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John Waters Star Jean E. Hill RIP

Jean E. Hill, the actress and greeting card model best known for her role as murderous maid Grizelda Brown in John Waters’ Desperate Living has died. She was also seen in his Polyester and A Dirty Shame.

A message posted on her Facebook page read:

I am very sad to announce that Jean Hill has passed away. She struggled with her health for a long time and put up a good fight. She was the most sincere, bluntly honest, loving and funny person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I will miss her. RIP Miss Jean Hill

One of Grizelda Brown’s best lines in Desperate Living is something I’m fond of saying in certain situations:

“I am sick of listenin’ to your bitchin’. The next time you feel a fit comin’ on, go outside and bitch. Bitch at the air. Bitch at the trees. But don’t bitch at us!” I change the last line to “me” of course.

Miss Hill and her bodacious ta-tas were a frequent sight in novelty stores like Spencer Gifts throughout the 1980s. I met her once and she was a larger-than-life delight in every way.

Below, Grizelda is caught stealing, setting off an unfortunate chain of events…

by Anonymousreply 008/26/2013
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