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'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Meet The Cast (and twists revealed!)

Jeff Probst already announced on Entertainment Weekly Radio that the next season of Survivor —subtitled Blood vs. Water — would feature returning Survivor contestants playing with (or, rather, against) their loved ones. Then, yesterday we revealed that one of those pairs would be Survivor: One World’s Kat Edorsson and her boyfriend, Big Brother season 12 winner Hayden Moss. Now the rest of the cast can be officially unveiled. And that cast will be playing in the most twist-heavy Survivor season ever.

Among the cast of Survivor: Blood vs. Water —which filmed this past May and June in the Philippines — will be a contestant from the group that started it all, as season 1 player Gervase Peterson returns to compete along with his niece Marissa. He will be joined by three million dollar winners — Tina Wesson from The Australian Outback (who will be playing with daughter Katie), Aras Baskauskas from Panama (with brother Vytas), and Rupert Boneham, who has never won in his three previous outings but did collect a million dollars as the winner of a special fan voted prize given away during the All-Stars season. He will be joined by his wife Laura.

In a surprise, the new cast also features three players from One World — which is generally considered one of the weakest Survivor seasons ever. Joining Kat will be Monica Culpepper (and husband Brad) and the controversial Colton Cumbie (and fiancé Caleb). Rounding out the cast are threepeaters Tyson Apostol (with girlfriend Rachel) and the former Candice Woodcock (now Candice Cody, with husband John), as well as Laura Morett from Samoa (with daughter Ciera).

Survivor host Jeff Probst gives credit for the loved ones concept to Survivor casting director Lynne Spillman. “It’s something she brought up for years,” Probst told “But this year she pitched it and she said, ‘I think I can pull it off. I think I’ve found the right amount of couples.’ And once we started talking about it and talking about who would play, it went from something we thought about doing next year to something we were going to do this season. It was one of those moments were I left and went ‘Oh, everything’s different.’” As if having returning players playing against their loved ones was not a big enough twist, there are several other smaller changes, some of which could dramatically alter the way the game is played. Here they are:

*For the first time ever, the game will not be 39 days long, but rather 39-and-a-half days, as the couples will begin the game the night prior to day one with a new twist titled “Day Zero.” The 10 pairs will be sent out at sunset to 10 different locations to live by themselves for the night. They will then all meet up to be officially welcomed by host Jeff Probst and start the game the next morning. “The whole idea was to try and get them thinking and maybe believing that they would play as a pair,” says Probst.

* Just minutes after congregating, the returning players and their loved ones will be split into two different tribes, with the returning players making up the yellow Galang tribe and the newbies comprising the red Tadhana tribe. “Suddenly your partner becomes your adversary, your competition,” says Probst. “And that was the whole premise of Blood Vs. Water. How is that going to play out in a game where only one person can win?”

* First impressions can be key in the game like Survivor, and that will prove true here as just moments after meeting each other, each team will vote one member off their tribe. They will later be informed that these people have not been voted out of the game, but rather will be sent to Redemption Island, which makes its return after having been absent for the past three seasons. There they will battle to stay alive and reenter the game at a later point.

* Confused yet? Well, it gets even more confusing! Jeff Probst will then immediately offer each of the loved ones of the two people voted off the opportunity to trade places with them, meaning that if, say, returning player Tina is voted out of her tribe at the start, her daughter Katie can opt to take her place at Redemption Island instead, and Tina would then join the tribe of newbies.

* As mentioned, Redemption Island is back. Anyone voted out will be sent there and will then compete in a three person duel. The last place finisher in each contest is out of the game for good, while the top two remain. However, if someone’s loved one is still in the game they can take their loved one’s place before a duel. (So if, say, Monica is at Redemption Island but her husband Brad thinks he would do better at a duel involving strength, he can swap places with her, electing to do the duel while she takes his place on his tribe. They could then swap again at the next duel if it is a contest better suited to her strengths.) “That puts blood and water to the test,” says Probst. “And we’re gonna do it at every duel. So the first time early in the game, somebody may say ‘It’s just too early.” But as those duels increase and they get closer to what they think might be a merge, their strategy is going to start to change.”

* That’s not all when it comes to Redemption Island. The person who finishes first in each duel will also get to give a clue to the location of a hidden immunity idol to any person from either tribe that they choose. “There’s all these things you can do,” says Probst. “Because for a moment, even though you’re on the outest, furthest part of the game, you have a little bit of power.”

by Miareply 60010/30/2013

They should go back to unknowns.

by Miareply 108/21/2013

I fucking loathe that ogre Rupert.

I'm pulling for Tina.

Glad to see there is no Hantz in that line-up.

by Miareply 208/21/2013

They've brought back Rupert! Please not him again! This is the first time I've may have lost interest in watching survivor. Not to mention they've brought back Colton and Candice. Do they want me to just hate the entire cast from the get-go? Ugh.

by Miareply 308/21/2013

They should have gotten Lisa Whelchel and either her hot brother or gay ex-husband.

by Miareply 408/21/2013

Fourth time for Rupert. .... So DONE

by Miareply 508/21/2013

I hate myself for still watching this.

by Miareply 608/21/2013

I really, really dislike Rupert. He's such a blowhard.

Besides, no one should be given 4(!) opportunities to play. Probst needs to put his man crushes aside.

by Miareply 708/21/2013

Fucking Rupert AND Colton?

Skipping this one.

by Miareply 808/21/2013

Will Rup be bringing that fucking tye-dye shirt with him again?

by Miareply 908/21/2013

Do you even have to ask, R9?

by Miareply 1008/21/2013

Tina's daughter also has a big chest.

by Miareply 1108/21/2013

Redemption Island sucks!

I thought that was the general opinion and that's why the stopped after doing it for a couple of seasons.

Now they've made it so convoluted that some of these dummmies are going to need the producers to walk them through how it works when they get sent there.

by Miareply 1208/21/2013

Well since Time Warner is blocking CBS this might be a perfect time to break my Survivor habit. These new twists sound like a mess and none of the returning players interest me.

by Miareply 1308/21/2013

I've stopped watching seasons that I didn't enjoy, but I've never not started watching a season. But this will be that season.

Bye, Probst.

by Miareply 1408/22/2013

All of those twists = we can change the game however we want to get the final three we want.

by Miareply 1508/22/2013

Colton = I'm boycotting the show. No fucking way will that troglodyte light up one pixel of my television.

by Miareply 1608/22/2013

They are clearly desperate for any attention at this point. Wasn't last season the lowest rated ever?

by Miareply 1708/22/2013

Good thing the gays are wearing pink so we can pick them out of the cast photo. Otherwise, they'd just blend in with the other men. Not.

by Miareply 1808/22/2013

Why not Russell and his nephew?

by Miareply 1908/22/2013

We all know Colton was very popular.

by Miareply 2008/22/2013

The best couple would have been Colton Cumbie and his family's black housekeeper.

by Miareply 2108/22/2013

First day folks voted out will be Colton and Kat's Big Brother winning boyfriend.

And Kat will spend the rest of the season crying.

by Miareply 2208/22/2013

I can't believe that we escaped having a Hantz AND Boston Rob on this show

by Miareply 2308/22/2013

A spoiler on the CBS page says . . .


The real content is hidden in this sentence so you have to want Colton quits to read it to see it.

by Miareply 2408/22/2013

God, Colton? Really? Colton?!?

by Miareply 2508/22/2013

Add me to the list of people who would never watch a show with Colton on it. Truthfully, though, I haven't watched Survivor in years.

by Miareply 2608/22/2013

r25, it could have been worse.

by Miareply 2708/22/2013

My first response is to echo what was said in another thread: They really couldn't find 16-20 new people to play Survivor?! Sigh for all the Survivor fans who CBS is ignoring.

However, since this season did happen here are my thoughts: So far I am rooting for Tina and her daughter, along with Aras and his brother. I'm rooting against Rupert and his wife, and really rooting against Colton and his fiancé. On the fence about Candice and her husband and Kat/Hayden. Mostly neutral about Tyson and his girlfriend and Monica and her NFL husband. Totally neutral about Gervase and his niece. I had forgotten him.

Some of these feelings may change once the season is airing, of course.

by Miareply 2808/23/2013

Ugh. I hate Aras. What a smug, pretentious twat.

by Miareply 2908/23/2013

[bold]Jeff Probst:[/bold] Now that our [italic]Survivor: Reunion[/italic] special is nearly over, and we have crowned the wonnier of [italic]Survivor: Blood vs. Water," let us show you a preview of where [italic]Survivor[/italic] will go next.

Join us in [italic]Survivor: Taiga[/italic], the most natural area bordering the pacific, where some of your favorite Survivors will have a Second Chance.

That's right - a second chance at winning the game.

And [italic]second[/italic] deserves emphasis here as 20 of our No. 2 vote-offs will come back to play [italic]Survivor[/italic] one more time.

Watch B.B. from [italic]Survivor: Borneo[/italic], Kel from [italic]Survivor: The Australian Outback[/italic], Jessie from [italic]Survivor: Africa[/italic], Patricia from [italic]Survivor: Marquesas[/italic] ... along with 16 more of these unforgettable No. 2 cast-offs.

Tune in on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 for the premiere [italic]two[/italic]-hour season premiere of [italic]Survivor: Taiga[/italic].

by Miareply 3008/23/2013

Is BB even alive?

by Miareply 3108/23/2013

Although I would have preferred a season with an unknown cast, once I knew this season was going to happen I was hoping we would see one of these guys from last season: Eddie, Reynold, or Michael. For those of you who have already forgotten Michael was the openly gay guy who Corinne was so eager to have as her friend/ally! Anyway, I should not be surprised those guys were all missing- none of them is a favorite of Jeff Probst. Poor Michael had such a weak edit that very few viewers would have picked him as one of their favorites from Caromoan!

by Miareply 3208/27/2013

R29,Aras was a rather controversial contestant during Exile Island, which aired in the winter/spring of 2006. Many viewers really liked Aras; many others found him pretty annoying. Whether one liked Aras or not he was a pretty good player who did not get enough credit for what he achieved. Then executive producer Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst were big fans of Cirie- Exile Island was her first season- and military guy Terry Dietz. So the editing gave them both Cirie and Terry more credit than they deserved. In any case this is only Aras' second season, not third or fourth!

by Miareply 3308/27/2013

Gay Republican Colton is playing with his Gay Republican Fiancé, Caleb.

The DL meltdown should be epic.

by Miareply 3408/27/2013

A match made in Log Cabinette heaven!

by Miareply 3508/27/2013


by Miareply 3608/27/2013


Italics no more.

by Miareply 3708/27/2013

May Colton or his fiancee be the first person voted out this season!

by Miareply 3808/29/2013

i'll watch one episode for my man hayden.

this show is so over.

by Miareply 3908/29/2013

Which was the last season when they didn't have ANY returning players?

by Miareply 4008/29/2013

The last Survivor season with no returning players was One World, which was Colton's first season, r40. One World aired in the winter/spring 2012 and the winner was Kim, who was pretty deserving.

by Miareply 4108/29/2013

What a shitty cast.

Colton is disgusting. Ugly, racist and classist. Please, please let him be out early (again).

What a shitty cast. Do we really need Rupert for a 4th time?

Or Candice and Tyson for a 3rd time?

Or those phony, fake-titted conservitive hags Laura and Tina?

Monica, does anyone actually remember her?

Aras was one of the worst winners, IMO.

Kat is very annoying.

The only one that is somewhat interesting to see again is Gervase from season 1. It should be interesting how he plays this time because the only one from his season that had a clue how to play the game was Richard Hatch.

Hopefully their relatives are more interesting or at least likable.

by Miareply 4208/30/2013

[italic]Survivor[/italic] is in its twilight period. (There may be at least one poster who would write that the show is much further along that [italic]that[/italic].) Now that [italic]Survivor[/italic] has sunk so low with its incessant returns of middle- to lower-tiered "participants," — as if even a significant fraction of them were truly "memorable" — it is hard to picture the CBS series being able to survive past this decade. Have fun predicting exactly which year it finally sign off!

by Miareply 4308/30/2013

It's also not helped that Probst has taken over creative control of the show. He's a great host but terrible when it comes to twists and what he thinks the fans want to see (like returning cast members every season, especially his faves). He totally dismisses the fans negative feedback, no matter how constructive (or correct) and has gotten very bitchy of late on twitter and in interviews.

by Miareply 4408/30/2013

"This is the first time I've may have lost interest in watching Survivor"

Really? It jumped the shark for me about season #2.

by Miareply 4508/30/2013

Colten and his fiance could be twins. They look alike.

by Miareply 4608/30/2013

Fourth time for Rupert...I think we have a winner.

by Miareply 4708/30/2013


by Miareply 4808/30/2013

The reason Jeff brought back Redemption Island for this season was, of course, to protect his favorites. Does he not remember that this did not help Ozzy win during his third season?

by Miareply 4908/31/2013

At least no Hantzes.

by Miareply 5008/31/2013

Can you imagine having sex with Colton? The horror ... the horror ...

by Miareply 5108/31/2013

At least you'd have the pleasure of shutting him up.

by Miareply 5208/31/2013

Redemption Island has always been a huge fail with the returnees getting booted again after re-entering the game. Of course it was done to give the 'strong' players who get booted early for whatever reason a chance to return to the game. Probst HATES when strong players (alpha males, especially) go before he thinks they should.

by Miareply 5308/31/2013

Redemption Island is stupid.

by Miareply 5408/31/2013

I think Aras and his brother Vytas are so hot!

by Miareply 5509/08/2013

I guess the Hantz family was busy this season?

by Miareply 5609/08/2013

I hope one of the twists is instead of buried Immunity Idols, we have buried firearms with live ammunition.

by Miareply 5709/16/2013

Laura and her daughter Ciera are homophobes. Stupid bitch is proud have been a teenage mom.

Jeff on Ciera: "Ciera is not someone that anyone is going to walk over. She has several guns, she votes against gay rights."

Jeff on Laura: "Laura can also rub people the wrong way. Like her daughter she has some strong opinions about a lot of things and she won’t waver on them."

by Miareply 5809/16/2013


by Miareply 5909/18/2013

Colton deserves to be back, he had to leave early last time because of health issues. So it's only fair that he gets another shot it and he makes for great tv!

by Miareply 6009/18/2013

Is Colton the cryer? Mary! Man up bitch!

by Miareply 6109/18/2013

Ugh!! I wish a shark would eat Rupurt.

And why the hell did they ask Candace back? She is one of the most loathed contestants ever

by Miareply 6209/18/2013

OMG, Colton gets nasty next week!

by Miareply 6309/18/2013

Who went home?

by Miareply 6409/18/2013

I hate Colton and his crocodile tears. He's being manipulative just like before.

by Miareply 6509/18/2013

Who else cheered when Colton threatened to hit Kat 'with this fucking paddle'.

Fool couldn't control himself through one episode. And next week reverts to his old behavior.

Good choice there, Survivor !

by Miareply 6609/18/2013

Who got voted out?

by Miareply 6709/18/2013


Candace (returnee) and Rupert's wife were voted out. Rupert switched places with his wife and he and Candace went off to Redemption Island to await their first battle.

At the immunity challenge, Gervase practically died while playing, but the puzzle players on the team ended up pulling out a win...... and then Gervase (of all people) got all supercocky about the win (Whoo Hoo, that's how it's done..... Yaaaaa Yaaaa Yaaa)

Pissed off the loved ones, who voted out Gervase's niece.

