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U.S. Olympic Official: Athletes Must Comply With Russian Law

The head of the U.S. Olympic Committee says he expects athletes to “comply with the laws” of Russia during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, including the oppressive so-called gay propaganda law recently adopted in the nation, although exactly what compliance means remains unclear.

“The athletes are always going into countries with laws different than his or her own country,” Scott Blackmun, CEO of the committee, told Russian news source [italic]R-Sport[/italic] this week. “They’re going to agree with those laws in some ways, they’re going to disagree with those laws in other ways. It’s our strong desire that our athletes comply with the laws of every nation that we visit. This law is no different.”

Some opponents of the law have announced plans to protest by wearing pins or armbands with LGBT-supportive slogans and images or holding hands with members of the same sex, but Blackmun did not go into what would constitute compliance or noncompliance with the law. The USOC is “looking to the [International Olympic Committee] for some leadership in this issue,” he told [italic]R-Sport[/italic]. “They have been in discussions with the Russian authorities, so we’re awaiting for some clarification from them.”

An IOC spokeswoman earlier this week cited a rule from the Olympic charter saying “no kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas,” indicating that athletes who protest Russia’s antigay law could be disciplined or disqualified. However, another IOC official told website [italic]LGBTQ Nation[/italic] the committee’s position has been mischaracterized and that athletes would not be punished for hand-holding or wearing certain items.

“The official said that Rule 50 applies to ‘egregious’ behavior, and that a protest or demonstration from the podium, such as an athlete openly denouncing the Russian Government or an impromptu display during an event or the opening or closing ceremonies, would be seen as a violation of the rule,” [italic]LGBTQ Nation[/italic] reports. The article characterized the speaker as a “high-ranking official” with the IOC who would not allow his name to be used.

The Russian law, passed this summer, prohibits any “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” that could be accessible to minors. It has been interpreted as banning LGBT pride parades or public demonstrations, and even any public discussion of LGBT issues or identities, with violations punishable by fines and jail terms.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 5408/19/2013

Of course.

They can't openly say they sanction their athletes violating the laws of a host country.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 108/16/2013

History will not judge the USOC well.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 208/16/2013

But one of the problems with this fucked up law is how to interpret and enforce it. Exactly what does "gay propaganda" entail? Strapping little Russian babushkas and kindergartners down and forcing them to watch footage of gay weddings? Wearing a tiny rainbow pin on one's lapel? Walking the streets of Sochi while holding hands with one's partner? It's beyond ridiculous.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 308/16/2013

Wear this design on your t-shirt.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 408/16/2013

I am so outraged by this! We need, as one DL poster said, another "Stop Dr. Laura" style website. Also, unless I'm mistaken, where are the celebrities, LGBT ones and our supporters? I am fucking infuriated by the lip service! Don't insult our intelligence with "it's a shame; we don't agree with it" statements, and then it's business as usual.

The OIC, to add further salt to the wound, demands that the athletes not only obey this sadistic, hateful and cruel law, but to shut the hell up about it or they too will be punished! So, the OIC then, is ENFORCING Putin's policies. There is not one single justification for holding the Olympics in that oppressive nation. Not one. This involves the persecution of human beings, and it's all the more justified because after all, it just involves dykes and fags. Who cares about them? So, I challenge our LBGT celebrities and our supporters to get the fuck off your considerably rich and powerfully connected asses. Please spare us your goddamned lip service from your fucking PR hacks and sycophants. HELP!

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 508/16/2013

[quote]So, I challenge our LBGT celebrities and our supporters to get the fuck off your considerably rich and powerfully connected asses.

Have you been asleep for the past three weeks? Have you ever read the New York Times? Did you ever hear of NPR?

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 608/16/2013

R6, I said "unless I'm mistaken".

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 708/16/2013

We must demand Scott Blackmun's resignation today.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 808/16/2013

Blackmun is a Colorado Springs (Hate City) lawyer who was formerly head of Anschutz Entertainment Group in Los Angeles, meaning he is a hired professional gay basher working for the Evil violent Anschutz family.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 908/16/2013

[quote]“It’s our strong desire that our athletes comply with the laws of every nation that we visit. This law is no different.”

Wrong, Mr. Blackmun. This law IS different, for two obvious reasons: 1) It is deliberately vague, allowing for rampant abuse by Russian (or even Olympic) authorities, and leaving LGBT athletes and their supporters in an untenable situation of uncertainty at best, and serious danger at worst, AND 2) It's clear purpose is to demonize and harm a group of human beings simply because other people don't like them. It is founded in bigotry, ignorance and hatred. That violates basic humanity, and utterly violates the spirit and purpose of the Olympic Games.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 1008/16/2013

Anschutz against gays for decades.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 1108/16/2013

If people believed in freedom of contract, and opposed arbitrary rules then this would NEVER become an issue.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 1208/16/2013

Why is nobody boycotting or up in arms over countries where the laws against gays are even more draconian? Where being gay gets you killed? Is it because they tend to be Muslim and it's fine to be a bigot if Islam is involved?

