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I HATE that Swiffer commercial with Morty, and the wife

Can't relate. We don't all have Jewish elders. They annoy me.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 11704/01/2015

I think they're kind of cute but I can't help wondering which one croaks first.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 108/21/2013

I like it to for its humor and the positive portrayal of two older people...that happen to be married.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 208/21/2013

How can you tell he's Jewish? I didn't see his dick, did you?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 308/21/2013

No Gentile man has ever been called "Morty," r3.


by WASP'ie Waynereply 408/21/2013

Agree with OP

by WASP'ie Waynereply 508/21/2013

They say they are married for 44 years, yet they look they are in their eighties. Second marriage maybe?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 608/21/2013

What about Morty Sahl, r4?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 708/21/2013

Hate the ads, too.

I always think of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry's parents repeatedly dodge dinner invitations from George's parents, finally explaining, "Frankly, we don't like the Costanzas. They're exhausting."

Morty and his wife are exhausting.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 808/21/2013

I think it is cute.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 908/21/2013

Morty fucks her up the ass.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 1008/21/2013

Yes, it's their second marriage. I think he used to be a pharmacist.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 1108/21/2013

Mort ≠ Morty

And besides he Canookian. Different rules.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 1208/21/2013

They say their last name is Kaufman.

That is a Jewish name.

I love the commercials. They are sweet together.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 1308/21/2013

Also agree with OP.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 1408/21/2013

I generally hate all commercials but I find them endearing. And who gives a shit about relating to them? Does every ad have to show someone from every race/religion/creed/gender so nobody feels left out?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 1508/21/2013

Swiffer's attempt to boost their sales specifically among elderly East Coast non-Gentiles is annoyingly odd.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 1608/21/2013

We don't use Swiffer in NYC. We have cleaning people, you peasants.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 1708/21/2013

They are so much better than the last ads with out dated objects hooking up to 70's ballads.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 1808/21/2013

I only wish my parents were like Morty and his wife. They seem rather independent for their age. And happy!

I can barely spend 5 minutes with my nutzoid parents without losing my mind! They constantly scream at each other, even when I call, there is yelling going on. When they aren't complaining non-stop about all the ailments, which they caused themselves, it's more arguing and complaining about nothing.

I can't remember the last time I had a normal conversation with either of them. I used to be close to my mom. My parents are closer to George Costanza's parents than Morty and his wife.

R8, you are WRONG re Morty and his wife, there is no comparison with George's parents, the Costanza's WERE exhausting and not really all that funny, they were mentally very exhausting! Audiences laughed at them not with them.

I think it's hilarious how my father complains about the Costanza's when he is exactly like George's loud, always screaming, father. I think Jerry Stiller is brilliant, but the character is bonkers and utterly annoying, he played a variation of that character on "King of Queens".

Morty and his wife seem like fun, like they'd have a lot of cool old NYC stories to tell. You are clueless R8.

Guess you have to be around some non-religious old New York liberal Jews to understand what I'm talking about, most of them are interesting fun people. I'm not Jewish but grew up in mixed neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens. I also had some Jewish aunts and uncles, they were smart, funny and interesting people.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 1908/21/2013

Jews don't age well, traditionally. The man and woman in that commercial are only 27 years old.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 2008/22/2013

I think the commercial is really cute.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 2108/22/2013

They appear to be affluent enough to hire a cleaning lady once or twice a week.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 2208/22/2013

Years ago, there was a Jewish comedian named Morty Gunty . . . a Merv Griffin Show regular.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 2308/22/2013

Yeah, my in laws are like the Costanzas. The husband is a big baby who yells all the time about nothing. He is waited on hand and foot by his wife. He doesn't make a bed, never cooked a meal, doesn't even make his own coffee. All of his life, females have cooked for him, cleaned for him, bought his clothes for him and acquiesced to him so he won't throw a tantrum

When he goes into the hospital, they have to get the nursing supervisor in to tell him to write a letter to the hospital administrators if he's so unhappy with the care, not scream at the nurses who have no power to buy new curtains, make the overhead operator shut up, make the dietary department food trucks quieter, make the food better, serve the food at different times, hire more staff, get separate heating and cooling units for each patient cubicle, etc.

And like Frank Costanza, he thinks he is an unsung genius. Like all of his ideas for how to make hospitals run better (as listed above) -- why don't people listen to him? He has it all figured out. Just hire more staff, buy new blinds and curtains, make the food trucks quieter, serve better food at different times, give everybody their medication once a day instead of three times a day, put little air conditioner/heaters next to each bed that the patient can adjust himself and all the problems hospitals face would be solved! Why is everybody else such an idiot that they don't listen to him?