I must say, there's a bit more eye candy this time around. And I totally have a crush on Aras' brother, Vytas .... who is a 14 year clean heroin addict/now a yoga instructor who spent a year in jail for robbing a woman at an ATM. I hope both of them make it far just to see how their strained dynamics play out.

by Miareply 6809/18/2013

I know I'm in the minority but I have always rooted for Rupert.Love that guy.

by Miareply 6909/18/2013

...loved ones

...Loved Ones

...LOVED ONES!!!!!!!!!

How many fuckin' times are they gonna use that phrase each episode? Tonight it was about 147 times.

Also, the doctor dude (who is probably considered hotish) that's married to Candace is a crying pussy man. He's runner up in that department to Colton.

by Miareply 7009/18/2013

This has to be fixed. How could people not immediatly vote out Colton?

by Miareply 7109/18/2013

I hate that queen Colton with the heat of a thousand suns. Doesn't say much for his boyfriend either, there must be really slim pickings in Bumfuck Alabama or wherever hellhole they're from down there.

by Miareply 7209/18/2013

They look EXACTLY alike,r72! I'm surprised anyone can tell them apart. And Colton is The Devil-that 'lets play nice/Queen of Redemption'act lasted about a minute! How can his boyfriend out up with that?

And why does my gaydar go off when Vytas and Candice's husband appear? But I love Vytas,too r68-he and Aras have great,yoga toned bodies.

And Monica's husband the ex footballer is nuts! But I do like her.

Hayden seems pretty tame here,more than he was on BB. I wonder what game play he has up his sleeve? He may just win Survivor as well!

by Miareply 7309/19/2013

How did the black girl get on everyone's radar to be voted out first when she had nothing to do with the puzzle challenge collapse?!! The black girl got voted out first the last two seasons as well-so predictable..,

And you know Gervase would have been voted out first if his tribe hadn't won immunity!

by Miareply 7409/19/2013

they said they voted her out because Gervacve taunted them when the lost so they wanted to get back at him.

by Miareply 7509/19/2013

In what universe would that initial blind vote not be for Colton? Do these producers ever consider NOT manipulating the game?

Aras looked like he got rode hard since the last time he was on the show.

Rupert and his voice are already annoying. His "nobility" for saving his wife? Yawn.

by Miareply 7609/19/2013

[quote] How did the black girl get on everyone's radar to be voted out first when she had nothing to do with the puzzle challenge collapse?!! The black girl got voted out first the last two seasons as well-so predictable..

Agreed. I'm done with this season.

That girl did absolutely NOTHING to deserve being voted off, besides being the wrong color.

That bald "daddy" (as he was described up-thread) immediately decided that she should be gone, and as they voted her out, the rest of her tribe sat there, looking so proud of themselves for doing so.

Ugh. This was SOOOOOOO predictable.

The minute I saw her - alone in her blackness - on that tribe, I knew she was a goner. Survivor has become an anachronism. A throwback, to a long-lost era.

Instead of calling it "Survivor," it should be called "Woolworth's Counter: Circa 1950." That's how obvious the racial divide is on this show. Jeff Probst is absolutely clueless.

After this initial episode, I'm done. Tired of this shit.

And indeed, how ironic that this first episode of Survivor was followed up by the absolute WORST, and most RACIST season of Big Brother ever.

I mean, they even had to issue a racial disclosure at the beginning of the finale, to excuse themselves from airing some of the most vile, racist programming on network television.

Honestly, if you have to post a "disclosure" statement of how racist your show is, doesn't that say something about it? Thanks Miss Lesbian exec producer Allison Grodner. You make this country proud! *rolling eyes*

CBS is seriously in the shitter with this type of programming. I won't watch another day of it, and I encourage people of CONSCIENCE to boycott these shows.

by Miareply 7709/19/2013

lol, Survivor is still on, who watch this crap?

by Miareply 7809/19/2013

Hayden is nothing without Enzo.

by Miareply 7909/19/2013

There was a time when I was happy to see some of the returning players, not anymore (Colton is a prime example). I prefer new players every season, but the rating must say otherwise. Sad.

by Miareply 8009/19/2013

Hate him or not but, Colton deserves another chance at Survivor since he had to leave the game early before.

by Miareply 8109/19/2013

[quote]Colton deserves to be back, he had to leave early last time because of health issues.

[quote]Hate him or not but, Colton deserves another chance at Survivor since he had to leave the game early before.

I took it from Jeff's voiceover that Colton's "health issue" was fake.

Caleb is hot as hell.

Gervase's niece gave her tribe the look of death as she was being voted out.

by Miareply 8209/19/2013

Colton and Caleb must be the only two gay guys in their town cause Caleb is way to good for him

by Miareply 8309/19/2013

Candice and her husband are a hot couple.

None of you would kick Culpepper out of bed.

by Miareply 8409/19/2013

Does anyone remember or know why Candace was so reviled?

by Miareply 8509/19/2013

Thank you, R84. I also came on here to comment on the hotness of Candace's Dr. hubby and Mr. Culpepper.

You should google pictures of Culpepper - he was obese and gross looking when he played in the NFL but he lost 100 lbs. and is now fine as hell (cue the Melting Marys screaming "but he has those Hiddddeouth Tattooooooothhh!!!)

Hate, loathe, cannot stand fat ugly fuck Rupert. His voice makes me violently ill. Colton is just a national embarrassment. I'd feel pity for his seemingly benign boyfriend but it's not like Colton's baggage is a secret.

by Miareply 8609/19/2013

Colton makes me throw up...the sweater tied around the neck, the hands fluttering around the mouth, the diva tears. He's an embarrassment to gay men everywhere.

I've always been curious why Probst decides to call at least one or two of the male contestants by their last names, but not others. Mike Skupic was "Skupic" and last night it was "Culpepper". Weird.

by Miareply 8709/19/2013

CBS loves their flamers.

by Miareply 8809/19/2013

Culpepper's 'hotness' went out the window when he opened his mouth,r84,r86. But I get what Monica sees in him-dumb jock ex frat boy who's probably a good fuck-they've been married since 1992 and have three kids. But he was wrong to target Gervase's niece so soon-he came off like a typical southern cracker!

by Miareply 8909/19/2013

With a few new twists on the formula, Survivor: Blood & Water took a real tumble compared to its Season 25 September 19, 2012 opener.

Marking the show’s 400th episode, last night’s 8 PM to 9:30 PM Survivor fell 19% from its last fall premiere. That makes last night the show’s lowest fall debut in its long long history.

Compared to its Season 26 opener on February 13, 2013 The Mark Burnett-produced show saw an 8% rise among the key demo over its 90-minute Season 26 debut. With a 2.5/8 rating CBS won the night among adults 18-49, but NBC topped the night in terms of viewers with an audience of 9.203 million.

by Miareply 9009/19/2013

Did anyone notice that Caleb helped Colton out of truck as if Colton is a girl?

by Miareply 9109/19/2013

[quote] Did anyone notice that Caleb helped Colton out of truck as if Colton is a girl?

Yes! And it was quite amusing.

by Miareply 9209/19/2013

Colton is the reason straight people in flyover land hate us. He is horrific. It's a shame he wasn't voted to Redemption Island immediately.

Culpepper is so fucking hot. He's dumb, but that just heightens the fantasy of getting fucked by a dumb jock.

by Miareply 9309/19/2013

R89, fwiw, Culpepper finished undergrad in 3 years, won an award as the nation's top scholar athlete, and graduated law school with honors. You might find ways to poke at all those achievements, but he's not just a total dumbass jock.

by Miareply 9409/19/2013

[quote]Tina's daughter also has a big chest.

Tina didn' have a big chest until after her season finished filming (but before the finale aired), as she knew she'd won.

Poor, poor, stupid Colby.

What good is "being a nice guy" when you just handed someone $900k?

by Miareply 9509/19/2013

[quote]Jeff on Laura: "Laura can also rub people the wrong way. Like her daughter she has some strong opinions about a lot of things and she won’t waver on them."

Strong opinions = cunt.

by Miareply 9609/19/2013

I hope Gervase took advantage of his last 14 years of unimportance to learn how to fucking SWIM!

I've never understood the shitheads who get accepted for Survivor but don't bother learning to swim, fucking retards!

At least Gervais had the excuse of being in the first season, so nobody knew what to expect. But anyone playing after that? No excuse!!!

by Miareply 9709/19/2013

[quote]I know I'm in the minority but I have always rooted for Rupert. Love that guy.

You're NOT in the minority, R69, not by a long shot.

Why do you think the fans awarded Rupert that $100k (or whatever it was)? Cuz they love him!

by Miareply 9809/19/2013

[quote]That makes last night the show’s lowest fall debut in its long long history.

The love is fading, baby.

by Miareply 9909/19/2013

I can barely stand watching with Colton on it. In fact, I hate myself for watching.

by Miareply 10009/19/2013

I can't believe Colton found a partner.

What does he have to offer ? He's spoiled and pampered out the whazoo. He's chubby and unattractive. He's a nellie cunt with a definite mean streak

by Miareply 10109/19/2013

I didn't see Colton's first Survivor season so tell me this. Is he the type of queen bitch who talks shit and as soon as someone gives it right back at him twofold, he starts the sympathy cry.

Damn CBS! Between Big Brother's Andy and now this nelly bitch queen on Survivor, can you please consider the more butch, attractive, and less bitchy gay male. I mean, damn!

by Miareply 10209/19/2013

I think Culpepper was hot to get rid of Marissa once she called him out during the intro when he said he'd feel bad winning challenges for comforts that Monica wasn't getting. Marissa jumped on him pretty hard and I don't think he stopped feeling threatened once he was exposed that way.

He moved fast to set up the all man (plus Caleb, as he so nicely put it) alliance and then Gervase's behavior gave him a reason to target Marissa and get her out.

by Miareply 10309/19/2013

Candace has terminal bitchface. Besides being unlikeable, she's flipped on her tribe twice, once abandoning Yul after being in alliance with him, and on HVV, she flipped on her tribe to make an alliance with Russell of all people. She's a mega cunt.

I laughed when Culpepper made his alliance of "4 guys and a gay" and then took a sensual shower with Candace's husband.

by Miareply 10409/19/2013

I`m so glad our Colton is back. He is great TV.

by Miareply 10509/19/2013

So much for Colton's nice guy act. Did anyone catch him shrieking at Cat in the boat?

by Miareply 10609/19/2013

What happened to Jenna Lewis?

by Miareply 10709/19/2013

Pretty lame excuse,r103. So why did the rest of Marisa's tribe vote her out)

by Miareply 10809/19/2013

How many Republicans does this edition have?

Gay Colton and his gay boyfriend - Republican

Mr. Culpepper - Republican (Monica - don't know)

Tina and Her Tennessee daughter - Republican

Rupert and his wife - Republican (yeah, he was the Libertarian nominee in last year's Indiana gubernatorial election -- Libertarians are Alternative Republicans; check mark Republican)

[italic]By the way:[/italic] How many editions have [italic]Survivor[/italic] given us where a tribe's first Tribal Council resulted in their vote-off an African-American?

by Miareply 10909/20/2013

[bold]Does anyone remember or know why Candace was so reviled?[/bold]

Candace/Candice (however her first name is spelled) is a major turn-off because she has no [italic]feel[/italic] for the game. It's like a person who has no judgment. I don't feel anything personal against her; it's just that it reveals just how twisted and fucked - and desperate - TPTB are at [italic]Survivor[/italic] to have cast Candice/Candace not once, not twice, but now three times.

by Miareply 11009/20/2013

Stick a fork in this show.

by Miareply 11109/20/2013

Culpepper and Candice's husband got it on.

by Miareply 11209/20/2013

I hope Rupert wins Redemption Island.

by Miareply 11309/20/2013

Can ANY of these reality shows EVER feature a gay or lesbian who is not the most obnoxious sort of stereotype? It is almost as if they go out of their way to find the most repugnant gay people they can find.

by Miareply 11409/20/2013

There's a good variety of gay guys and gals on Project Runway and Top Chef.

But yes, they are few and far between.

by Miareply 11509/20/2013

R114, shut the fuck up already.

There are a huge variety of gay people across reality TV. Survivor is the reason nearly every competitive reality show has a gay contestant.

On top of that, reality TV shows cast people with big personalities. Are you so unsophisticated you can't grasp that simple concept?

by Miareply 11609/20/2013

R16= licks dried gobs of goo from gloryhole walls.

by Miareply 11709/20/2013

Rupert is another Boston Rob. CBS loves him and will have him on as many shows as possible. When Rupert loses the first redemption challenge to one of the women, CBS will probably do a Big Brother and have a former ousted member back on the show.

by Miareply 11809/20/2013

Colton's boyfriend already looks like no other gay we've seen on Survivor yet.

So far, I have no idea why this guy is with Colton.

by Miareply 11909/21/2013

r119, he's a little chubby with a normal voice. Yes, unusual for a Survivor gay!

by Miareply 12009/21/2013

R118 is right .... when Rupert stepped forward, Probst and the producers must have stopped filming to try to talk him out of it for hours. Rupert probably told them "Don't worry about it. She's my wife, she'll tell me to go back and play the game."

I anticipate an upcoming announcement of their pending divorce.

by Miareply 12109/21/2013

I just can't imagine why Colten's boyfriend is with Colten. What kind of magic did Colten do to snag this guy?

by Miareply 12209/21/2013

I would imagine that the magic came from Colton's wallet

by Miareply 12309/22/2013


by Miareply 12409/22/2013

[quote][R114], shut the fuck up already.

Why tell him to shut up? The poster is right.

by Miareply 12509/22/2013

Thump for tonight!

by Miareply 12609/25/2013

For all we know, Colton's relationship could be a sham cooked up to comply with the "Blood vs. Water" format.

by Miareply 12709/25/2013

I'm actually crying as I'm typing this, Colton is so vile!

by Miareply 12809/25/2013

Next week's preview of Colton crying and running to sit on Caleb's lap like a crying little girl would do to Daddy....stereotypicaly the gayest thing I've ever seen.


by Miareply 12909/25/2013


I'm usually against that sort of thing but I'm for it if Rupert comes back.

I love Rupert and he is nothing like Boston Rob

by Miareply 13009/25/2013

Good god. Why do they bring these people back only to make even bigger fools of themselves? Colton is just embarrassing on so many levels.

by Miareply 13109/25/2013

Nice bromance of Tyson and Aras embracing by the fire-so hot!

Hate the Culpepper guy-he really showed his true colors by knocking not only Gervase's game but his looks as well-typical country hick.

KKKolton is a hot mess. The Bitch Is Back! Glad people seem to be onto him. And that may be true,r127-how he snagged that guy is a mystery! Just proves without a doubt that there's someone for everybody!! And the way KKKolton confronted Kat with Tina was revolting!

But I do like Tina's daughter and the other young girl on her tribe-they seem to be playing the game stealthy...

by Miareply 13209/25/2013

[quote]Nice bromance of Tyson and Aras embracing by the fire-so hot!

I thought that was weird, like they were lovers or something. I first thought I imagined that, but it's real!

by Miareply 13309/25/2013

I know r133. I was watching and thinking wow a showmance already, and then realized that the person on "top" was a man!

Is it love?

by Miareply 13409/25/2013

[quote]Hate the Culpepper guy-he really showed his true colors by knocking not only Gervase's game but his looks as well-typical country hick.

huh? What did he say about his looks? (missed that)

by Miareply 13509/25/2013

Yeah, that Tyson/Aras thing when they were all gathered around the fire at night listening to Colton bitch about stuff made me pause the show for a second to check if I was seeing correctly.

