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Mamma Mia on ABC tonight

Not a great movie, but watched Streep in "The Winner Takes It All" and thought:

Her Evita would surely have been way more interesting than Madonna's.

by Miranda Priestly reply 2208/19/2013

And how would her "South Pacific" match up with mine?

by Miranda Priestly reply 108/17/2013

Oh, Glennie, there's no comparison.

I don't play in ensemble, dearie. Did you play Sailor #4 or Sailor #8?

by Miranda Priestly reply 208/17/2013

meryl sounded strained.

pierce...can not sing. why wasn't martin short considered?

by Miranda Priestly reply 308/17/2013

Pierce Brosnan sounded like a frog on crack.

Is Colin Firth really straight? He plays gay boys rather easily.

by Miranda Priestly reply 408/18/2013

When I think of Meryl's performance, I can only see this...

by Miranda Priestly reply 508/18/2013

Jennifer Saunders is so talented. I wish she was utilised more as a performer than as a writer-performer.

by Miranda Priestly reply 608/18/2013

OMFG a living abortion of a movie.

by Miranda Priestly reply 708/18/2013

Loved the movie, don't care what anyone else thinks

by Miranda Priestly reply 808/18/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Miranda Priestly reply 908/18/2013

OP, when you compare two awful performances in two awful films of two awful musicals you still get awful.

by Miranda Priestly reply 1008/18/2013

I love ABBA's music but I could not sit through this movie longer than 5 minutes. What a shlockfest. And they picked the worst singing actors on the planet. I liked Meryl's voice in Silkwood but now it's thin and not musical at all.

by Miranda Priestly reply 1108/18/2013

The movie was pure frosting, just enjoy it for what it was.

by Miranda Priestly reply 1208/18/2013

Wasn't Piers meant to be bad (their excuse for it) and that was part of the joke?

It's really just pointless as the movie versions would never compete with the iconic originals - it really showed how great they were. It was like an advert for ABBA but mystifyingly the soundtrack did well.

The stage show is also not that great, so they didn't have much to work with. But this plotless musical could still have been a lot better. The direction is unforgivably bad.

by Miranda Priestly reply 1308/18/2013

Jennifer Saunders is brilliant in that clip, r5. I can't watch Meryl in "Mamma Mia" without cracking up thinking of Saunders.

by Miranda Priestly reply 1408/18/2013

I don't like Meryl in the role of the Mamma.

by Miranda Priestly reply 1508/18/2013

"I knew the critics were going to hate it but at the end of the day, I got to go to Greece and we had a blast. And fuck it, I'm Meryl Streep."

by Miranda Priestly reply 1608/18/2013

Streep really did tell the "story" of the "Winner Takes it All."

I never really got the "narrative" of the song before.

by Miranda Priestly reply 1708/18/2013

R17 I hated the staging of that scene, but I did think she acted the song nicely.

And in that few minutes I saw the promise of what her Evita might have been like. And it would have been soooooooooo much better than Hagdonna's version.

by Miranda Priestly reply 1808/18/2013

Poor Meryl. Couldn't afford Greece unless someone paid for her to go.

I hate rich tightwads.

by Miranda Priestly reply 1908/18/2013 a kid I somehow got the idea that "Winner..." was about war, so I guess her version cleared it up for me.

come to think of it I still never get Fernando!

by Miranda Priestly reply 2008/18/2013

"And Fuck it, I'm Meryl Streep" seems to be her rationale for a lot of bad films and performances in the last ten years.

I am sure she could get to Greece some other way.(and France and the UK and that movie theatre where she blew Tommy Lee Jones.)

by Miranda Priestly reply 2108/18/2013

She blew TLJ? Or in that movie they did?

by Miranda Priestly reply 2208/19/2013
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