I'd much rather have Morty and Helen Seinfeld. or Morty and Lee Kaufman.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 2408/24/2013

It's infuriating to me. Not all Jewish-Americans talk like they're out of a Philip Roth novel.. My family (Jewish) grew up in Pennsylvania, cultured, highly educated, and not religiously inclined - though we went to Temple on Sundays. My parents and their cousins ( as well as my since deceased grandparents) have/had no Jewish "accent", no hideous Marc Chagall paintings and don't give a rats ass about Israel. Also, thy look fabulous for their age (80s.) it's all about social class not ethnicity. Never met Jew who spoke Yiddish until I moved to Ny.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 2508/24/2013

Thanks to DL and google, I now know who Marc Chagall was.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 2608/24/2013

r25 your parents didn't speak Yiddish but I will GUARANTEE you that your grandparents spoke Yiddish, don't fucking bs me.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 2708/24/2013

[quote]Philip Roth novel.

I was just in the Julie Harris thread and thought about Claire Bloom because they were in The Haunting together.

I pop into this thread and Claire Blooms's ex-husband name's appears.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 2808/24/2013

R25, I thought Jews went to Temple on Saturdays?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 2908/24/2013

[quote]They appear to be affluent enough to hire a cleaning lady once or twice a week.

Huh? Affluent?!! They have a nice house, it doesn't seem modernized, but it's nice. My parents have a nice house in Queens, which they bought for a song. My parents are hardly affluent.

My relatives, who left Brooklyn in the 60s, bought their LI homes for outrageously low prices: $15,000, $20,000 and $25,000.

Morty and the Mrs. appear to be formerly from Brooklyn or Queens, they probably moved to Long Island, or New Jersey, in the late 50s early 60s.

This was very typical of many Jewish and Italian families. They moved to suburbs for more space and to get away from the gritty and rough areas of Brooklyn and Queens, remember there was no gentrification going on in Brooklyn and Queens in the 50s and 60s!

by WASP'ie Waynereply 3008/24/2013

25 Traded his Chagalls for Goyas

by WASP'ie Waynereply 3108/24/2013

Oy, I find them terribly annoying. But I'm not going to mention anything about dying in a grease fire because I'll be branded an anti-Semite.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 3208/24/2013

The best part is when he says, "I make dirt."

by WASP'ie Waynereply 3308/24/2013

She made sure she got knocked up so he'd have to marry her (she didn't even know why she wanted to be married but all the goyls at temple were doing it and let's face it, at 28 she wasn't getting any younger) and after her initial shock and disappointment at the sight of his erect penis, which she'd hoped was merely flaccid, she stuck it out for the sake of the kids.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 3408/24/2013

I agree with the OP. Annoying commercial and idiotic and condescending.

And the things Morty says are ridiculous.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 3508/24/2013

It's insulting that Morty says he never cleans, as if that is women's work only.

And she is insulting too with her subservient demeanor and pretending that everything Morty says is cute or meaningful.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 3608/24/2013

Morty has luscious cocksucking lips.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 3708/24/2013

[quote]Jews don't age well, traditionally.

Why? Is it the food?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 3808/25/2013

R37, you're horrid.

And I keep loling.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 3908/25/2013

Thats one filthy house, did you see the dirt that swiffter got off of the floor.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 4009/03/2013

Not Jewish. They are german. Older germans are so annoying. Grew up in Germany so I know all too well.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 4109/28/2013

German? Should have them selling oven cleaner.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 4209/28/2013

25 is no Jew. Jews don't go to temple on Sunday. Feh!

by WASP'ie Waynereply 4309/28/2013

[quote]Can't relate. We don't all have Jewish elders.

Seriously? "WASP'ie [sic] Wayne"?

We also don't all have WASPy elders. Some even have non-white elders!

[quote]They annoy me.

Because you're anti-semitic. Also: who fucking cares?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 4409/28/2013

All Swiffer commercials are very sexist. They always imply that only women swiff and only show women doing it.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 4509/28/2013

I love the commercial. And get u r25.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 4609/28/2013

my god, thank you!!! every other thread i found online was praising this couple and how they are just oh soo cutee..but i swear, i cannot stand these commercials!!!!! yeah ill just let my elderly wife climb up a step ladder and simply say "be careful babe" from 5 feet a man morty! you climb up there!

by WASP'ie Waynereply 4709/30/2013

They seem like a really nice couple. There is a star in the window so I guess one of their 6 kids is active military. Hope they live a long time. I hate swiffer though.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 4809/30/2013

I can not STAND that stupid commercial. Every time I hear it I want to throw the heaviest object at the fricking tv! They are the worst NAGGING couple. And to show her falling off the stool would be the GREATEST commercial ever!!!! Why in the hell would you show an old lady climbing on a stool? What asses. They are making all old people think it is ok to climb on stools? Can't wait till they are sued for "SWIFFERGATE!"

by WASP'ie Waynereply 4910/14/2013

[quote] We don't use Swiffer in NYC. We have cleaning people, you peasants.