At first I thought the night vision lens was playing tricks on me and Tyson was some chick.

But nope. Tyson was sitting on the log and Aras was sitting on the ground below him, but leaned back against Tyson between his legs with his arms spread so that his pits were resting on each of Tyson's thighs. And Tyson had his arms wrapped around Aras with his hands clasped across Aras' chest.


by Miareply 13609/25/2013

regarding Tyson and Aras, I was also doing a double take on that moment.

Tbh I was surprised Tyson had a girlfriend.

by Miareply 13709/25/2013

Hayden made one of those leary/weary mistakes tonight.

When he was talking about John being secretive about the immunity idol, he said...

"John’s kinda hiding the idol clue, not really filling everybody in. We all know he’s looking for it. It makes you a little weary."

Makes me understand how he and Kat can probably have conversations on an equal level.

by Miareply 13809/25/2013

Kat: Do you have any appearances at clubs scheduled this weekend?

Hayden: Nope. How 'bout you?

Kate: No. I'm on my way to the gym.

Hayden: Okay. I'll be watching the game. Drinks at Boogie's new place in Hollywood tonight?

Kate: Uh, sure. See ya, babe.

Hayden: [while reading a text] Okay.

by Miareply 13909/25/2013

Tyson and Aras both ping to high heaven, am I right?

Aras has some model girlfriend, and Tyson grew up Mormon.

by Miareply 14009/25/2013

Even straight girls pretending to be bi don't cuddle as romantically as Tyson/Aras.

by Miareply 14109/25/2013

Right on,r141! They way Tyson and Aras were locked together got me so aroused-I've always had a crush on Aras and he pinged for me even back in his first winning season! Hope someone can link a gif of the lingering moments...

by Miareply 14209/26/2013

It seems we're not the only ones who've noticed-they've been dubbed 'Arson'-Ha!

by Miareply 14309/26/2013

For r135:

“Is it just me or is Jarvis as stupid as he looks?” Said Culpepper

by Miareply 14409/26/2013

Russell Hantz is not amused that Aras compared Colton to him:

by Miareply 14509/26/2013

To be fair to Aras, it seems easy to mistake Tyson for a woman.

by Miareply 14609/26/2013

No one giving a big "Whoot! Whoot !" because Rupert got kicked off Redemption Island ??

by Miareply 14709/26/2013

Has Tyson ever made it to the final four?

He keeps on saying he is the greatest player in Survivor history.

by Miareply 14809/26/2013

Does anyone else see the obvious crush Jeff has on Cullpepper? I think he calls on him more than anyone else, in tribal or in competitions. It reminds me of when Probst interviewed Hugh Jackman on his talk show. Jeff was two seconds away from blowing Hugh right there on screen.

by Miareply 14909/26/2013

Tyson was the one who was Coach's minion, right?

I can't believe producers let Rupert go so early.

The preview of Colton whining and running over to sit in his bf's lap like an impudent child was hysterical.

by Miareply 15009/26/2013

There are always one or two guys each season that Jeff gushes over.

by Miareply 15109/26/2013

I don't believe that is true at all...

by Miareply 15209/26/2013

Jeff's play by play commentary during the challenges is getting more and more insufferable. "You do NOT want to go to tribal council tonight!"

by Miareply 15309/26/2013

My continued viewing this season is contingent upon Colton leaving next week. I just don't find assholes like him entertaining. I felt the same way about the Hantz fuckers and passed on their seasons. Survivor has usually taken the high road, but contestants like those sink the show to an irritating cable reality level.

And I was glad to see Rupert go! All that lovefest bullshit between him and his wife was gagging. Screw the papa bear act! If my spouse had to take some ridicule and punches for a million bucks, have at it! If all he was going to do was get all weepy over how she was being treated he should have left her home.

by Miareply 15409/26/2013

John Cody is achingly handsome.

by Miareply 15509/26/2013

I like John Cody's body but not his face

by Miareply 15609/26/2013

I don't think there has ever been a reality show contestant, on ANY show, where I disliked them sooner than Colton.

Almost instantaneous and it only grows with every second the asshole is on the air.

by Miareply 15709/26/2013

On, Probst comes out and says that Colton faked the medical emergency that got him airlifted out of the show. He also hints that he didn't want him back on the show.

Tyson likes to fuck with people which may be what his "bromance" with Aras is all about. This is a man who LOVES attention.

by Miareply 15809/26/2013

I have to agree on Probst play by play. It is borderline moronic and taunting. I remember last season when they re did the teams and all of the young people were put on one team. During the challenge they of course ran away with it and Jeff just belittled the older tribe. If I were on survivor and he started that crap I would stop doing the challenge look at him and say "shut the fuck up or I will rip your dick off"

by Miareply 15909/26/2013

You would think that after being so publically shamed that KKKolton would have changed his ugly ways-apparently not. And I guess being with him makes his boyfriend look super butch to those bigoted southerners.

And Aras's brother Vytas came to win! I like him.

by Miareply 16009/26/2013

Survivor posted a 2.3, down 12% from last week to a series low.

by Miareply 16109/26/2013

God I hope Colton is gone soon, his presence actively subtracts from my enjoyment of the show for every minute he is on screen.

by Miareply 16209/26/2013

Watching next week's show, Colton's bf has to embarrassed by the way he's acting like a crying Mary running to him. OMG!

by Miareply 16309/26/2013

Glad to see Rupert go. Just a blowhard.

I think these psychos that CBS has been selecting harms their shows and it shows in the ratings.

Aaryn and Amanda were uncomfortable to watch, not fun. And so was Andy, for different reasons.

Now Colton is behaving badly (again) and the ratings are in the toilet.

Mental illness and bad manners to not necessarily translate into eyeballs watching.

by Miareply 16409/26/2013

I agree with others about Colton. I said to my partner last night that if he is not voted off within the next couple of episodes, I'm through with watching. He literally makes me sick to my stomach. (I was very pissed when the newbies lost the immunity challenge last night, just because I knew Colton couldn't be voted off.)

by Miareply 16509/26/2013

R114 said "Can ANY of these reality shows EVER feature a gay or lesbian who is not the most obnoxious sort of stereotype?"

The 2 guys [red team] that came in 3rd on Capture were great and so was Clay Aiken who came in 2nd on Celebrity Apprentice 5. He was surprisingly good and not at all flamboyant. He deserved to win over Arsenio Hall.

by Miareply 16609/26/2013

R114, I was going to point out that Ami Cusack from the Vanuatu and first of the Fans vs. Favorites seasons was a reasonably well adjusted lez. But then I found this on her wiki page:

"Cusack's Survivor: Vanuatu bio states she was dating a woman named Crissy. Her girlfriend also appeared on the show. However, in an interview, Cusack stated "I'm not gay. I never was gay. I'm just very openhearted. I was very much in love with Crissy, but things just didn't work out between us. I still love her, and she's my closest friend today." In a 2008 interview with AfterEllen, Cusack also said: "Oh gosh, I don't know. I don't know if I would put a specific label on any of it. I mean, if I met the woman of my dreams and fell in love, I would stay with her, and if I met the man of my dreams and fell in love, I would stay with him. Like, I don't know. "Bisexual" doesn't really seem to fit me, and "lesbian" doesn't really fit. I don't know. I don't know what I would classify myself [as].

Does that make you feel better? I kind of liked her but maybe she isn't well adjusted after all.

by Miareply 16709/26/2013

"Can ANY of these reality shows EVER feature a gay or lesbian who is not the most obnoxious sort of stereotype?"

Have you ever BEEN to a gay bar?

by Miareply 16809/26/2013

R168, don't assume we all go to gay bars. I don't drink nor am I promiscuous.

by Miareply 16909/26/2013

The gay guys and gals on Project Runway and Top Chef are a pretty good cross-section.

by Miareply 17009/26/2013

I didn't watch but Colton is looking hot 'n trim in his portrait for CBS. I think he really learned a lesson from his first time on Survivor according to that season's reunion show.

by Miareply 17109/26/2013

Colton's true personality is coming out. You all are about to witness a repeat of the most toxic gay to ever appear on reality television.

EVERYTHING he says is negative. He's bitching about his tribe mates bonding with each other. There is nothing that man won't try to tear down with negativity. And he is correct about one thing, he thrives on chaos.

by Miareply 17209/26/2013

[quote]Mental illness and bad manners to not necessarily translate into eyeballs watching.

Agreed. The viewers want a Lisa Whelchel type to root for.

by Miareply 17309/26/2013

R171, you are 0 for 2 in your uninformed observations.

by Miareply 17409/26/2013

Actually, R171, I was unduly harsh in that comment. He may look good in that photo and he may have seemed contrite in the reunion show. But the episodes this season have quickly revealed that he's still a hateful, miserable, out of shape fatass.

by Miareply 17509/26/2013

[quote]Agreed. The viewers want a Lisa Whelchel type to root for.

I'd rather have Lisa than Colton any day.

by Miareply 17609/26/2013

Colton makes me think of My Little Pony villain, Discord, as they both want to create chaos.

by Miareply 17709/26/2013

Well 165, I'm on the opposite end. I'll continue watching as long as Colton is on and I hope he does stir up trouble, makes great tv. Once he is gone, I'm done with Survivor.

by Miareply 17809/26/2013

We have references to r165 and r171 YET we only have 150 posts. ODD

by Miareply 17909/26/2013

Dude, refresh your page. You're R179.

by Miareply 18009/26/2013

Colton's boyfriend seems a bit dimwitted but I am in love with him.

by Miareply 18109/27/2013

I think Probst is fairly tone deaf as to what the viewers want to see and continually brings his favorites in over and over. Fourth time for Rupert??? Really?? Even if you loved the guy, do you want to see the same person play the stupid game 4 times? I'm frankly surprised that Coach isn't back again.

by Miareply 18209/27/2013

If they royally fuck up the finale like they did on the last installment of Survivor, expect them to sit all the contestants in the audience with the exception of a ten minute segment devoted to Rupert.

by Miareply 18309/27/2013

Survivor 28: Hantz Island, featuring Rob Mariano, with Special Guest Star "Coach"!

Sound tempting, folks? THIS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!!!

by Miareply 18409/28/2013

And the thing is RUPERT WILL NEVER WIN SURVIVOR!!!! It's never going to happen so stop inviting back people who have no idea how to play the game even after SEVERAL attempts! Are they saving up the good Survivor players for their next All Stars? I think they must be. The rumours of an all winners season seem about right.

by Miareply 18509/28/2013

They should do a Survivors: Male Hotties season.

The players could be Colby Donaldson, Kel Gleason, Silas Gaither, Hunter Ellis, Rob Cesternino, Burton Roberts, Shawn Cohen, John Kenney, Nick Stanbury, J.P. Calderon, Adam Gentry, Kenward "Boo" Bernis, Erik Huffman, Shannon Elkins, Chase Rice, Mike Chiesl, Pete Yurkowski, Carter Williams and John Cody.

by Miareply 18609/28/2013

Colton rocks! Go Colton!

by Miareply 18709/28/2013

Are Boston Rob and Rupert officially tied for the most [italic]Survivor[/italic]s?

by Miareply 18809/28/2013

I'm not sure R188, but I lead in the only category that matters.

by Miareply 18909/28/2013

R189 true, sandra is the best player and for some reason most unsung player of all time. Played twice and won that shit twice, then disappeared with no fame whoring. Amazing.

by Miareply 19009/28/2013


That's because, despite being on nearly 15 years, there are many people who don't understand [italic]Survivor[/italic].

by Miareply 19109/28/2013

So true R190. People who don't understand Sandra's gameplay don't understand Survivor.

Do we think they'd have enough players for an All Winners season? Sandra, Rich Hatch, Kim Spradlin, Amber, Danni Boatwright, Paravati, Todd, Fabio, Tom and maybe 1 other from a recent season would be my guess. That's only 10. A lot of them don't want to come back or can't or have played too many times already. I'm wondering if they'll do a Winners team and a Final 3 team. In which case that little Hantz bitch will get another run and stink up the place. It'd be a good excuse to get people like Neleh & Kelly Wigglesworth back. That could be an amazing season actually.

by Miareply 19209/28/2013

Ambah doesn't seem to want to play again.

by Miareply 19309/28/2013

I want to see a SURVIVOR season made up entirely of the first contestant voted off.

by Miareply 19409/28/2013

I do too r194!

by Miareply 19509/28/2013

Oh me too, R194!!

by Miareply 19609/28/2013

On the next Survivor, its just going to be 12 weeks of Rupert. He will be the only contestant, because that's what people want to see.

However, he still won't win.

by Miareply 19709/28/2013

I am surprising liking the twist with the family members this season, I thought I will hate it but it does make the voting more interesting.

Still hate redemption island, it just seems like it wastes screen time. I rather have more crazy/hilarious commentaries from Tyson. I also like the reward challenges more.

I am happy Rupert is gone, I liked him on his first season but afterwards he just got super annoying.

I kind of want Candace to come back.

by Miareply 19809/29/2013


I'd meet you in the middle on this if you were to say you like the family members … "[and] want all returning players immediately gone, as [italic]Blood vs. Water[/italic] changes course and takes viewers on a journey only with the 'loved ones.'"

by Miareply 19909/29/2013

I would die to see a season of new people with simple rules.

by Miareply 20009/29/2013

Agreed R200 but they've said there will be returning players every single time now. Amazing location, great cast & exciting challenges is all they really need.

by Miareply 20109/29/2013

I want to be the middle of an Aras/Vytas sandwich.

by Miareply 20209/29/2013

Colton is going to leave tonight.

by Miareply 20310/02/2013

Poor pissy sissy Colton. Worst player ever.

by Miareply 20410/02/2013

Colton Cumwhore is OUT!

by Miareply 20510/02/2013

That John is one hot man.

by Miareply 20610/02/2013

Which one is John?

by Miareply 20710/02/2013

Glad that's over! What a whiney mess, typical self-centered queen. If I were Colton's boyfriend (well, that simply would never happen) I'd be humiliated witnessing a meltdown like that! I mean, I really can't fathom another person sitting there watching that spectacle and thinking "Yup, that's my guy" without immediately thinking "and what the fuck have I been smoking." But having said that, they may be two peas in a pod back home. Although, he seems like a big wussy pushover on the island.

by Miareply 20810/02/2013


by Miareply 20910/02/2013

[quote]Poor pissy sissy Colton. Worst player ever.

I'm so glad the Wicked Witch is gone, now I can finally enjoy the show.

by Miareply 21010/02/2013

BLINDSIDED! I'm starting to dislike the tattoo guy, he's ugly.

by Miareply 21110/02/2013

Well I was jealous. Who wouldn't want the lap of their cuddle bear to retreat to when blue skies turn stormy? And you get to keep your souvenir buff as well.

by Miareply 21210/02/2013

Probst claimed Colton really quit the first time as well. There apparently was nothing wrong once he was examined after he left Survivor. May have been harsh for Probst to say it on national TV, but Colton is an adult.

Why in the world did he go back on the show?

by Miareply 21310/02/2013

I cringed with Colton flopped into his bf's lap. What a ridiculous drama queen.

Douchpepper needs a big does of STFU. I so wish his tribe had the balls to vote his ass out. However I may actually begin to like Candace if she does indeed flip him off.

by Miareply 21410/02/2013

Culpepper would have been a better blindside. I hope John tells the group next week that Culpepper knows all the clues to the immunity idol.

by Miareply 21510/02/2013

I hate the fact we're calling him "Culpepper".

by Miareply 21610/02/2013

Colton has a deluded idea that he can "run the show" which he mentioned in both seasons. But he doesn't seem to be able to do that if people don't cooperate with his way of running the show. So when he figures he might get voted out, he quits.

