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Erase Your Web Presence With The Click Of One Button

Deleting your online account is normally a painless process, but there are those that try to make it difficult – whether it’s getting you to call customer service, or making you jump through verification hoops. Out of frustration, one UK-based developer has created a way out.

Robb Lewis has created a way to delete all your web-based accounts in one fell swoop – and it goes by the name of Just Delete Me.

Lewis built the site after seeing a few tweets about Skype’s inconvenient account removal process, and he assumed it would get “a few hundred visitors.”

That initial prediction may have been slightly too pessimistic – more than 3,000 fed-up Web users visited Just Delete Me in its first 24 hours of operation. The site now lists more than 90 Web services, color-coded based on how hard they make it to remove your account.

Lewis has also put the source for on Github — so if he loses interest or the various social media companies change their policies, others can carry on his good work to make sure it stays easy to delete your online accounts.

by Anonymousreply 008/26/2013
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