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Christopher Ashton Kutcher

Born 7 Feb 1974, not 1978.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 8308/19/2013

Illeana Douglas has given herself two years off, and Jack Noseworthy has trimmed 4 or 5! Cheeky!

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 108/14/2013

And you know this how, OP?

He doesn't really look like someone who's a year away from 40.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 208/14/2013

I just checked. He's 34

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 308/14/2013

Google him, there are photos him every year of high school, and even some grade school photos out there. I can't imagine he was a 22 year olf high school senior.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 408/14/2013

I love Ashton! But then I've always been into older men.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 508/14/2013

Must involve some botox.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 608/14/2013

The date is associated with two properties, one in Iowa and one in LA. Simple Lexus/Nexus search.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 708/14/2013

Sorry, I only date people my own age... Medicare recipients.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 808/14/2013

he seriously needs a "refresh"

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 908/14/2013

What's this about CZJ lying about her age?

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 1008/14/2013

Catherine has never lied about her age, R10, but it's a funny DLism to image her as a vain actress trying to hold on to her youth.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 1108/14/2013

[quote]Catherine has never lied about her age, R10, but it's a funny DLism to image her as a vain actress trying to hold on to her youth.

R11 is obviously one of the DLers who paints everyone at DL with the same broad brush.

Not only did CZJ lie about her age, she managed to get the younger age on her drivers license - not an easy task.

Even more interesting is the way she got caught. Anyone invited to an event at the White House gets a standard security check, in advance of the function, by the Secret Service. When CZJ and husband were invited to a state dinner, her background check didn't match the information on her drivers license. According to reports at the time, Michael Douglas thought the age on her license was her real age. The Secret Service revealed the truth.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 1208/15/2013

Does Demi know? Does Mila know? Congrats to OP - are you a lawyer (i.e., can anyone else use Lexis/Nexus? sorry for my ignorance; TIA.0

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 1308/15/2013

What age is Demi using this year?

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 1408/16/2013

r12 CZJ was a child star in Britain. I never get why people say she lies cause this can easily be verified. Same as Beyonce.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 1508/16/2013

It's just a few years, probably more for his career than anything else.

He doesn't really look or seem like a 40 years old man. Even a few years from now he will still seem much younger than 40.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 1608/16/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 1708/16/2013

I never lie about my age!

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 1808/16/2013

R15 Try reading r12's post again, maybe you didn't understand it the first time.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 1908/16/2013

Beyonce is seriously 40+. She is looking old as fuck, trying to cover it up with her new "short cut". Jay Z rapped about it in a song stating their true ages.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 2008/16/2013

Regardless of his real age, Ashton is still prepubescent at heart!

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 2108/16/2013

I read it r19, what do you think I was responding to, but where's the receipts?

I'd love if something shady like this were true but I haven't seen anything that would back this up. Her Wikipedia page doesn't even have a citation note with the date, so there can't be that much reasonable doubt.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 2208/17/2013

Nancy Reagan went to her grave shaving off years.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 2308/17/2013

I just looked him up on They do have some databases on living people, including a U.S. Public Records Index, and there are 2 Christopher A Kutcher's with a birth date of 7 Feb 1974, one with a Los Angeles mailing address, the other with a Beverly Hills mailing address.

There is also one with an Iowa address with a birth date of 7 Feb 1978.

You decide.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 2408/17/2013

You're such an idiot, r12. CZJ was a fucking child actress in the UK. She was in the original London "Annie," and one of her first adult roles was in 42nd Street. She's lived her life in the public eye since she was a little girl.

Your story is bullshit -you have no proof of that at all - whereas there's plenty of proof about CZJ's age and history as a performer, if you'd even bother to look.

She's ruined it for herself by smoking so much - she'll look 70 in about five years, just as she's turning 50. But she doesn't like about her age.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 2508/17/2013

The CZJ age thing is right up there with that Harvard Law School pron star in things that will never get old on DL for me. Always chuckle-making.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 2608/17/2013

Plenty of show business people change their age on a regular basis if it means getting a role. Ann Miller was too young for her first film role but the bosses didn't know. At that time she added to her age.

R25 is a fool to think that CZJ hasn't messed around with her age, even though she's been in the public eye. If 25 can provide a full list of all CZJ's work schedules and specific periods of non-work, then it deserves a bit of consideration. Until that verified schedule is provided, I'll go with the Secret Service version of the story.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 2708/17/2013

So, after all this standard crap about CZJ's real age, how old is Ashton? Was he born in 1978 or 1974? Let's get real, peoples.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 2808/17/2013

r23? Hello?