And it was an awfully neat way of getting his boyfriend on Survivor.

by Miareply 21710/02/2013

Colton stood no chance of pulling his shenanigans, especially with vets. Tina, especially, is no dummy. Watch her hitch her wagon to Aras.

by Miareply 21810/02/2013

The editors are finally getting a bit better. I wasn't sure if John had found the idol, if he would use the idol, if they would vote Culpepper instead.

Disappointed that some of the eye candy left, but maybe he'll do okay on Redemption.

Also glad Colton is gone and am hoping Tyson's injury doesn't cause him to pull out of the game.

After Vytas tried to push off Aras while they were supposedly retreating to neutral corners.... I'm not such a fan anymore. Poor sportsmanship. Glad Aras kicked his ass.

by Miareply 21910/02/2013

I don't even remember Aras and I've watched every season. odd.

by Miareply 22010/02/2013

I want Hayden to fuck me silly with his big cock.

Am I wrong for that?

by Miareply 22110/02/2013

I fantasized that each castaway would get a chance to slap some sense into Colton a la the movie Airplane

by Miareply 22210/02/2013

How lame did John have to be not to find the immunity idol with two clues. Hantz found several without any clues (granted the producers were probably handing them to him). The thing is, there is so much down time where all that goes on is sitting/laying around and bullshitting. If we're me, I'd be looking 24/7 for an idol until it was found. It's not like the others don't know what you're doing. Hell, I'd even be out there with a torch in the middle of the night looking. Unless Production is telling players when they can and cannot leave camp, which would suck.

by Miareply 22310/02/2013

Now that Colton is out, there is no reason to watch the rest of this season. I'm done!

by Miareply 22410/02/2013

R224 must be Colton.

Does Vytas ping to anyone else?

by Miareply 22510/02/2013

a little r225....he did mention Aras' best body award

by Miareply 22610/02/2013

LOL R226. I just found his yoga website. Do all male yoga types have to be this boring? Take a look at his sleep-inducing philosophy page.

by Miareply 22710/02/2013

There is no Survivor without Colton. He's replaced Rupert as America's sweetheart.

by Miareply 22810/02/2013

John pings,too,r225

by Miareply 22910/03/2013

[quote] Colton is an adult. Why in the world did he go back on the show?

Why did they ask him?

by Miareply 23010/03/2013

Is Hayden the Big Brother guy with the blindingly white teeth?

by Miareply 23110/03/2013

r220, he looks different than he did then. Much older looking and ridden hard.

by Miareply 23210/03/2013

Jeff's pissy zings toward Colton were priceless.

by Miareply 23310/03/2013

Jeff doesn't like people who quit.

by Miareply 23410/03/2013

[quote] Colton deserves to be back, he had to leave early last time because of health issues. So it's only fair that he gets another shot it and he makes for great tv!

Oooooh... sorry, Colton. But Probst just blasted that LIE out of the water. LOSER.

[quote] I've always been curious why Probst decides to call at least one or two of the male contestants by their last names, but not others. Mike Skupic was "Skupic" and last night it was "Culpepper". Weird.

Don't you know, bro? It's bro code for I'm totally down to suck your dick, bro. Hey bro, I'm totally masculine and work out all the time, but bro, that doesn't mean I can't suck your dick and you suck mine... right, bro? Besides, bro, you have a super fit body and you're MASCULINE like me, bro, so you know... we're not gay or anything... u know - bro?

Bro, we're totally not f***. We're just bros who like to be with other bros. Bro.

by Miareply 23510/03/2013

[quote] Jeff's pissy zings toward Colton were priceless.

Jeff Probst should never have been given creative control over Survivor. He's a dimwit.

And he's a bossy bottom.

by Miareply 23610/03/2013

Hayden is as annoyingly dumb here as he was on Big Brother.

by Miareply 23710/03/2013

John looks like Superman.

What happened at Redemption Island? And who was blindsided?

by Miareply 23810/03/2013

More importantly, was there any lovemaking between Tyson and Aras?

by Miareply 23910/03/2013

r223, I hope you are not that naive as to think Russell found anything on his own without producers pointing him in the exact direction.

by Miareply 24010/03/2013

Hmm... maybe Caleb has a chance now. That boy is cute, but must be a famewhore to hitch his rusty wagon to Colton's Pumpkin Carriage.

by Miareply 24110/03/2013

How has Probst been so successfully on the down low all these years?

by Miareply 24210/03/2013

Did anybody notice Hayden's reference to "pandora's box" on last night's episode?

by Miareply 24310/03/2013

[quote] I hope John tells the group next week that Culpepper knows all the clues to the immunity idol.

Culpepper already told the group about the clues when he was trying to convince them to vote John out. So they know he knows, plus they know too!

by Miareply 24410/03/2013

Any shirtless pics of Colton and Caleb?

by Miareply 24510/03/2013

Did you know this? According to Wikipedia:

[quote]Survivor: Philippines castaway Roberta "RC" Saint-Amour and her father, Craig, were originally cast and traveled to the Philippines with the other castaways, but were pulled from the game the day before filming began due to Craig having high blood pressure.

[quote]They were replaced by Candice Cody of Survivor: Cook Islands and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and her husband, John.

Isn't working out so well for Candice and John...

by Miareply 24610/03/2013

Shirtless (but ascoted) Colton

by Miareply 24710/03/2013

Doesn't that belong on the Porky Pig thread?

by Miareply 24810/03/2013

I don't understand why most of us here on DL can't support our own. On Big Brother, it seems most were against Andy and now against Colton. At least Andy won and Colton should have won too.

by Miareply 24910/03/2013

To borrow a phrase from our Jewish friends:

Is he good for the gays?

by Miareply 25010/03/2013

[quote]Did anybody notice Hayden's reference to "pandora's box" on last night's episode?

Yeah, I thought it was funny. Hayden should realize that Survivor isn't Big Brother.

I don't know if I like him this season, he's been pretty quiet.

by Miareply 25110/03/2013

[quote]Now that Colton is out, there is no reason to watch the rest of this season. I'm done!

Good riddance!

by Miareply 25210/03/2013

I must have missed a season because I have to recollection of Aras...

by Miareply 25310/03/2013

"I don't understand why most of us here on DL can't support our own. On Big Brother, it seems most were against Andy and now against Colton. At least Andy won and Colton should have won too. "

OMG, you are pathetic...Both are embarrassing

by Miareply 25410/03/2013

[quote]I don't understand why most of us here on DL can't support our own. On Big Brother, it seems most were against Andy and now against Colton. At least Andy won and Colton should have won too.

Please tell me you are trolling. Do you think Colton should have won because he's gay or that we have to support our own even when they are the most vile and weakest player out there?

by Miareply 25510/03/2013

R249 Has got to be trolling. I never watched Big Brother this summer, so can't comment on Andy. Colton is not likeable in any way. Bitchy and whiney on both seasons and oh so transparent. And then there was his racist and classist comments and actions on his first season. He's a silver-spoon brat who has never grown up and probably never will. His boyfriend Caleb seems like a decent, likeable guy, but there has to be something wrong there to be with someone like Colton.

by Miareply 25610/03/2013

He couldn't win or even compete so he just quit. That's like a football game where the score is 21 to 7 and the losing team just says "let's go home."

Unsportsmanlike and pathetic. Not somebody you root for.

by Miareply 25710/03/2013

On Wednesday CBS’ all-veteran lineup held steady. Survivor (2.6) rebounded nicely from last week’s series low fast national, up 13%.

by Miareply 25810/03/2013

Probst covers well with his uber manliness, despite his obvious hard on for Culpepper. On his short lived talk show he interviewed Hugh was like watching a 12 year old girl ogle Justin Bieber. I swear at some point I thought Probst was just going to blow Jackman right there on camera.

He is in the same under cover gay boat as John Stamos. People never ever seem to believe the gay stories.

by Miareply 25910/03/2013

So there are no shirtless pics of Caleb and Colton anywhere?

by Miareply 26010/03/2013

[quote]On his short lived talk show he interviewed Hugh Jackman

Yes, hon. You told us at r149

by Miareply 26110/03/2013

Didn't Probst break up Mark-Paul Gosselar's marriage?

by Miareply 26210/03/2013

Caleb and Colton on the next Amazing Race!

by Miareply 26310/03/2013

Sorry Hon didn't know you kept tabs on 300 posts about jeff do you have time to feed your 30 cats?

by Miareply 26410/03/2013

Caleb doesn't seem to want to take off his shirt.

by Miareply 26510/03/2013

I love how Culpepper counted him - We have four guys and a gay guy...

by Miareply 26610/03/2013

So Caleb and Colton have never taken off their shirts on the show?

by Miareply 26710/03/2013

Why not?

by Miareply 26810/03/2013

Is the Ozzy troll now obsessed with Colton's moobs?

by Miareply 26910/03/2013

That otter Caleb can do waaay better than Colton.

by Miareply 27010/03/2013

Jeff Probst is straight, and I'm just the dame to prove it!

by Miareply 27110/03/2013

On the other hand, people like R259 simply cannot believe some men are entirely straight.

by Miareply 27210/03/2013

Culpepper only voted off John because he rejected his advances at the waterfall.

by Miareply 27310/03/2013

Aras won his season basically because he let Cirie strategize for him. He was also hugely jealous of challenge king Terry.

Douchepepper is playing an extremely stupid game. He's doing nothing but painting a giant target on his back. If he makes it to merge he'll be one of the first voted out unless he wins immunity.

by Miareply 27410/03/2013

Thanks for the laugh,r271 about Tina's tits!! Ewww..but she seems to be circling the winners drain again-no one is paying attention to her until its too late-just like Sandra!

by Miareply 27510/03/2013

Even though I hated to see Colton leave, I don't blame him for doing so. He knew the others were conspiring against him and were going to vote him out at the first opportunity, so he beat them to it and didn't give them the satisfaction. Good for him.

by Miareply 27610/03/2013

Right now, there are two people I consider wanting to see win: Colton's boyfriend, for enduring; Rupert's wife, just for the irony of him being on four times, overly appreciated, and that it would be hilarious if his wife were to win with her first try.

As for the returning players - fuck them!

by Miareply 27710/03/2013

[bold][italic]Impressions (so far):[/italic][/bold]

Aras and his brother - Immature and unhealthy

Tyson and his girl - Doomed

Rupert and his wife - She seems somewhat smart about [italic]Survivor[/italic] (unlike her husband)

Candice and her husband - Dumb (both)

Monica and her spouse - Losers

Gervase and his female relative (whomever she is) - He's still as dumb as he was in 2000 (and, as unfair as that is, it's crushing her)

Laura and her daughter - Too soon

Colton and his man - I feel for the man

Kim and her boyfriend - Wait and see

Tina and her daughter - Stay tuned

Perhaps this edition will be won by a woman.

by Miareply 27810/03/2013

I so hope Caleb was just using Colton to get on Survivor. What could any man see in such a panty waist?

by Miareply 27910/03/2013

Probst's line to Colton should become a classic...

"You're the one who should have never got up off the couch."

Caleb seemed surprisingly (or not?) removed from his lover's melodrama. Here we go again... "If you need to do this, then do it. You know me, I don't care."

Caleb's seen it a million times and now just wants to get through the melodrama for some peace until the next one.

by Miareply 28010/04/2013

R278, you forgot Hayden and Kat. I'm for Laura or Caleb for the same reasons as R277 and also throw Hayden in there.

by Miareply 28110/04/2013

[quote] He's a silver-spoon brat who has never grown up and probably never will. His boyfriend Caleb seems like a decent, likeable guy, but there has to be something wrong there to be with someone like Colton.

I think you answered your own question. It's all about the money, honey. Caleb is probably poor, and hitched his wagon to Colton, who's probably part of his small town's "elite."

I'm guessing that the pickins are mighty slim in Alabama, and Caleb feels like he's with a Hollywood STAH.

Poor guy. I hope he gets famous from this show and dumps Colton on his WHINY ASS!

by Miareply 28210/04/2013

In a "secret scene" we see Caleb and his tribe's reaction to Colton quitting the show.

(the video begins after the 1 1/2 min ad)

by Miareply 28310/04/2013

From an interview with Colton:

Q: Would you play Survivor again?

A: They'd never ask me, but no I wouldn't, ever. I'm over it. Please forget me -- lose my number.

by Miareply 28410/04/2013

Miss Probst must be LIVID after reading that interview, R284.

She honestly think that her show is the end all and be all of television.

Poor, deluded Probst.

by Miareply 28510/04/2013

Colton's "breakdown" almost made me physically ill. What a piss-poor example of a gay man. Fortunately, Caleb evens it out, but like probably every person watching, all I can think is "why is Caleb with someone like that?"

And, of course, was unhappy seeing John voted off. He was the only guy on either team who was remotely sexy. Forget the others.

Pretty homely bunch.

by Miareply 28610/04/2013

Brad doesn't seem to realize it's important to take numbers into the merge. He orchestrated the ouster of his tribe's two strongest women and now its strongest man.

His alliance will be picked off one by one after the merge.

Brad may be the "leader" on his tribe, but he doesn't understand how the game is played. Plus, he's an ass.

by Miareply 28710/04/2013

Which one is Brad? Culpepper?

by Miareply 28810/04/2013

I did laugh when that angry girl screamed, "FUCK YOU, BRAD CULPEPPER!!!!"

by Miareply 28910/04/2013


I mistakenly wrote [italic]Kim[/italic] when I meant Kat. Sometimes I can screw up when a name I am thinking starts with the same initial.

[quote]Kim and her boyfriend - Wait and see



[bold][italic]Kat[/italic] and her boyfriend - Wait and see[/bold]

Sorry about that!

by Miareply 29010/04/2013

I agree r276, Colton didn't stand a chance, they were going to get rid of him the first chance they got.

by Miareply 29110/04/2013

Just found out that Cochran and openly gay Rafe Judkins are both writers for tv shows now-for We Are The Millers and Marvel Agents of Shield, respectively

by Miareply 29210/04/2013

Anyone know where I can view episodes online that also works with iPhone and is free? Thanks!!

by Miareply 29310/04/2013

Did Colton give away the winner in r284's link? Sure seemed like it.

by Miareply 29410/04/2013

What are the chances that Probst will allow Colton to appear on the finale?

by Miareply 29510/04/2013

I can't get over how Aras pings to high heaven for me. Vytas pings to some extent too, but I've thought Aras was gay since seeing him on his first season in 2006. In fact, I remember a lot of the Survivor community thinking the same thing. Apparently, he has a model girlfriend, which doesn't help his straight case. I'm not sure if a closeted gay guy would be comfortable cuddling another guy (Tyson) on national tv though. It's just that Aras is someone on my "I absolutely can't believe his straight" list.

by Miareply 29610/04/2013

Here's Aras and his girlfriend. I'm just not convinced.

by Miareply 29710/04/2013

R295, it may depend on how well Caleb manages to do.

by Miareply 29810/04/2013

I went back and read Colton's interview. He MAY have given away the name of someone who went far in this season, but not necessarily the winner. The big question is did Colron do it in purpose, or by accident?

by Miareply 29910/04/2013

The most any contestant can possibly know is who the finalists are.

by Miareply 30010/04/2013

In case anyone has forgotten what it takes to be a great host.

by Miareply 30110/04/2013

R301, I'm a dummy. Is that for real or photoshopped? I'd have thought he'd have a nicer house by now.

by Miareply 30210/04/2013

So per r284's link,Colton did all of this so that his boyfriend could go far in the game? Bish,please!! There's not an altruistic bone in his body-well,maybe just one-lol! But he really is a sociopath,isn't he? Aras and the rest of his tribe were on to his mind games so he packed up his toys and refused to play anymore! I wonder what issues Caleb has to put up with someone like that?

by Miareply 30310/05/2013

It's pointless to give any serious attention to anything Colten says or does.

