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Gay News Sites= anger

So I peruse all of these sites featuring gay news (towleroad, Joe My God, etc) and after my reading period I am irrationally angry. Or am I?

I feel they have colored my view of people. When ever someone mentions their "Christian" views, I see in I'd like to put a bullet through their brain. I want want to create mass chaos and body counts.

Granted, I'll never act on these impulses, but am I alone? I would love to find a crackpot and point them in the direction of a Robertson, Gallagher or Bachman.

Do these news sites incite me as much as Fox news incites their crazies? Am I wrong to want to decimate One Million Moms (the group) or the Creation Museum?

I guess 30 years ago I would have been in ACT-UP or have been Larry Kramer.

by Just Ventingreply 108/19/2013

I wish we still had something similar to ACT UP instead of the gay banquet-award groups.

by Just Ventingreply 108/19/2013
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