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The Right’s Clack Crime Obsession: Murder of Australian Baseball Player By Black Youth

There are a few black people up to no good in this country and Fox News is on it! So is Drudge Report. Vigilantly on the lookout, 24 hours a day, for stories about black youths behaving badly.

This isn’t a particularly new phenomenon, but it’s intensified noticeably in the past year for at least two reasons. Conservatives, particularly white conservatives, feel a burning urgency to find a racial counterweight to the aftermath of Trayvon Martin’s shooting (including President Obama’s public comments about the incident), a logical response to the argument that things like background checks and an assault weapons ban are appropriate ways to reduce the likelihood of another Sandy Hook-style massacre, and anecdotal justifications for indiscriminate policing of dangerous neighborhoods.

But these are hopeless pursuits. The incidents they draw attention to fail by definition to underscore the things they believe. They all require projecting motives or details or both into tragic events, to create false dichotomies between shootings perpetrated by whites and blacks. They have the unhealthy effect of creating dueling tallies of white-on-black and black-on-white crime. And ironically they all tend to underscore the argument that more “stand your ground” laws and more racial profiling are off-point responses to these incidents.

The latest conservative cri de coeur is over the tragic shooting death of Chris Lane, a 22-year-old Australian attending East Central University in Oklahoma on a baseball scholarship. Two teen boys spotted Lane on a jog last week, trailed him in a car, and allegedly shot him fatally in the back (a third teen reportedly served as their driver). One of the suspects said the boys committed the murder out of boredom.

Word of the shooting spread quickly. And that’s when the right clumsily revealed that its obsession with gun violence reflects an obsession with racial score settling rather than with averting further tragedies. The conservative media, including Fox News, repeated the claim that the Oklahoma suspects were all black. But this turned out to be a toxic mix of racial bias and wishful thinking. You almost wonder whether the people whose ulterior motives led them into error like this actually lamented the fact that one of the suspects happened to be white. It would be so much more convenient if that weren’t the case.

But let’s pretend for a minute that the suspects had all fit the stereotype the hosts at Fox and Friends wanted. Then the idea is that Chris Lane’s death should somehow offset Trayvon Martin’s, or that the people who sought to turn George Zimmerman’s actions into a national referendum on “stand your ground” laws are somehow hypocritical for having little to say when the races of the culprits and innocent victims are reversed. For reactionary Obama foes like former Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., the obvious question is, “Whom will POTUS identify w/this time?”

I’ll give West, et al., this: If you ignore motive, circumstance, history and (likely) outcome, then liberals, particularly black liberals, sure seem craven. By that standard, though, Jean Valjean and John, King of England are moral equals — just a couple of guys with similar names taking other people’s property.

So let’s review: George Zimmerman wouldn’t have shot Trayvon Martin if he hadn’t been profiling by race. And even if he had been, the shooting feasibly wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t been legally allowed to carry a handgun and didn’t think he was empowered by law to take matters into his own hands. The monstrous killing of Chris Lane has no such back story. The killers apparently had no motive whatsoever, were armed illegally, and certainly weren’t trailing Lane because they believed, based on his race, that he might be a criminal. They are, however, likely to face serious prison time for their crimes. Zimmerman walked.

Put that all together, and it turns out these stories aren’t counter-parallel at all. And more to the point, the events don’t even anecdotally augur for policies the right supports. The kids in Oklahoma weren’t “standing their ground,” and a “stand your ground” law wouldn’t have saved Chris Lane. Neither would a stop-and-frisk regime — the killers were trailing him in a car. By contrast, a “stand your ground” environment and a stop-and-frisk mentality were instrumental in Trayvon Martin’s death. Take either away, and there’s a good chance he’d be alive today. Martin in fact personified the statistical folly of stop-and-frisk. If Zimmerman had yielded to real police, they would have, in absence of any suspicious behavior, stopped Martin, frisked him and found only the skittles and iced tea that made his death that much more tragically poignant.

You could twist that into a claim that stop-and-frisk might have saved Martin’s life. But that gets the onus backward. Proponents of profiling policies need to do better than argue we have to violate the civil rights of minorities in order to protect them from hair-triggered vigilantes.