His Mammy didn't raise him right, bless his heart.

by Miareply 30410/05/2013

Mammy Watkins?

by Miareply 30510/05/2013

"The most any contestant can possibly know is who the finalists are."

Mostly agree. But, last season, the jury must have know that Cochran was going to win. They had a lot of time to talk at Ponderosa, and only Cochran received any winning votes.

by Miareply 30610/05/2013

R302, what makes you think that's his house?

by Miareply 30710/05/2013

[quote]Anyone know where I can view episodes online that also works with iPhone and is free? Thanks!!

The CBS app?

by Miareply 30810/05/2013

Colton is dreamy

by Miareply 30910/05/2013

Am I missing something? Who did Colton suggest made it far in the game?

by Miareply 31010/05/2013

Colton was unfairly targeted by his tribe.

by Miareply 31110/05/2013

And Colton is clearly posting on this site

by Miareply 31210/06/2013

Brad Culpepper is lucky that he is on a team with people who have never played Survivor before. More seasoned players would have voted him out when Brad said he was not going to vote John out himself (up to the others to write John's name down).

by Miareply 31310/06/2013

I want Culpepper inside me quite deeply.

by Miareply 31410/06/2013

Anything over seven inches and someone is going to get hurt.

by Miareply 31510/06/2013

[quote] Who did Colton suggest made it far in the game?


by Miareply 31610/06/2013

I don't like Colton at all, and I'm not disappointed he quit.

But I must say I don't totally sign on to Probst's belief that he faked an illness to quit the first time. Or at least it's not that simple. As Colton notes in the interview - last time around, he was calling the shots in his alliance and was well positioned to go far. I'd like to hear Probst's response to that.

That said, Colton will never be on this show again, and that's just fine. He seems like a real mess.

by Miareply 31710/06/2013

Colton would have been axed shortly after the merge

by Miareply 31810/06/2013

Colton was tired of roughing it. I totally think he got on just to get his BF on Survivor.

by Miareply 31910/06/2013

I assume Colton will get fan favorite this season because of all he had to suffer.

by Miareply 32010/06/2013

Thump for John Cody!

by Miareply 32110/09/2013

[quote]I assume Colton will get fan favorite this season because of all he had to suffer.

Is that a joke?

by Miareply 32210/09/2013

My daddy says Colton will get fan favorite because no one's gonna vote against a queer.

by Miareply 32310/09/2013

Does anyone know if Colten's boyfriend can speak or not? Is he mute or just quiet?

by Miareply 32410/09/2013


Love you Caleb ... One of the best moves ever.

Monica .....Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. You just know Culpepper is going to let the little woman take his place. ugh.

by Miareply 32510/09/2013

Caleb bring the drama sans tears.

Way to go, Big C.

Now that is how Survivor is played!

by Miareply 32610/09/2013

Second spoiler ,,,, funniest bit was Culpepper leaving telling everyone he was okay and saying he made a bad move.

Yea ... That was last week when you told everyone you wouldn't be voting for John in the blindside.

This week you just added to your lack of trustworthiness. Fun to see Probst call him out.

by Miareply 32710/09/2013

Hello, I'm Jeff Probst and I'll never be photographed in anything other than a blue shirt.

by Miareply 32810/09/2013

Next week has Culpepper's wife begging to bring back her husband back in the game. Can they do that?

by Miareply 32910/09/2013

If she does take his place, he doesn't go back to his team but replaces her where he will be low man on the totem pole.

by Miareply 33010/09/2013

Will they auction off Jeff's blue button down shirt when Survivor ends?

by Miareply 33110/09/2013

I still want Culpepper inside me quite deeply.

by Miareply 33210/09/2013

At least Jeff gave up the cowboy hat he wore a few years ago.

by Miareply 33310/09/2013

R332, we are so fucking tired of you and your "quite deeply" schtick. Can't you come up with something new?

by Miareply 33410/09/2013

If Monica does take her douche husband's place, his new tribe would be stupid not to vote him out asap

by Miareply 33510/09/2013

Hopefully he realizes he has a better shot trying to earn his way back in through redemption since she just put a bigger target on her own back. Should have kept the clue Monica.

by Miareply 33610/09/2013

Jeff's bitchy commentary gets more grating every season. I wish one of them would yell, "shut the fuck up".

by Miareply 33710/09/2013

[quote] You just know Culpepper is going to let the little woman take his place. ugh.

I would guess that he doesn't take her up on it. (1) he probably thinks he can beat his Redemption competition; and (2) he'll want his wife to stay in the game.

by Miareply 33810/09/2013

Never seriously in doubt, but Caleb is totally the top in that relationship. But, fucking Colton ? Ewwwwww .....

by Miareply 33910/09/2013

[quote]If Monica does take her douche husband's place, his new tribe would be stupid not to vote him out asap

If Galang ever loses a challenge.

by Miareply 34010/09/2013

Will Brad and John make up while Candice is sleeping?

by Miareply 34110/10/2013

Caleb is the ultimate hotness. He seems to keep his shirt on a lot, perhaps from self-consciousness about his "fit-fat" (which is far from a dealbreaker to me). I hope we see more of him shirtless.

But what what what the hell is he doing with Colton?!

by Miareply 34210/10/2013

^Caleb is most likely a Republican, if he's with Colton.

by Miareply 34310/10/2013

Because you guys have gotten to know Caleb he is hot.

But if you just saw him on the street, without knowing anything about him, you'd say he was fat and wouldn't give him the time of day.

Cause gays mostly are superficial.

by Miareply 34410/10/2013

Nope, R344. Caleb has the look that epitomizes "hot man" to me. I would probably find him less hot if I really got to know him, since I suspect he must be a Log Cabin type like Colton.

by Miareply 34510/10/2013

[quote] Caleb has the look that epitomizes "hot man" to me.

BS. He is fat, and you wouldn't give him the time of day. Unless you like fit-fat guys.

by Miareply 34610/10/2013

[quote]Unless you like fit-fat guys.

As it happens, I do.

by Miareply 34710/10/2013

Great for you R347!

But my point is that all this fawning over Caleb is great. Cause guys have gotten to know him.

But if they didn't, and just saw him on the street. He wouldn't get the time of day.

by Miareply 34810/10/2013

I also think Caleb is hot. Perhaps a bit short, though.

The shots of people fishing in the crystal clear water were amazing. This is still a really beautifully filmed show.

by Miareply 34910/10/2013

It is his personality that is shining through R349

by Miareply 35010/10/2013

R348, you seem to think that all gay men go only for the plucked and six-packed look prevalent in porn and modeling portfolios. Nothing could be further from the truth. I don't personally find Caleb attractive, but I have some friends who certainly would. Vive la difference!

by Miareply 35110/10/2013

R351 I agree with you.

But how many times have there been thread about certain male celebs who have put on weight, or are fit fat.

Or someone has posted pictures of fit fat guys, and DL posters are relentlessly saying they are FAT.

So that is all I'm saying. People like Caleb because his personality comes through, and some guys do like Fit Fat guys.

But the mantra here at DL has been to slam guys who don't have that six-packed look prevalent in porn and modeling portfolios.

by Miareply 35210/10/2013

His personality isn't showing through anything. We only get glimpses here and there. You'll see plenty of us thought he was attractive from the first day where the only impression we got was his looks. His strategery (sic) though, seems to be on cue. Again, makes me wonder why he is with Colton because this boy can think. This move seems a little late, though... should've been made before getting rid of John as now they are a very physically weak team.

by Miareply 35310/10/2013

That tribal council was awesome. One of the best ever. Good for Caleb.

by Miareply 35410/10/2013

It would be sweet if John and Candice beat either Culpepper or his surgically monstrous wife.

by Miareply 35510/10/2013

Burning the hidden immunity idol clue--big, bold, badass move. So now no one is even going to bother looking for it for fear that it will make them a target? Good. I always hated the hidden idols.

by Miareply 35610/10/2013

r352, the point you are tiresomely and relentlessly trying to make is an idiotic one.

by Miareply 35710/10/2013

Then you are right R357

You are absolutely right and R352 are completely and totally wrong.

by Miareply 35810/10/2013

I wonder if whoever keeps insisting that we would TOTALLY THINK CALEB IS FAT IN REAL LIFE GOD DAMN YOU would kindly fall into a grease fire. Thanks.

by Miareply 35910/10/2013

Not according to this thread R359

by Miareply 36010/10/2013

That was probably the most brilliant survivor move ever. Calling out Brad in tribal and then saying "I am writing down Brad's name.." was just fucking amazing.

by Miareply 36110/10/2013

Yeah Caleb really made himself a force in the game with that move. Pretty great stuff. He's the player Colton wishes he could be.

I suspect it's true what others earlier theorized about the Caleb/Colton relationship: that Caleb saw a way to get himself on Survivor.

by Miareply 36210/10/2013

CBS’ Survivor (2.4) was down 8% from its fast national last week.

by Miareply 36310/10/2013

I wish they would keep the camera on Caleb long enough so we can get a good view of him with his shirt off. I can't imagine why he is with Colton. I guess even Hitler had a girlfriend.

by Miareply 36410/10/2013

Another question is why would Colton be with HIM?

It seems he's a farmer/hunter of some kind, and isn't that a bit down market for someone like Colton?

by Miareply 36510/10/2013

I think he work at the Post Office. That could be a good job in Alabama.

by Miareply 36610/10/2013

Colton should consider himself lucky to get anyone whatsoever without cash changing hands.

by Miareply 36710/10/2013

Even while exchanging cash Colton would be lucky to get any.

by Miareply 36810/10/2013

C'mon, Colton is an Elizabethan Taylor type of beautiful looking man, it's just everything else about him is repulsive. Caleb will probably become conceited now, but there's no way any voters would throw a million his way knowin' it would be shared with the miserable Colton.

by Miareply 36910/10/2013

We just know that Colton is a bossy bottom. I assume Caleb has a decent size cock.

by Miareply 37010/10/2013

Hah! I wasn't able to get on DL last night, but while I was watching and they showed the brief shots of Caleb shirtless, I *knew* there would be 'fit-fat' discussions about him here today!

Thanks DL for never disappointing!

by Miareply 37110/10/2013

I think Jeff died a little inside when Brad was voted off, I think he wanted to kiss him goodbye.

by Miareply 37210/10/2013

Jeff and Brad might be hot together.

by Miareply 37310/10/2013

*throwing hands up in the air*

Culpepper wins my heart and my hole!

by Miareply 37410/10/2013

Culpepper is ugly.

by Miareply 37510/10/2013

Caleb is from Collinsville Alabama where the per capita income for the town was $13,042.

by Miareply 37610/10/2013

Culpepper reminds me of porn star Girth Brooks.

by Miareply 37710/10/2013

Just saw the episode. Brilliant play at tribal council.

I had to wonder why no one has done it before. There are plenty of opportunities over the seasons to call out someone, yet the players never seem to shake things up.

Caleb has a handsome face, and the previews of him in the raft didn't look too shabby, either.

Brad's wife looks like she'd melt if she got too close to the fire.

by Miareply 37810/12/2013

Mjor mistake of thinking about what's going to happened at the merge too early in the game by Brad Culpepper.

by Miareply 37910/12/2013

[quote]Just saw the episode. Brilliant play at tribal council. I had to wonder why no one has done it before. There are plenty of opportunities over the seasons to call out someone, yet the players never seem to shake things up.

I'm sure it has, that someone has said "I'm voting for you" or words to that effect. It doesn't always result in a tie with the intended target going out in the second round vote making it more exciting.

This time around it was a perceived weak player, a possible target taking out the de facto tribe leader which is really what blew the roof off the joint.

Not every season has a rockin' TC, but every now and then things get shaken up.

by Miareply 38010/12/2013

Agree that Brad thought Caleb was a weak player, but wonder if others on the tribe agreed. I can stand Colton, but he seems to have thought Caleb was a good player. Despite everything, Colton was a relatively good judge of people in his first season before he quit.

by Miareply 38110/12/2013

Colton is just putting on an act. In real life, he is a super macho, aggressive top.

by Miareply 38210/12/2013

Culpepper probably had brain damage from his NFL days. His tattoo on his chest (over his heart) that reads "Honor" in flowery script--what the fuck is that about? Weirdo but he makes good TV.

by Miareply 38310/12/2013

I wonder why Marissa's puzzle didn't fit when she was so far ahead of Candice? Hmmmm....seems like a bit of producer intervention to get a husband/wife reunion on Redeption Isle...

by Miareply 38410/12/2013

Caleb, Laura Boneham, and Tyson. Yeah, and Gervase as well.


by Miareply 38510/13/2013

It looked like Marissa was a quarter turn off, so she couldn't get the undercarriage aligned with the pieces.

by Miareply 38610/13/2013

Tyson is straight?

by Miareply 38710/13/2013

R378, You wonder why no one has done it before. Malcolm Freberg did the exact same move to get out Phillip last year.

by Miareply 38810/13/2013

Who is Malcolm Freburg?

by Miareply 38910/13/2013

Malcolm was a very popular contestant on Survivor in both the fall and spring seasons of the show during 2012-2013.

He did not win, although came closer the first time he played.

by Miareply 39010/13/2013

It was not the producers' decision to have Marissa do that puzzle, R384 so your dumb-ass conspiracy is DOA

by Miareply 39110/14/2013

Does anyone have any pics of Malcolm Freeberg?

by Miareply 39210/14/2013

Would love to see Hayden complete the reality show trifecta by appearing on The Amazing Race. He's a natural fit with his mix of frat boy/ nice guy persona.

It seems Caleb show a side of himself next week that is more on line with his partner Colton. Can't wait!!

by Miareply 39310/14/2013

R388, I think you're wrong. Malcolm used an idol to get Phillip out. Caleb did not need an idol to get Brad out.

by Miareply 39410/14/2013

How can you not know the hotness that is Malcolm Freberg?

by Miareply 39510/14/2013

I can't tell if you are being funny, r395.

by Miareply 39610/14/2013

[quote]Does anyone have any pics of Malcolm Freeberg?

Is your Google broken, grandpa?

by Miareply 39710/14/2013

Can we please stop calling him Culpepper? Its just too bro-tastic. Call him Brad.

by Miareply 39810/14/2013

R394, well I suppose saying Malcolm did the exact same thing was a bit of an exaggeration. R378 said "I had to wonder why no one has done it before. There are plenty of opportunities over the seasons to call out someone, yet the players never seem to shake things up. " so by the exact same thing I meant that Malcolm announced at tribal council that he was voting out Phillip, he also announced that Eddie and Reynold would be voting out Phillip. R378 wondered why this had never happened before at tribal and I simply was pointing out it had happened. At the time it was considered the boldest move in Survivor history. I believe Caleb got the idea from Malcolm's move, you are free to disagree.

by Miareply 39910/14/2013

R399: Malcolm made a bold move, but the only person who truly did well from it was Eddie Fox who finished 4th. At the time, polling of jury seem to indicate Eddie would have won, if he had made the Final Three.

by Miareply 40010/14/2013

Well we don't yet know how well that bold move will work out for Caleb. CBS is "claiming" this next episode will be a most surprising blind side. As far as Malcolm is concerned, Rarely in Survivor has the hot young stud made it to the finals, let alone won. Being that type puts a huge target on your back that is almost impossible to overcome. No one wants to have to face them in the finals.

by Miareply 40110/15/2013

I love Culpepper.

by Miareply 40210/15/2013

[quote]I can't tell if you are being funny, [R395].