Yes,as if you NEED a maid to clean your 400 sq foot palaces.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 5010/14/2013

I swiffered my anus just yesterday

by WASP'ie Waynereply 5110/14/2013

I think they are cute. I like it when he calls her babe.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 5210/14/2013

I think it's a very sweet commercial.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 5310/14/2013

I think that this is the most decent commercial in this day. Not like all other commercials where sex and vulgar nuendos sells hamburgers, cars, and movies.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 5410/15/2013

Leave Morty Alone!!!!

by WASP'ie Waynereply 5510/16/2013


Dear God.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 5610/16/2013

[quote]Not Jewish. They are german. Older germans are so annoying. Grew up in Germany so I know all too well.

You couldn't find a more stereotypical Jewish couple than these two.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 5710/16/2013

So what is in the "cleaning solution" of Swiffer's that it picks up so much dirt? Battery acid?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 5810/16/2013

They're definitely Jewish. They live in Valley Stream on Long Island. Newsday did an article on them.

[quote] She made sure she got knocked up so he'd have to marry her

It's a second marriage for both of them after both were widowed.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 5910/16/2013

[quote] There is a star in the window so I guess one of their 6 kids is active military.

They're 90 and 91 years old. Their "kids" are retirement age.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 6010/16/2013

They're very sweet, anyone who. "Hates" them is a fucking anti-Semite so go fuck yourselves..

by WASP'ie Waynereply 6110/16/2013

They only married in their late 40s, so it's probably not the first marriage for either of them.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 6210/16/2013

Have you seen the latest commercial where Morty says he likes to get rimmed, but his wife is terrible at it? He said she should swiffer his asshole.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 6310/16/2013

I hate the elderly generally

by WASP'ie Waynereply 6410/16/2013


I adore this couple and their commercials. I googled them and found out : They were both widowed when they met in their 40s. Lee is now 91 and Morty is 92.

He's a retired pharmacist and she's a retired teacher. They met when she was teaching Morty's son. Even though they are retired they each have volunteer jobs.

The commercials were taped in their home with no script. They live in a suburb of NYC and go into the city frequently for plays, dancing and the opera.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 6510/16/2013

Lee and Morty on the Today Show.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 6610/16/2013

"They're very sweet, anyone who. "Hates" them is a fucking anti-Semite so go fuck yourselves.."

Wow ...

by WASP'ie Waynereply 6710/16/2013

I like Lee and Morty. Interesting that they are improvising in those commercials.

There is one commercial that annoys the hell out of me these days. I was going to post it, but it has, thankfully, escaped my mind.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 6810/16/2013

What is the "Wow" about R67?

The AntiSemitism of the op is shocking.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 6910/16/2013

[quote] I'm not Jewish but grew up in mixed neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens. I also had some Jewish aunts and uncles, they were smart, funny and interesting people.

How come, if you're not Jewish, you had 'some Jewish aunts and uncles' ?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 7010/16/2013

[quote]My family (Jewish) grew up in Pennsylvania, cultured, highly educated, and not religiously inclined - though we went to Temple on Sundays.

I thought the Jewish sabbath was on Saturdays and how can you have not been religiously inclined if you went to temple every week?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 7110/16/2013

We too had a very Jewish characterisation series of commercials for the 'phone company in England back in the late 80s. They were pretty ghastly, but extremely popular with the British public.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 7210/16/2013

Swiffer has said that these are their most popular commercials ever.

I hope they do another batch of them with Morty and Lee. They need to hurry up with them being 92/91 yrs old though.

I would have never guessed they were that old.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 7310/18/2013

Jews are exhausting, even in 30 second spurts.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 7410/18/2013

Those fucking people are sooooooooo annoying. This is like the only place where other people actually think that instead of just babbling over how "cute" they are. Those two remind me of these two old teachers I had in high school and were old and they were pretty much like that and they got WAY on my nerves that these commercials just make me cringe thinking about that old couple.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 7510/21/2013

You know when one of them croaks the other won't be far behind.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 7610/21/2013

They are insufferable. And I happen to love the Jews.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 7710/29/2013

I like it. It's sweet.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 7810/29/2013

Thank God I found this site...I just hate everything about these commercials - I think they are INSULTING to elderly people! It's cringe-worthy watching her going up that ladder- that; along with the dialogue, is absolutely ghastly.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 7911/15/2013

One of my favorite commercials. I like the interplay between the two. My parents weren't Jews but they acted just like these two.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 8011/15/2013

My husband and I love that commercial. What is wrong with people today. You can't just watch something and laugh. They are warm and cute. I'm Jewish and I know so many people Jewish and non Jewish that are like them. It's a refreshing commercial with no violence or sex. Just two older people still in love.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 8111/17/2013

I adore Morty and Leah.

