, she made bad choices. Getting raped by Alan is also a source of her wounds.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 22209/01/2013

R217 I like the narrative a lot BUT I think Scott caught her before Jason spurted his voluminous loads of love juice into her mouth.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 22309/01/2013


Not sure if I agree with that. Sammi had love. She grew up loved with her parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. Eve didn't have a family growing up and was raised by someone who she'd later find out wasn't even her mom.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 22409/01/2013

R223 because he was jacking off and watching

by Anne, hospital HRreply 22509/01/2013

I just can't believe that fundie Missy Reeves was all up on this. I guess he made her see Jesus.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 22609/01/2013

And tgat's not even a flattering photo at R226. Brooks was a hot alpha male.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 22709/01/2013

Tribute to JER:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 22809/02/2013

Just read on IMDB that Madeline Rhue played Daphne DiMera in early 80's. I don't remember her character. Who was she?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 22909/02/2013

This captures more of the hotness of Jason Brooks. But his smarminess was what really made him so fucking hot.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 23009/02/2013

[quote] I am not a fan of JER's writing during the 2000 decade, but he actually got better ratings than Dena Higley, Hogan Sheffer, and Gary Tomlin.

No, shit. He literally destroyed the show. What he did turned off the majority of viewers, and they dropped watching the show, they were so disgusted. During his reign (2000s) the ratings went down the toilet. NBC only agreed to renew the show if he handled it. The contract made it clear, it was Reilly or nothing. Well, things went so bad, that Corday went to NBC two years later, showed them the ratings, and NBC agreed to pull the plug on him. The contract that they had agreed to three years earlier was so ironclad, it was scary, and it all had to do with Reilly. If he went, so did the show. Not only that. The network was willing to dump him after everything they agreed upon because he was so detrimental. It took until around 2011/2012, to get viewers back on board. Now the show is winning awards. Ratings are down for all soaps, however, shows like Y&R have excellent lead-ins, and prime timeslots. If "Days" had that, it would be right up there with them. In certain markets, "Days" comes on after infomercial-shit.

As a fan of 90s -- yes, I actually was a huge JER fan, I find "Days" better than ever now, at since the 1990s, even with the characters I can't stand. For me though, they do need Will and Sonny to pull it altogether. As long as they play top tier, everything else is fine. Shows always have a big couple. They're the hook. The writing is 1000% better than the previous decade's, and their pushing the envelope makes it interesting. All the characters are getting great lines. The gay storyline got me hooked two years ago. I tried watching the show again in 2009/2010, and it was like a teen drama. I had to turn it off. When Eileen came back last year, the show was nearly perfect: gay characters, hot guys, and the campiest villain, played by the best actress in daytime, all in the same show: the gayest show on Earth! I never in a million years believed she would be back. She was a fixture of JER's universe. I was dying for Susan Banks to return, but the writing and acting has been so amazing, I can overlook her absence -- however, "Days" did give us a tribute to JER by having Eileen don the Susan teeth again and going in disguise.

The fact that this show can turn out episodes better than the entire 2000s on a non-existent budget, makes me respect it even more.

Don't get me wrong though, I still have issues with this show, but with what they've done with Eileen and Wilson, it's been damn near perfect, and they haven't held back.

With Eileen leaving (with a huge sendoff), and with Chandler Massey out the door, as long as the new Wilson works, I'll keep watching. They're the only reason I initially started watching this show again, and will continue to do so, was because of them. I have faith in this current team, even when some of the stories start lagging.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 23109/02/2013

Gary Tomlin is old school soap writing. No explosions, no far-out plots, no science fiction.

Just relationship drama, murder trials and plot twists.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 23209/02/2013


Daphne Dimera was Stefano's wife and Tony's mother.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 23309/02/2013

231 I keep on hearing about how Days is on after infomercials and how Old And The Rested has better lead ins etc so on.That element is a small part of it. For all the crap I give Y & R The Bells, Sony and CBS have kept that soap at number 1 for over two decades. They really understand the audience that watches that snoozefest.Unlike the parlor tricks that Days utilized under Erilly in the 90s and the Twenty Os, Old and Rested has stayed away from such camp. Days initially became popular with his Exorcist redux and making Days the Kristen Blake/Eileen Davidson Show. What worked in the 90s, turned off people in the Twenty Os. Though I remember talking to older ladies that watched Days in the 90s and they bemoaned the fact that the show had changed.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 23409/02/2013

“Believe me,” said Horton. “I tell you sincerely, my ears are quite keen and I heard him quite clearly. I know there’s a person down there. And, what’s more, quite likely there’s two. Even three. Even four. Quite likely... “...a family, for all that we know! A family of children just starting to grow. So, please,” Horton said, “as a favor to me, try not to disturb them. Just please let them be.”

by Anne, hospital HRreply 23509/02/2013

I meant: Unlike the parlor tricks that Days utilized under Reilly in the 90s and the Twenty Os, Old and Rested has stayed away from such camp.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 23609/02/2013

More about Jason Brooks' copious loads. Wonder if they were as massive as Thom Bierdz's cum floods?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 23709/02/2013

JB is bi-sexual so at least someone on DL has sampled his big long throbbing member in their mouth along with his buckets of cum shooting in the air! I wonder how Missy would feel if she found out that a man's lips had been on JB's cock before she was sucking him off....

by Anne, hospital HRreply 23809/02/2013

I saw JB once (from a distance) at a personal appearance at a mall. He's just a big, big strapping man. Much hotter in person than in a photo or onscreen. It was maybe three months before the scandal broke.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 23909/02/2013

How do we know about Thom Bierdz and his cum capabilities?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 24009/02/2013

Why did they never explore an incest thing with Kristen and Peter Blake? They were so wonderful together and I love things like that!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 24109/02/2013

Cap of Missy Reeves' tweet.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 24209/02/2013

Starring Suzanne Rogers as Maggie Horton!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 24309/02/2013

R240 Someone on DL claimed they had him sexually. He allegedly shot a cum load that was enormous. The person claimed that his cum smelled like Clorox TM. BTW everyone's cum smells like Clorox so he kind of lost me there. That being said Tommy is gay through and through.

R241 They kind of did that with Tony/Andre and Kristen. They were "brother and sister" in a sort of legal fashion and they ended up getting married. The whole Tony/Renee' love affair was also a riff on brother and sister getting together. In the end, Tony was the son of the gardener NOT Stefano!I wonder if they ever retconned that situation like Bo's parentage?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 24409/02/2013

[quote] Someone on DL claimed they had him sexually.

Uh, it's not one person, many on DL have described sex with Thom and it's been over many years of DL's history.

I've heard the same on other message boards/communities. I think even Dlisted had something about it.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 24509/02/2013

R245 so it is the same thing? He shoots a massive load?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 24609/02/2013

Yes R246 the reports all comment that Thom is very hot in bed, and that he cums massive loads when he shoots.

One guy said that when he had a j/o session with Thom, that Thom covered a big dinner plate with ten or twelve spurts of his load.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 24709/02/2013

R242 I hope that right wing cunt chokes on her fucking chicken sandwich.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 24809/02/2013

Someone should tweet her back... Chickfila, huh? I did hear you like cock. Seen Jason Brooks lately?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 24909/02/2013

R249 who says she hasn't gotten tweets like that?

She had to shut down her account at one point.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 25009/02/2013

I'm not trying to make excuses for Missy, but I do wonder how much influence her husband has over her. He's a big Christian nut, right? Was she always like this? A big Christian freak?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 25109/02/2013

Missy is a long-term glorified beard. Poor thing. Jason Brooks was probably the first real attention she had ever had from a penis. She has to do what she does now for the kids.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 25209/02/2013

I thought they were all part of some big fundie church group that included, Reeves, Steve Burton, Austin Peck, Hunter Tylo and a few others. Daytime is littered with fundies.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 25309/02/2013

Thom Bierdz nude.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 25409/02/2013

Actually when I first saw R242's comment I thought it said "Missy Reeves twat" and was like...ewwwww!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 25509/02/2013

Burton, Peck, and Reeves all have had gay rumors - and it's not uncommon for either 1) studs to claim fundie as an excuse for not being pussy hounds and 2) gay fundie guys being close friends so that they have a safe stable of available suck buddies.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 25609/02/2013

“I think you’re a fool!” laughed the sour kangaroo and the young kangaroo in her pouch said, “Me, too! You’re the biggest blame fool in the Jungle of Nool!” And the kangaroos plunged in the cool of the pool. “What terrible splashing!” the elephant frowned. “I can’t let my very small person get drowned!” I’ve got to protect them. I’m bigger than they.” So he plucked up the clover and hustled away.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 25709/02/2013

The thing that really burned Reeves about the Jason Brooks thing was that he was so jealous about what a fine man she got in bed.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 25809/02/2013

Are we 100% sure it was Jason Brooks?

He was not named in the Corday lawsuit. It was only identified as a 'male co-star'

Jason Brooks later issued a statement saying the story about him and Missy was 100% false.

So are we sure it was him?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 25909/02/2013

I think so. Wasn't he even let go from the show to pave the way for her return? I thought that the story was that their love scenes got her too hot and bothered, and she needed the D in real life. Isn't she 'not allowed' to do love scenes anymore or something?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 26009/02/2013

R260 he left and Missy didn't come back until many years later.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 26109/02/2013

I worked with a guy (gay) several years ago who said that he was HS friends with Reeves and that they were playmates - just handjobs and blowjobs. He said it was just experimentation or being too horny for Reeves he thought, but that he hadn't ever spoken to him since so he didn't really know for sure.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 26209/02/2013

R262 you are talking about Scott?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 26309/02/2013

If it wasn't Brooks, than who do you think it might have been?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 26409/02/2013

R264 the lawsuit stated male co-star

by Anne, hospital HRreply 26509/02/2013

R241 I only caught one particular story about him on DL and I recounted that one. It sounded like complete bullshit as well.