I'm serious. For reals. Malcom is the hotness.

by Miareply 40310/15/2013

R401: Fabio (Jud) won Survivor a few years ago. Back then a fit, athletic male could sweep the last few challenges after successfully remaining in the background during the early and middle days of the season. It's more difficult now because the last few challenges seldom rely just on athletic ability. As I mentioned above, Eddie made it to Final Four last season without winning any challenges.

Fabio and Eddie may not fit everyone definition of hot young studs. Both men came across as relatively dumb and low key, so the juries did not see them as dangerous. (You can remove the word relatively on reference to Eddie.)

by Miareply 40410/15/2013

[quote] Malcolm made a bold move, but the only person who truly did well from it was Eddie Fox who finished 4th. At the time, polling of jury seem to indicate Eddie would have won, if he had made the Final Three.

Who the hell remembers all this shit?

by Miareply 40510/15/2013

The 'bold move' is the creepy waxen wife of the tatted football player wants to trade places so hubs can continue in the game. I have a feeling this will happen.

by Miareply 40610/15/2013

"Who the hell remembers all this shit?"

Uh, it happened just a few moments ago, Spring 2013.

by Miareply 40710/15/2013


by Miareply 40810/16/2013

Do you think we will see Caleb with his shirt off tonight?

by Miareply 40910/16/2013

I don't think he has hardly had his shirt on so far.

by Miareply 41010/16/2013

We did R409

by Miareply 41110/16/2013

Vytas told Caleb he had nice skin, while they were sitting shirtless on the boat.

by Miareply 41210/16/2013

Monica's facelift is terrifying

by Miareply 41310/16/2013

Glad I wasn't the only one who picked up Vytas flirting with Caleb on the boat in an attempt to curry favor with him. It wasn't only his "you have nice skin" comment but the vibe he was giving off leading up to it.

Vytas is getting a lot of screen time this season. Monica is getting a lot too, unfortunately, that woman is so boring and it hurts to look at how tight her skin is stretched.

I like the Tadhana tribe with the five they currently have and no Brad, seems like an interesting group of people.

Aras is so stupid, why did he eliminate an ally of his so soon? I don't understand the decision for him voting off the person he did. Can anyone explain?

by Miareply 41410/16/2013

Culpepper is a lawyer. Surprised he didn't know better than to play so hard right out of the gate. Was expecting the returnees to vote out Monica to force a loved one match at the duel. That's what I would be doing with existing pairs of loved ones.

by Miareply 41510/16/2013

In many ways his decision was like the one made in 'I Am Curious(Yellow).

by Miareply 41610/16/2013


Those last immunities won by Fabio weren't all physical. At least one was puzzle-solving. The last was a balancing act.

by Miareply 41710/16/2013

r414, Aras thought that if they vote off Laura M. instead of Laura B. that she would stand a better chance of beating Brad Culpepper at redemption island. Laura M is really good at puzzles and seems many of the challenges there have some puzzle component. Another possibility if you noticed when Laura M was giving Aras a massage, Tyson gave them a jealous look. She had her hands all over his cuddle buddy. Aras didn't want Tyson getting so jealous.

by Miareply 41810/16/2013

Laura M seemed to be planned as one of the first three going out anyway her move to first wasn't that shocking. They seemed to sacrifice her to try to take out Culpepper and solidify Monica as part of their five. I guess keeping a strong five makes more sense than pushing out Monica and going 4to 3

by Miareply 41910/16/2013

Monica was unbearably obnoxious this episode. When she was whining to Candace about how Candace "hurt her feelings" by cursing at Brad, Candace had the perfect comeback. "You hurt my feelings by writing down my name on the first day." Boom! Monica shut up.

Brad was equally obnoxious insisting to Candace that nobody on his old tribe harbors ill will toward him, including John.

by Miareply 42010/16/2013

Ok, thanks for the explanation about the choice to vote out Laura M. I still think it's sort of a stupid move on Aras's part. Yeah, she might beat Brad, but the challenges on Redemption Island are like carnival games, almost anyone can win them, and Aras turned against a solid ally. If she gets back in the game, she'll have animosity toward him too. Not the best move IMO.

I wonder what the twist is going to be next week that was previewed. I hope they don't do a tribal swap or merge yet.

by Miareply 42110/16/2013

It sounded like a swap R421, but who knows?

Weren't they billing this as one of the biggest blind sides in Survivor history? Because it wasn't even close. If she wasn't sent packing at this tribal council, it would have been the next one. Big Fucking Woop.

by Miareply 42210/16/2013

Monica seems perfectly "nice" but like someone who would annoy the hell out of you in real life.

by Miareply 42310/16/2013

I think they are going to chose new tribes next week to shake things up. It will be interesting if some loved ones end up on the same tribes.

by Miareply 42410/16/2013

I forgot to mention that I love the realness of most of the remaining people. The big "characters" like Colton, Rupert, and Brad were voted off early, so it's great to see regular people play. There isn't anyone left on the season that I really dislike, which is so rare. I'm rooting for Caleb, the Tadhana girls, and Vytas to take it far.

by Miareply 42510/16/2013

I wish you people would pick up a book instead of watching this tripe.

by Miareply 42610/16/2013

Aras and Vytas are great dog names.

by Miareply 42710/16/2013

R426, what an idiotic statement. First you have absolutely no idea how much or how little reading any of us do. You posting on DL isn't exactly high brow. Instead of being a judgmental cunt towards people you know nothing about other than they enjoy a reality TV program, maybe YOU should go read a book. Or stuff one up your asshole.

by Miareply 42810/16/2013

Monica is a drag. Hilarious that Laura M. was cast out by Aras after pawing him like a baboon earlier in the show.

by Miareply 42910/16/2013

R426 has a Seasons Pass to Real Housewives of East Bumfuck on her TiVo.

by Miareply 43010/16/2013

Did anyone hear what Brad Culpepper say to Laura M. at the very end of the show? When she joined them on Redemption Island, Brad said "How did you guys lose?" in an incredulous voice.

Haha. Big strong Brad didn't realize his macho chauvinism hurt his team's chemistry. They were stronger without him.

by Miareply 43110/16/2013

Brad is a douche and his plastic wife is an entitled hag. I really think it was the wrong move not to vote Monica to Redemption Island. If Brad does make it back into the game, she'll be following his marching orders.

As a side note, how many think that Probst had to go back to Ponderosa to jack off about his mancrush staying in the game?

by Miareply 43210/16/2013

Was that boring tonight or what?

by Miareply 43310/16/2013

I still want Brad Culpepper inside me quite deeply.

by Miareply 43410/16/2013

Well, without Cirie to guide him to the finish like in his first season,r414, Aras is exposed for the weak player he is. Love to look at him,though! And Caleb/Colton don't seen to be the only gays playing this season,since both the Baskauskas brothers and Tyson ping...

And something tells me that the producers want Laura B to go far in this game- a nice twist that she makes it to the finals when Rupert hasn't after four tries!

Overall, I really like this season so far.

by Miareply 43510/16/2013

R434, that has really gotten stale, you know.

by Miareply 43610/16/2013

Am I bovvered, R436?

This is a very disappointing season. Both Lauras are dreary.

by Miareply 43710/16/2013

Each season, I usually end uprooting for a couple men and a couple women, and at least one tends to make the finale.

This season, now that Candace and Marissa are out, I don't find any of the women particularly easy to root for. I don't like Monica, Laura B., Laura M. or Tina. Sierra and Katie are just about worthless. Kat is much improved but annoyed me too much her season.

I like the brothers and Tyson.

by Miareply 43810/16/2013

R433 .... voting out Laura B would've been more boring ..... the loved one tribe losing again would've been more boring .... I will say that challenge was not one of the best though ....

Shame that John and Candace didn't get to send Culpepper packing.

I thought of this the first time tonight .... John and Candace were probably the first survivors having sex ........ I wonder if the boyfriend/girlfriend and husband/wife couples were provided with protection or the pill or something ..... would be funny if Candace showed up at the reunion with an infant.

by Miareply 43910/16/2013

I'm curious about Culpepper and his law degree.What kind of law does he practice?

by Miareply 44010/16/2013

It's a lovely thought, R439, but I doubt John and Candace did much of anything with all the cameras around.

by Miareply 44110/16/2013

DOH ... I'm SO wrong. ALL of the loved ones spent their first night with their returning player partner. So all the 'couples' fucked like bunnies that first night knowing they were about to be separated.

How quickly I forgot how the game started.

by Miareply 44210/16/2013

They didn't know they were being separated from their loved ones until Jeff announced it on camera after the teams were brought together.

by Miareply 44310/16/2013

Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson were obliviously hooking up on their season. They are now engaged

by Miareply 44410/16/2013

Check out Aras' tee shirt !!

by Miareply 44510/16/2013


by Miareply 44610/17/2013

Culpepper does personal injury law with his partner Kurland in Tampa. Their commercials are on the air all day long - they're your "aggressive attorneys", that's their shtick.

by Miareply 44710/17/2013

I want to hear a few more "fuck you , Brad Cullpepper!!"s before the season ends.

by Miareply 44810/17/2013

Culpepperis waxen wife was Florida Homecoming Queen in 1991. He was in Sigma Chi and on the honor's list. Still he has trashy tats.

by Miareply 44910/17/2013

Omg-I had no idea Brad weighed as much as 276lbs when he played football-and look at those braids!! He looks great now!

by Miareply 45010/17/2013

r450, yikes. Unless I saw proof, I would not believe it was the same man.

by Miareply 45110/17/2013

Someone posted on Survivor Sucks that Vytas is gay and OUT.

by Miareply 45210/17/2013

Did anyone notice that both Laura's look alike?

by Miareply 45310/17/2013

Do Vytas and Caleb keep each other warm at night?

by Miareply 45410/17/2013


by Miareply 45510/17/2013

I think that Vytas is way hotter than Aras

by Miareply 45610/17/2013

Vytas has tragic tinynip.

by Miareply 45710/17/2013

[quote] Did anyone notice that both Laura's look alike?

Yes! I said this to myself last night (not out loud, but you know what I mean)

by Miareply 45810/17/2013

Has Kat actually had one second of air time yet? Seeing the way the show has been edited in the past leads me to believe that she will be there at the end. The focus now is on those who won't be around later.

by Miareply 45910/17/2013

Was not enthused before it started, but I've really enjoyed this season so far. I find it much more engaging in the early going than usual.

Also, I know that Culpepper is repellant to most, but I don't hate him and think he's way ugly-hot. He did play too hard and was delusional last night that his whole tribe likes him bunches. But I appreciate that he's at least capable of reeling it in sometimes and taking his lumps, as opposed to the constant grandiose douchiness of creeps like Coach and Russell Hantz.

by Miareply 46010/17/2013

I think Vytas has the better body (hairier and toned), but Aras is more handsome. Vytas also has a nice speaking voice.

by Miareply 46110/17/2013

After watching Vytas come on to Caleb in the boat, it had me wondering if he he ever sucked dick to support his drug habit

by Miareply 46210/17/2013

Is there any reason to suspect that Vytas is straight?

by Miareply 46310/17/2013

I want to lick Hayden's luscious hairy pits.

by Miareply 46410/17/2013

R452's picture is gold. I think both the Baskauskas brothers ping.

Vytas definitely came onto Caleb in the boat. What straight guy talks about how he needs to exfoliate and compliments another man's skin? If he's straight, he's incredibly secure in his sexuality.

Vytas isn't the type I usually like, he's a little indie band looking, but there's something about him that's sexy. The shots of his body doing yoga on the cliff were delicious.

by Miareply 46510/17/2013

[quote]Did anyone notice that both Laura's look alike?

Both what???

by Miareply 46610/17/2013

[quote]Vytas isn't the type I usually like, he's a little indie band looking, but there's something about him that's sexy. The shots of his body doing yoga on the cliff were delicious.

Totally agree. Vytas looks very hot doing Yoga.

by Miareply 46710/17/2013

[quote]I want to lick Hayden's luscious hairy pits.

Hayden also has a nice treasure trail.

by Miareply 46810/17/2013

It struck me last night when Vytas was naming Caleb's characteristics, I wondered why he didn't mention Caleb's being gay. Now it makes sense. Actually, no one mentioned Caleb being gay, and if you were just tuning in, you wouldn't know it.

Hayden's teeth are distractingly white.

Are those the brothers at r452? Wow! What was Vytas' costume supposed to be? (I guess Aras is Sexy Cop with no Pants!)

I want to yell at Candace, keep away from the campfire!

And the Laura who was voted off is unknown to me. I don't think I ever noticed her on this edition, nor do I remember her from a previous time.

by Miareply 46910/17/2013

The Laura voted off is the mom of that Cilia girl who always loses the challenges for her tribe.

by Miareply 47010/17/2013

I loved Laura M's message to Laura B while voting: "there's only room for one Laura on this tribe." Indeed!

by Miareply 47110/17/2013

Nor do I,r469 and I've most every season if Survivor.

Did you guys know that Aras and Vytas' grandfather is actor Macdonald Carey? So they've been around the Hollywood atmosphere(read:gay)all their lives so I'm sure they're comfortable with expressing male bonding..and if there's such a thing as a Lithuanian look,Vytas certainly has it- he reminds me of actor Lawrence Harvey around the eyes,who was also Lithuanian. He is so my type-a reformed bad boy who still has a naughty streak-and his body is everything in r452's link!

by Miareply 47210/17/2013

Thanks for the info, r472.

by Miareply 47310/17/2013

I'm thinking that Vytas was dressed like a yoga instructor in that photo. And, no comments on his package in his black tights? You gays are slipping.

by Miareply 47410/17/2013

Thanks, R472.

I do think it was a little funny how Vytas (and Hayden?) were going on about how Caleb couldn't be trusted. They just flipped on John at Brad's command a couple of episodes prior!

by Miareply 47510/17/2013

The photo at R445 and the preview for next week lead me to think that Tyson will orchestrate Aras's exit... if not next week then eventually.

It would be nice if Laura B could turn that frown upside-down. Even after she knew she wasn't voted out she just sat there with that permanent scowl. Her desperation and high insecurity do make her annoying.

Monica is a total Stepford Wife around Brad. It was weird and creepy how at the end of Exile Island she parroted his instructions to her and roboticly did as she was ordered. Brad is living in a fantasy-land of his own making, believing that he's adored by everyone.

Jeff's challenge commentary has me reaching for my mute button. It's so much better to watch the challenges without his annoying and obnoxious play-by-play. I think it was Jessica in Survivor-Gabon who told Jeff to shut up during a challenge. I could be wrong... but I recall it was a blonde chick.

by Miareply 47610/17/2013

Your welcome,r473,r475.

Any guesses why three of the hottest Survivors ever-Colby Donaldson,Burton Roberts and Silas Gaither-are still unmarried?

by Miareply 47710/17/2013

Can't get a definite read on Colby, but I remember Burton pinging to high heaven, way beyond the Baskauskases. If I remember right, he even had a lisp, my God. And brought his mom as his family member.