What might well have stopped both killings, though, is making it harder for people, legally or illegally, to come into possession of handguns. That’s a conversation the right is less obsessed with.

by Anonymousreply 12408/29/2013


by Anonymousreply 308/23/2013

Click and clack.

by Anonymousreply 408/23/2013

A few, OP?

by Anonymousreply 608/23/2013

So a claque is committing crimes? Whose claque are they?

by Anonymousreply 808/23/2013

No doubt more outraged over this than the white kid who killed 20 five year olds.

by Anonymousreply 1008/23/2013

STFU Beutler. Your article is shit. Every American has the right to be outraged over these killings. You article just demonstrates the scavengers who attempt to exploit these tragedies. You are doing the same thing as Fox, so just shut up and put the blame where it belongs...on the perpetrators.

by Anonymousreply 2108/23/2013

Black-on-White hate crime is a subject than needs to be openly addressed. I do not blame either group, but ignoring the issue only fuels this type of senseless violence. We can't fix the problem if we don't admit there is one, which there most certainly is.

by Anonymousreply 2508/23/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Anonymousreply 2708/23/2013

Who left the door unattended? A bunch of intolerable trolls snuck in.

by Anonymousreply 3408/24/2013

If they want a 'poster child' case, the Australian baseball kid doesn't seem to fit the bill. It was apparently more a random act of violence.

The Channon Christian / Christopher Newsom rape, torture, killings on the other hand... those were hate crimes.

by Anonymousreply 4408/24/2013

I'm as liberal as they come but I think they should be charged with a hate crime absolutely if there's a hint that they shot the first white person they saw as opposed to the first person they saw. It may never be known if they didn't admit it to the cops, and the lawyers may have advised them to never say it. But one did tweet that 90% of white people are nasty. It may never be known if they would have shot the guy if he hadn't been white. But no double standards in the laws, if hate crimes exist in the law they should be applied equally across the board.

by Anonymousreply 4508/24/2013


by Anonymousreply 4708/24/2013


by Anonymousreply 4908/24/2013

LOL at the name Chauncey. Maybe the tweeter meant to insult his friend; maybe he meant to say guys that are 50% white are nasty.

by Anonymousreply 5308/24/2013

I remember that R2. What was her motive and wasn't she gay too?

by Anonymousreply 6008/24/2013

Piers Morgan said the other night that most mass killers are young WHITE males in their 20s. That's a generalization, but its a true statement and doesn't offend me as a white person. But the same is true that most gangster thug killers are young black males. It shouldn't offend anyone to have that conversation based on statistics.

by Anonymousreply 6108/24/2013

In today's world, you really just need to be afraid of everyone.

Look at 70 year old former San Diego Mayor Filner. Walking down the street, you probably wouldn't be afraid if you saw him walking your way. But you should be.

White, black, whatever race. Young or old, male or female. Just assume that everyone is a loon out to cut your ass.

So hide yo kids. Hide your wife. Hide your husbands, because they're coming up raping everybody all around here.

by Anonymousreply 6708/24/2013

R63 If you don't think gay-seeming priests on particular, priests in general, have Potential Pedophile stench attached to them in a way rabbis don't, you're clueless.

If you're a blameless priest upset about the pre-judgement you face, about the collective guilt for individual antisocials - it ain't fair, but the blame is with the few that created the circumstances that support the prejudice.

It ain't "Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion" propaganda, but actual anti-social, in the cases of priests as wrll as street-tough young black males

by Anonymousreply 6908/24/2013

I do think Obama should acknowledge the murder of Christopher Lane simply because he was a visitor to our country and the Australian prime minister has already advised against traveling to the US. It would be a good diplomatic move.

Also Jesse Jackson using such a soft term like "frowned upon" is shameful.

by Anonymousreply 7008/24/2013

When Obama spoke about racism he experienced, like older women clutching their purses and stuff like that, he always left out the why. I think the elephant in the room is the crime figures. Obama vaguely referred it on Leno, blaming it on poverty, "disruptions," failing schools, IMO placing blame elsewhere:

"We all know that young African American men disproportionately have involvement in criminal activities and violence — for a lot of reasons, a lot of it having to do with poverty, a lot of it having to do with disruptions in their neighborhoods and their communities, and failing schools and all those things. And that’s no excuse, but what we also believe in is, is that people — everybody — should be treated fairly and the system should work for everyone. (Applause.)"

