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Which actor will come out next?

What are your thoughts, girls?

by Wentworth Millerreply 1708/26/2013

I feel like James Franco may be most likely but I dunno. I thought Taylor Lautner was close to it but then he started bearding up again. The ones that have prominent bearding relationships I figure are less likely to come out.

by Wentworth Millerreply 108/23/2013

David Henrie and/or Gregg Sulkin

by Wentworth Millerreply 208/23/2013

Lee pace, kevin spacey. But probably another damn tv Actor.

Movie actors refuse to open up.

by Wentworth Millerreply 308/23/2013

Luke Evans is already out. Just with a fumbled attempt at masking that.

James Franco likes playing with ambiguity but I think maybe even he is getting tired of that. He's being roasted on labor day.

I feel like Lautner, Efron, Gyllenhaal, Cavill are all the type to come out in the twilight of their careers.

Colton Haynes seems like he'd come out when he's married.

Garfield won't because of Spider-Man and Emma Stone. But seems to feel the need to keep on dropping hints.

Pattinson also feels the need to drop hints. But I think he's afraid to come out.

Some guy on the list, I don't have a particular one in mind, is probably actually straight.

by Wentworth Millerreply 408/23/2013

Every time I watch Suits, that balding queen Luis pings like a motherfucker in a creepy "come sit on Uncle Bobs lap" kind o way.

by Wentworth Millerreply 508/23/2013

James Franco will come out when he falls in love early next year, so he's not next.

The significant other will be his complete opposite, and I think he's probably Hispanic. The letter M is prominent and keeps coming up, but I don't know if the name of the guy starts with an M or maybe it has to do with his ethnicity.

Oh well back to the question, I'll go with someone not on this list. I bet another sports athlete followed by a a tv/fallen actor.

by Wentworth Millerreply 608/23/2013

Lee Pace or Matthew Rhys

by Wentworth Millerreply 708/23/2013

Gyllenhaal sort of came out as living in the glass closet on Jimmy Fallon's show when he did all those jokes about "thinking he needed a beard" but found they were too much work. I bet in a few years he'll step up.

by Wentworth Millerreply 808/23/2013

r6 do you see this M person as having many Oscars?

by Wentworth Millerreply 908/23/2013

[bold]Which actor will come out next?[/bold]

Not so much a coming out but an outed cum:

Rick Santorum.

[italic]Frothy Luv![/italic]

(With a 20-year-old.)

by Wentworth Millerreply 1008/23/2013

Why isn't Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the list?

by Wentworth Millerreply 1108/23/2013

Tim Tebow should be there.

by Wentworth Millerreply 1208/23/2013

Nathan Lane.

by Wentworth Millerreply 1308/25/2013

Seann William Scott

by Wentworth Millerreply 1408/25/2013

How many have come out this year? matt dallas, went worth miller, jo.foster (kinda), raven, that kid that played young wolverine in origins.

by Wentworth Millerreply 1508/25/2013

Isn't Nathan Lane out?

by Wentworth Millerreply 1608/25/2013

please respect my privacy, I'm not Honey Boo Boo

by Wentworth Millerreply 1708/26/2013
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