CBS released the pics of next week's tribal swap. Don't click the link if you want to keep the suspense until the beginning of next week's episode, but I've linked to a photo of one of the new tribes. Pretty funny stuff, can't see them winning many challenges.

by Miareply 47810/17/2013

Laura B reminds me of that serial killer Aileen Wuornos (spelling?). At least, how Charlize Theron portrayed her. She can be so awkward and smiles in such an uncomfortable way.

Sad to see Candice go. Wish it had been John who adds less to the show than Candice/Brad do. Candice and Brad are pretty similar when you think about it. Monica and John are both totally stepford wives!

Vytas and Aras don't strike me as gay just comfortable with themselves. Although who knows what Vytas might have done for a high back in the day!

by Miareply 47910/17/2013

Loved Candace's last words to her husband: "no more tears." She's fierce. Jeff apparently became a big fan of hers as well this season.

by Miareply 48010/17/2013

Jeff isn't a fan of any of the women. He likes his macho alpha boys that he can refer to by their last name, like Culpepper.

Remember how pissed Jeff was when I beat Russell? He was all pissy and mouthed off about how Russell was a better player than me.


by Miareply 48110/17/2013

Ooh! If MacDonald Carey is Aras and Vytas' grandfather that makes Lynn Carey their aunt who provided the vocals for Kelly in BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS! Come on, one of them had to be gay.

by Miareply 48210/17/2013

I caught up on the last three episodes last night.

Bye Colton. I don't hate him as much as some but he screwed himself with his indiscreet yapping with everyone. Whatever else might be wrong with him, he has great taste in boyfriends.

Love Caleb. I hope he wins.

Brad Culpepper is a big fat douche and his wife is a future Joan Rivers face. He gets a decent yearly pension from the NFL (250k?) and he's an ambulance chasing attorney. He doesn't need the million dollars.

Tina looks like she's about 75 years old but she's cruising under the radar and may go far.

Rupert's wife bugs the shit out of me.

Choosing the steaks instead of the fishing gear was a dumb, rookie move.

by Miareply 48310/17/2013

Choosing the steaks was a bad idea?

Ah no. They can do the math. They're down to twelve. They know a merge is imminent. No need to get fishing gear when the tribe you are merging with already has it. Grab the steaks and all the cooking condiments. Eat the steaks and bring along all the condiments when you merge.

by Miareply 48410/17/2013

Good point. I was catching up on three episodes last night so the actual numbers didn't register.

Maybe the steaks were a reasonable idea after all.

by Miareply 48510/17/2013

No menton of Gervase's ass ? He was taped from the side talking to a female castmember.

His butt was round, high and juicey.

Surprised me as he's so thin.

by Miareply 48610/18/2013

Caleb has a handsome face. I like his non-diva, backwoods average Joe-ness. He can do much better than Colton but I'm not sure why he doesn't know it. Alabama must have slim pickins.

by Miareply 48710/18/2013

Vytas explained on Twitter that they chose the steaks because they were already having success fishing with whatever makeshift contraption they had concocted.

by Miareply 48810/18/2013

Jeff Probst is also gay or seriously in denial. If Jeffy P. had his way, he would splay Boston Rob naked on a sling during the Survivor Reunion and rim Boston Rob's butthole in front of America.

by Miareply 48910/18/2013

That picture at R478 is hysterical .....


They need to merge FAST because those stupid, stupid women will team up and vote out poor Vytas.

What a lame fucking tribe !!!

by Miareply 49010/18/2013

Alabama is very homophobic,r487. Maybe Caleb feels more manly if he's with an ultra femme guy-like how some closeted men go for chicks with dicks. They get a little bit of both!

by Miareply 49110/18/2013

Gervase is old.

by Miareply 49210/18/2013


I only came to the post to discuss that perfect ass. Lord he has the ass of an Olimpic track star. I paused and rewound about 20 times. That face is kinda busted, but you don't see the face pounding that from the back.

by Miareply 49310/18/2013

Rumor has it that Jeffy snuck onto Redemption Island in the middle of the night and slept right between John and Culpepper.

by Miareply 49410/18/2013

That's hot,r494!

by Miareply 49510/18/2013

Vytas with the sibling rivalry, yoga and substance issues seemed gay to me from the first episode and his comments to Caleb on the boat just reaffirmed my impression.

Gervase is frequently fully nude in the video Straight and Butch.

by Miareply 49610/18/2013

Hayden's man titties are almost as good as Burton's-almost!!

by Miareply 49710/18/2013

Wednesday night’s Survivor (2.5/7) saw an immunity challenge with ring tosses and water slides and, of course, it saw someone get voted out. It also saw the vet reality series even with last week.

by Miareply 49810/18/2013

You know they did that whole ring toss water slide thing to let the newbies win. Too many season have been lopsided tribes. This year is no different. Experience is bonus in this game and it was evident when the newbies with 5 strong guys got beat by grandma Tina and The douche with the popped shoulder's team. It was mostly a strength challenge and they were still second to the shore. Brad had to go he was greasy as hell. Hayden is dumber than Kat and that is saying a lot.

Taking the steaks was probably the smartest thing they did despite Jeff saying "they took food for a day over food for the rest of thier time here.." He is such a douche. To even try to hint there is no merge in a game of loved ones against loved ones is just stupid. "Hey lets not totally fuck up alliances by bringing related people back together on one tribe!" Yeah right.

by Miareply 49910/18/2013

and is it just me or is what this show really needs are two things

Go back to unknowns

New Host

Bear Grylls is free.

by Miareply 50010/18/2013

I don't mind the play-by-play commentary/observations from Jeff. It'd be weird if he stood silent or didn't pay attention to the action.

I assumed that the closeups of that chick's infected feet meant that she'd be airlifeted out of there. Maybe next week?

I like when Vitas said, "I feel bad for the girl but I really don't want to look at her nasty feet." You and me both, bro!

by Miareply 50110/18/2013

Some of the context doesn't make sense. That we don't get enough info. In [italic]Caramoan[/italic], there was hostility against Sherri, the smartest of the Fans, and it was understandable Reynald and Eddie disliked her due to their having been on opposite ends. But Malcolm and Andrea copped bitch attitudes when they would have been smarter to look to her as more an ally than Dawn and Cochran - and even Brenda - who ended up fucking over Malcolm and Andrea. In the case of these favorites in [italic]Blood vs. Water[/italic], putting up a bitch attitude against Rupert's wife Laura, and I don't buy into bullshit they wanted to play with Rupert, made no sense. She momentarily annoyed people. Shit. These fuckers should want to get rid of some of the fat - the returnees (who know more to playing than the newbies). Thank goodness Artist (however his name is spelled) figured, "Fuck that. You have to be smart with your vote-outs of castaways. Now is not the time."

Smart Returnees: Artist and Tina

Dumb Returnee: Gervase and Monica

Smart Newbies: Waiting

Dumb Newbies: Brad

by Miareply 50210/18/2013

Colton gets the smartest newbie award. He saw Brad was trying to "john" him and called him out on it in tribal, then annouced to the two girls, one of whom would be going out, that he was voting Brad and they should too. He forced a tie and Vitas turned on Brad.

He could have tried to do it all behind the scenes but that would have only solidified Hayden and Vitas as Colton being the one to go, they tell the girls boom Colton gone. It was a brillant move.

by Miareply 50310/18/2013

You mean Caleb,r503

by Miareply 50410/18/2013

You are talking about Aras, 502. I agree that Aras and Tina are the smartest of the returning players.

by Miareply 50510/18/2013

The one useledd chick on the Rookies team said she hasn't been brushing her teeth.

Isn't that one of the things Survivor contestants are allowed to do off camera? Like going to the bathroom or contact lens wearers taking them out and switching to glasses?

They don't seriously go a month without brushing their teeth, do they? So what was she talking about?

by Miareply 50610/18/2013

I also noticed Gervase's round, meaty ass. Also that they were blurring his cock bulge, which must mean it's impressive.

by Miareply 50710/18/2013

I also noticed Gervase's ass and cock.

by Miareply 50810/18/2013

I found it odd how, up until this week, they've rarely shown Caleb without his shirt, and this week, they almost went out of their way to do so.

Personally, I'd like him with a little more chest hair.

He's still my favorite left on the show, though.

by Miareply 50910/18/2013

Personally, I'd like him with about 40 lbs less gut.

by Miareply 51010/18/2013

[quote]Vytas with the sibling rivalry, yoga and substance issues seemed gay to me from the first episode and his comments to Caleb on the boat just reaffirmed my impression.

Most gays do Yoga. It is typically a gay work-out for your body.

by Miareply 51110/18/2013

Do most gays do yoga, or are most yoga doers gay?

There's a difference.

by Miareply 51210/18/2013

If they're hairy, they're a yoga bear.

by Miareply 51310/18/2013

I've seen them using sticks to scrub their teeth and if you watch the Ponderosa vids thay always seem super happy to be able to brush their teeth. Also sometimes the rewards are soap and toothpaste/brushes.

by Miareply 51410/18/2013

So I see DL is down again. At least for me. Heeeelllllloooooo?

by Miareply 51510/18/2013

What happened? Was Datalounge hacked??

by Miareply 51610/18/2013

I don't think so. This happens from time to time. When it comes back on, the WM erases all these interim messages. Should come on soon.

by Miareply 51710/18/2013

Is Survivor going fundie again?

A couple of seasons ago we had regular prayer circles led by one of the castaways in which practically all the teammates participated.

Now this week's episode, after Tadhana won the challenge, Katie said "Thank you Jesus" and then we have Tyson giving a little prayer upon slicing open some coconuts "Let us praise God for all the delicious fruits he puts on this planet for us to savor."

It being Tyson, I couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or serious.

by Miareply 51810/18/2013

Are the contestants voted off early held on the island for the full 39 days? I remember during the first seasons they were allowed to go home, which prompted much speculation on the Internet about who won based on how much weight they lost. We know only the jury goes to Ponderosa. Anyone know?

by Miareply 51910/18/2013

[quote]Are the contestants voted off early held on the island for the full 39 days?

by Miareply 52010/18/2013

Wtf is up with Tyson and Aras?! Check the pic of them outside the game-they even have matching beanies!

by Miareply 52110/18/2013

quote]It'd be weird if he stood silent or didn't pay attention to the action.

Of course, but there is a lot of room for something in-between, rather than showing clear favoritism and belittling those he's not interested in.

by Miareply 52210/18/2013

[quote]Is Survivor going fundie again?

Survivor has pretty much ALWAYS been a fundie fest. Ever since I started reading the DL Survivor threads I've been able to pick up on even the most subtle of fundie-isms. I'd bet the majority of Survivor participants have fundie ties.

by Miareply 52310/18/2013

Remember many, many seasons ago, (one of the first few) some born-again blonde got very upset over her team being in possession of an "idol", and totally had a freak-out over being apparently forced into "idol-worship".

It was hilarious.

by Miareply 52410/19/2013

I believe that was Africa - I don't remember her name but I think that was where they drank a glass of blood straight from the cow, and she was in the credits showing her enormous tongue after she'd drunk it. Chick was nuts.

by Miareply 52510/19/2013

Did not understand Tyson at all in either of his seasons including the current one & do not particularly like him. But, he's in a very powerful alliance. Hope he's voted out soon.

by Miareply 52610/19/2013

What's next for our scrappy band of survivors?

by Miareply 52710/22/2013

R527 .... a team switch up ...... and shortly afterwards, a merge ....

by Miareply 52810/22/2013

It looked like the teams would switch this week. Things don't seem to be so exciting with this season's Survivor.

by Miareply 52910/22/2013

Thump for the Coconut Bandits !!

by Miareply 53010/23/2013

They seem to have dropped that coconut subplot.

What was the point of drinking and not sharing? Is there a shortage of coconuts?

by Miareply 53110/23/2013

I would imagine many of the coconuts available are high up and a pain in the ass to obtain. It appeared as if the bandits were stealthily helping themselves to recently dropped coconuts or at least ones that were easy to get to.

by Miareply 53210/23/2013

They need coconut boy Ozzy.

by Miareply 53310/23/2013


Always count on Kat to make the bad move. Outright lying about her game play.

by Miareply 53410/23/2013

spoiler 2 ....spoiler2 ...spoiler2n.

Nice to see preview of Tina encouraging a showmance with Katie and Vyttas . Looking past Vytas's 19 old self,s transgressions. But I wonder why there seemed to be no such interest between the two the first 18 days

by Miareply 53510/23/2013

Bye, bye, Brad Culpepper. I still want him inside me quite deeply.

by Miareply 53610/23/2013

Jeff will give Culpepper the hero exit during the reunion show. Don't you worry, Jeff won't let his boy go out like a punk.

by Miareply 53710/23/2013

Tyson is so fucking self-impressed. It's tiresome to watch.

I can't tell if Vytas played the women or if the women were just set on combustion. Maybe both. I never thought I'd see southern mom Tina saying she wants to see her daughter have kids with a former druggie.

by Miareply 53810/23/2013

Tina got lucky tonight.

by Miareply 53910/23/2013

Tyson looks like he stepped out of a pre-Raphaelite painting. The nose does it.

by Miareply 54010/23/2013

Tyson looks like one of the terrorist brothers in Die Hard.

by Miareply 54110/23/2013

Meow, Meow, Meow.

by Miareply 54210/23/2013

I can't stand Tyson, but he is playing a smart game. Wonder what the people on his new team thought about his comments to the camera tonight?

by Miareply 54310/23/2013


How could you leave me Culpepper! I even rigged it so the "puzzle" was basically "count to 100" and you still left me! Boo hoo hoo.

by Miareply 54410/23/2013

Why does Tyson wear girly ponytails? I can't stand him either.

by Miareply 54510/23/2013

Agree Tyson is trying to play a strong game, but I don't expect he'll align himself to Gervase long, considering Tyson is basically now playing 'bad cop' ..... if this keeps up, Gervase will NOT be someone Tyson wants to take to the final three.

Tyson was obnoxious tonight about eating the food, etc, etc .... if Hayden makes it to the merge, I see him gunning for Tyson after that behavior.

by Miareply 54610/23/2013

[quote]Things don't seem to be so exciting with this season's Survivor.

You are stupid. This is one of the most interesting seasons in a while.

And all of you Tyson bashers are fucking idiots.

by Miareply 54710/24/2013

Cat's such an idiot. But she was funny tonight when she was bemoaning being voted off and worrying that Hadyn wouldn't want to date her anymore because "Who wants to date someone who doesn't even make it to merge" all while sitting with people who didn't even make it to merge.

by Miareply 54810/24/2013

Why didn't Jeff ask Tina if it should have been her on the block, seeing as how badly she messed up the challenge.

And the girls didn't want Cat to break the alliance, so instead they vote her off and break the alliance themselves.

Why didn't Cat mention that Vytas was no ally, and that once the merge came he would immediatly align with his brother and vote their asses off?

by Miareply 54910/24/2013

[quote]Nice to see preview of Tina encouraging a showmance with Katie and Vyttas . Looking past Vytas's 19 old self,s transgressions. But I wonder why there seemed to be no such interest between the two the first 18 days

I thought Vyttas was a gay?

by Miareply 55010/24/2013

[quote] Bye, bye, Brad Culpepper.

Poor Probst's man-hole must be quivering in sorrow. Jeffy had a MAJOR crush on "Culpepper," and it was apparent on-screen.

You just know that he wanted some DL action behind the scenes.