It just seems like a double standard. If the Olympics were being held in Dubai nobody would complain about their anti-gay policies because that would be imposing our Western values on them and everyone would scream Islamophobia.

Why is Russia different?

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 1308/17/2013

It's really not a double standard, r13. It would be very easy to explain but you . just . won't . get . it.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 1408/17/2013

Winter of Hate - share it with your friends.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 1508/17/2013

R14, it really is a double standards and there is no explanation, other than everybody is afraid to call the Islamist out on their bigotry.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 1608/17/2013

Even if someone is perceived as gay (and may actually be heterosexual), they too, are under the threat of arrest. All it takes is an accusation.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 1708/17/2013

Yes, R16, there is a very, very clear explanation, but there's no sense in bothering with it. It's very, very clear that you don't want an explanation, you simply want to push your distorted version.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 1808/17/2013

[quote]Why is nobody boycotting or up in arms over countries where the laws against gays are even more draconian? Where being gay gets you killed? Is it because they tend to be Muslim and it's fine to be a bigot if Islam is involved?


Russia is hosting the Olympic games, dipshit! They are threatening tourists and athletes from every country, saying that they'll be arrested if anyone mentions or somehow promotes homosexuality. They've brought this to OUR doorsteps. Hosting the Olympics is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT!

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 1908/17/2013

[quote][R14], it really is a double standards

Oh, dear. Typical. Go play with your diddle, young one. The adults are speaking.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 2008/17/2013

R13, If the Games were held in Dubai, or any other Muslim country, and the host nation made similar hateful anti-gay statements at that time, especially making totally unreasonable demands to visitors, believe me there would be protests.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 2108/17/2013

R19, so gay oppression only matters in the context of the Olympics. Every other time it's OK.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 2208/18/2013

Will someone please draw a picture in crayon so that R19 finally understands?

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 2308/18/2013

People started criticizing and organizing boycotts of vodka etc. over the Russian law before the Olympics controversy. Stars like Madonna and Gaga started making statements too.

This is not only tied to the Olympics as some of you want to portray it to deflect from the fact that there is a double standard.

Because it is politically correct and safe to call out Russia on human rights abuses, people are jumping on the bandwagon. The same shit and worse is happening in Muslim countries and other places, nobody dare say shit including Madonna and Gaga becuase it is not politically correct or safe to do so.

This double standard is a fact. To those who say that if a Muslim country held the Olympics...blah...blah. Well they host many world events such as soccer etc., and the same happens but the media and everyone frankly is too chicken shit to call them out on it.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 2408/18/2013

Apparently the IOC missed the entire London Olympics.

Or is England famous for its pyramids?

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 2508/18/2013

Did anyone see the two Russian women kiss on the podium at nationals to protest?

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 2608/18/2013

Great news R24. You'll be thrilled to know that we've organized a major protest for Dubai. Everyone who goes off the ski-jump will be waving a rainbow flag and the entire toboggan run has been decorated with Pride banners. Be sure to tune in to the Wide World of Sports for the exciting winter games being held in Dubai.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 2708/18/2013

All this outrage against Russia, yet not a peep about middle Eastern countries THAT EXECUTE GAYS!

Priorities much?

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 2808/18/2013

R22, R24, If a foreign gay couple, say a member of the press, attended any of the sporting events in Dubai, what would happen if they "were caught" making out or talking about their upcoming marriage?

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 2908/18/2013

Right now, the World Cup is scheduled for Qatar in 2022 and Russia in 2018. There's no controversy about 2018, but there's been a lot of controversy about awarding Qatar the WC. The overriding concern is the preposterous idea that players can play 90+ minutes of soccer in searing 120 degree temperatures. It's a compromise to their health. Now FIFA (the corrupt organization that decides where WCs go) is trying to get around this by trying to move the tournament to the winter, completely fucking up every season of every major soccer league in the world. The English league is already protesting heavily.

Anyway, my point is if FIFA is willing to take enormous bribes to award the WC to Qatar, a place completely unsuited for strenuous physical activity in the summer, compromising the health of the athletes, they're not going to give one flying fuck about institutional homophobia in Russia or Qatar.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 3008/18/2013

Isn't every major sporting organization corrupt beyond measure?

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 3108/18/2013

FIFA is based and banks in Switzerland and there's little to no financial transparency. I haven't heard nearly as many complaints about the IOC as I do about FIFA. Not to mention "investigations" and a couple of inevitable firings of blatantly corrupt executive board members. (without criminal consequences, mind you). They're just so blatant about it. The IOC probably wouldn't ever dream of putting the summer games in a scorching middle eastern desert.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 3208/18/2013

I wonder: would the US grow the balls to boycott if Russia passed a law making it illegal to be proudly black, or Jewish?

