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Washington Square Park

When did it become so sanitized? I walked through the other day after quite a while and noted children on roller blades, wholesome college students sunning themselves, and a couple of bored teenagers playing cards. It was like a Cub Scout meeting. What happened to the freaks, the wackos, and the strange screaming pigeon lady?

by Avenue Dreply 1308/24/2013

It's been an on-going project for the past several years. I think they are down to one last section to rehab and it will be complete. As usual, some in the neighborhood fought it (especially some of the things that were changed/taken out) but you can see who won.

Time for you to get out and about more often!!

by Avenue Dreply 108/21/2013

OP just left mom's basement for the first time in 15 years.

by Avenue Dreply 208/21/2013

[quote]the strange screaming pigeon lady?

She moved to London. The bird lady outside St. Paul's retired so they needed an experienced replacement.

by Avenue Dreply 308/22/2013

She moved to Boston with Paige the Petition Lady.

by Avenue Dreply 408/22/2013

They can't afford New York. They have moved to Trenton.

by Avenue Dreply 508/22/2013

You can't even breathe the air in Manhattan anymore unless you're a millionaire. Never mind live there.

by Avenue Dreply 608/22/2013

Thanks for your interest OP, as a resident it really fucking bugs the shit out of us,that all the drug addicts/dealers, homeless & mentally ill have moved on.

What the fuck kind of post is this? FAIL!

by Avenue Dreply 708/24/2013

Hey some of us liked to score at Washington Square! Now I have to go up to Harlem!!

by Avenue Dreply 808/24/2013

They embroider nicely.

by Avenue Dreply 908/24/2013

Can't wait to see what action, if any, will be possible in the new restroom when it FINALLY opens.

by Avenue Dreply 1008/24/2013

[quote]It was like a Cub Scout meeting.

What I hate most about prison is being constantly in the wrong place at the wrong time.

by Avenue Dreply 1108/24/2013

I always found it a filthy, disgusting rat hole of hippies, half-naked children and unsavory pot dealers.

It's somewhat nicer now, really just cleaner, but it's still very scruffy to me.

by Avenue Dreply 1208/24/2013

The screaming pigeon woman has been replaced by the guy who sits on the west side of the park with pigeons landing all over him and tourists taking his picture.

by Avenue Dreply 1308/24/2013
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