R251 a lot of her Chrsitianity seems to be there appeasing her husabnd. If she was such a religious fanatic why the fuck would she stay on Days with all the fucking, the gay storylines and the drug? well I guess money trumps religion in her case. Missy was no angel back in teh day. She tried to suppress it a bit then started putting JB's humongous cock in her mouth for lunch in her dressing room between takes. Someone should have told her to brush her mouth and gargle with mouthwash because her mouth smelled like a Clorox factory!

R259 It was him. Then again RKK must have made a pass at her as well? Oh no wait Missy was too old for him!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 26609/02/2013

Jason Brooks winning Best Villain at the Soap Awards. Beautiful man.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 26709/02/2013

Louise Sorel winning the award is still one of the top awards speeches of all time!

[quote]"I want to thank Jim Reilly - for whatever he's smoking."

by Anne, hospital HRreply 26809/02/2013

What exactly did the lawsuit say about the male co-star anyway?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 26909/02/2013

R269 it just said she had an affair with one of her male co-stars. And the affair ended on the labor day weekend.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 27009/02/2013

More stellar Charlotte Ross as Eve Donovan:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 27109/02/2013

Yes, R263, I meant Scott not Missy.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 27209/02/2013

[quote]And the affair ended on the labor day weekend

Well, then someone should tweet and wish her a Happy Anniversary!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 27309/02/2013

Or was that Labor Day the last time you swallowed JB's milky loads? That would be a bit cuntier though......

by Anne, hospital HRreply 27409/02/2013

Labor Day - because it was a lot of work for her to get that honkin' oversized dong into her tiny little mouth.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 27509/02/2013

Eve confronts Shane about being her daughter.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 27609/02/2013

*his daughter.

And it made more sense when Eve was Emma's daughter. She looks nothing like Shane and Gabrielle.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 27709/02/2013

Was the delicious Emma, Eve's mother? I can't remember. I would cheer for Emma in her battles against Kim. I loved it when Emmy hooked up with Alex Marshall.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 27809/02/2013


No, Eve's mother ended up being Gabrielle, Shane's ISA Partner.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 27909/02/2013

I think One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" must have been written about Charlotte Ross. I just think she is a true beauty. Full figured, beautiful hair, an amazing smile. It's a pleasure to just look at her.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 28009/02/2013

Emma.....good stuff. Remember that dressing down she gave everyone during New Year's Eve? She really turned a whole load of manure into mousse(script wise) in that sequence.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 28109/02/2013

What do we know about Christie Clark?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 28209/02/2013

"The body was cremated & all that was left are ASHES, LAURA!!! ASHES!!!!!!"

by Anne, hospital HRreply 28309/02/2013

How old are you people to be talking about stories on this show that happened 25-30 years ago? Don't people give a damn about the gays or Sami's murder charge or that Sean Cody model who is dealing drugs?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 28409/02/2013

Thanks [233]. I had stopped watching the show for a few years before that and missed that storyline.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 28509/02/2013

Someone please tweet this link to Missy Reeves.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 28609/02/2013

[quote]Carly will be dead by the morning, Ivan. Remind me to put fresh flowers on her grave."

by Anne, hospital HRreply 28709/02/2013

r286, you are naughty!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 28809/02/2013

We are positively ancient! Older than the late Alice Horton herself.Some of us were around when Dark Shadows was on. And Lauren Koslow was a regular on the Bell soaps on CBS. It's fun to sometimes and look at some of the history of the soap because some of it was truly better than the shit that's on right now.

People give a damn about Will and Sonny, they've had so many threads in their honor alone? Sami in jail again? The drug angle, JJ is a cunt and is a ton of fun. So yeah people care about what's going on now. All the Charlotte Ross talk is not only about her back in the day BUT coming back to wreck havoc once again in Salem.

Oh and Alex Marshall seemed like an old fuddy duddy back in the 80s. A fun one BUT he looked like he belonged on a Sixties soap.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 28909/02/2013

Here's the Days Emmy montage from 1997 that blew the others out of the water that year - does anybody know the exceptional music they used? I thought the song they selected was a really original choice - a blend of African chanting and classical music. Gives the show a real resonance doesn't it?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 29009/02/2013

Through the high jungle tree tops, the news quickly spread: “He talks to a dust speck! He’s out of his head! Just look at him walk with that speck on that flower!” And Horton walked, worrying, almost an hour. “Should I put this speck down?...” Horton thought with alarm. “If I do, these small persons may come to great harm. I can’t put it down. And I won’t! After all a person’s a person. No matter how small.”

by Anne, hospital HRreply 29109/02/2013

[quote]Carly will be dead by the morning, Ivan. Remind me to put fresh flowers on her grave.

Best. Line. Ever!

Jim Reilly was the master, everything post the Salem Serial Killer be damend, that man could write.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 29209/02/2013

How many times has Sami been charged with murder?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 29309/02/2013

r293 - several. Not to mention all the times she's mishandled a gun:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 29409/02/2013

Sami is such a drag. I hate that character so much. Nicole should be the center of the show, not Sami. Alison has all the range of a golden retriever.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 29509/02/2013

Days can sometimes have a really sinister Puritanical Christian vibe. Austin and Greta in the Garden of Eden was godawful, not only in execution but there was a whole agenda going on here which was extremely prescient as we approached the Bush years of America's collective psychosis:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 29609/02/2013

R294 - Yes, but how many?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 29709/02/2013

r295, Sami is just a poor man's Eve Donovan. I think what many intelligent viewers find unfathomable is what on earth EJ sees in her. I mean, she's not sophisticated. She's more overbearing than she is fiery. And she's certainly lousy at covering her tracks.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 29809/02/2013

I remember reading Corday's complaint when he sued Reeves. It was super vicious. It described her affair with her "co-star" in detail and gave EACH instance of public displays of affection between them its own paragraph in the pleading. That was NOT legally required. He just wanted to humiliate her. It's stunning that she came back to work for him again.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 29909/02/2013

r283 One of my favorite scenes ever!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 30009/02/2013

Remember when Leann Rimes was on the show?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 30109/02/2013

I can't remember, how did Kristen drag poor Vivian and Ivan into her schemes?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 30209/02/2013

Everything about this scene is perfect!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 30309/02/2013

R301 - LeeAnn was prettier back then.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 30409/02/2013

R299 Ken might have savaged her BUT he knew that she worked better than the ersatz Jen. Missy knew that Jen was the role that fit her best. Jen humiliated herself in front of her church having Ken do it was just par for the course. Both parties left behind their differences and now the result is....the odious pairing of Dannifer!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 30509/02/2013

In terms of the Corday lawsuit, any money collected was donated to AIDS charities.

The lawsuit itself was to prevent Missy from working for a competitor. During her absence from DAYS both B&B and GH had expressed interest in her.

B&B in fact was very close to signing Missy to reactive the role of Kristen Forrester. But the lawsuit prevented that.

I think in the settlement it bars Missy (to this day) for working for another soap.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 30609/02/2013

I could have seen Missy on Y&R as a Cricket recast if Lauralee Bell had left the show Cricket and Jenn are both candidates for Soap's Most Self Righteous Blonde Award.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 30709/02/2013

R306 How could the settlement bar her from working for another Soap 15 years after the settlement?

Interesting that all that info about the affair was put into the contract. At the time, I thought the story going around was that her husband was jealous and suspected her of cheating, she denied it but left Days just to appease him.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 30809/02/2013

[quote] How could the settlement bar her from working for another Soap 15 years after the settlement?

Anything is possible in a settlement. Maybe it is a lifetime ban from working for a competitor. Everytime Missy has returned to Daytime it is always Days,

by Anne, hospital HRreply 30909/02/2013

I wonder if she intends to be there for the rest of her life a la Frances Reid and have Jenn assume the 'Alice' role on the show?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 31009/02/2013

[quote] and have Jenn assume the 'Alice' role on the show?

That has been given to Suzanne Rogers.

But Jenn is now living in the Horton home.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 31109/02/2013

Loved the Emmy clip, R290. Those were pulled from 1996 which was my favorite time on Days. Aremid, Lady in a Cage, and The Pillow Baby all came out that year and to this day remain my favorite Days story lines. That was also the year they came so close to beating Young and the Restless for the number 1 spot and nearly did. Sadly, by next year, Reilly's original story bible ran out and he left to start developing Passions.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 31209/02/2013

[quote]Anything is possible in a settlement. Maybe it is a lifetime ban from working for a competitor. Everytime Missy has returned to Daytime it is always Days,

Just seems odd that the settlement would basically prohibit her from doing any other work (since she's not likely to get any other work aside from Soap work) for the rest of her life when the contract she broke only had about one year left on it.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 31309/02/2013

I think it would only pertain to a soap. She has done other primetime projects. But I think Corday doesn't want her on a competing soap/

by Anne, hospital HRreply 31409/02/2013

Missy Reeves knows the symbolic importance of her character occupying the historic Horton family home.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 31509/02/2013

[quote]Missy Reeves knows the symbolic importance of her character occupying the historic Horton family home.

And Jason Brooks knows the importance of occupying Missy Reeves' mouth.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 31609/02/2013

[quote]I remember reading Corday's complaint when he sued Reeves. It was super vicious. It described her affair with her "co-star" in detail and gave EACH instance of public displays of affection between them its own paragraph in the pleading.


by Anne, hospital HRreply 31709/02/2013

Wonder what the fall out was for Jason and his marriage. Seems like he's still married to his wife.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 31809/02/2013

[quote] And Jason Brooks knows the importance of occupying Missy Reeves' mouth.

God knows there are spider webs in her cooter.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 31909/02/2013

R317, I read a hard copy, like...16 years ago!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 32009/02/2013

Here's a question... if you had to choose two characters to take the Tom and Alice role on Days, who would it be?