by Anonymousreply 7308/24/2013

Yipes! Has the Storm come to the Datalounge?

by Anonymousreply 7508/24/2013

It is not racist to state that a disproportionate number of violent crimes are committed by young black males. That is a fact. It just is what it is.

by Anonymousreply 7808/24/2013

Jesus, R86, you're mentally ill. What a disgusting person you are. Just vile.

by Anonymousreply 8808/24/2013

R91 You are a man who likes to go up into zee man. You are mentally ill, bubuleh" Siggy Freud

by Anonymousreply 9408/24/2013

Was this posted already? FOX news commentator thinks "survivor syndrome" could have been a factor. By that she means they survived not being aborted.

by Anonymousreply 9508/24/2013

[quote] Trevor Dooley, out on bail on manslaughter

Not the same thing as being freed after being found innocent by a jury. Your Dooley has yet to be tried. AND he was arrested and charged with a crime, unlike Zimmerman. .

It was only after national attention was given to the case that Zimmerman was arrested.

Your false equivalencies know no bounds.

by Anonymousreply 10208/25/2013

There's black people and there's niggas and the niggas HAVE GOT TO GO!

by Anonymousreply 10808/25/2013

Bill Cosby was right. Black people have to get their own house in order and stop making excuses before they can expect other races to respect them and treat them without stereotyping. This story and other recent ones like it just adds fuel to the fire and sets blacks back more and more, and some of them just aren't seeing what's going on.

by Anonymousreply 10908/25/2013

Yes, r110. Because gays are violent thugs who beat, maim and kill all over this country. Gay neighborhoods are so dangerous that straight people don't want to go there. **rolls eyes**

by Anonymousreply 11208/25/2013

April 2012 Ohio – Elderly white man Dallas Watts beaten by six juveniles in Ohio while they yelled – THIS IS FOR TRAYVON

April 2012 Chicago – Two black teens beat up a white male in because “they were mad about Trayvon Martin case”

April 2012 Gainesville, Florida – 5 to 8 blacks attack white man leaving permanent damage to face while yelling Trayvon

April 2012 Baltimore – Black mob beats white tourist in Baltimore – crowd laughs and steals his belongings

April 2012 Arizona – Black male shoots and kills 29 year old ‘white-Hispanic’ Daniel Adkins, who had mental capacity of a 12-year-old

April 2012 Oklahoma – Tyrone Woodfork beats to death elderly couple – rapes 85 year old woman

May 2012 Texas – Black man Matthew Lee Johnson robs, sets 76 year old Nancy Harris on fire– she died from her injuries

May 2012 Texas – Antowann Davis takes butcher knife stabs 29 year old Martha Jones at Target store in Dallas

May 2012 Georgia – Black mob of three beats to death Marine and Iraq War Veteran

May 2012 Virginia – Mob of between 30-100 black teens brutally beat white male and female reporters

May 2012 Tampa Florida – Four black men beat and rob young U.S. Army soldier

June 2012 Georgia – Two black teens allegedly stab to death white pizza delivery woman and mother.

July 2012 Indiana – 24-year-old Jacqueline Gardner (Mother of two) ‘allgedly’ killed by three blacks over $85 tip money

July 2013 Georgia – Joshua Chellew beaten, killed by four black men After not guilty verdict for Zimmerman:

July 2013 Baltimore – Black people yell ‘This is for Trayvon’ beat up Hispanic in Baltimore

July 2013 Houston – Blacks assault white grandmother in Houston during Trayvon protests

July 2013 South Carolina – Marley Lion 17 year old shot to death by four black people for no reason

July 2013 Connecticut – Five or six black teens for the savage beating of a New Haven Connecticut businessman, steal scooter

July 2013 Maryland – 3 black thugs beat, rob white man in Maryland yelling this is for Trayvon Martin

August 2013 Oklahoma – Australian baseball player Chris Lane killed by two black teens because ‘they were bored.’

August 2013 Memphis – David Santucci murdered ‘allegedly’ by 3 blacks in Trayvon Martin revenge killing

August 2013 Spokane – Delbert Belton World War II veteran beaten to death by two black men

August 2013 Memphis – Two blacks douse white man with gasoline, set on fire

August 2013 Poughkeepsie New York – Jovan Tyrek Rogers black man kills 99-year-old Fannie Gumbinger

by Anonymousreply 11408/28/2013

In the cases at R114 where the perps yelled 'this is for Treyvon', were they prosecuted as hate crimes? If not, why not?

by Anonymousreply 11508/28/2013

R114 is just repeating Right Wing Trash and all kinds of distortions.

