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GaGa Officially Out of New Ideas; Promises a ‘Telephone’ Sequel .

1. Lady Gaga’s confirmed that there will be a sequel to her Thelma & Louise inspired “Telephone” video. The NME reports that in an interview on Kiss FM in the UK, Mother Monster assured listeners that a sequel is surely coming. She said that she would again be working with Jonas Akerlund, who directed “Paparazzi” and “Telephone.” No word on if Beyonce will be making an appearance, oh so help me if she doesn’t.

by Zzzzzzz....reply 1008/24/2013


by Zzzzzzz....reply 108/24/2013

It`s the final part of a trilogy: it had to come sometime.

by Zzzzzzz....reply 208/24/2013

She's recycling something after only 4 years? Sad.

by Zzzzzzz....reply 308/24/2013


by Zzzzzzz....reply 408/24/2013

Gaga's realized that her videos suck without Jonas.

by Zzzzzzz....reply 508/24/2013

One flop forward, two steps back.

by Zzzzzzz....reply 608/24/2013

Oh, god, the ancient Madonna fangurl who's obsessed with Lady Gaga, like her all her fans are, is at it again. Honey, ENOUGH! You're old. Your time came and went. Move over already!

by Zzzzzzz....reply 708/24/2013

cat fight, maggie fans v. gaga fans, go!

by Zzzzzzz....reply 808/24/2013

Was anyone actually waiting for one?

by Zzzzzzz....reply 908/24/2013

R9 yes the little monsters

by Zzzzzzz....reply 1008/24/2013
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