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LaVern Baker

Is anyone here a fan of LaVern? I love her voice.

by Soul on Firereply 508/18/2013

I saw her name on a 45 rpm record that my grandfather had. I think the song was Tweedlee Dee.

by Soul on Firereply 108/18/2013

^ I love that song!

by Soul on Firereply 208/18/2013

Love her too, especially Soul on Fire. Her contribution to the Dick Tracy soundtrack (which is how I discovered her) is the highlight of the album.

by Soul on Firereply 308/18/2013

Like her voice and love her "Soul on Fire", all the more amazing for being recorded in 1953 and sounding in so many ways so much more modern.

by Soul on Firereply 408/18/2013

corrected link for Soul on Fire

by Soul on Firereply 508/18/2013
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