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Is Perez Hilton Mentally Ill?

I'm reading about this whole Lady Gaga war he has going on, sending her threatening text messages, stalking her, even creating Tumblr accounts trashing her. He has really gone off the deep end. He's been pretty much irrelevant since 2009. Perhaps obscurity set him off. He's always been vile to celebrities, even their small children. He got his ass beat after he called Will.I.Am a faggot, and then made a video hysterically crying about it. He initially made a name for himself drawing penises on people's faces. Does anyone remember his big announcement that he would stop bullying people? That lasted about two seconds.

Now he has a kid, and is putting up himself in all these creepy poses. It's obvious that he had a kid for publicity, trying to do what so many celebs have done once their careers hit the skids. No one is interested in him and his kid. The word is, Lady Gaga turned him down to be godmother to his kid, and that's what set him off.

Honestly, what's his damage? I truly believe he's messed up in the head, and this kid will end up being taken away from him.

by Fidel Castroreply 3608/20/2013

She tweeted that she wanted to know if she had to have a bullet in her head for someone to stop him from threatening her. What does he do, he tweets this to Lady Gaga's parents:

[quote]"If anything happens to me or my son, YOU will have blood on your hands. Hopefully you get your daughter the help she needs!"

[quote]In 2013, the long friendship Perez had with Lady Gaga seemed to have come to an end, when he started attacking her via his website and his twitter page. In August, with the release of Lady Gaga's new single, Applause, Perez started spreading illegal download links on twitter and harshly mocking the singer due to the lack of success of the single. Earlier in 2013, Lady Gaga cancelled her tour, due to a hip injury caused by repetitive movements in her show, to which Perez responded by sending the singer a picture with a wheelchair with the word Karma written across and Madonna pointing a gun, as told by the singer on her official twitter page.

by Fidel Castroreply 108/19/2013

It's not going to end well for him.

by Fidel Castroreply 208/19/2013

I'm all for a celeb fight (although, he ain't a celeb), but he is just nuts, and it screams, "Look at me! Look at me!" (which is ironic when a conversation includes Lady Gaga).

He has to be a drug addict.

by Fidel Castroreply 308/19/2013

He must really need anti-obscurity publicity and is using a fake battle with Gaga to get it.

by Fidel Castroreply 408/19/2013

These are like the ghetto version of Madonna's 1998 "Mother with Child" shots.

by Fidel Castroreply 508/19/2013

Must he be naked?

by Fidel Castroreply 608/19/2013


by Fidel Castroreply 708/19/2013

Surprised it wasn't a black African baby.

by Fidel Castroreply 808/19/2013

OP, you must be the only person who didn't know Perez HIlton was mentally ill YEARS before this Lady Gaga business happened.

by Fidel Castroreply 908/19/2013

He's been paid off so many times. And after a while that gets to cut into a person's soul.

by Fidel Castroreply 1008/19/2013

He was almost-but-not-quite fun when he did Page 666. Nothing since then.

by Fidel Castroreply 1108/19/2013

what started this whole thing?

by Fidel Castroreply 1208/19/2013

[quote]He has to be a drug addict.

First thing I thought. I wonder if he has drug issues. It is all too often the explanation for very irrational behavior.

by Fidel Castroreply 1308/19/2013

Blind Gossip has an item about this that casts Gaga's claims in a different light. I have no idea what the truth is, and offer the link for what it is worth.

[Blind Gossip] There is a public battle going on now between a very famous female performer and a male blogger. While both are telling their “versions” of the story, we have the real back story for you… the one that neither party is ever going to tell you!

by Fidel Castroreply 1408/19/2013

He tried to proclaim himself as the 'leader of the gays' for awhile there, speaking on our behalves after the whole Miss USA fiasco. He's just an embarrassment to our community. I remember when his site was outed as being heavily run by his sister. He had a whole bunch of outrageously inaccurate "Breaking News" that didn't include the supposed death of Fidel Castro.

