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Gia Allemand dead at 29: Former 'Bachelor' contestant dies of apparent suicide

The reality star passed away at the University Hospital in New Orleans, where she had been taken in critical condition.

The reality show contestant, who appeared on season 14 of the series, was admitted to University Hospital in New Orleans in critical condition on Monday night for "a serious emergency medical event," her publicist told the Associated Press.

Gia Allemand and her boyfriend Ryan Anderson in an instagram photo. @giaallemand via Instagram According to TMZ, Allemand's boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson, found Alleman in her home Monday night and rushed her to the hospital. She was put on life support for "critical loss of brain and organ function."

Allemand on her season of 'The Bachelor.' Anderson and Allemand's mother reportedly remained at the hospital by the star's side until life support was removed on Wednesday.

Her close friend Melinda Farina tweeted to Allemand's fans to ask for support.

Allemand was admitted for an unspecified medical emergency at a New Orleans hospital Monday night. "I'm so sad about my best friend right now," Farina wrote. "How could this have happened to such an incredible person."

Gia Allemand with the cast of 'The Bachelor Pad.' Allemand finished third in her season of "The Bachelor," ultimately losing Jake Pavelka's rose to Vienna Girardi.

Girardi tweeted about the news. "Gia you are my angel! You changed so many lives with your beautiful soul and will be missed and loved forever," she wrote.

Allemand had been dating NBA player Ryan Anderson. Former "Bachelor" Sean Lowe tweeted his condolences to Allemand's family.

"My prayers go out to @GiaAllemand's family during this time," Lowe wrote. "Life on earth is but a vapor and she's with our Lord now."

Before she gained fame on "The Bachelor," Allemand was a model, actress, and ballet dancer. She began working at a young age, appearing in commercials for Gerber and Johnson & Johnson. Allemand attended the University of Hartford, where she took acting classes. Long before she was romantically linked with Anderson, Allemand also dated Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano.

by Viennareply 2409/09/2013

allemand left to your partner then dosey do round the outside!

by Viennareply 108/14/2013

Does Vienna have an alibi? I'm just sayin'...

by Viennareply 208/14/2013

[quote]The reality star passed away...

Don't they mean,

[quote]The reality star passed herself away...


by Viennareply 308/14/2013

OD or suicide?

by Viennareply 408/14/2013

or murder?

by Viennareply 508/14/2013

NY Post reporting it was suicide. She hung herself.

by Viennareply 608/14/2013

very sad

by Viennareply 708/14/2013

Reports she was depressed over the rocky relationship with her NBA boyfriend. Oy vey.

by Viennareply 808/14/2013

She was adorable. I really liked her that season.. so sad :(

by Viennareply 908/14/2013

So she called her boyfriend so he could find her there? Twisted.

by Viennareply 1008/14/2013

it's a if all the other reality stars followed her lead.....

by Viennareply 1108/14/2013

Nope. No clue who she is.

by Viennareply 1208/14/2013

What was on her iPod?

She couldn't afford one.

by Viennareply 1308/14/2013

Paintings (and hot guys) are HUNG.

When people commit suicide, they are HANGED.

by Viennareply 1408/14/2013

She was hot. What a shame.

by Viennareply 1508/14/2013

Yet another similarity between reality stars and porn stars.

by Viennareply 1608/14/2013

Hanging is a common suicide method but women usually start with pills. I wonder if this was not her first attempt.

by Viennareply 1708/16/2013

dumb idiot

at least give yoor organs away to those who need them

by Viennareply 1808/16/2013

R3, did you get that joke from the drag comedy Girls Will Be Girls? It's one of my favorite jokes in it.

by Viennareply 1908/16/2013

Worst.Thread Headline.Ever.

by Viennareply 2008/16/2013

I always thought she was stunning. Rip

by Viennareply 2108/16/2013

i wonder if her boyfriend hanged her. just saying. she hanged herself at his place. he is like 6'10.

i don't get why people kill themselves.

by Viennareply 2208/29/2013

Oh man. Did anyone see that promo of closet case Jake Pavelka crying on Dr. Phil, saying he fell in love with her and never stopped?

This is one shameless famewhore. What a joke.

by Viennareply 2309/09/2013

Gay Jake will get an oscar for this.

by Viennareply 2409/09/2013
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