My vote would be that it should be someone like Hope & Bo.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 32109/02/2013

Stefano and Kate

by Anne, hospital HRreply 32209/02/2013

It should have been Doc and John.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 32309/02/2013

How does JJ get arrested? Undercover cop? Nicole sees he's selling drugs in Horton Square then calls Hope?

I cant wait to see that little creep's expression when he finally gets busted. It probably be the same expression he always has.

I will also laugh when Jennifer is shown having a meltdown and Daniel is shown with a smarmy I-told-you-so look on his crispy sun baked face.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 32409/02/2013

Kim and Shane

by Anne, hospital HRreply 32509/02/2013

[quote]if you had to choose two characters to take the Tom and Alice role on Days, who would it be?

Will and Sonny. In fact it would be great to see one if them dress in old lady drag as Alice.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 32609/02/2013

It should have been Roman (Wayne Northrop) and Marlena.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 32709/02/2013

I just want to see them glaze the doughnuts!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 32809/02/2013

[quote]I just want to see them glaze the doughnuts!

JJ's smug face will be suitably glazed in jail, while repeatedly getting not-so-surprise anal..

by Anne, hospital HRreply 32909/02/2013

[quote]I just want to see them glaze the doughnuts!

Too late. I already glazed Missy's face.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 33009/02/2013

The magic of Bo and Hope died back in 2002. The chemistry died after Princess Gina and they've been boring together ever since. The only reason people are still fans of them is because of nostalgia.

The only couple deserving is John and Marlena. They carried the show in the 90's and through the early 2000's and both actors seem to genuinely love the show. They'd both work for peanuts to stay on and even readily agreed to the hefty paycuts that Peter Reckel declined. Besides, John and Marlena are still immensely popular with the older fraus and the character of Marlena is probably the single most famous one on the show, second only to possibly Stefano.

I don't know why Maggie is trying to fill the void of matriarch when hardly anyone outside of fans of Days would have even the slightest clue who you are talking about. But she is friends with Ken Corday and it pays to be friends with him. Just ask Josh Taylor.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 33109/03/2013

When Shane and Kimberly arrive, I wonder if they will compare JJ to Eve at that age.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 33209/03/2013

That kid who was pissed that JJ started dating the brunette girl rats him out to the Salem cops.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 33309/03/2013

Marlena is noon her popular. Deidre was even fired two years ago. No one cared. She's lucky that Eileen returned or she'd be on recurring again. She's going to be blamed for Kristen's death in November...

by Anne, hospital HRreply 33409/03/2013

[quote][R317], I read a hard copy, like...16 years

Why doesn't the Internet have it, and it's written as rumored.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 33509/03/2013

Kristen's de---.... Kristen's DEATH?!!!!!!!!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 33609/03/2013

Has it been confirmed that the Kristen character will be killed?

Seems like a dumb move . . .

by Anne, hospital HRreply 33709/03/2013

Oh god, is this going to be the Killing Pool for real this time?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 33809/03/2013

If they are really going to kill Eileen off the show, getting back Charlotte Ross is not just a requirement, it's an absolute necessity.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 33909/03/2013

Her "death," of course. Corday has said that he's open to having ED back and so I'm sure they shot it wide open for a return. And anyway, Stefano has died I think five times?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 34009/03/2013

[quote] I don't know why Maggie is trying to fill the void of matriarch

She has the most seniority on Days, 40 years. And she is top billed

Days of our Lives


Suzanne Rogers


Maggie Horton

by Anne, hospital HRreply 34109/03/2013

R331, Drake can't act and no longer can move his face. He can't anchor the show.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 34209/03/2013

One of Doug Marland's golden rules was to mine your own history if you want to create further story. They have kind of done this on Days by bringing Theresa on, who was Shane and Kimberly's daughter Jeannie previously. Why don't they bring on somebody from Marlena's past, linked to her story with Don Craig? I'm not suggesting they bring back the infant baby she had with Don who died but something related to that. Maybe bring on a character who would have been the age of Marlena's dead baby son and have Marlena have an emotional reaction to him, like he IS in fact her son?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 34309/03/2013

R343 They did that story already with Chelsea (Bo & Billie daughter)

and on AMC with Brooke and Laura.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 34409/03/2013

R327 If this was 1983 I'd say yeah! Josh Taylor at this point has played Roman from a gazillion years longer than anyone else combined(including Wayne and Drake). I still see him as Chris but Corday sees him as Roman.

In addition, John and Marlena have supplanted Marlena and Roman.The last time they brought in Wayne he was Alex North, who was married to Marlena years ago.

R339 They need someone to fill that void. Perhaps Michelle Stafford as Angelica, Cynthia Watros as anyone nuts/evil/wicked or the most obvious Charlotte Ross as Eve.

ED is welcome anytime back on Days. However she returned to Old and The Rested first so that tells you sometime.She'd rather sleepwalk through scenes for three days then do frontburning heavy lifting for three weeks straight with a week off.Who can blame her. Days burned her out twice. At the same time, she was a glorified cameo on Y & R every week whereas on Days she was the preening peacock/star.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 34509/03/2013

Do you think the viewers would accept it if Wayne came back as Roman and Josh played Chris, who still lived in Salem?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 34609/03/2013

Eileen said that she asked Ken to put her to work but wasn't prepared for the pace. I mean in some sense she was really EARNING her paycheck with the material they gave her but in another, you can't help but feel a bit cheated that they had Kristen fucking the catatonic priest and going to the extreme instead of continuing to showcase her evil ways through titillation and her incredible propensity to sell a straight line in a very witty way to the viewer.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 34709/03/2013

Thinking about Eileen on Y&R makes me upset. I just remember all the times she was acting opposite that scenery chewer Michelle Stafford and not doing a lot and thinking to myself, 'Eileen could decimate Stafford in this scene if she wanted to.' She truly could. She is a complete and utter master of this artform. I don't want her back on that drab and earnest show. I just don't. Peter Bergman and Eric Braeden just cannot compare to the joyous family unit Eileen has with James Scott and Joe Mascolo.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 34809/03/2013

In all the polls, John and Marlena come out as the #1 couple in the history of the show. They should be the new Tom and Alice.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 34909/03/2013

R346 Sadly enough no. There's a generation of fans that know Josh as Roman.Though if the soap is cancelled you could see Josh play Chris and Wayne playing Roman as some sort of fitting end for the show. Even then that scenario would be highly unlikely.

R347 I hear you but these are soaps and subtlety is a dish that can be rare especially on a soap with the pedigree of Days.It is arguably the most intentionally camp soap opera of all time with the exception of Passions which was forged in its image.So Kristen descending into a ridiculous situation is not out of bounds by any means. Though to be honest some restraint would have been appreciated.

R348 The Bell soaps have a distant feel to them. ED and Brenda Epperson are so different from Ashley in real life, they actually have personalities!ED does have a special chemistry with Joe Mascolo and does have a bit with Bergman,though not the same. However Terry Lester and ED were really great together though. I do hope that she comes to her senses and agrees to come back to Days. Ashley was taken for granted on Old and Rested and had she not been fired she would have ended up like Drake on Days.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 35009/03/2013

The ONLY reason Deidre Hall has ever come out as no. 1 in any poll is because she manned her fanbase to stuff the ballot. My God she made an artform of it in the 80's. There were threatening letters to her fans urging them to vote multiple times to keep Dee no. 1. Pathetic. She's been neutered somewhat. Even Missy Reeves is getting more airtime than Great Grandma Marlena. That has to hurt, too. But poor Alice Horton was a great great great grandmother on this show before she was 80.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 35109/03/2013

Well, someone has got to keep Missy Reeves from becoming a Grandma Horton figure! I don't want to see that bitch get anything!

Funny as it would be to picture the matriarch of the show on her knees, lips stretched to breaking, cum gushing out the sides of her mouth from Jason Brooks fat pole, right when her husband walks in on them.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 35209/03/2013

There was a brief period on "Y&R" when Ashley and Nick Newman were in scenes together, sharing information about Diane Jenkins' murder (they were both suspects). I thought that they had great chemistry and if ED were to return full-time, I think that pairing Nick with Ashley would be awesome. Get rid of Lil' Miss Cupcake, and drive Victor and Nikki up the wall.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 35309/03/2013

Pairing Nick and Ashley? Great, another wooden actor a genius like Eileen gets stuck with. What is wrong with you?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 35409/03/2013

I thought they sparked, R354!!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 35509/03/2013

Deidre Hall pretending to choke in front of Kristen today, and starting a wet t-shirt contest with a bottle of Seltzer.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 35609/03/2013

Dee has aged beautifully.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 35709/03/2013

Bring Charlotte back!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 35809/03/2013

[quote] Dee has aged beautifully.


by Anne, hospital HRreply 35909/03/2013

Dee is very sexy in those scenes, R356. She needs a young boyfriend...maybe one of Will's straight friends.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 36009/03/2013

Another yay for Dee Dee. She looks good for her age. She could pull off having a younger Romeo on the show. Maggie is diddling old Victor who makes Stefano look young!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 36109/03/2013

Y'all can say whatever y'all want about some of them other dried up bitches on Days (I'm looking at you Lauren Koslow), but don't y'all dare shade my Doc. Deidre Hall is a goddess.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 36209/03/2013

Oh, man. Deidre just confirmed that "Cheney" was an ad-lib, and not to blame the writers. They showed Marlena trying to hack into Kristen's phone today, and she's trying all sorts of passwords: John's birthday, Hitler, Cheney.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 36309/03/2013

Dee Dee Halls looks good for her age....because they've got cheesecake and Vaseline on those camera lenses and because she's only lit with the most flattering amber lighting.....

by Anne, hospital HRreply 36409/03/2013

Do you think Alison Sweeney looks like Dee's daughter?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 36509/03/2013

[quote] Alison Sweeney looks like Dee's granddaughter?

there, fixed that for you!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 36609/03/2013

No, Alison looks late 30s. Dee looks late 50s.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 36709/03/2013

Alison looks more like she could be Anna DiMera's daughter. And Christie Clark looked more like Dee's. Funny, isn't it?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 36809/03/2013

Dee looks late 40s at the most. Which is not that far from her real age. I believe she's early to mid 50s in real life.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 36909/03/2013

A John and Marlena mega montage to Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back to Me Now"

This will have you in rhapsodies:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 37009/03/2013


by Anne, hospital HRreply 37109/03/2013

r369 Thank you! I haven't laughed so hard all day long!

