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My shrink has DSL (dick-sucking lips)

I had an appointment with him today. Those lips are to die for - I love fantasizing about them being wrapped around my sausage.

I only see him about once every 6 months, so he can write my Xanax script. As we were talking, I periodically glanced at his man-tits, imagining his puffy areolas under his starched shirt. I'd love to put my mouth on those things.

He looks a bit like Chris Meloni, only stockier.

by BenZreply 610/18/2013

Why drain your sausage when I can drain your wallet?

by BenZreply 108/16/2013

I'm sure he enjoyed being ogled by a mental case in a cramped private office.

by BenZreply 208/16/2013

Anyone who combines the first-person adjectival pronoun denoting possession with the word "sausage" not only deserves to be in therapy, but deserves a portable "Taser/Electroconvulsive treatment until he pisses himself, on principle.

by BenZreply 308/16/2013

OP, DSL's are my kryptonite. Whenever a guy has those luscious lips all I can do is think of his sucking on his face and him putting his lips on my dick!

by BenZreply 408/16/2013

Sadly, I won't see him again for another six months.

by BenZreply 508/23/2013

Pics please

by BenZreply 610/18/2013
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