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 2908/17/2013

[quote]Beyonce is seriously 40+. She is looking old as fuck, trying to cover it up with her new "short cut". Jay Z rapped about it in a song stating their true ages.

I believe it.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 3008/17/2013

[quote] Until that verified schedule is provided, I'll go with the Secret Service version of the story.

Well, then you're an idiot. You think CZJ lied about her age while playing an orphan in fucking Annie?!

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 3108/17/2013

[quote]You think CZJ lied about her age while playing an orphan in fucking Annie?!

No. Her mother lied about her age at that time. We have the proof but can only post it for people who have the DL premium membership.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 3208/17/2013

R23. So Nancy Reagan has already gone to her grave. If true, why is she always still doing that coffin dance?

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 3308/17/2013

[quote]why is she always still doing that coffin dance?

Where would she be doing this dance? She's in a wheelchair and can't even walk.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 3408/17/2013

CZJ was forced to admit her true age when a White House security check could not find anyone with her name born in Wales on the date she claimed she was born. Ashton is hot, smart, funny, gorgeous and very rich. who gives a shit when he was born?

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 3508/17/2013

I don't know why people lie about their age but then I am one of those lucky people who look many years younger than they are. I am 40 but often get mistaken for 30.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 3608/17/2013

R34. Dum dum. It's a figure of speech, not an actual move. Sheeesh.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 3708/17/2013

R36. Liar Liar pants on fire. No lesbian who is 40 gets mistaken for 30. Only by Helen Keller.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 3808/17/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 3908/17/2013

"CZJ was forced to admit her true age when a White House security check could not find anyone with her name born in Wales on the date she claimed she was born"

There is no proof of this. You are confusing internet rumors and blind items with verified facts.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 4008/17/2013

I am 44 but I like to think I look 35. As my friend said, "you've got the kind of face that could be older or younger."

CZJ has that kind of look.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 4108/17/2013

Ashton was busted for this in 2004.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 4208/17/2013

Since CZJ isn't an American citizen, don't you think the info would have been found out a lot sooner? Like the first time she applied for an H1B visa to work in the states?

Bullshit on the White House/secret service story.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 4308/17/2013

I'm going to go with the '78 date for Ashton. The other date was likely a typo made on a local registration when he moved to LA - voter, DMV, etc. It then got carried over onto other docs, such as real estate records.

The key is what his high school and jr high records say - yearbooks and classmates don't lie. No high school would allow at 22 year to attend. What year did he graduate? That will settle it.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 4408/17/2013

[quote]Dum dum. It's a figure of speech, not an actual move. Sheeesh.

Fascinating R34. It truly adds to the discussion of stars who lie about their age. Can you provide some more interesting figures of speech.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 4508/17/2013

Website has photo of Kutcher as a high school junior in Iowa in 1995, so he'd be a senior and graduate in '96 making the 1978 birthdate accurate.

I think the '74 date was a mistake or typo, or possibly Kutcher pulling a fast one when he first moved to LA and adding some years to help him land acting roles.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 4608/17/2013

The British tabloids are/were much more vicious than American ones. If CZJ had shaved 5 minutes off her age, it would have been front page on News of the World.

The Secret Service story is a DL-only thing, like WIMBST.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 4708/17/2013

"He doesn't really look like someone who's a year away from 40."

Yes he does.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 4808/17/2013

W(hat) I(f) M(eryl) B(eat) S(andra) T(o) the Oscar?

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 4908/17/2013

"The Secret Service story is a DL-only thing, like WIMBST."

No, that bit of "gossip" started out as a blind item (or not-so-blind item since it was clearly about CZJ). You can find it on the blind item website. They were claiming she shaved off TEN years which would be impossible considering that she was a child actress. There's no way she could have shaved more than a year off her real age.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 5008/17/2013

[quote]The Secret Service story is a DL-only thing,

Why the hell don't you just leave DL instead of posting your lies? If you're so offended by gossip, go back to iVillage, you moron. We're sick of you fraus with your stupid "only on DL' meme. Just go away!

The Secret Service story was discussed at numerous websites including:,,,,, alt.gossip.celebrities, dlisted, etc., etc., etc., etc.

Take your "DL-only thing" and shove it, Bitch!!!

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 5108/17/2013

Jessica Chastain used to claim 1981 as her birth year but was really born in 1977. It's easy to lie about your age when you are a struggling unknown actor but it's hard to do that when you are nationally famous.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 5208/17/2013

With Jessica Chastain, her attempts to shave years off her age failed due to the fact that there were articles written during her early theater days which stated her ages at the time of performances and she attended the same high school as a former American Idol contestant who also outed her too.