Dee Dee Halls is 65 years old. Born in 1947.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 37209/03/2013

R369 - Dee was born in 1947, making her 65 (66 come Halloween).

I agree that Chrsitie looks more like her daughter than Alison, though Alison looks more like Dee's daughter than does Shannen Doughtery.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 37309/03/2013

Seriously, Deidre does look fabulous. I think it's lovely for the Days viewers to see the Queen of the show, the true star, look near the same as she did 20 years ago and not have any radical procedure that turns one into a grotesque parody of their old glories. Any Days viewer from the 70s and 80s can tune in to Salem and get a pleasant surprise. Dee looks not only normal but she seems grounded as Marlena. There are no airs. I am proud of her. I don't think a star on the walk of fame was more deserved by any other performer. There's is something profound, something that just gasps 'AMERICA!' when one thinks of Marlena and Deidre Hall. She is in the culture now isn't she? She is part of the Americana folklore. Her and Erica Kane are the ones who have done it and maybe Nikki Reed. Perhaps Marlena even more than any of them though.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 37409/03/2013

Deidre Hall can barely make any facial expressions. She's been botoxed and stretched to the max. She looks pretty decent now, but when she got booted from Days a couple years ago, many speculated it was because of her plastic appearance, which has since settled in greatly.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 37509/03/2013

Dee did surgery the right way, unlike some of those other crones on daytime. I weep for Leslie Charleson and Jackie Zeaman and Hunter Tyler. Dee looks fresh and natural, unlike them. Poor Susan Lucci's neck gives her away every time.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 37609/03/2013

r374, don't you mean Niki Smith?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 37709/03/2013

Dee was born in 44, making her 69. Pretty sure she was a hooker at some point too.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 37809/03/2013

Dee Dee Halls would melt near a candle!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 37909/03/2013

Susan Lucci always reminded me of a Geisha girl done the American way.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 38009/03/2013

R378 - wiki says born in 1947.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 38109/03/2013

Deidre on Oprah discussing her harrowing surrogacy journey:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 38209/03/2013

lol @ r378

Anyway, sorry, but I saw a shadow hit Deidre's face in a candid on-set shot, and her face looks like a mask. It's frightening.

Lauren Koslow's face is another one, but I actually prefer her with that upper lip she got done.

There are some episodes when Eileen Davidson could pass for her early 40s. She's a knock out. Then there are days when you can see the creases in her neck, and her jowls. She still looks great though, and has the body of a 20 year old.

I laughed so hard last year when Marlena is wearing gloves in the summertime with no jacket. Dee's hands are tragic. Seriously, can't some surgeon figure out how to fix that for women? Dee has shown her hands in episodes recently, and good Christ, they look like an 80 year olds!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 38309/03/2013

HD is not kind to these wonderful women. Is there any way we can petition NBC to go back to standard def? Maybe we could do it the old fashioned way and form a picket line outside Burbank?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 38409/03/2013

If I didn't love John and Marlena so much, I would petition for a Marlena and Cameron pairing. Doc would teach that tall glass of cafe au lait a thing a two about sex.

Dee's hands are fine. I met her in person and she's lovely and doesn't look a day over 47.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 38509/03/2013

[quote]HD is not kind to these wonderful women. Is there any way we can petition NBC to go back to standard def? Maybe we could do it the old fashioned way and form a picket line outside Burbank?

No, and no. They can get softer lighting for HD. "The View" uses it.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 38609/03/2013

[quote]Doc would teach that tall glass of cafe au lait a thing a two about sex.

Kristen already pointed out that Doc is not really comfortable with her body in the bedroom, unlike herself. Doc didn't correct her.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 38709/03/2013

Doc needs a new partner or she's finished. DH was a cardboard disaster this time. He has no chemistry with Marlena or a pea for that matter. I say bring back Jed Allen. That would be cool.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 38809/03/2013

I can't decide if R385 is a satire or just delusional.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 38909/03/2013

How do Dee's funbags look these days?

Just curious, no special reason.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 39009/03/2013

Dee Dee Halls and Michael Park (formerly of ATWT). I'd watch.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 39109/03/2013

I love Kate's face. It's very sexy.

I'm glad John is off the show. Dee has always been very, very kind to him, but he kind of acts on a level way below everyone else. He's kind of like when the teens first start on the show and they don't know what to do...except Drake was on the show for FOREVER. So when Marlena is trying to do a poignant, realistic yet emotional scene, he's just jeering at her with his face cocked to one side.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 39209/03/2013

Think they would ever recast the John role?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 39309/03/2013

R374 MARY!!!!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 39409/03/2013

What would be the point of recasting John?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 39509/03/2013

R390 - Real and spectacular.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 39609/03/2013

That horizontal stripe sweater she's been wearing isn't doing her any favors.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 39709/03/2013

Well, people on here are looking for Marlena and John to be the next Tom and Alice... but they are complaining about Drake... and for whatever reason he is off the show now anyway... so... ???

by Anne, hospital HRreply 39809/03/2013

Marlena was wearing really ugly granny slacks today. You could actually see her vpl when she turned around and walked. Her pants were all the way up her crack.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 39909/03/2013

Horizontal stripes don't do favors to anyone unless they are slim.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 40009/03/2013

Brant Daughtery is going to be on Dancing with the Stars!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 40109/04/2013

I'd like to see Lauren Koslow on the show. Or James Scott.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 40209/04/2013

Look at the picture of Greg Meng("Meet The Author") for the upcoming "Days" book on B&N. Who the fuck are they kidding??!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 40309/04/2013

[quote]Brant Daughtery is going to be on Dancing with the Stars!

As a star?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 40409/04/2013

Greg Meng has gray hair. I don't know who the F is in that photo but it ain't Miss Meng.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 40509/04/2013





Dr. Marlena "Where's My Lighting" Evans

by Anne, hospital HRreply 40609/04/2013

Oh my god, that new "Days" coffee table book is absolutely PRICELESS!!!! Is the cast actually for real?! OMFG! Dee cooking! James and his camera, Chandler with a fucking APPLE! Missy swimming and Kristian WALKING DOWN THE STREET. I am literally crying with laughter at the kitsch brilliance of it. I have GOT to have this book.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 40709/04/2013

Eileen's better living: alcoholism!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 40809/04/2013

[quote]Has it been confirmed that the Kristen character will be killed?

Death is NEVER final on soaps, it means nothing.

I'd love to see that tired old senile 'Count' Dimera be replaced by a better actor who is younger, but of course not younger than EJ.

Todays scene in the hospital will Rafe, Joe Mascolio or whatever the actors name is, might as well have been phoning it in from home. What a silly typical 'threatening' scene.

Who is writing such inane tired dialog? Total crap, not to mention very laughable. The next scene, we were treated to 'The Cunt' outside blowing smoke in Kate's face. I can't wait until this idiot, Cunt Dimera, is taken down.

The actor should have been fired years ago. He's as tired and absurd as the scripts!

Oh yes, it seems Daniel might have yet another child....hmmm

by Anne, hospital HRreply 40909/04/2013

J.J. got bused today. It's about time.

He had the same exasperated expression on his face which he's used every time he's reprimanded by Jennifer. This kid is a terrible actor. J.J. wasn't even slightly surprised?!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 41009/04/2013

R409 As long as Cuntessa Kristen is being killed Stefano is staying. If ED returns she might be Susan and Stefano might dump his non speaking young Asian twinkette for Susan! Has Stefano's young Asian toy uttered a single audible word yet on Days?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 41109/04/2013

410, Casey Moss is Olivier compared to 99% of the young cast. He's actually pretty good. The Rory kid is pretty funny and good as well.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 41209/04/2013

There's a big whodunit over Christmas into the New Year, and it's most definitely a "who killed Kristen?"

Eileen Davidson confirmed that Kristen isn't dead, and could return. However, they didn't wrap up her storyline, and she wasn't sure where it was going to go. An "Eileen Davidson lookalike" was cast and began filming just as she was leaving.

Dee and Eileen tweeted about this massive seen they had just shot where they were screaming so much, they didn't know if they'd still have their voices the next day. Both commended each other's performance. This was before Eileen's depature was announced, and going by the four months ahead of schedule filming, what they were referring to will air in November.

Also, Kristen is most likely going to be pregnant, despite them making it that it was a false alarm two weeks ago. Next week, she asks Daniel for a fertility doctor. "Days" isn't subtle. We knew that when Will fucked Gabi, a few months later she'd be pregnant. That's what happened. They tried to make viewers forget about the fucking, then return to it to make a shocking development in the storyline. The same is happening for Kristen's pregnancy. She'll leave being knocked up, which will allow her to return with a kid in toe. She was just watching her porn vid, knowing that if she's knocked up, it's Eric's.

The show keeps foreshadowing a future kid. Kristen's even having visions.

For Eileen to say that her character isn't dead, we'll most definitely find out Kristen's alive. BTW, everything that's happen to Kristen this time, happened twenty years ago. There's been about four big scenes that were repeats from all those many years ago. It was done purposely and successfully, thank god. It wasn't as if they ran out of ideas.

Who knows if Eileen shot stuff that will air next year, after the storyline concludes, showing that she's still alive.

The lookalike has two possible purposes: A) Kristen makes everyone think that it was this other broad in the sex video. This could be before or after she's left the show. The sex video is already confirmed to be her undoing. B) The body found fits Kristen's description, but it's later revealed to not be her. Guess what - THAT WAS HOW SHE LEFT THE SHOW BACK IN 1998.

