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SJP marriage

Interesting interview with SJP coming up in next issue of Harper's Bazaar. She doesn't really talk much about her marriage to Matthew Broderick, but I found this article very revealing. I think she's trying to say that they love each other, but she accepts the fact that he's gay and she loves him. I think I'm happy about this.

by 608/18/2013

sorry, pasted to wrong place...

by 108/14/2013


Broderick is known to like the ladies. A little too much for SJP's fancy.

I thought everybody knew this.

by 208/14/2013

I've heard both, R2.

I always thought that he was gay and that there was no question about it. There have been persistent pussyhound rumors. Perhaps they're planted, it wouldn't be the first time.

by 308/14/2013

He's bi and his straying has been an issue since before their marriage. She thought getting married would change him. Ha.

by 408/14/2013

"Call me crazy, but I love him". Strange statement to make. She's "crazy" because he's gay?

by 508/14/2013


by 608/18/2013
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