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Gary Cooper


How mesmerizing is this early photo of Gary Cooper from the 1930 movie "The Texan?" The lanky Montana born actor was done up to play the Hispanic leading character called Enrique who was described as "a terror to men and a torment to women." We're not accustomed to seeing Gary in eye makeup and tight pants, looking like a "Gay Caballero." Stylists weren't as sophisticated in those days... . Photo via Stephen Saban at The WOW Report -- Posted by Janet on August 27, 2013

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 2109/23/2013

Link to article, in case photo doesn't show

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 108/28/2013

He certainly didn't hold on to them very long but in his prime Gary was absolutely breathtaking.

He really balanced the manly and the sensual extremely well.

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 208/28/2013

Gary Cooper is the most beautiful actor of all time, bar none.

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 308/28/2013

That makeup was no doubt done by Rod St Just for the movie The Winning of Barbara Worth written by Harold Bell Wright.

This was Sam Goldwyn's attempt to fashion a Valentino clone in a new round of Sheik films for Cooper.

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 408/28/2013

Disappointing bulge after all the decades of rumors!

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 508/28/2013

Who is this impostor?

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 608/28/2013

OT but the posters on that site are the extreme right wing religious nuts from Pat Robertsonville. Some are so vile. I don't understand why Janet allows them and at least delete the most offensive ones.

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 708/28/2013

Huge cock--it was as legendary in Hollywood as the taciturn performances Cooper gave. The great love of Patricia O'Neal, and Grace Kelly, and every other actress who worked with him.

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 808/28/2013


by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 908/29/2013

He looks like has camel toe in that pic...eww!

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 1008/29/2013

He was beautiful in his prime, undoubtedly masculine, but with soft mouth and beautiful eyes that gave him a touch of androgyny. And he was reportedly a bisexual slut when he was young, giving the big sausage to anyone and everyone.

He didn't age well, to say the least. His beauty faded, chronic pain and heavy drinking will do that. And late in life, he was on blood pressure medication that made him impotent, so I'm glad he got around when he was young.

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 1108/30/2013

OP are you sure that isn't Virginia Woolf?

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 1208/30/2013

Lots of good pics in the linked blog...

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 1308/30/2013

He was a handsome man but in a very generic way. Kevin Costner is the same type -undeniably good looking but.. meh

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 1408/30/2013

Our local college had a film series where one of the films was Gary Cooper in "The Hanging Tree" filmed in Cinemascope. Unfortunately, they misplaced the Cinemascope lens for the projector. Thus, it was shown with the regular lens. As a result, everyone in the film was very tall and very thin. After a few minutes into the movie, you didn't notice anymore. Then, at the end of the movie, when the lights came up, everyone around you looked short and fat.

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 1508/30/2013

I concur, r3.

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 1608/30/2013

That stylist knew exactly what he or she was doing.

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 1708/30/2013

R11,"He didn't age well, to say the least. His beauty faded, chronic pain and heavy drinking will do that. And late in life, he was on blood pressure medication that made him impotent, so I'm glad he got around when he was young."

He also got around when he was older. Gary Cooper, 1901-1961, was well known for epic philandering that occurred even during the last decade of his life, during the 1950s. Just to name a but a few, during that time period, he had affairs with Patricia Neal, Grace Kelly, Lorraine Chanel, Gisele Pascal and Anita Ekberg. He was a chain smoker but was not known as a big drinker nor to have suffered from high blood pressure. During the last decade of his life, he had back and hip pain, suffered from gastric ulcers and underwent several hernia operations. (I read one account, where he apologized to some starlet on location for not making a pass because his ulcer medication at the time was making him impotent.) If he really did become impotent, it very likely occurred following the removal of a malignant prostate when he was near the age of 59. He died approximately one year later, at the age of 60, from metastatic prostate cancer.

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 1809/22/2013

So did Simone Signoret, btw. In her autobiography she wrote she was dancing with Cooper on a 1960 New Year party, saying she couldn’t think of a better way to start a year than in the arms of the most beautiful man in the world.

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 1909/22/2013

He was a stunning, stunning man, absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorites. He had a bad face lift later on. Also on one of his last films, they kept having to stop to give him oxygen. We lost a lot of stars from smoking-related diseases.

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 2009/23/2013

That last film, where he needed the oxygen, was a TV documentary he narrated, "The Real West." By that time, the cancer had spread to his lungs.

by Janet Charlton's Hollywoodreply 2109/23/2013
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