I can't even tell you how much I hate Jeff Probst.

[quote] I thought Vyttas was a gay?

I love how he contradicted himself. When he first found out he was going to the all female team, he said, "I've been known as a ladies man."

Then once on the tribe, he admitted, "I don't know much about women."

No shit, Vitas. The tension between Vitas and Aras is palpable.

He and Aras just need to fuck and get it over with. You know that's what they both want.

I'm over the fundie shit. Mark Burnett is a fundie freak, along with his creepy "Touched By An Angel" wife Roma Downey.

Burnett and Downey irritate the fucking crap out of me!

I'm guessing Vitas might win. The producers try to hide the winner, but the editing is a giveaway.

Too much info about Vitas' drug problem and references to him and Aras being a threat for the top three. The narrative seems to be pointing to a Vitas win.

That's my prediction.

by Miareply 55110/24/2013

Monica should have been comforted by the fact that Jeff would keep her husband warm after his exit.

by Miareply 55210/24/2013

Tyson is insufferable. He's like the cackling queen who laughs loudly at all her jokes before anyone else cracks a smile.

I'll be ok with a Vetus win.

by Miareply 55310/24/2013

R551, you sound like quite an oddball. Do you have many friends?

by Miareply 55410/24/2013

Survivor: Blood vs Water (2.3/7) saw a challenge mix up and an unretrieved fishing trap last night as well as 12% drop to hit a series low, excluding specials and recaps shows.

by Miareply 55510/24/2013

[bold]The Tribe Has Broken: How Sexism Is Silently Killing 'Survivor'[/bold]

Survivor has always been one of the most heavily gendered shows on television. It has specialized from the outset in a set of stereotypes: tough sexy male athletes, nurturing moms, sweet young things, wise and wily (male) silver foxes, and so forth. The women wear such wee bathing suits (while spending over a month foraging on an island) that one spent an entire season with a digitized blur floating just below the base of her spine and just above the waistband of her suit. Far more men than women have been treated as "leaders," and host Jeff Probst has never been even one-tenth as interested in women contestants as he is in the men. He's essentially come right out and said so, that the women just tend not to be as interesting on the whole as the men.

But this "Blood vs. Water" season, in which a tribe of returning players has been facing off against a tribe made up of their "loved ones," has quickly ripened into the most distastefully bro-worshiping, wife-fearing season yet.

Explaining the ins and outs of everything that's happened thus far would take much too long, so let's simply hit the highlights of last night's deeply unpleasant helping of gender politics.

1. Nothing beats the aftermath of the fact that after winning a challenge, John had to give away to someone a clue to a hidden immunity idol. Candice, because she strongly dislikes former NFL-er Brad Culpepper, thought it would be good to give the clue to Brad's wife Monica, on the theory that having a perceived advantage might make Monica a target. So she said to John, "Let's give it to Monica." He agreed, and gave it to Monica. "Does she tell you what to do all the time?", host Jeff Probst sneered. John joked back that she tries, but he doesn't always listen, blah blah blah. Your basic "Cool story, bro."

And then immediately — immediately — Brad Culpepper gave Monica the order. Firmly, with no discussion. "Walk it down and put in the fire. Walk it down and put it in the fire. Walk it down and put it in the fire." He said it three times, just like that, and after two times, she got up and did it. Did Jeff Probst say, "Does he tell you what to do all the time?" No, he did not. Candice did: she jumped in and said, "Doin' what she's told." But Probst just said, admiringly, "That's the first time that has ever happened."

Now, maybe Candice was more bossy and they didn't show it. Maybe the Culpeppers talked more and they didn't show it. But the scene the show gave you reinforced an idea right out of Catskillsian comedy of the late 1950s: the sickest burn you can lay on a guy is that he listens to his wife. But when a guy lowers the boom and his wife follows without question, that's just a strong man being a strong man. There has rarely been a more naked accidental reveal of the fact that the show — and specifically its host — are rolling around in gender dynamics of which they are almost completely unaware. Not only is this a rotten thing for women to have to watch, but it's a rotten thing for men who aren't jerks to have to watch, because it basically means tuning in to hear a bunch of swagger-shaming based on the apparent influence of too many four-blade razor commercials and too little interest in hearing women talk.

2. From Probst's intro looking back on last week's episode: "[One tribe]'s plan was to take out the weak." In fact, that tribe's men had a plan to take out the women. Weakness really didn't enter into it. The intro simply took it as a given that "taking out the women" and "taking out the weak" are the same thing. If that's the case, you might think it's a casting problem.

3. Candice called out Brad at the Redemption challenge for the fact that as women have been voted out of his tribe, they've reported to her that he makes a habit of "shushing the women." Brad's response? To ask Candice's husband whether he shushes the women. You know what would have been more effective? Asking the women from his tribe who were sitting right there whether they feel like he shushes them.

by Miareply 55610/24/2013

4. As Candice worked on the puzzle, Probst first set out to compliment her for being "always calm." And then he added with a smirk, "Unless she's yelling at Culpepper." By "Culpepper," he means Brad, because women aren't called by their last name in Jeff World, because being called by your last name is a sign of respect for your toughness that simply doesn't get bestowed on women. Doesn't happen. Never mind the fact that "Culpepper" yells as much as anyone; it's only funny/mockable when women speak sharply.

5. It's almost quaint to mention at this point, but never forget that you see a lot more footage of women engaging in sport competition in bikinis than you do men attempting to compete in similarly practical/revealing Speedos. This is essentially "wallpaper sexism" on this show — nobody even notices it anymore. But that doesn't mean it isn't there, or that the show wouldn't look different without it.

6. After the challenge, the rewriting of history began, as Caleb got the irony of the exchange described back at point #1 exactly backwards: he claimed it was funny that Candice called out Brad for giving Monica an order when she had given John an order previously. What this sadly tells you — that many of us experience in day-to-day life — is that Caleb heard Candice give John an order even though it didn't happen.

That's one of the ways good-hearted people act like sexists (and racists, and what have you): they literally hear and see things that never happened, because their filters are on. Candice said "let's give it to Monica"; there's not a person in the world who doesn't know "let's" is a suggestion. "Let's have lunch!" "Let's go to the beach!" So bizarrely, what Caleb took away from watching that all go down was that Candice was let off the hook compared to Brad, when in fact the opposite happened.

7. Also filed under "wallpaper": Men on tribes refer to the women in the group as "the girls" all the time. All the time. No matter their ages. This is simply par for the course.

8. When the Returning Players' tribe had to sit two people out at the challenge to even up the numbers, they sat two women rather than Tyson — despite the fact that he had an injured shoulder. Now, if two men had sat out and an injured woman had stayed in, you can bet your bottom athletic supporter that all of the Probst questions would have been directed at the men to determine whether they felt like tiny weak babies for sitting out in favor of an injured lady. But instead, he just clarified with Tyson that Tyson felt confident that even with a bum shoulder, he was better than the two women. The women who made the decision to sit out in favor of an arm-hobbled fellow remained silent. Everyone who believes two men who sat out in favor of an injured lady would have been allowed that privilege, raise your "I Am Related To Jeff Probst" flags and wave them high.

9. After losing the immunity challenge, Hayden spoke with great shame about losing a challenge to a tribe that included Tyson with his injury. But not just Tyson! That wasn't the worst of it. "We lost to a one-armed dude," he said, "and three moms." Not moms! What will the fellas at Bally's Total Fitness say when he gets home?

10. And finally, just as a general matter, this season has been almost entirely a story of men being unpleasant and dismissive of women. That either means they cast a bunch of women who sit around doing nothing and showing no agency whatsoever (which is a casting problem), or what the women are doing is not shown (which is a show problem). You cannot sell, season after season after season, the idea that it is a coincidence that your show is morphing into a grody love letter not to men, but to bullies.

by Miareply 55710/24/2013

I like Survivor. I've always found it totally fascinating in a bunch of ways, and a good tribal council (which, in fact, last night mostly was) can be one of the most viscerally exciting things broadcast TV serves up. But I cannot deny that having to sit through all this preening by bullies is beginning take a toll on my enjoyment, especially when I feel like the show and the host are on their side.

by Miareply 55810/24/2013

Two comments about Aras and his brother: One, the brother's name is spelled VYTAS; two, I agree that there is a lot of sexual tension between them and that they need to fuck!

by Miareply 55910/24/2013

Don't Forget when Brad was forming an alliance of 5 guys he said "we have 5 guys...I mean 4 guys and a gay guy..."

because a gay guy is less than an actual man. I was so happy when Colton screwed Brad over and ousted him.

Why did they vote out Kat? Because Aras was in their Alliance and I am sure Tina will try to get his brother for the merge so they come in 6 strong.

by Miareply 56010/24/2013

That NPR commentary is moronic.

by Miareply 56110/24/2013

r561, I agree.

I thought the far right was always finding boogey-men, but I guess the far left can find some too when it suits them.

by Miareply 56210/24/2013

I really am sooooooooooooo hoping that by the time of the reunion, Hayden has dumped Kat's ass. Would be the funniest thing ever. (it's almost like she wanted to contribute to 'their' wealth by going further in this game ..... she wanted to match the $ 500K he won on 'Big Brother')

by Miareply 56310/24/2013

Didn't know Survivor threads are crawling with incest trolls. I'm out.

by Miareply 56410/24/2013

I could not get through four paragraphs of that insipid NPR crap.

by Miareply 56510/24/2013

The relationship between Katie and Vytas does not surprise me. I always noticed that the two of them look at each other a lot when their tribes are discussing strategy, working, etc. Vytas seems a bit more shy about it than Katie, though.

by Miareply 56610/24/2013

I love that Tina just met Vytas 24 hours before declaring she wants him to father her grandchildren. We haven't seen much from Katie this season other than her toenails falling off. Total props to Vytas for how smooth he was with the women but I got serious addict vibes with how he was manipulating them.

by Miareply 56710/24/2013

According to The Insider, Culpepper couldn't see the numbers during the challenge in Redemption Island. Which is why he lost.

by Miareply 56810/24/2013

[quote]Didn't know Survivor threads are crawling with incest trolls. I'm

Oh, stop it.

by Miareply 56910/24/2013

I agree as well, r561. Thinking about gender equality through "Survivor" is the lamest kind of analysis.

by Miareply 57010/24/2013

They don't show everything that happens at Tribal you know. Probably all of that happened but came out in the edit.

by Miareply 57110/24/2013

The NPR article was written by Linda Holmes, perhaps better known as "Miss Alli" who used to do the recaps on TWoP.

Boy, has she got her knickers in a twist.

by Miareply 57210/24/2013

Oh my god, that explains a lot.

by Miareply 57310/24/2013

Miss Holmes is a cunt.

by Miareply 57410/24/2013

So is Howard at TWoP who banned me for daring to suggest on the Big Brother thread that Lawon was a fucking loser and a disgrace to gay men of all races.

by Miareply 57510/24/2013

TWoP Nikita is extremely uneven in how she moderates.

by Miareply 57610/24/2013

[quote]So is Howard at TWoP who banned me for daring to suggest on the Big Brother thread that Lawon was a fucking loser and a disgrace to gay men of all races.

Oh my, you sound like you lead a thrill-a-minute life.

by Miareply 57710/24/2013

[quote] But this "Blood vs. Water" season, in which a tribe of returning players has been facing off against a tribe made up of their "loved ones," has quickly ripened into the most distastefully bro-worshiping, wife-fearing season yet.

Hmmm... I wonder who's responsible for all the bro worshiping this bitch is talking about, bro? Damn bro, this bitch is out of her mind, bro! She totally hates bros!

by Miareply 57810/24/2013

Wow, I'm surprised... not a single post from any of our "It's fixed!" trolls claiming that the buffs were arranged and passed out by Jeff in a certain way to assure a mostly-female tribe and a mostly-male tribe.

Tina knew that ratting out Kat to Monica was her golden opportunity to avoid having to pay for her epic fuck-up in the challenge by being voted out. Usually the tribe complies when a tribe member declares "I fucked up and I deserve to be voted out."

In the end, Kat's fuck-up was far greater by throwing an alliance member under the bus and then trying to weasel out.

by Miareply 57910/24/2013

Culpepper has a meaty cock.

by Miareply 58010/25/2013

It is well knows that CBS uses chameleon buffs when re-balancing tribes. They are controlled by a radio switch that Jeff pushes when they are revealed. That is how they stack the tribes.

by Miareply 58110/25/2013

I'm a big fan of this show and was very skeptical of the loved ones gimmick but I'm pleasantly surprised how it has added extra layers to gameplay and strategy. I am also LOVING that all of the hidden immunity clues are ending up in the fire.

by Miareply 58210/25/2013

Who needs clues when you have producers?

by Miareply 58310/25/2013

damn HAYDEN is still FUGLY

by Miareply 58410/25/2013

I like Kat a lot,but she overplayed her hand this time around-Monica came to win this time!

I want to like Laura B, but she seems so shy and awkward. I haven't seem much growth from her this game,which is the best thing about Survivor-when a fish out of water person-so to speak-comes on the show and finds out things about themselves they never thought possible. I think she would benefit from another go round if given the opportunity .

Tina reminds me so much of my southern mom with her ' grandbabbies' comment! Still clueless till the end! But is Vytas really gay?

And what's with Jeff and his love of alpha males-is he gay,too?

by Miareply 58510/27/2013

Jeff wants Brad Culpepper inside him quite deeply. Simple as that.

by Miareply 58610/27/2013


If Probst could have one Loaded Weekend in which three [italic]Survivor[/italic] men do him (sometimes at the same time), who would he choose?

by Miareply 58710/27/2013

He'd keep it in the C's: Colby, Culpepper and Cochran.

by Miareply 58810/27/2013

Colby, Culpepper and Andrew Savage.

by Miareply 58910/27/2013

Yep, R589. I'd add Malcolm to that list. He'd have to get a haircut, though. Jeff don't like girly looking men.

by Miareply 59010/27/2013

Burton burton and burton...jeff would be wrecked.

by Miareply 59110/28/2013


by Miareply 59210/28/2013

Here's hoping Kat gets kicked off Redemption Island. Then her boyfriend will REALLY dump her. Ha.

I wish there was a Survivor All Hunks version ....with just the really hot guys from past seasons.

I'd even let Jeff pick half of them (and the audience can select the other half)

by Miareply 59310/30/2013

Wonder if Hayden offers to trade places with her at Redemption Island?

by Miareply 59410/30/2013

This last section of the thread is infested with homophobic fraus. Check out the anti-Jeff comments.

by Miareply 59510/30/2013

Because we dare to suggest that Jeff enjoys the homosex? Fuck off, R595.

by Miareply 59610/30/2013

Could the "girls" be any more stupid? They had to know that the merge was right around the corner and that Vytas will form an alliance with Aras as soon as it happens.

Who gives a shit if Laura told Vytas he was being voted off? He's still a MUCH bigger threat than she could ever be. God, they're dumb.

by Miareply 59710/30/2013

Vytas has such a smarmy vibe, but he's an interesting character to watch. I wonder if his self-professed charm with the women is what's saving him or if Tina was basically planning to save him on his new tribe all along for his connection to Aras.

My prediction is that Aras is going to go next by the votes of new Tadana and the returnee; there's just been too much teasing about that for it not to happen. Then I fear that the new Galang tribe is going to be picked off one by one.

by Miareply 59810/30/2013

r596=frau, angry for being calle dout

by Miareply 59910/30/2013

Kat: Hayden, please love me!

by Miareply 60010/30/2013
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