Sandra Bullock shaved a couple of years off her age at one point, but a high school classmate of hers contacted People and revealed Sandra's real age.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 5308/17/2013

That was Tate Donovan that contacted People, not a HS classmate.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 5408/17/2013

Running a quick astrology chart on both of those dates, it seems more likely Ashton was born in 74. It is still possible it was 78; just that the personality matches the 74 astrology a little better.

What year was Sandra Bullock actually born? I've run her charts in the past based on info available.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 5508/17/2013

OMG, I love that I caused the anti-CZJ troll to melt down completely. You've been repeating the same delusion for years. Haven't you figured out yet that incessantly repeating a laughable story doesn't make it any more true--or any less laughable?

Now, before you come back with another unhinged rant, do a little research. Is there any source on the Internet that seriously claims CZJ's birthday is other than what she claims? You do know that birth dates are matters of public record, not reliant upon the word of the subject?

And to R50: I can certainly believe this started out as a far-fetched BI on another site. But at this point the CZJ age stories are stricly a DL obsession. Of course, most DLers recognize it as a long-running joke and nothing more. I'm sort of shocked there are extant loonies who believe these stories. Elvis lives!

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 5608/17/2013

People, please! I've got to get some quiet so I can study my lines. I'm due to return to Broadway in a few weeks. I'll be playing the title character in "Matilda".

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 5708/17/2013

Still Stifler.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 5808/17/2013

Jessica Chastain got busted because her registered birth information is publicly available on online databases from the state of CA. She's born in 1977.

CA and Massachusetts, and in the past Texas all have publicly accessible birth, marriage and death certificates and records.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 5908/17/2013

Nellie McKay shaved off two years.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 6008/17/2013

His tiny cock is one the biggest secrets in the business. Shhhhh.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 6108/17/2013

I like the 78 birthdate myself having looked at both charts r55. A heavy Aquarian influence in both. I'm staying with the 78 chart since most evidence points to that being the true date. How would he have been in his 20s and in high school?

Bullock: 7/26/64, 3:15am Arlington VA. Venus-Mars late Gemini straddling the ASC, north node rising. Aqu Moon (like Kutcher!) and Saturn at the MC with Neptune currently transiting. Take a look.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 6208/17/2013

Dude, where's my birth certificate?

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 6308/17/2013

I asked someone once what my chart said about me (7/15/52 Huntington, NY, 1:20 pm) and he said...You're Old Darling!

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 6408/18/2013

For years, Hugh Jackman's beloved Deb claimed to be born in 1960 . . . until it was confirmed that she was actually born in 1955, making her 13 years older than Hugh.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 6508/18/2013

"For years, Hugh Jackman's beloved Deb claimed to be born in 1960 . . . until it was confirmed that she was actually born in 1955, making her 13 years older than Hugh."

Did Hugh know Deb's real age?

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 6608/18/2013

[quote]For years, Hugh Jackman's beloved Deb claimed to be born in 1960 . . . until it was confirmed that she was actually born in 1955, making her 13 years older than Hugh.

An Aussie who knows them told me that, so I take it to be true.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 6708/18/2013

IMDB has Deb's birthdate as 1955. was it ever a secret? It's actually hard to support major discrepancies in someone's age given all the data on the internet: birth and death records, high school yearbooks, police reports and so on.

and since you asked r64: Libra rising and Venus on the MC (nice!); Cancer sun (you knew that) Taurus Moon in the 7th cnj Jupiter square Merc-Pluto in Leo. Scorp mars in the 1st, Juno in Aquarius cnj north node.

You’re not old just stubborn - fixed signs prevailing.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 6808/18/2013

Hey R68. Tks for the read. I have never heard of what you just wrote (MC? cnj? Scorpio in the 1st, and "Juno?"), but you said "(nice!)" so it sounds good to me.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 6908/18/2013

Models lie all the time about their age, Miranda Kerr and Agynn Deyn are good examples

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 7008/18/2013

R64, you sexy old dog, you. I see relationship all over your chart. As in, you are happiest within one. You love depth, closeness and warmth, both emotional and physical. You're probably careful with your heart, but once you give it, there's not a person who could question your loyalty. You love having a companion. You are likely to put up with unhappiness in a relationship or defer to accommodate your partner. You can be insecure or close down if you feel vulnerable. Insecure or not, trust me, you are a total catch! I hope someone has taken hold of you and you aren't single. For the kind of people who want to be loved fully and wholly, you are the person to seek. So long as you feel safe, you would bathe them in your love. It feels really good.