The writers are always at their best when they're writing for Kristen or Eileen. I say "or" because I don't know if it's the character they get excited to write for, or Eileen, because they know that there's no limits in what she can pull off. Probably a bit of both.

It would be awesome if Kristen left the scene making it look like Marlena killed her, getting Brady to hate her for killing another "love of his life." Hey, add the "it turns out to be the other woman in the sex tape and not Kristen" and Marlena is DONE FOR! Even in (fake) death, Kristen would still take a shot at Marlena.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 41309/04/2013

Eileen is good, but there are a lot of actresses on that show who can REALLY bring it - Nicole being the #1 who comes to mind. Days would totally suffer if Nicole were ever to be fired.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 41409/04/2013

You mean Ari Zucker, R414?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 41509/04/2013

I completely agree r413. I don't think anybody can dispute that Eileen Davidson has some kind of genius when she plays Kristen. It's the most complete character she has ever played. I feel like Eileen left because a part of her was a bit freaked out by just how much Kristen CLICKS as a character this time around without the daft and jolly JER writing. Eileen as Kristen is insanely charismatic. Just how you'd imagine the character of the fallen angel Satan in John Milton's Paradise Lost. I think Eileen accesses those energies which, although thrilling, are a bit terrifying and all consuming. I would like to quote from William Blake now and give a description of what, to me, defines this whole experience of Eileen on that show in THAT particular role:

[quote]As I was walking among the fires of Hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius; which to Angels look like torment and insanity. I collected some of their Proverbs.

--- William Blake, "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell", 1790

by Anne, hospital HRreply 41609/04/2013

I find Ari Zucker to be good at humor. When she's pitted against Eileen, the comedy flies. I enjoy them together in scenes than Eileen and Deidre. A lot of people are saying this. Eileen has always had comic timing. Ari deserved an Emmy this year for her baby-dying storyline where she cried for three months straight. Ironically, the storyline she was given was basically Kristen redux.

All in all, no, no one has what Eileen has. In fact, I'd say she's the best in daytime when actually given the material. How she's yet to win an Emmy is beyond me.

She said that she came back and thought she was playing Susan. She even had it in her contract that her 90s double would be brought back. She said that Kristen really wasn't a full-bodied character. She was just there for Susan to play off of. Now, she says that she finally figured out who Kristen is, and loves her. The character is finally three-denominational, and has layers. I don't think it was necessary to do that Eric rape thing though, and that sex tape is going to be the "photograph" all over again. That's a really stupid thing to do. Corday said it's going to be a slow lead-up story. Apparently, Kristen is going to go crazier and crazier looking for the video. I bet Ciara has it again.

I honestly can't believe anyone gay wouldn't adore Kristen DiMera. She's a frigging drag queen/drama queen! Eileen is still believed to be a transsexual from way back. I wonder if she's aware of that? It even made

by Anne, hospital HRreply 41709/04/2013

Lauren Koslow seems like a sweetheart.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 41809/04/2013

I really like Ari Z and Ali Sweeney feuding as Nicole and Sami.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 41909/04/2013

I just wish Eileen could hold out until Charlotte Ross returns and then Days could do their version of Baby Jane and put Eve and Kristen in some kind of battle of wits scenario.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 42009/04/2013

r420, that would be something great that would have worked in the 90s. Jim Reilly wouldn't hold back. Nothing was too crazy.

Was he gay? Never married, I don't think.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 42109/04/2013

[quote] Was he gay?

You never watched Passions? They must of saved a ton of money considering they spent almost nothing on wardrobe.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 42209/04/2013

Jim was more than likely gay and deeply closeted, probably due to his Catholic upbringing. He was close to his sister and her children and left them everything in his will. He was a recluse and rarely visited his sets.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 42309/04/2013

He was gay but he was also Catholic so I believe that the latter suppressed the former. His sexual energy was expressed through the lunacy of his storylines. Everything he denied himself on a physical level, JER expressed through his soap operas so however far out things got, that was just the extent of how much passion was in that man that was not being expressed in any other form except his art.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 42409/04/2013

He learned the art of storytelling from Bill Bell. He started his writing career at Y&R

by Anne, hospital HRreply 42509/04/2013

Eileen Davidson is so beautifully androgynous. I love the whole folklore about her formerly being a man. It makes her even more of a legend! She is awesome!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 42609/04/2013

James Reilly won his first and only Emmy for writing the death of Maureen Bauer.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 42709/04/2013

I wonder about Bill Bell too. How could a straight man have dreamed up these two characters? It's just not possible!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 42809/04/2013

No, r427. Reilly was gone from the writing team of GL before Maureen's death. (Check the credits at the link.) He did win for being part of the writing staff during the year including that storyline, but he was not actually writing by that storyline.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 42909/04/2013

420 posts and most of them are about ED/Kristen. Seriously? All you guys jerking off to this chick? You all seem overly obsessed with her. DOOL will go on without her. Brady will find another bimbo to fuck.

Despite the non-stop fawning and imagined scenarios you'd like to see Kristen in, this character is not the entire show.

As far as the tape on the flash drive, I hope Nicole finds the video at work then gives it to Eric, thinking it was a copy of the project she worked on for him.

Adrienne inadvertently got info today about where Bernardi's stash of cash is. How odd that Marge kept going on about being near destitute, when there's $100,000 in Timmy's savings account. Where the hell does she think that came from?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 43009/04/2013

R429 what about the episodes when Maureen found out about the affair. Those were submitted as well.

Maybe he was still part of the writing team.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 43109/04/2013

r430, Dee is that you? The 'Cheney' ad lib was hilarious.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 43209/04/2013

r430: our resident anti-Eileen Davidson loon. Sorry, babe, she's an icon. When she's on the show, she runs the show. She's a fag hag too.

Are there any books written about Reilly? All I knew about him was that he was fat. Was he on any kind of drugs? Did that kill him? He must have been popping something writing those insane storylines!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 43309/04/2013

Jim was a woman, right?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 43409/04/2013

I love how Dee is so open about her political views on Facebook, considering how many fraus are so anti-liberalism. She's also dependent on them to buy he beauty lines and other bullshit. She just did this big event proclaiming how horrible Ronald Reagan was. She even made a video about it.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 43509/04/2013

r433, I'm thinking about writing a book about JER. Specifically my findings about his link to depth psychology and the occult.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 43609/04/2013

I wasn't sure if she actually said Cheney until I turned on the closed-captioning. Then I googled the name with Days of our Lives to see if there was a character named Cheney. I couldn't believe that it was actually Dick Cheney. Dee then came on Facebook and confirmed the ad-lib. Either she got into trouble, or she was proud of herself and wanted to take credit. She must love the one-take deal on Days. She can say whatever she wants, and they really can't do shit about it. I guess they could have cut it. Considering that the cameraman was seen in the Kristen-Eric sex scene, they probably don't catch much.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 43709/04/2013

Your post actually made me like Hall a bit, R435. I didn't know that about her.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 43809/04/2013

R434 No, a very fat gay man.

What is it with very fat dudes and writing soaps? Hogan Sheffer is huge too.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 43909/04/2013

Aren't a lot of writers fat?

They have to write five shows a week. Their asses probably never leave the chair.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 44009/04/2013

[quote] Aren't a lot of writers fat?

You have seen Hogan Sheffer?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 44109/05/2013

I had always hoped Reilly would write an autobiography -- I'm dying to know what really happened behind the scenes with the Salem Stalker storyline. Though I wasn't a fan of his DAYS work, he always structured his stories exceedingly well. But the Salem Stalker story degenerated into an incomprehensible mess once it was decided the "dead" characters were in fact alive. I am positive that decision was forced upon Reilly. I'd love to hear where he really wanted to go with the story.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 44209/05/2013

R442 Alice Horton was the final victim.

Do you think he had planned to kill her off as well?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 44309/05/2013

Sheffer is the size of a small planet.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 44409/05/2013

Have you seen the late Anne Howard Bailey?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 44509/05/2013

[quote]Alice Horton was the final victim. Do you think he had planned to kill her off as well?

I've read much speculation that the story changed before Doug and Alice, the final two victims, were "killed." Their "deaths" were part of the rewrite Reilly was forced to do. Although the disembodied head of Tom Horton chasing Marlena out of the Horton house seemed left over from the previous story, as it was never followed up or explained. Nor was the fact that most of the "dead" people showed up to loved ones as ghosts even though they weren't dead.

Someone somewhere once claimed that Reilly had originally intended to tie the story to Marlena's possession, and it was to be revealed that Stephano made a pact with the devil that precipitated everything. There was to be lots of mystical mumbo jumbo in the climax and the aftermath -- just as there had been at the beginning with Celeste and the ghosts. But all of that fell by the wayside when Corday panicked at fan reaction to the killings.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 44609/05/2013

Deidre is a huge backer of Dennis Kucinich. She has him and Syria, and voting "no," and doing the right thing, on her Facebook page now.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 44709/05/2013

Really? I would have guessed Dee Dee Halls was a Rethuglican. Interesting.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 44809/05/2013

[quote]I would have guessed Dee Dee Halls was a Rethuglican.

She's the biggest lib whoever libbed. She was working the Dem phone backs last year like crazy. She talks politics all the time.

Here's her political contributions list for 2012.

She donated a total $20,500 to Dem/Independent (Bernie Sanders) candidates.

$15,000 of that went to Obama.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 44909/05/2013

Should be phone "banks".

by Anne, hospital HRreply 45009/05/2013

yeah but Dee refuses to wear a ribbon!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 45109/05/2013

Was that "Seinfeld" episode about not wearing the AIDS ribbon inspired by her?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 45209/05/2013

To make himself even more despicable, JJ was making it seem like Rory was the brains behind the drug dealing. Poor Rory!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 45309/05/2013

Does this mean the end of Rory? :(

by Anne, hospital HRreply 45409/06/2013

They call for armed backup cause some kid was caught with pot?!