I want Swiffer to do another round of commercials with them. They're in their 90s so Swiffer needs to hurry up.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 8211/17/2013

Yeah I think they're cute too

by WASP'ie Waynereply 8311/17/2013

They're not cute. They have stacks of magazines or something on a chair in their tiny abode, which is very trashy.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 8411/17/2013

They reinforce the worst of Jewish stereotypes.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 8511/17/2013

I don't get the one where she says that she was living in a fool's paradise about how dirty the floor was and he says: "oh boy!" and she says: "there you go, Morty just summed it up!"

What the fuck did Morty sum up? Does that make sense to anyone?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 8611/17/2013

Are they related to Jeremy and his parents?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 8711/17/2013

I was devastated to find out they're not really a couple, just actors playing a role.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 8811/17/2013

That commercial explains the Holocaust.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 8911/17/2013

See you soon r89

by WASP'ie Waynereply 9011/17/2013


You are wrong. They are not actors. They met after both lost their first spouses to death.

Leah was the school teacher to Morty's son. Morty was a pharmacist. They shot these commercials with no script. They just filmed them as they ad libbed.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 9111/17/2013

jews don't believe in that r90

by WASP'ie Waynereply 9211/17/2013

Who cares if they are Jewish Muslim or Atheist Christ sakes they are adorable. They are a second marriage couple and parents of the producers assistant of the swifter commercial (I googled. Them because they are cute)and no damm commercial can convince me to buy their product if I don't want it.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 9311/19/2013

He says. HE doesn't clean. They are trying too hard to be cute. I try to turn them off before the "dancing" Otherwise they are a lovely couple .

by WASP'ie Waynereply 9411/21/2013

You hate these commercials because you cant relate to people from a rapidly vanishing generation who were taught to treat each other with respect and dignity.People are drawn to these sweet people because theres real LOVE there,something I fear you shallow,superficial 20 somethings will never know.When people like this are gone,something beautiful will die off with them.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 9511/21/2013

I love them and they're cute.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 9611/21/2013

I hate them too. Every time I see those commercials where it's a struggle for them just to mop the floor I think, "Shouldn't they be in a home?"

by WASP'ie Waynereply 9711/21/2013

I make dirt.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 9811/21/2013

i miss those "wash your dirty balls" Ax commercials. Fuck the floors queens! Wash yo dirty balls!!!!

by WASP'ie Waynereply 9911/21/2013

I LOVE the Swiffer commercials with Lee and Morty and I love them. All the negative comments are so --- disgustingly negative! Btw, I'm a youthful (so I'm told) nearly 90-year-old and far from senile.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 10012/02/2013

I absolutely loathe Lee and Morty. Every time that those commercials come on the television, a little vomit comes up my throat and into my mouth.

Once you get past the cute, older couple (gag!), all I see is a very annoying, spot-on, stereo-type. Ugggghhhh.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 10112/02/2013

This is their second marriage and they are in their 90's. Six children from first marriages.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 10212/22/2013

Why does Morty have a tattoo on the inside of his arm? That is weird.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 10312/22/2013

One of my favorite commercials these days. Along with the Fed-Ex cozy commercial.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 10412/22/2013

Id like to kick Morty in the ballz

by WASP'ie Waynereply 10501/09/2014

[quote]Jews don't age well, traditionally.

It's the inbreeding. A lot of genetic disorders. That's why Crohn's Disease etc etc is so common with them.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 10601/09/2014

R103: It might be a numerical tattoo from a concentration camp. The Nazis did that to all Jewish prisoners.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 10701/09/2014

That post just shows how stupid you are.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 10801/20/2014

Can we get some Palestinians?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 10903/21/2014

Where's the Arabs?

by WASP'ie Waynereply 11003/21/2014

I love that couple, they are so adorable,..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

by WASP'ie Waynereply 11103/31/2015

The Long Island accent is a terrible thing.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 11203/31/2015

Weird to see this old thread bumped. I figured Morty must have died.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 11303/31/2015

Oy, that WASP'ie Wayne - what a meshugganah!

by WASP'ie Waynereply 11404/01/2015

It's a New York/Florida wouldn't understand.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 11504/01/2015

They're trying too hard to be cute.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 11604/01/2015

fuck all those commercials I dont know if it s the music or the douche ppl they put on but fuck em! how much dirt can 2 ppl manufacture? *both.. more than u think? fuuuckkkkk uuuuuuu! oh were new to the pacific northwest and I do the towelie turn..fuckkkkk uuuuuuuuu..ur a mop company. ur not fun. just lower the price and make the product as convenient to use as possible.

by WASP'ie Waynereply 11704/01/2015
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