The photos of him in the mid-00s at the height of his fame are -- there aren't words.

by Fidel Castroreply 1508/19/2013


by Fidel Castroreply 1608/19/2013


by Fidel Castroreply 1708/19/2013

Perez crying after getting his ass beat.

by Fidel Castroreply 1808/19/2013

OP, if you wish to be taken seriously, you simply MUST give up the tired and worn out gay word, "relevant".

by Fidel Castroreply 1908/19/2013

[quote]worn out gay word, "relevant".

And the winner of the Dumbest Post Award goes to r19!

by Fidel Castroreply 2008/19/2013

I guess R20 was attempting humor. No doubt he was "LOL'ing" all over himself in his mother's basement during that one.

by Fidel Castroreply 2108/19/2013

It would explain the stupid anti-Gaga posts

by Fidel Castroreply 2208/19/2013

Maybe he's suffering from Postpartum Depression?

by Fidel Castroreply 2308/19/2013

The Blindgossip item makes more sense for some reason. If he's crazy then she's batshit. I don't really like either one of them. He just steals from other gossip sites and reprints the gossip verbatim and then never credits the source.

by Fidel Castroreply 2408/19/2013

r19/r21 = Perez typing away furiously with his Cheeto-stained IRRELEVANT fat digits.

by Fidel Castroreply 2508/19/2013

Perez has gone off the deep end at this point. He's returned to the spotlight as a certified nutcase.

He went on Ellen declaring that he would no longer "bully" people, taking part in some dumb campaign. He went on Howard Stern's show, trying to get some media attention. Howard was nice in the beginning, but Perez did some nasty shit, and he even trashed him.

I expect an overdose soon. He probably coked his way to that weight loss.

by Fidel Castroreply 2608/19/2013

He's back on meth.

by Fidel Castroreply 2708/19/2013

The item at Blind Gossip is so Perez-positive that it could only have been written by... Perez.

They were probably drug buddies who broke up over who hogged the coke.

by Fidel Castroreply 2808/20/2013

And maybe you,...oh fuck it.

by Fidel Castroreply 2908/20/2013

Did I ever tell

by Fidel Castroreply 3008/20/2013

He stole my bit!

by Fidel Castroreply 3108/20/2013

Backstory for feud with Gaga.

by Fidel Castroreply 3208/20/2013

Yes, he is definitely mentally ill. He is a father now, but still chooses to act like a deranged asshole. My heart breaks for that little baby.

by Fidel Castroreply 3308/20/2013

Has anyone posted the blind gossip link yet?

by Fidel Castroreply 3408/20/2013

The BlindGossip item is planted by Perez. The opposite is actually true. Perez has been trying to lose weight for years, even promisng to go shirtless each year he was trying as motivation. Two years straight he lost a good amount of weight but suddenly he was extreme low body fat and sporting abs (painted on none the less) at the new now next awards. He has been using the celebrity diet trick of adderal combined with recreational meth use. He has admitted to being on grindr and doing a lot of random hookups in cities he goes to, but his hook ups have come forward claiming he likes to BB (even after he lambasted Dustin Lance Black for doing it).

That is the real reason Gaga is no longer friends with Perez. His drug use, not hers. Remember her weight gain? How many fat coke addicts do you know? Even now if you go to Perez's site every other FB link is about Gaga. Obsess much? lol.

Perez is moving to NYC to raise his child, becasue he thinks it is a better atmosphere than LA. I know for a fact he has been dying to get into Andy Cohen's circle of frineds. HE wants to go on trips to Croatia and Brazil with Cohen and Cooper and Ripa and co. It aint gonna happen. I also know for a fact he has been pitching his own reality show to Bravo...not gonna happen either.

by Fidel Castroreply 3508/20/2013

I think they cooked up the whole stalker thing together, Perez's site hasn't had so many hits in ages. And it's just a coincidence it's happening the same week Gaga releases the lead single of her new album? Riiiight..

by Fidel Castroreply 3608/20/2013
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