In the so called case of Dallas Watts even the Fox News report acknowledge this man was confronted by youths that were WHITE and BLack and that DAllas Watts was the one who bought up Trayvon Martin. He told them when they approached " Why me? Remember Trayvon." The police said the youths interpreted it as a threat to them. The police interviewed them and determined it's not a hate crime.

The Daniel Adkins case doesn't seem in anyway racially motivated and is more a stand your ground case. Daniel Adkins is mentally disabled and was walking and walked in front of a car and the driver Jude who was with his pregnant girlfriend had to swerve to miss him. Jude claims that Daniel swung what looked like a bat or a pipe at him so he got his gun out and shot him because he felt threatened.

The police didn't find a pipe but Jude may get by on stand your gun. THIS is one of those cases that the Right Wing would normally use to celebrate their guns but the Right wing had other agenda in this case to make it about race because they want to score points for the racist asshole at R114.

by Anonymousreply 11608/28/2013

Meant Stand your Ground not Stand Your Gun Laws.

Back to the asshole at R114---Tyrone Woodfork did commit a horrific crime of rape and assault. The female victim died of complications blunt trauma and the male victim from disease. He's being held but will not get the death penalty because of his mental limitations. He's also charged with robbery which seems to have been his motivation. There's no mention of this crime being racially motivated.

R114 appears to simply be listing a bunch of crimes to foment white rage as if the Rush Limbaugh types need any help in that direction. They're busy taking out their pitchforks and white robes while boo hooing about black people. In the meantime most of the crimes that happen is due to the proliferation of guns.

There are about 16,000 homicides per year in the US. The majority of them do not get any coverage outside their local jurisdictions.

by Anonymousreply 11708/28/2013

So, R114 lists over 20 incidents of black-on-white violence. R116 says he's "just repeating Right Wing Trash and all kinds of distortions" but can only challenge 2 of R114's cases?

by Anonymousreply 11808/28/2013

R118 CHeck the list again. Most of them are anonymous black guy kills white guy stories with NO NAMES on them so NOT VERIFIABLE since they're just hearsay stories. I picked out a couple of cases to show R114 is full of shit. And in none of the cases you'll notice did anyone have to petition the attorney general in order to get someone arrested.

The Chris Lane story you all know about--2 black guys and 1 white guy. But the RIght WIng float the idea he's a mulatto and darken his skin because they're so pathetic. It's the same idiots that went on about Jahar not being white white even though he was from the Caucasus region. PATHETIC!

But you know what, if R118 or R114 or so worried about black people out to get you I suggest you build an underground bunker and hide out. You get to hang out only with your kind, the terminally stupid. You won't be missed.

by Anonymousreply 11908/28/2013

[quote]there are few mass killers and most of us won't come into contact with them in our lives. The violence tearing cities apart today in the real world is gang violence mostly perpetrated by young blacks for whatever reason. The fact that a few white guys go bonkers and take out a cinema doesn't change that fact. AND, while its ok to paint every white guy who owns a gun with the same "NRA loons" paintbrush, you'll get called a racist when you point out statistics.

You're even less likely to be killed in a terrorist attack by a Muslim, but that doesn't stop the hysteria when it comes to over a billion people, now does it?

As has been stated before, the problem is the magnification of crimes depending on the "who." Statistics be damned.

by Anonymousreply 12008/28/2013

Clack on clack crime is a major problem in this country! Wake up America!

by Anonymousreply 12108/28/2013

All of those stories are easy to verify. Just google keywords of city, month and either "beat" or "kill" and they all come up. Here's one:

by Anonymousreply 12208/28/2013

122 Someone was beaten and robbed and they've arrested three of the perpetrators. There's nothing about that story that make it of national interest. There's nothing about the story that indicated there was any racial motivation for the crime. Lots of grasping at straws there. That's why I didn't waste my time googling all those meaningless no name stories.

by Anonymousreply 12308/29/2013

R122 Google "Channon Christian", if you want to put a face to victims of barbarism and savagery

by Anonymousreply 12408/29/2013
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