Highly sexual, assuming you can still get it up at your age (just teasing you, I know you can!), and are unstoppable if you choose a course of action. You are good at seeing things through, and probably quite methodical. Also set in your ways and opinions (hello Taurus moon and Leo mercury). It seems you have a problem with fat. I'm not totally certain on that one.

At work, you feel that your opinion is absolutely the right way. I'm not sure whether you work terribly hard. I'm also not sure whether you have any money, but I have to assume with your chart, you are good at saving.

I'm only an amateur astro-head. So, how close am I?

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 7108/18/2013

Juno is an asteroid. Smaller than a planet, still has influences. There are other asteroids too that are paid attention to, such as Chiron, Pallas Athena, and a few others I forgot. They tend to have subtler influences on a personality.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 7208/18/2013

Demi Moore, born 1806 and looks it.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 7308/18/2013

Juno, chiron pallas and vesta are the main asteroids. also ceres. I note them only if in close aspect to other planets/angles. Chiron I tend to use regardless since I personally believe it’s important. Juno and vesta are key in relationships and I specialize in synastry so I use them.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 7408/18/2013

Sorry r64 typing fast cnj is short for “conjunct”. MC is shorthand for the midheaven/10th house cusp: top of the chart, ruling career, public image etc. Venus,which some consider lucky, is nicely placed there and within a degree. Juno is a key asteroid with significance imo if close to a planet or angle. Here it’s with the north node. You have Libra rising (ruled by Venus) but the next sign, Scorpio, on the 1st house and cusp of 2nd.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 7508/18/2013

R62 / R68, these things make sense to someone who already understands the language. A translation for the lay person is going to be the most interesting.

I wrote the other translation. Would love to see how you would translate the chart.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 7608/18/2013

r76 I did a quickie paragraph on the fly. I’m doing other things today not sitting on DL giving free readings. Typically I don't read charts of people I have no knowledge of or have at least given me background; you can't seriously read without it. Your analysis was fun and covered most of main basics.

I’ve always told people if you’re given your basic chart placements you can easily google what they mean and piece together a decent basic interpretation. There are tons of sites out there.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 7708/18/2013

All I can say is Thanks R71. You sound like a very perceptive person. And I say that because I want to believe all those great things you wrote about me, lol.

Tks R62 for explaining. It's pretty interesting stuff and I appreciate your time.

Flattery will get you everywhere with me so R71 I can only confess to being a stubborn person, not bad looking if you're into daddies -- though the hair is still more pepper than salt.

Someone once told me that there are "angular" cancers and "round" ones. I'm not fat but I'm not skinny. 6'1" and 195. I used to fall into the angular category but age is descending on youth, lol.

I have a straight up Neanderthal forehead with grooves, tiny deep set eyes, and high cheekbones. I get complimented on my smile. I look my age, to me, but I secretly hold out hope I don't because I'm vain. Sometimes people tell me I look younger but then I see a candid photo at a picnic or something and demolishes vanity.

I am riding solo these days. My best friends are ex-lovers. I'm not sure why I've begun to live a hermit's life. I was a writer but lost my only free-lance client before the recession.

I love people and being in love. But we all do, right? To tell you the truth, I'm not sure why I shy away from relationships because it is only in one where I've felt the most content. A lot of people like me in this regard I think.

A lot of times "amateur astro-heads" have psychic capabilities too. I wonder if that's the case with you. Sometimes I think I am. Psychic. Maybe a "Baby Telepath."

I have a temper that can come out and it's bad. I've been told "You come back so ugly sometimes." I'm not sure why I feel like I have to be in control. With the stubborn thing, some people see me as someone to just let have his way. But I'd rather die than insult another person's dignity.

At work work, where I make my money, I get the job done but I'm kind of lazy. I am not a neat person. I've worked closely with a corporate big shot as his assistant for 12 years. It's my day job, I keep telling myself. (smile) I do not save money. But I love the finer things in life. Just not enough to really work for them unless it means a couple of dreams coming true. #Slacker.

Thanks for the great review. Can I post it on a dating site? (Kidding...)

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 7808/18/2013

He is 35, 1978 is correct.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 7908/18/2013

If CZJ IS telling the truth about her age, that is even more tragic because she looks like shit.

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 8008/19/2013

"Models lie all the time about their age, Miranda Kerr and Agynn Deyn are good examples"

How old are they?

by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 8108/19/2013


by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 8208/19/2013


by 4 years? Ballsy!reply 8308/19/2013
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