Oh, and now Nicole is going to be blamed for raping Eric. Kristen used her mother and sister's name, along with Nicole's wig. Mwahahaha!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 45509/06/2013

The person posting on this thread who keeps trying to make "The Old and the Rested" happen sounds deranged.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 45609/06/2013

Chandler who?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 45709/06/2013

I was going to write Dee a message on her Facebook account (yes, we're Facebook friend) and ask her to come on Datalounge and explain the whole ribbon thing. I think *my* understanding of her lack of desire to wear the ribbon was that wearing a ribbon really does "spreading awareness" as a proxy for "action" usually results in nothing.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 45809/06/2013

Did the Kate Lucas loons not catch the scene with Kate and Kayla?

Kayla: Do you have a medical degree?

Kate: You know I don't!

So much for the fan boys who think she's Dr. Winograd!!!!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 45909/06/2013

How funny, R459. You have to wonder if they writers put that in there as an obvious joke!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 46009/06/2013

I'm looking forward to Kate giving Jennifer her "For every Kate Roberts, there's always a Kate Winograd waiting in the wings" speech!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 46109/06/2013

At the police station, didn't Jennifer make the connection of JJ and the tainted doughnuts a bit too quickly?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 46209/06/2013

Kate needs to give Jen her Carrie speech.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 46309/06/2013

The new "Days of our Lives: Better Living" book is written by Eddie Campbell and Greg Meng. Eddie is wrote the anniversary book two years ago. Eddie is gay, so is Greg. I wonder if they fuck.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 46409/06/2013

What's the Carrie speech?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 46509/06/2013

[quote]I was going to write Dee a message on her Facebook account (yes, we're Facebook friend)

Personal account, or her fan page that she owns that everyone writes on?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 46609/06/2013

I was laughing at the way J..J. was fuming and sneering at Jennifer hugging Daniel in the police station. If that punk kid J..J. had a gun, he would have shot both of them.

J.J. is a totally horrendous character. I realize many at the DOOL fan forums despise Jen and Dan, calling her a "horrible mother" and other such bullshit.

J.J. is a manipulating lying sack of shit, he was dealing drugs while in boarding school in the UK, what was his excuse while there for his behavior? Was Daniel even involved with Jennifer during that time?

J.J. repetitiously keeps using Jack's death and Daniel as his two main excuses for being an incorrigible piece of shit. He even whined about those two reasons, ad nauseum, to Jen at the police station. Talk about beating a dead horse!

This storyline is getting extremely tired. I hope J.J, is jailed for awhile, that seems doubtful. Perhaps if J.J. was caught with coke, he might go away for awhile. If only.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 46709/06/2013

Who'll be first to get popped in prison -- JJ or Rory?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 46809/07/2013

I think JJ is annoying as hell but reminds me so much of a friend's younger brother in terms of actions (and they kind of look the same)

by Anne, hospital HRreply 46909/07/2013

I continue to sympathise with JJ having that harridan of a mother bearing down on him preaching the Horton morals. You know it was somehow charming when Tom and Alice were preachy and self righteous but with Jenn, it's damn insufferable. I pray to the soap gods that Eve Donovan bails JJ out of this mess. JJ has the prettiest pink pillow lips. I'm sure there are many people in prison who would take advantage of that attribute. For that reason, I hope to god JJ gets out of this mess.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 47009/07/2013

R456 No one is trying to make that boring Bell soap on CBS happen.;)It's unfortunate that a clueless cunt such as yourself is a fan of that crap whereas the rest of us will enjoy Days......

R468 JJ. He has annoying cunt written all over his face. Prisoners can smell his fragile cuntedness from a mile away and will prey upon that.

R470 More Eve Donovan trolling? Gee whiz she hasn't been on in 22 years and is a figment of the past can you let her go already?! Only joking I love Eve. I hope that Corday seriously thinks about bringing her back.Dannifer needs to be broken up. I like Nadia Bjorlin BUT we need a new fly in the ointment in Dannifer's relationship.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 47109/07/2013

R442, I have times when I think the decision was forced upon him as well, but he killed off Ben Masters' Julian on PASSIONS and that character's resurrection was explained away pretty conveniently.

I'm curious to know where Reilly would have gone with the stories had everyone he killed off stayed dead.

Would Kate have hooked up with John? Would Bonnie and Mickey have just stayed together?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 47209/07/2013

We do so love R471 and her 926,574 posts on the soap threads.

Also, her constant use of the word "cunt." SO eloquent....

by Anne, hospital HRreply 47309/07/2013

Anyone know what's going on with Dee Dee Hall's vag? Is it a full bush situation? Shaved bald? Maybe a lianding strip?

Just curious. No special reason.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 47409/07/2013

Jen giving JJ a piece of her mind.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 47509/07/2013

Brazilian, R474.

Now, Missy Reeves, on the other hand... strictly au naturale.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 47609/07/2013

Chancellor Park?

Has someone left their cake out in the rain?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 47709/07/2013

R473 Look who's talking. You actually passed a million last week! Oh and I do use the word cunt BUT you are one. Touche'

Get a life as well. If you have enough time to follow someone either you're in an old age home or you've never left mom's basement.

R476 Is that true? I remember seeing a nudey of Dee Dee back in the day and she didn't have a Brazilian back then!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 47809/07/2013

That was the 60s or 70s when everyone had bushes. Ms. Hall as sported a shaved beaver since the 90's.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 47909/07/2013

Waving to you from my deluxe apartment in the sky, R478.

It's a one finger wave, of course......

by Anne, hospital HRreply 48009/07/2013

I'm so glad John is off the SHOW. He was SUCH dead weight and him being there meant that someone had to make less money.

No one cares about John and Marlena. Marlena is good. Dee Hall is a good actress. We love Marlena. But let's face it - John can't act.

Marlena and Roman would be sexy. Josh is a sexy actor with that deep, husky voice. His dick is probably at least 7 inches and ready to fuck. Or Marlena and Lexi's half-brother who is also a stripper. Or, get this, Marlena and another woman. Maybe Hope? Or maybe that chick from Legally Blonde who is now Ann in HR at Horton Memorial Hospital? Ann is sexy. Did you see that hot body on Ann when she was helping Chloe stalk Jennifer at the nightclub? Let's face it: Ann in HR has a great friggin' body.

These are some things to think about. To talk about. To mull over with friends and family while enjoying a great meal at Olive Garden. Let's get this conversation started. Let's get moving.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 48109/07/2013

I've always thought Marlena and Abe would be good. They seem to be trying to pair him with Kayla, but that doesn't work at all.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 48209/07/2013

It seems very weird to me that other than EJ, no one else is visiting Sami in jail. Marlena hasn't gone, Has Eric or Brady?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 48309/07/2013

Meredith Scott Lynn


Anne Milbauer

by Anne, hospital HRreply 48409/07/2013

I'd rather they pair Marlena with Stefano than Josh Taylor's Roman. Deidre and Josh have no chemistry what so ever. Speaking of Stefano, isn't it odd that he spent the better part of a decade obsessing over Marlena and trying to tear John and Marlena apart. Kristen finally succeeded at doing just that. Kate and Stefano are no longer a couple. So why the heck isn't Stefano trying to reclaim his Queen of the Night? Deidre and Joe have this weird but captivating chemistry together and I'd love to see them working together again.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 48509/07/2013

You've heard that Days is now not only casting lookalikes for Kristen and Nick right? They're now casting lookalikes for four more current performers. One fan speculates that the show wishes to save money, so they'll use these people from side angles so they don't have to pay the main cast more money.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 48609/07/2013

I agree, Drake has been dead weight for years.

But frankly, so have Roman and Abe. Dee Dee Halls had chemistry with Wayne Northrup as Roman, but none with Josh.

I'd love to see Jed Allen come back, even for a short term story, so Don and Marlena could reunite. Maybe Don is dying and Marlena could help him get things in order. They were, after all, married, and they shared a child together.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 48709/07/2013

R485 - They should kill off Stefano one and for all. And they definitively should not pair Dee with Joe.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 48809/07/2013

Josh can barely move his face. They should bring back Wayne as Roman, despite the whole surgery storyline.

They should recast Stefano's Asian girlfriend with Mia Korf. Have Stefano reclaim the mansion but keep Sami and EJ living there and Sami sparring with Cecily.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 48909/07/2013

Joseph Mascolo is in his mid-80s. He's not going to be around forever. He had already left the show. His appearances these days are few and in between. I wonder what will happen when he actually dies. Will they turn him into a Dr. Who, and have him regenerate into a new Stefano?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 49009/07/2013

John is definitely needed on the show. Drake's acting is Drake's acting. He IS John Black, bad acting and all and he is the love of Doc's life and needs to be on the show.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 49109/07/2013

I think they'll let Joe stay on that show as long as he wants. He's not "old", old. Hell, Abe seems "older" than Stephano. Stephano still moves and talks like a much younger man.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 49209/07/2013

Doc doesn't need to be on the show. Dee and Drake were fired two years ago.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 49309/07/2013


Good, Christ.

Stop misspelling it already, kind sir.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 49409/07/2013

Sorry, R494. You can spank me now. I don't know why I always misspell his name. I know it irks you, understandably so. Please forgive me. :(

by Anne, hospital HRreply 49509/07/2013

Twitter pic. Don't know how to link directly to the pic.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 49609/07/2013

Oof, EJ in his PJs is super hot.

I'd do that in a heartbeat.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 49709/07/2013

Abe looks grotesque now.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 49809/07/2013

R493, those two years Dee and Drake were off the show were horrible and the show was almost unrecognizable. The show limped on, but it lost something that returned when Marlena came back. When Greg Meng was touring to promote that Days picture book a few years ago, he said the number one request he got from fans was to bring John and Marlena back. In retrospect, they should have gotten rid of Bo and Hope who have been boring and dead weight since 2002. In fact, Bo hasn't been seen on screen in almost a year and no one seems to miss him. Hope has been a supporting character for the most part and no one has been clamoring for her to be featured in a big storyline.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 49909/07/2013

I half agree with you, R499.