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 3308/18/2013

I've heard all the arguments against the U.S. boycotting these Russian Olympics. I was conflicted for a while; however, I am conflicted no longer. We must boycott.

If these laws were aimed at Jews or blacks, there would be national outrage and we would be boycotting no question.

I am sorry for the athletes who have trained for years. However, brutality and issues of discrimination and inequality against an entire class of people are bigger than athletic training.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 3408/18/2013

The IOC should be following its own rules and laws of nondiscrimination before capitulating to Russia. The IOC is a disgrace.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 3508/18/2013

[quote]We must boycott.

Yes, FUCK all those athletes who've trained for the last 4 years. Nobody gives a shit about them.

It's all about US!

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 3608/18/2013

Instead of boycotting, what's the status of moving the games to Vancouver, or somewhere more gay friendly? As much as I despise the fundies, I'm surprised that they didn't protest first at holding the games in our previous adversaries locale. Didn't they see that Bruce Willis movie?

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 3708/18/2013

[quote]Yes, FUCK all those athletes who've trained for the last 4 years. Nobody gives a shit about them.


If they persecuted any other minority, Jews, Christians, Blacks, the gay would be 100% behind a boycott because we understand, the persecution of any minority is a persecution of all of us. So FUCK them if they can't see the forest for the trees. Do they really want to brag about getting a medal at the Olympics where they rounded up the gays? Yeah, that's a medal worth having, isn't it?

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 3808/18/2013

You know if the Games go on in Russia, some fiercely religious soulless fuck will Eric Rudolph bomb them, just like... Eric Rudolph in 1996.

I say we destroy the Russians first. On the Internet, the only place that matters now.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 3908/18/2013

Though doesn't it stand to reason, r38, that they really don't care? There are very, very few out gay athletes; I suppose it's a world chock full of phobes.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 4008/18/2013

Dump Coke and McDonald's

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 4108/18/2013

I would feel sorry for the athletes who have trained if we boycotted, but this brutality and discrimination against gays is a bigger issue.

If this were happening to blacks or Jews there would be outrage, and there would be no question that we would be boycotting.

Yes, we must boycott.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 4208/18/2013

[quote][R19], so gay oppression only matters in the context of the Olympics. Every other time it's OK.

Oh, for fuck's sake, get lost, inbred twat!

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 4308/18/2013

[quote]All this outrage against Russia, yet not a peep about middle Eastern countries THAT EXECUTE GAYS!

Oh, look, it's r13's aborted cousin.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 4408/18/2013

Move the olympics to Vancouver.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 4508/19/2013

Abolish the Olympics completely. Nothing but a bunch of elitists making money for huge corporations. They are ALL whores.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 4608/19/2013

it is so odd since the Olympics always seem very very gay---Women's Bobsled anyone?

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 4708/19/2013

They could keep them in Europe in places where they can handle a lot of visitors and also have ski jumps, skating rinks, and bobsled runs in place. Split the Olympics between three venues - Torino, Innsbruck and Lillehammer.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 4808/19/2013

r48 And the Summer Olympics permanently in Greece. It started there, so tradition would be maintained, and the Greek economy could certainly use the boost.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 4908/19/2013

Future generations will look back at the Winter Games 2014 as the Gay Olympics. Gay solidarity will end up being the focus and Russia, no matter how many medals they win (by cheating), will be seen as the overall losers.

The Olympics in Brazil will probably be a disaster. Brazil won't be ready and whatever they think is ready will be so shoddy that things will just fall apart. That will create more thoughts of Greece as the permanent home for the summer games.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 5008/19/2013

The 1940 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XII Olympiad and originally scheduled to be held from 21 September to 6 October 1940, in Tokyo, Japan, were cancelled due to the outbreak of World War II.

Tokyo's suitability to host the Games began to be called into question in 1938, amid the continuation of the Second Sino-Japanese War. Numerous countries suggested a different site be chosen and spoke of the possibility of boycotting the Games were they to proceed in Tokyo.

In March of that year, the Japanese provided reassurances to the IOC at the organization's Cairo conference that Tokyo would still be able to serve as the host city.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 5108/19/2013

Didn't we comply with Hitler's requests and simply ship our Jewish Olympians to the gas chambers in 1936?

The Russians have created another genocide to justify.

Yep Rossia!

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 5208/19/2013

How nice that R22/24 can attempt to hijack a thread about the Olympics with his kneejerk hatred of Muslims.

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 5308/19/2013

I hear that Elton John is offering his support to the gay community by giving a private concert at Putin's villa for all of his friends!

by Trudy Ring (08.16.2013)reply 5408/19/2013
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