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Lead And Crime

Scientists and other interested parties are now discussing the connection between lead exposure during childhood and crime rates. Elevated lead levels in children can also lead to aggressiveness and other chronic unpleasant behaviors. Can lead in the gasoline and paint of the 50's, 60's, and 70's explain the emotional lability and poor spelling of the DL e*dergays?

by Twentysomethingreply 608/18/2013


by Twentysomethingreply 108/18/2013

For R1:

by Twentysomethingreply 208/18/2013

could the fact that most of the remaining lead paint is found in older unkempt buildings in lower income parts of the city have any bearing on these studies? Hmmmm....

by Twentysomethingreply 308/18/2013


You are a tit.

by Twentysomethingreply 408/18/2013

R4 sucks on a lead pipe every morning.

by Twentysomethingreply 508/18/2013

Based on the theory from that article, there should be a huge crime wave 20 years from now in China.

by Twentysomethingreply 608/18/2013
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