Dee being on, yes. Drake, no.

Marlena is more meaningful than John.

But I also agree w/Bo and Hope being gone.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 50009/07/2013

A lot of fans want Hope in a storyline. Fans were hoping she would hook up with Vargas but tiic seem to think fans only care about Daniel and Sami.

Fans top 3 requests are a story for Marlena, a story for Nicole and one for Hope.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 50109/07/2013

IMHO, even Jennifer telling J.J. about what happened to Nick in prison will not deter that smug little piece of shit from continuing on his crime spree.

I have a feeling that little turd is going to end up even more incorrigible after a stint in jail. He's going to get much worse.

The pot dealing and lying to Jennifer were nothing compared to what this kid is capable of, this kid has rotten-to-the-core written all over him.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 50209/08/2013

[quote] this kid has rotten-to-the-core written all over him.

Considering he is the grandson of Senator Deveraux (who was a serial killer of hookers) should we be surprised?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 50309/08/2013

Shane and Kim together again (to be seen Nov 18, in time for sweeps)

With Kayla in town, they should reactivate the Kayla/Shane/Kim love triangle.

Two sisters fighting over the same man.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 50409/08/2013

Talk about being a posting whore! You posted in R480,R487,R497 and R500. Projecting much? What hapened mom locked you in the basement last night?! I know that guys over 90 don't go out so that must be it!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 50509/08/2013

R501 Drake is one of the worst actors in the history of soaps BUT the fraus love him. That being said he does click with Dee Dee Hall. He is far from a master thespian but has some sort of chemistry when he plays opposite Dee.

R501 Hope needs a love interest. It seems that Corday is not going to recast Bo so the writers should get to it. Hope as an asexual mom type is not working.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 50609/08/2013

Hope needs to become Princess Gina again (in her mind) and start fucking around with EJ.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 50709/08/2013

It's interesting that Hope and Anna Devane on GH seem to play the exact same role. Police commish, no apparent sex life.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 50809/08/2013

Good call on pairing Gina with EJ. Or just about anyone! The difference with Hope and Anna is that Anna at least has Duke in her life. Hope is solo and needs a love interest.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 50909/08/2013

Did Days already do a story where Hope developed a Princess Gina split personality? That root would be fascinating. I know in the 90s it was all taken literally with microchip inserted memories and other such nonsense like the real Gina emerging and taking Hope's place, but I think if Hope suddenly developed the Viki Sleestack Syndrome with a Princess Gina alter, she could be polish commish by day and jewel thief by night.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 51009/08/2013

If Carly Crystal Chappell was still on the show, they could have made her a lesbian and have her seduce Hope.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 51109/08/2013

They need more occult/Illuminati aspects in the storyline. Doing extensive filming in that creepy Catholic church office with the Jesus pictures is a great start - very disturbing and menacing to a non-Catholic like myself.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 51209/08/2013

R510, they had NightTimeHope during the end of the Higley years, where Hope, distressed by Bo&Carly fucking all over town, took sleeping pills that turned her into a murderous man-mugger. The story climaxed with NTHope knocking Bo out and pouring gasoline on him in the living room of their house (a set I haven't seen in a long time...does Hope not have a set anymore!?) in preparation for torching him.

Anyway, I enjoyed the story because it was crazy and silly, but it got a BAD reaction from fans. It was essentially a DID story, but it didn't hit at all.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 51309/08/2013

I've got the story for Hope. Her best friend, Annie Peters moves back to town with her husband played by Trevor St. John. Annie is a high powered business woman working for Titan and leaves her husband and young son alone. Bo is gone and Hope and this guy get closer and closer and closer until they start fucking.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 51409/08/2013

If that show wanted ratings it would have JJ strip searched at the police station. Drag that out over five episodes or so. Lots of close ups. Slow pans up and down that boy's body. Mmm.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 51509/08/2013

Hope should have a lesbian fling with Anne Milbauer.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 51609/08/2013

Chappell and Alfonso hated each other, R511, and resisted doing any scenes together – which pretty much deep-sixed the promising Bo-Hope-Carly triangle. Pity, because Alfonso's animosity toward Chappell really goosed her acting in the few scenes they did share.

From what I understand, Alfonso has Corday wrapped around her finger -- though it would appear she does not have the same pull with the current writers.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 51709/08/2013

I remember the storyline where they had that girl kidnap Hope's son and keep him tied to a bed for the longest time. Shirtless. Bare feet. I was in heaven.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 51809/08/2013

r518, that was around the time Belle was playing by a Streep worthy Charity Rahmer. I so loved her sheer ineptitude in the role:

by Anne, hospital HRreply 51909/08/2013

[quote]Did Days already do a story where Hope developed a Princess Gina split personality? That root would be fascinating.

They did it again in 2012 again with John. It was a nightmare. That told everyone again to not attempt recreating the Jim Reilly years, which almost got the show cancelled.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 52009/08/2013

Jim Reilly did not create Princess Gina. He created Gina.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 52109/08/2013

Personally, I enjoyed the Princess Gina angle. It gave Days a much needed sophistication and was just coming off the back of the Princess Diana tragedy so princesses, espionage and intrigue were all the rage. Kristian really pulled off the aristocrat. Her Gina reminded me somewhat of the famous Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria - living in a kind of narcissist's paradise of her own divising. I enjoyed that grandeur Days had in the late 90s. Suddenly everything seemed a little bit smarter you know? The lighting then was the best it ever was. The music was a delight. Kristian Alfonso carried herself with grace, wit and style. Those were the DAYS of Days.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 52209/08/2013

Couldn't agree more, R517. I'm linking one of the last scenes Chappell and Alfonso shared, that caused a huge amount of controversy because of Chappell's (unfaked) frustration with Alfonso's screaming and drowning her out. It's riveting, for all of the wrong reasons.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 52309/08/2013

The thing I hated most about Princess Gina was KA attempting a faux European accent.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 52409/08/2013

[quote] I'm linking one of the last scenes Chappell and Alfonso shared

That was not the last scene. This is the last scene.

Where's the tension R523 ?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 52509/08/2013

Ooh, they are some NASTY bitches fighting.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 52609/08/2013

One thing I'll say about Jennifer Horton, she doesn't turn her back on her friends even if she is close to her family. She still loves and supports Carly, Billie and Kristen even though Marlena and Hope try to run them out of town. You've got to get Jenn credit for not blindly swearing allegiance to her relatives.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 52709/08/2013

Carly nailed it: Hope took Sierra and left Bo, who didn't hear from them for weeks. Months later, he starts seeing Carly. And Hope's the victim? Bullshit.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 52809/08/2013

Why did KA and CC take a dislike to each other? Is it because they are physically similar?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 52909/08/2013

KA didn't want Bo to have an interest in any other character but hers. Carly was a legitimate love interest for Bo and CC was a better actress than KA.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 53009/08/2013

r530 - that's a matter of opinion.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 53109/08/2013

R528 - for the love of GOD, it's CIARA Brady, not Sierra.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 53209/08/2013

Kristian Alfonso ruined the last 2 seasons of Falcon Crest.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 53309/08/2013

[quote]Jim Reilly did not create Princess Gina. He created Gina.

It was his type of show.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 53409/08/2013

Kristian Alfonso helped make Season 2 of Melrose Place something of a masterpiece.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 53509/08/2013

The lighting back in the 90s was horrendous. The footage was so dark.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 53609/08/2013

It was fantastic lighting r536, lush and operatic. I don't want to hear otherwise.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 53709/08/2013

Let's get some HD close ups of JJ in his underwear ... like the underwear ads he appeared in.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 53809/08/2013

Oh yes please R538!

When his case goes to trial his judge should sentence him to a year of wearing nothing but his underwear.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 53909/08/2013

[quote]It was his type of show.

No it wasn't. It was show trying to be a Jim Reilly show, but failing miserably. Reilly's show had a certain panache.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 54009/08/2013

Oh thanks a lot r540. I suppose everything I said at r522 means nothing to you, does it?!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 54109/08/2013

R525, I wrote "one of the last scenes." Why are you such a fucking illiterate dick?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 54209/08/2013

Please don't ruin this thread with abuse. We've had a lovely time in here discussing a show we love.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 54309/08/2013

I agree, R540. Princess Gina was Tom Langan's attempt at creating a 90s Reilly storyline and ultimately failing. Whereas, the Reilly storylines from 1993-1997 are well regarded and considered classics of the genre, the Princess Gina storyline has a small cult following at best, with most agreeing that it went on for two years too long.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 54409/08/2013

It's the same troll causing trouble on the GH thread.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 54509/08/2013

R542 they had several more scenes after the link you posted.

The link you posted was one of their very first scenes. They had several scenes together during CC two years on that show. The link you posted was from only her THIRD month on the show. She had not even finish one year yet.

So how can you say it was one of their last scenes when it is only CC 3rd month on the show at the time of that clip you posted?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 54609/08/2013

I still think the Princess Gina story was intriguing. I loved the exoticism and Hope as Gina had a particularly wonderful line, in conversation with Stefano.

[quote]How can you stand living in Salem? There's no opera, there are no art festivals. The people are so provincial! They think culture is grown out of a petri dish.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 54709/08/2013

Days was never as good as it was back in the One Stormy Night era.

Loved it. Think i still have the vhs.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 54809/08/2013

R533, what [italic]doesn't[/italic] she ruin though?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 54909/08/2013

r549 - hi Crystal! I don't think your dykes post in this thread doll.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 55009/08/2013

R550, I'm not Crystal, whoever she is. And I'm a guy.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 55109/08/2013

r548 - vhs? You can see it on youtube! Bo/Carly/Lawrence were perhaps the most attractive love triangle in soap opera history. I love when Carly comes back to the boat after a heated exchange with Lawrence and screws Bo's brains out!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 55209/08/2013


by Anne, hospital HRreply 55309/08/2013

Really, R553? You actually like that guy?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 55409/08/2013

This isn't just a soap thread. This is a Days thread. Days is a universe. Days is meta. Data is the alpha. Days is the omega.

Days is the light that lights up the sky.

Days is the gay sex between two sexy co-stars who secretly hate each other.

Days is the dilapidated and ancient sets that somehow are still around after all these years.

Days is the hair extensions, blue streaks, and plastic surgery that gives us an insight into the minds of daytime soap actors.

Days is my life. Days is your life. Deal with it.

Everything begins and ends with Days of our Lives.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 55509/08/2013

r554, hand in your gay card AT ONCE.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 55609/08/2013

Shawn Christian's ass in those tight scrubs is mouth watering.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 55709/08/2013

The ultimate Carly/Hope standoff - "Same Script, Different Cast"

by Anne, hospital HRreply 55809/08/2013

R557, which clip do I need to watch to see that?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 55909/08/2013

Sorry, R556. Peter Reckell is one of the reasons I never got into DOOL. It's partly his voice, but he's never turned me on.

Who is the guy at 1:53?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 56009/08/2013

Something about Deidre Hall's performance during Tom Horton's funeral always makes me cry. It was masterful. She walks in during "Oh Danny Boy", sees Roman and says "Hi", hoping he'll accompany her to a seat. He doesn't. Abe sees her at the back, floundering, and the perfect gentleman gets up and goes towards her, hugs her warmly and takes her to sit with him and Lexie. Deidre should have got an Emmy nomination for this scene alone. Beautifully done. Not much dialogue. I will never forget Deidre as Marlena in this scene (watch from the moment Gina/Hope is compelled to join the service at 4:19)

by Anne, hospital HRreply 56109/08/2013

Didn't Dee make a crazy speech when Alice died? Something to the effect of "she slept with everyone there and was very drunk."

by Anne, hospital HRreply 56209/08/2013

R535 - I liked the KA as a Madam storyline on Melrose.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 56309/08/2013

Well R542

That was CC 3rd month on the show, with 18 months to go.

So how can you say that was one her last scenes?


by Anne, hospital HRreply 56409/08/2013

R561 she sent tapes to every single actor (including day players and recurring actors) on all the competing soaps (ABC, P&G and Sony)

She still couldn't get a nomination.

She said the process is rigged.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 56509/08/2013

A lot of voters probably already view Deidre as "an institution." She's already made more money than all of them, has had more screen time than all of them, has had better storylines than all of them...where it's kind of like, "Does she really *need* an award? Isn't her career enough of an award?"

by Anne, hospital HRreply 56609/08/2013

R566 she submitted herself for the Lead Actress Emmy this year.

11 submitted with only 9 making the cut to the next round. (which would then be narrowed to 4).

Unfortunately for her she didn't make it to the next round. And to add insult to injury, two women tied for 9th. Which made her the only actress to fall off the ballot, while the other 10 advanced to the next round!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 56709/08/2013

"Aw crap"

by Anne, hospital HRreply 56809/08/2013

R566 Well said. Though it matters to Dee though. From here on in, she won't really be on the front burner anymore. And adding insult to injury, Suzanne Rogers is the longest tenured member of the Days family.....

by Anne, hospital HRreply 56909/08/2013

R569, it is a testament to Dee how much she loves working on Days that she agreed to come back after the way they treated her. She would have taken ANY pay cut they offered her just to stay on the show and they had the nerve to imply that she was let go because of budget reasons.

Suzanne Rogers is buddy buddy with Ken Corday. So is Josh Taylor. When Suzanne and Josh were fired back in 2003 and then returned back in 2004, he didn't let that affect their tenure on the show. Ken Corday has never particularly cared for Deidre, but during the 90s she was what brought home the bacon. After her popularity waned a bit, mostly due to the horrible writing of the last decade, and when Dena Higley wanted to get rid of Dee and Drake, Corday didn't bat an eye to agree to it and saw it as warning to the other legacy cast members that NO ONE was safe. Why did Dena Higley want to get rid of Dee so badly? Deidre had the nerve to (rightfully) criticize Dena Higley's horrible writing in 2003 and when she was brought back as head writer during her second disastrous stint, she had it out for Deidre. The behind the scenes politics are better than the show.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 57009/08/2013

Can we PLEASE go back to actually discussing the CURRENT storylines on DOOL?

After all, this thread is called: "Drug bust in Horton Square".

Why must these threads always evolve into hero worship about a specific actor or actress? I watch DOOL to be entertained, I could care less about any of the actors, actresses, writers or directors personal lives.

We've already had in-depth discussions re Eileen Davidson's personal reasons for leaving and now it's Dee Hall ad nauseum.

I pretty much figure, by the time we reach post 600 in this thread, there will have been less than 5% worth of posts actually discussing any current storylines. Typical DL soap thread.

I sure miss the good times here, discussing OLTL's final days on ABC, when people were ripping apart NuJack. Now that was hilarious and fun.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 57109/08/2013

I love the photo of Kristen being squirted with the seltzer. DH and ED must have had a ball filming that scene.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 57209/08/2013

R571, you complain about a Days of our Lives thread getting "off topic" because we talk about other aspects of the show and then proceed to mention OLTL which is is even more off topic than the discussions you were bitching about. Mary! News flash: the world doesn't revolve around you and just because you don't find the discussion interesting doesn't mean everyone has to cater to your tastes. I couldn't give a shit about OLTL by the way.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 57309/08/2013

Also, cunt @ R571, this is a gossip forum first and foremost, not a soap opera plot discussion. You might not care about the actors' personal lives or the behind the scenes drama but that is what this forum is actually about. You know. Gossip. Are you a frau?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 57409/08/2013

Anne Milbauer is a sexy bitch.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 57509/08/2013

r571 - fuck off. The majority of us posting in this thread have had a WONDERFUL discussion about ALL THINGS Days past and present.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 57609/09/2013

Where did R542 disappear to?

He still hasn't explained how that could be CC/KA last scenes together, when it was only CC third month.

Can you explain R542 please?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 57709/09/2013

KA on Melrose threatening to put Sydney in hospital. And you thought Marcia Cross' character was evil?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 57809/09/2013

Yeah, I want to talk about current "Days," not this boring old shit.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 57909/09/2013


by Anne, hospital HRreply 58009/09/2013

I don't think Days will be on for much longer.

Rumor has it that all these firings/leavings (John, Kristen and Will) are a cost cutting measure.

NuWill will cost half of what Chandler was making.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 58109/09/2013

Summary of today's episode.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 58209/09/2013

R581 How much was Chandler making?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 58309/09/2013

If they have to give JJ away free to a good home, don't bother with the craigslist ad, just call me.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 58409/09/2013

The Father Eric/Kristen sex tape storyline is being beaten to death.

In a preview clip, Kristen is shown confiding in Stefano about the flash drive . . . WTF?

by Anne, hospital HRreply 58509/09/2013

r581, none of that is true, and Eileen and Chandler asked to leave. They weren't fired.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 58609/09/2013

r585, Corday said it's going to build slowly. The flash drive is Kristen's undoing. She's going to get crazier and crazier. Nicole will be blamed for raping Eric. The Kristen storyline continues well after she leaves. A whodunit is planned for winter.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 58709/09/2013

They can't seriously intend on killing Kristen off. Not when the character has come so far.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 58809/09/2013

Eileen said that Kristen is not down and out, so Kristen is getting killed off, but they may do another "is she dead?" storyline, and probably have her leave possibly pregnant. She looks for a fertility doctor this week.

November Sweeps are suppose to be one of the biggest ever, and it's all going to come down to Kristen. Apparently, it's over-the-top soap. Eileen and Deidre were excited about what they had filmed, and how much they had been screaming during shooting.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 58909/09/2013

Please start new thread "Body odor in Horton Square"

by Anne, hospital HRreply 59009/09/2013

That is the worst thread title I've ever heard, R590.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 59109/09/2013

Yes, R591, but it opens up a troubling and important issue for discussion. The MerDar writers (whatever the fuck their name is) envisioned Horton Square as an enclosed space. However, sweaty people jog through there, play basketball (at least one time I saw), rollerskate, etc. It must smell REALLY stinky in there!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 59209/09/2013

While Kristan Alfonso has a reputation for being a bitch and pulling some diva maneuvers, I don't think Crystal Chappell is totally innocent in this feud.

Back in the 90s, while Kristan was off the show and Bo was paired with Carly, Crystal and Dee Dee Halls were rumored to be at odds.

So, at least some of this is Crystal's doing.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 59309/09/2013

Can someone get me a cookie? I haven't eaten since July....

by Anne, hospital HRreply 59409/09/2013

Kristen is not biting the dust. She's welcome to come back when whenever she feels the time is right.They even hired another actress to play her in what maybe body double scenes. No it's not Brenda Epperson who replaced her as Ashley on the other Sony soap either.

As per Dee and CC, it was all Dee's fault. She felt that CC was getting too much of the screen time and complained about it. CC said something to the effect of (to DH): "Why do you hate me so much?" Dee replied: "I don't hate you, I just think you're on screen too much."

KA had a problem with Reckell,Kelker Kelly,CC and God knows who else.She's become an asexual nothing on this show which is a shame.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 59509/09/2013

KA *is* the problem.

by Anne, hospital HRreply 59609/09/2013

Here is the next thread:

Sex Scandal Threatens Midwestern Church

by Anne, hospital HRreply 59709/09/2013

Stick a fork in it, it's (almost) done!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 59809/09/2013

And 3...2....1......

by Anne, hospital HRreply 59909/09/2013

Bye Old and Rested Troll!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Anne, hospital HRreply 60009/09/2013
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